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    I m jealous I m seeing lots o people saying they won this book I would have loved to be a contender I am a huge fan of A Total Waste of Makeup and was very excited to read the follow up And it did NOT disappoint There are great laugh out loud moments, some moments that made you want to hit your forehead with the palm of your hand, and some where you shake your head thinking been there great read that I could not put down Kim Gruenenfelder has guaranteed I will be second in line to buy her books always have to be the silver medalist

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    Working at a break neck speed as a personal assistant to Hollywood s sexiest movie star, thirty year old Charlie Edwards struggles with conflicted feelings for an attractive photographer who has just left for a two month film shooting and a hunky producer.Don t you just love the cover Seriously, I thought Kim Gruenenfelder took a picture of me one Friday night so I knew I would LOVE this book The author brings back her humor and my twin Charlie Edwards for another tale of finding love in her crazy life I don t think Kim Gruenenfelder can write a bad written book HUGE fan of this lady.

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    The beginning of this book gives you a huge d j vu, and not in a good way It s too repetitive, way too similar to the first book, and not in the writing style but in the writing itself Three major examples are Exotic animals Book 1 Drew buys an elephant and Charlie has to deal with it, Book 2 Drew buys a hippo and Charlie has to deal with it Toilet accident Book 1 Drew gets stuck with one arm down the toilet while he s wearing only boxer shorts and Charlie has to pull him out Book 2 Drew gets stuck with one arm down the toilet while he s wearing only boxer shorts and Charlie has to pull him out Not joking it s exactly the same thing Wedding theme Book 1 There s a wedding being planned and the author rambles about dyed to match shoes, and bridesmaids dresses Book 2 The wedding theme is bit subtle, but the rambling about dyed to match shoes and bridesmaids dresses stays the same I thought she was going to repeat the whole wedding hustle and bustle, luckily for the book she doesn t too much, it s in the beginning.Then the books gets better, it goes back to being original, funny in new ways, with new jokes , and catchy.However, there still are some major bumps Kate s story The beginning is far fetched, view spoiler A guy that you haven t seen in ten year does not propose on the day he bumps into you at a party, even if he s your ex boyfriend hide spoiler

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    Bittersweet ending the book doesn t seem properly finished and I preferred the other guy.A bit too similar to book 1 too many episodes repeated like copy and paste.Other than that it was a funny easy read.

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    This book was just ok for me makes me feel like I should add a dawg at the end of the statement, Randy Jackson style but it kind of annoyed me, mostly because of the main character I didn t connect with her neurotic female persona and I constantly found myself wanting to tell her shut up I didn t love her friends either one rude and the other a woman that doesn t know what to do with herself without a man I didn t read the book prior to this one, Total Waste of Makeup , which maybe would have set me up to understand and like her better but I m not so sure With all of that said, I m still going to see if there is a follow up book because MLM was left open ended and I would like to see where she lands Update looks like there is not a 3rd book in the series at this point.

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    Let me start with saying that I was going to give Misery Loves Cabernet 5 stars until the last chapter Poignant, neurotic, and heartfelt, MLC made me laugh the whole book through However, I did not appreciate the lessons learned ending to it all Why can t the girl just get the ridiculously hot guy in the end, no questions asked I enjoy reading because it is an escape from the monotony that is my everyday life I do not read humorous, romantic books to learn a lesson about being complete without a man in my life Or to find out that yet again, the super hot blonde bombshell that knows everything about sports and is God s gift to men gets the good guy.Nonetheless, this was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite a while It was easy, funny, and eerily reminded me of conversations my friends and I have had in the past Charlie is insane when it comes to men aren t we all , over analyzing every single word uttered by the opposite sex Yet, she owns up to it she knows she is crazy and refuses to apologize for it Having not read A Total Waste of Makeup, I was little confused about the significance of Jordan throughout the story He seemed so easy to be rid of I was totally TEAM LIAM from the start He seemed like the perfect fit for Charlie passionate, kind, patient, caring, humorous, and gorgeous So, in the end, I hate Kelly Timbers and I think Liam should ve left her in the past Kelly Timbers can sink her claws into any other man she wants Liam and Charlie were too good together to simply tear them apart in the last pages of the book No, I m not bitter I just really wanted a happy ending for Charlie Also, much of the advice Charlie gives her granddaughter is advice I wish I had been told However, the stories that got me to that Ah hah moment are what I cherish most while they may hurt, embarrass, or disappoint, they are what makes my life experience unique I liked the format of the book, too The advice that comes after conversations with her family or events involving Drew added a lot to the funny factor of Misery Loves Cabernet.On a side note, I totally disagree with the whole boxed wine tidbit it s just so convenient And it doesn t taste too bad either.All in all, a great book

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    This is my first first read giveaway book from Goodreads, which was exciting I d say as a beach or airplane book, it wasn t a hard read, but the characters felt inconsistent or annoying too often to really enjoy it There are some witty one liners and situations mixed in, but overall it felt pretty forced and unrealistic It was hard to figure out who you were supposed to care about It fits in pretty well to the general chick lit genre though, as far as I can tell.

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    Super cute, light, funny read

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    Please note that I gave this book 4.5 stars However, Goodreads does not have half stars so I rounded this up to 5 stars.I loved and laughed out loud so many times reading the first book in this series The second book following personal assistant Charlize known as Charlie Edwards while she tries to navigate her job, her family, and her relationship with her boyfriend Jordan who has left for a two month assignment to work on a movie I am going to be honest I really didn t feel the character of Jordan at all in the first book Nothing that happens in this book had me in his corner at all I actually felt for Charlie trying to deal with wanting her relationship to work out and realize that she is feeling attracted to another man One of the reasons why I didn t give this book five stars, was that we had Charlie treading water and obsessing on and on about Jordan and I didn t get what was so special about him At all I think if the book had showed them while dating I could have seen what made him so attracted to Charlie Instead we go to the point where Jordan is off doing his assignment, and Charlie is freaked out about their breakup or just a break We once again have funny asides with Charlie s best friends, Kate and Dawn And we have her family once again showing how crazy they all are One of the funniest scenes was Charlie recounting how their family was going to keep away from certain topics during Thanksgiving due to what has occurred at previous family gatherings The writing and flow was great I thought the whole book worked together quite well The ending I also really didn t feel at all I think it was because the ending hints at possible drama and not really a happily ever after for the main character.

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    After I finished Total Waste of Makeup, I couldn t wait to get hold of Misery Loves Cabernet In the chick lit stable of heroines, Charlie Edwards was definitely preferable to most of the inhabitants, being strong enough and self confident enough not to constantly fret over her romantic status of course, baby sitting her boss, Drew Stanton, took a lot of time and energy.I didn t find Misery as much fun as Makeup In the span of weeks between the end of one and the beginning of the other, Charlie started to veer towards the Desperate Ditz territory owned by Bridget Jones Why She has a boyfriend, he s off in Europe and all of a sudden, her being is consumed with whether or not their 3 week old relationship will last and whether or not he s going to cheat In other words, what endeared Charlie to me was toned way down and I got somewhat annoyed with her in her obsessive moments Another man comes on the scene and now we re dangerously close to ol BJ and her damned diary There s talk of another Bridget Jones movie Have we offended God that much I continue to enjoy seeing the surrounding nuttiness through Charlie s eyes I realize Drew Stanton is a caricature, but how many Sexiest Men Alive rescue hippos The interplay among the generations of the Edwards family is hilarious and I want to adopt Mauwv.I recommend Misery Loves Cabernet to those seeking a lightweight, fun quick read.

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