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Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern pdf Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern, ebook Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern, epub Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern, doc Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern, e-pub Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern, Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern 98912bbc84f An Air Of Pleasant Anticipation Hung So Thickly Over The Halls, Holds, And Weyrs Of Pern That It Had Affected Even The Businesslike Ways Of Moreta, The Weyrwoman Of Fort Weyr Her Dragon, Queen Orlith, Would Soon Clutch Spring Had Made A Glorious Debut The Gather At Ruatha Hold Was Extremely Merry And Moreta Was Enjoying The Attentions Of Alessan, The New Lord Holder Of Ruatha HoldWith Only Eight Turns Remaining Before The Deadly Thread Would Cease To Fall, All Seemed Well On PernThen, Without Warning, A Runnerbeast Fell Ill Soon Myriads Of Holders, Craftsmen, And Dragonriders Were Dying And The Mysterious Ailment Had Spread To All But The Most Inaccessible Holds Pern Was In Mortal Danger For, If Dragonriders Did Not Rise To Char Thread, The Parasite Would Devour Any And All Organic Life It EncounteredThe Future Of The Planet Rested In The Hands Of Moreta And The Other Dedicated, Selfless Pern Leaders But Of All Their Problems, The Most Difficult To Overcome Was Time

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    I ve read a few of the other reviews, and I think many of the readers have missed the whole point of this book One reader discusses in his review beginning writing skills taught in school but completely missed the boat when it came to beginning comprehension skills This story is not centered around a supposedly incurable virus That virus is merely part of the setting The climax of the story did not happen when the cure for the virus was discovered as the above mentioned reviewer surmised The climax happened when Moreta and her borrowed dragon did not return from between And that did happen closer to the end of the book Perhaps some reviewers missed the title of the book itself Moreta Dragonlady of Pern I will agree that perhaps there is an over aggressive use of names it does get difficult to keep up with who is who and doing what at times, but the beauty of reading a book is that one can go back and reread if something gets confusing The overarching theme of this book is one of completing a necessary mission no matter what the cost Subthemes and lessons abound such as be aware of one s surroundings, be sure one has what is needed to finish a task, putting one s people and their needs above one s own desires, etc There is so much to the story than what is in the words themselves Go beyond read between the lines You ll get much out of it.

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    When I was a kid, I remember learning in English class about the parts of a narrative Rising Action, Climax, and Denouement The teacher illustrated this by drawing an equilateral triangle on the board, with the rising action on the left side and the falling action on the right, and the climax as the peak of the triangle Did we all get taught this concept the same way It didn t take me long to learn that this was absurdly wrong The climax occurs very close to the end of the narrative, not in the middle Well, apparently McCaffrey was taught the same way as I was, and apparently she took it to heart when it came to Moreta The climax such as it is occurs midway through the book The entire second half is a mopping up action, with little bogus crises thrown in to keep the plot lurching along Once the plague is pretty much under control, the story is over, and the rest is just so much anticlimax And I m sorry, but a novel centered around a disease, where the climactic moment is someone finding a cure in a book, is not much of a story under the best of circumstances The following paragraph contains tiny, deliberately obscure spoilers, and details that will seem nonsensical if you haven t read the book While the Aftermath is powerfully written, the Great Ride alluded to in other Pern novels hardly seems necessary if they can Time things, why not wait until tomorrow or the day after to do things Why not take her time rimshot And, for that matter, why keep the plan secret from the Weyrleaders Well, because it necessitates Heroic Action on the part of the Dragonladies, of course, but it doesn t really make sense within the framework of Pern If this is what the Masterhealer demands, then this is simply what must be done Secrecy and going around behind the backs of the Weyrleaders seems unnecessary and contrived.Another aspect of MacCaffrey s writing that took me out of the plot was the incessant name dropping in the first and final chapters The first chapter names twenty one different characters oh yeah, I counted In addition, eleven localities are mentioned by name, and four dragons But this is nothing compared to the final chapter, in which SIXTY TWO different characters are named, along with ten locales and TWENTY FIVE different dragons Most of these names, by the way, do not appear anywhere in the novel besides these two chapters.Here is an example from the last chapter, from page 302 of my edition It s not something anyone admits to but T grel must have to use it to cope with M tani Don t bother with L bol at Igen He s useless Go directly to Dalova, Allaneth s rider She lost a lot of bloodkin at Igen Sea Hold She d know who among her riders time it And Igen has all those little cotholds stashed in the desert and on the riverbanks Surely you ve got a few good friends left at Ista You were there ten Turns Have you heard that F gal s bad with kidney chill Now it could be argued that the point here is to emphasize the scope all the different people that Moreta must work with, and so forth But this comes back to another bit of bad teaching Every beginning writer has heard Show, don t tell Well this is not always true When showing involved levels of detail that will break the narrative for the reader, good authors simply summarize the action They tell us what happened instead of showing it to us Readers fill in the gaps of time, and assume that the details we are not given are all in their proper place Don t believe me When was the last time you read about a character using the toilet Do no characters use the toilet because all literary characters are constipated and dehydrated Or do we merely assume that goes on without needing to be shown all the gory details I m sorry, but this is not merely bad writing, it s laughably bad writing.

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    I remember this being one of my favorite Dragonriders of Pern books I wasn t sure that would remain the same, but as I got further into the book I realized that it was still a great book In this story we find Pern almost to the end of a thread pass, but stricken with a terrible sickness that is killing so many There is no cure for beast or human They must treat the symptoms and get through the sickness They need to vaccinate all the humans as well as the runners since this sickness is spread through animals Moreta is a fantastic character who goes above and beyond to save Pern She is a very likable character There was joy and there was a lot of sadness I wept at the loss It is a beautiful book with an amazingly strong and willful female protagonist.

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    It s been decades since I read this book I don t know if it would hold up to adult Emily s standards, but what I do remember is that it s the first book that made me cry I remember crying and hurling it across the room Being able to elicit that memorable of a response earns it a 5 star rating, at least in my very subjective and forgiving rating system The Pern series overall swept me away I remember reading the first trilogy and wishing with all my heart that it was real, that I could bond with a dragon of my own Not all of the books were equally good, but I remember this one as a keeper.

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    This one had its moments, but is not the best Pern has to offer, especially with the ending.

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    This is the story of Moreta, a Dragon Healer and Weyrwoman in the old time way before the Current Pass with F lar and Lessa as Weyrleaders of Benden.A flu like plague begins to spread across the land, and it s up to her and her dragon to help find a cure.This book is one of my top 5 favorites from Anne McCaffrey I won t give away the ending, but it makes me cry each and every time, I m not going to lie about it I m a wimp, what can I say

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    7 overall publication order of the Pern fantasy series, this seems to be a stand alone story of the weyr woman Moreta, whose dragon Orlith is the queen of Fort Weyr The events in this book happen about 900 years before the earlier books in the series, and take place when they are just discovering that dragons cannot only go between and thus traverse hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, but that they can also go other places in TIME A plague is upon the land, started by a strange cat like creature and spread to horses and other four legged beasts Many all across Pern have died, but some have recovered, and the principle of vaccination is put to good use to keep many people and animals alive Moreta works together with Alessan, new leader of Ruatha Hold they meet at a Gather there, and shortly after when the sickness starts, they work together to secure ingredients needed to treat the illness by using dragon riders to travel other places and times A romance develops between them, but the story has a rather sad and bittersweet ending, but this is something you sort of knew was coming if you re familiar with the series, as there is a ballad in some of the other earlier books that Menolly sings if I remember right about Moreta s Ride and now it all makes sense Very well done, enjoyable to listen to another different reader than previous books, but very well suited to the prose and the tone of the book.

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    I was really delighted to be starting in on another Anne McCaffery book after too long away As a child, I sort of looked down my nose at McCaffery s escapist simplicity, but as an adult, I find I love it at least, as a change of pace , and I no longer believe that grittiness necessarily equates to realism I also no longer believe that I could write such a happy world if I tried.Because Pern is a happy world A kind of STAR TREK TOS with dragons The good people are noble and true and hardworking The bad are few and far between and immediately recognizable by their shittiness and all around douchebaggery.So I didn t mind that we spent three solid chapters at the beginning doing nothing than dressing for a party, going to a party, and dancing the night away also drinking and flirting But my interest flagged when the book stopped being about Moreta.I should note here that the Moreta character is heavily referenced in other works as there heroiest heroine in the history of ever And her book really isn t about her It really ought to be entitled MASTER HEALER WHOEVER and the CURE FOR THE NOT AIDS Which he found by re reading his exam notes from Pern college So, yeah.We spend A LOT of time nursing Master Healer Whoever And when Moreta gets sick we find out about it after the fact, as she s recovering Ditto with Alessan, our love interest.And there s another problem with this book What I was expecting based on references in other works, mainly Nerilka s Story A story of a forbidden affair Moreta, Mary Sue dragonlady hero time traveler healer noble and pure soul is trapped in an abusive relationship with her domineering Weyerpartner RE EALLY Not sure how that would work out within the mythos of Pern, since it seems that the Weyer community at large would never stand for anything bad to happen to a precious dragon queen rider And also, dragons love their riders and can eat offensive people But that s what seemed to be implied in other stories Anyway, abusive relationship circumvented by the magical healing power of a clandestine tryst with the much sought after Lord Alessan Who is a no no because, I guess, he s not a dragonrider himself They sneak moments together even as a terrible plague sweeps Pern She nurses him He nurses her He confronts evil bad abusive Weyerleader She will leave the Weyer and bring her ginormous gold dragon to live with him Their bond is so strong that even his not dragonridery self is able to hear the thoughts of her gold dragon Together they save The WORLD What I got view spoiler Moreta has a finicky, petulant bronze rider who I think, with all the name dropping it s hard to be sure is in a relationship with someone else He and Moreta are kinda on the outs, but they were really never on the ins, and whatever they had was a dragon induced one time thing Free dragon love, yo And she ll be replacing him next chance she gets.She goes to a party and flirts Then everyone goes home and a plague wipes out pretty much everyone until Master Healer Whoever reads his notes and saves the day A super long time was spent in preparation for Threadfall, preparation for quarantine, etc Then, there might be another plague For some reason, Alessan and Moreta get together despite the fact that the party where they flirted for the one and onlyeth time is now synonymous with DEATH.The ending was fairly terrible for two reasons First, she suddenly remembers, upon seeing him, that she has a son Whom she has not worried about or thought of in the slightest for the entire plague riddled book Why did he even need to be in this book He did nothing, aside from demonstrate some of the practical workings of free dragon love, which he is somehow fine with unlike every adopted fostered child I have ever met.Speaking of characters who do nothing, that brings me to the other problem with this book s ending Other reviewers have complained about it, but it bears re mentioning The entire second half of the book is HEAVILY overburdened with name dropping bloat Lots and lots and lots of names of people who show up once, do nothing, and leave So much so that the entire point of the book, the tragic ending, is entirely obscured under these barrels of new monkeys Instead of describing the grueling feat that cost the heroine her life, we hear about lists and lists of people who don t matter to the plot in the slightest The tragic ending was left as a tiny island of stuff happening in a sea of names as long as a Levitical genealogy The overall effect was that her sacrifice sounded an awful lot like a silly rookie mistake, instead of a world saving.Not one major character did any of the thinking necessary for the saving of the world Master Healer Whoever found, developed and made the cure, made the plan to save the world and helped to implement it All Moreta did was implement his plan All Alessan did was look good hide spoiler

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    Oh my God, the BEAUTY of this book I was kinda reluctant about starting it it s been a few months since I ve read my last Pern book, and I had this feeling that it was gonna be slow and a bit boring How in the world could I forget the wonder that is Pern as a world and as a book series, I seriously don t know This book is set in the past if we consider the present the time in which the first two trilogy were set , describing a part of the life of one of the most famous Dragonwomen in the history of Pern, Moreta We almost at the end of a Pass and, to add to the distress of Threads, a misterious desease starts spreading so rapidly that before anyone understands what s going on, it s almost to late to do anything about it Everything is perfect, the little differences between the habits of people between this books and the previous ones, the constant feeling that you are reading the history of a world that really exist because how can one person create this amazingly complex and real planet , and of course the characters are beautifully written, never flat and often surprising So beautiful.

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    I love the medical aspect, and the exploration of how different people respond to medical crisis And Moreta is in many ways, the most adult of McCaffrey s characters since we only know her as an adult Maybe for that reason, she seemed better rounded and capable than many of the other characters in the series.

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