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Mortal Causes pdf Mortal Causes, ebook Mortal Causes, epub Mortal Causes, doc Mortal Causes, e-pub Mortal Causes, Mortal Causes 4e87905326b Underneath The Cobbled Streets Of Edinburgh S Old Town Are Medieval Stone Cellars Where A Man Could Scream And Never Be Heard In Mortal Causes, The Tortured Body Of A Young Man Is Found Hanging From A Butcher S Hook In One Of These Underground Rooms The Tattoo On His Wrist And A Cryptic Inscription Scratched In The Dirt Suggest To Inspector John Rebus That This Was An Execution, But What Man Or Men Carried It Out

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    What do you call a haircut in an asylum A lunatic fringe It s August and Edinburgh s Festival Fringe is in full flow It s the largest arts festival in the world, so the city is brimming with people Amongst the mayhem, or rather below it, a gruesome murder has taken place In the depths of the city sits a hidden street, long ago closed off and at each end and built over by subsequent generations This hidden warren is now a tourist attraction but it s temporarily closed due to some ongoing building work Teenagers have found their way in though and have discovered a body It s been six packed bullets through the ankles, knees and elbows before a final killing shot was delivered Does this suggest the involvement of a sectarian group Could the IRA be implicated here Rebus is soon on the scene and before long he s joined by officers from the Scottish Crime Squad and Special Branch it s clear that there are concerns at a very high level This mid series book was penned in the nineties It s not the best in the series, it s convoluted and confusing at times, but in my view any book featuring Scotland s finest flatfoot is worth catching Legendary villain Big Ger Cafferty makes an appearance sufficient in itself to enrich any story , there s rivalry and suspicion amongst the various police teams involved and there are, of course, many classic one liners from Rebus himself Rankin will go on to write better stories, but compared to most crime fiction this book stands up very well It s rich in atmosphere and language and the Scottishness of it is completely enticing it makes me want to jump on a plane and experience, again, the very special character of this wonderful city Thank goodness Rankin has just released another Rebus novel, the world would be a poorer place without the next adventure to look forward to.

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    Always solid Always good Always characterfull I love my Rebus

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    This is number 6 in the Rebus series and it is a good solid read I admit I skimmed some of the detail about Scottish and Irish religion and politics but that did not spoil the story for me Rebus is in a good place in this one and even seems to be enjoying his relationship with Patience some of the time This will not last I am sure They are patently not suited to each other There s quite a lot of blood and gore and a good deal of police procedure which I enjoy Altogether a fast, easy read and very enjoyable

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    Good story, brings back some of the news from my youth When all the news was about the IRA and various factions fighting.To get back to the story, obviously set in Scotland but based on arms dealing and supply to IRA Rebus, certainly seems to get beaten up than usual in this one.

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    This is a good, well written book, but I didn t fully understand the religious and political aspects of the plot There were very many references made to things I could have googled had I cared enough to learn.

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    5 10If you don t enjoy the narration of an audiobook you ve only yourself to blame They let you have a 5 minute preview before you purchase it so really who s fault is it Mine and only mine The story wasn t anything special and it touched upon a topic which didn t interest me and I didn t know much of the history of it, due to said lack of interest, so that was a double whammy I guess when the odds are stacked against something it s just not meant to be I like the series and love Edinburgh But some series are meant to be read and some are meant to be read to you This is one which is meant to be read I didn t like the narrator and found it hard to follow at times The story irked me due to the political religion aspect to it but things were lost long before that I ll only be reading this series going forwards.

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    Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin 6 Inspector Rebus.Billy Cunningham is found beneath the streets of Edinburgh in a quarter of Mary King s Close An area that was currently being renovated with plaster about to prove it He had been slowly and methodically tortured beyond human endurance before a shot rang out that finally put an end to his suffering.Inspector Rebus learns the identity of this latest victim as the only son of Big Ger Caffertya ruthless killer that Rebus had sent up to the big house a while back Big Ger Cafferty was only the beginning of Rebus s troubles Those soon to be uncovered troubles would do than lead Rebus on the chase of his life it would come close to leading him to his death Once again Ian Rankin brings Inspector Rebus to the forefront of the intense crime mystery that cannot be reviled The last third of this story cannot be put down Most highly recommended.

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    Bloody excellent, Rankin never fails to please Another gripping, vicious case for Rebus as it dawns on him that he s not just dealing with one brutal killing, but facing the possibility of a terrorist group that intends to rain blood on Edinburgh Hard hitting, fast paced and with a narrative that twists all over the place, crime fiction at it s best.

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    John Rebus must be my all time favourite detective, and these earlier books are brilliant I thoroughly enjoyed this and would certainly recommend to all police procedural lovers out there.

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    If you want a clearly written and gritty mystery, you can t go far wrong with the Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin The books are short and intense and, as an American, the police work in Scotland is interesting This particular book takes place during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and involves terrorism and organized crime Very enjoyable and I will definitely continue with this series.

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