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    I have been a Winters fan for quite some time now and Love interrupted turned out to be high on my list of her better books Just like in her other novels, the characters here have a well developed back story that explains their actions, and just like with the others, watching the main characters fall in love with each other is quite a joy In this case particularly I loved Dylans and Harpers first encounter Love interrupted is a perfectly plotted story and a very quick read.

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    Simple, straight forward romance with the two leads originally battling on different sides in a court case to being on the same team and falling in love Not my most favorite from the author but still solid enough.

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    Love Interrupted is a good book that could have been better I tend to think the romance is lust than love The end is also a little bit rushed.

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    This one didn t really work for me I never felt any connection between the love interests, the character motivations, actions, and reaction were all over the place and were rarely rooted in reality or based on any mature rational thought.Too much overblown, nonsensical drama, not enough meat to the story.

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    Great ReadI found this to be an interesting story with interesting characters Dylan and Harper s role as Solicitors was strong and their inner struggles both professional and emotional made for a really great story.

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    Entertaining I enjoyed it but I would have loved to see of the love story I felt it lacked believability because it felt a tad rushed The ending was a little neat and tidy but the peripheral stories and cast helped.

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    There are some very light spoilers in the following review, but nothing specific I ll flag it, anyway, just to be safe If you don t mind having a general sense of what s going on, you should be fine If you d rather go into the book completely fresh, skip this view spoiler The romance felt a little quick, rather thin, and could ve used some scenes to build the chemistry One of the greatest opportunities for that came with a conversation Harper had with Dylan about her past, but instead of seeing that conversation take place, we were just told about it in a hunk of exposition Similarly, we got a little paragraph that told us the two had spent some time together every day for two weeks How much of that time did we see None of it As a result, I never really had a sense that this relationship was built on much than mutual attraction the only bonding moments I really saw were sexual The rest was mostly arguing.Dylan s transformation from the devil s handmaiden into a professional halo model also felt unearned I had a really hard time believing that she could go years and years without ever asking herself the big questions, only to suddenly drop all of her carefully constructed rationalizations over a woman she d just met I needed to see internal struggle than was demonstrated I never felt a moment or collection of moments powerful enough to elicit such a sudden and significant shift in ideology.I think the part of the story that worked best was Robyn s role as the villain of the piece We ve seen the abusive spouse story before It s usually a man, typically a bigot, and frequently a misogynist Robyn had a little nuance Not a lot, but some She felt a bit fleshed out than the usual abuser caricature Watching her slip into her own rationalizations, slide into anger by a matter of degrees, was disturbing She really believed she was the hero of the story, not even realizing that the control she was exerting was just the mask that hid her rage.Even so, it wasn t enough for me I wanted to buy into the love story, and I didn t I wanted to buy into Dylan s transformation, but I didn t I wanted to watch Abi s growth, but it mostly happened behind the scenes she spent most of her time as a victim I wanted scenes between Harper and her mom, but we just got the one All in all, I just wanted This isn t a bad book, and it can make for an entertaining read, but it could have beenwell, hide spoiler

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    Jade Winters writes dependable lesbian romances I have probably commented before that reading her novels are like slipping into comfy jeans There are never any surprises, there s always a good character a bad character and a just plain evil character Maybe this one didn t have a straight up evil one However, these are quick, fun, enjoyable reads Always nice to have a writer that I can just sit back and read in one night without fear of too much dramaor at least knowing that everything will be right as rain in the end.Four stars.

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    I enjoyed this book the characters were well written and the plot enjoyable I did feel like some of the characters changed too quickly For example, Robyn went from hating children to being in love with her son She also seemed unusually competent and comfortable with a baby for someone who disliked children Overall a good read Will consider Winters other books.

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    Could not put the book to rest until I finished it Love the pace of the story development, not too fast nor too slow Right on point Love how she portraits the balance with two different point of views in a love relationship.

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