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Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) files Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) , read online Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) , free Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) , free Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) , Murder at Beechwood (Gilded Newport Mysteries #3) fd9c55a7f For Newport, Rhode Island S High Society, The Summer Of Brings Lawn Parties, Sailboat Races And Murder Having Turned Down The Proposal Of Derrick Andrews, Emma Cross Has No Imminent Plans For Matrimony Let Alone Motherhood But When She Discovers An Infant Left On Her Doorstep, She Naturally Takes The Child Into Her Care Using Her Influence As A Cousin To The Vanderbilts And A Society Page Reporter For TheNewport Observer , Emma Launches A Discreet Search For The Baby S MotherOne Of Her First Stops Is A Lawn Party At Mrs Caroline Astor S Beechwood Estate But An Idyllic Summer S Day Is Soon Clouded By Tragedy During A Sailboat Race, Textile Magnate Virgil Monroe Falls Overboard There Are Prompt Accusations Of Foul Play And Even Derrick Andrews Falls Under Suspicion Deepening The Intrigue, A Telltale Slip Of Lace May Link The Abandoned Child To The Drowned Man But As Emma Navigates Dark Undercurrents Of Scandalous Indiscretions And Violent Passions, She Ll Need To Watch Her Step To Ensure That No One Lowers The Boom On Her

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    Murder at Beechwood by Allysa Maxwell is a 2015 Kensington Publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is the first book I have read in the series, but I do believe I need to catch up with the two previous installments because I really enjoyed this cozy style historical mystery This book can be read as a stand alone Real life locations and real historical figures in blue blood society are featured in the Gilded Newport series featuring Emma Cross, a young newspaper journalist, who always manages to find herself embroiled in a crime drama In this case, Emma is shocked to discover an infant has been left on her doorstep and begins to discreetly look for the child s mother, while covering the social events of high society with the Astors and Vanderbilts While attending a summer party at Beechwood a tragic sailing accident leads to a suspicious death and Emma s former beau, Derrick is a prime suspect Can she prove his innocence Will she discover who the child s mother is and why she left him on her doorstep Could the two incidences be connected I am a sucker for historical mysteries and I love crime solving by amateur sleuths So, this book was right up my alley Emma is a great character with a big heart and a strong sense of right and wrong She struggles to maintain peace within her family, help others without passing judgment, and is fiercely independent Society s rules are a running theme throughout as Emma, who is marginally related to these people, is often treated as a step above servitude The divorce rates and unwed mothers were rare in those days, but when they did happen it was a great scandal, so when faced with ruin, people resorted to desperate measures, which in this case resulted in murder and tragedy This book does have cozy mystery qualities, since Emma is not a professional detective, but all mystery lovers could enjoy this book The characters are well drawn, the mystery is compelling and interesting and kept me guessing, with a few surprising twist along the way Over all this one gets 4 stars

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    Having grown up in Massachusetts, the Newport mansions were a kind of fantasy place, existing in our space but separate just the same I toured through them all several times, imagining what life was like for those wealthy elite of the gilded age This book uses that backdrop as a launching point The famous Newport families of the late 1800s come to life on these pages, fictionalized, though still very much true to who they were The setting is certainly the author s strength She clearly knows the history of this area, with its summer residents and extravagant parties Even if you ve never set foot in one of these mansions as a tourist, you ll likely have a good sense of their opulence Emma is not the typical woman of her time, being concerned with her independence than with marrying the right man Her character is well developed and easy to like This book is written in first person, so we spend all our time with Emma, and we see others through her eyes The plot unfolds slowly We follow the clues along with Emma, as her quest to find one answer only leaves her with and questions At times the unraveling plot and its cast of characters feels a little too much like a soap opera, though I suppose that s also true of the real life families within those Newport mansions.I did not read the prior books in this series, and had no trouble following along with this story It works well as a stand alone That being said, there are a whole lot of characters here If you re unfamiliar with the names of those early Newport families, you might have difficulty keeping up and should probably read the earlier books first I received a free advanced copy from Kensington Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.

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    This third book in the Gilded Newport Mystery series is may favorite so far Interesting characters, lots of twists and turns Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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    3.5 stars for Murder at Beechwood I love Newport anyway, and it s fun to read about it in its heyday, when the Vanderbilts and Astors lived in the colossal mansions The series as a whole is well research and vivid I know Newport really well, so I liked reading about references to all the landmarks in the area Emma is a great heroine She s just independent enough to be believable for the time period and still be realistic She gets thrown into these crimes but manages to solve them My two complaints with this book and the series as a whole is that there are a lot of characters to keep track of, and sometimes women would be referred to by name Judith and sometimes they would be referred to by their married title Mrs Kingsley I understand that was how people talked back then, but it made the characters a little difficult to keep track of The other complaint is the romance I feel like I ve said that about all the books in this series The romance is unnecessary, and I don t like him all that much The series would be much better without it This particular murder mystery was the best of the 3 I ve read so far It was interesting to see it come together.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsI absolutely love this series Emma Cross is a smart protagonist and I love following her through 1896 Rhode Island She is a brave woman who sticks up for those in need This time it is a baby left on her doorstep and she will not rest until she finds his mother, even when it puts her own life in danger.Gull Manor has become a refuge over the years for prostitutes and abused women wanting a fresh start and Emma has vowed to keep up the tradition even though many do not approve She never expected a newborn would find its way to her door, a newborn that steals the heart of everyone at Gull Manor Nor did she realize the sweet child would be connected to such tragedy.Alyssa Maxwell bases her story on actual families, like the Vanderbilts and the Astors and crafts a tale that will will enthrall you from the first page until the last She takes us into the world of the elite 400 Their lives, their parties, their indiscretions and their drama The characters are so well written, the plot is enticing and the setting is described wonderfully The story is perfectly paced with generous detail.Each new story in this series becomes my favorite as the author keeps topping herself.

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    This is definitely a cost mystery set in the late 1800 s or early 1900 s when people traveled by horse, carriage, ships or trains I thoroughly enjoyed it While I chuckled a few times seems like the whole town was in the hospital at one time or another I really did like it I definitely did not see the ending coming either There are too many suspects and then when you think you have it figured out, that person gets killed Of course, Emma, the nosy, but helpful, newspaper reporter is usually around the trouble If your into cozies, this is a pretty good one Thank you Kensington Books and Net Galley for allowing me to read and review this very entertaining book.

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    Emma Cross, a minor relative of the Vanderbilt family in 1894, wakes up one morning at her home in Newport, Rhode Island where she takes in all women in need, in Murder at Beechwood by Alyssa Maxwell, but this time Emma finds a baby abandoned in front of her door A fancy lace handkerchief suggests to them that this baby may be the child of someone from high society This leads her police friend, Jesse, to tell her about the murder of an obviously working class man, wondering if there could be a connection between the cases Knowing that as the reporter of the society news column of the newspaper, she will be attending the Astor ball for all of high society the next night, Jesse asks Emma to keep her eyes and ears open She is to see if she can get an idea if a woman there might have given birth to an illegitimate child recently but stay clear of the question of murder At the ball, Emma notices particular discord among the Monroe family, along with Daphne Gordon, the ward of Virgil Monroe, the family patriarch who tends to rule harshly And then Emma hears a voice she recognizes It is Derrick Andrews, the man whose proposal Emma turned down many months earlier but for whom she has discovered a growing love amid confusion over his disappearance from the island for a long time But when Emma goes to greet Derrick, he gives her a cold shoulder, and his mother positively glares at Emma, creating all sorts of confusion for Emma.Read the rest of this review and other fun, geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

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    A year after the events at Marble House, Emma wakes up suddenly to a strange wailing sound outside She, and her household which now includes Stella, the former prostitute assume was a passing storm When Emma opens the front door to retrieve the paper, she receives a huge surprise the noise was a baby crying Someone left a baby on Emma s doorstep because of the reputation Gull Cottage has for being a haven for those in need Emma, Katie, Nanny and even Stella quickly fall in love with the infant, but Emma is determined to find the baby s family Not only do the courts not allow spinsters to adopt children, there may be issues of inheritance at stake or someone is longing for their child or lost family member s child She has only one clue to go on a hanky trimmed in fancy Brussels lace threaded with gold This child must belong to someone wealthy In her duty as a society reporter, Emma tries to ferret out who was missing from Society this past Season While watching a yacht race at Beechwood, a terrible squall actually blows in and some boats go down Emma is terrified when some men go overboard, including her erstwhile beau Derrick Andrews As the men return from the sea, one is missing As Emma uncovers the clues, she feels certain this man s death is connected to the baby She s determined to solve both mysteries which are easy compared to the mystery of Derrick s feelings for her and what she plans to do about them She also tries to play mediator between her Aunt Alice, Uncle Cornelius and her cousin Neily who wants to marry the lovely, but new monied Grace Wilson.I speed read half this book the night before going to Newport I speed read the other half in Newport while my family ate lunch I may not have absorbed everything but I started the day at Ochre Court, which in the novel is the home of the Goelets I walked along the cliff walk and saw Beechwood in the distance still sadly under construction It really helped enhance my enjoyment of the novel walking in Emma s footsteps, literally I felt the plot was not as good as the other two books The mystery happens right away and there s two mysteries in one There s too much going on in this story I also thought Emma pondered too much on her feelings about matrimony and what to do about Derrick Her feelings show she cares for him but her thoughts seem otherwise She overthinks the situation too often I missed the swoony romantic relationship she had while sleuthing with Derrick The ending was far from satisfactory The Vanderbilt family drama frequently overshadowed the mystery and dragged down the tone of the story, which was already sad I never guessed who the baby s mother was It came as a surprise to me and the plot twist was very shocking I guessed the same woman that Emma suspected There seemed to be grisly murder in this mystery than the previous two I had the same suspicion about the murder that Emma did so when all was revealed I was as surprised as she was The way everything tied together seemed a bit too coincidental and very surprising This still didn t stop me from wanting to skip ahead to the end I had to pause and wait an hour before I could finish the novel and the wait was tough An Afterward by the author tells the reader what happened to the real people featured in the novel I knew half the story already I hope this isn t the last Newport set mystery I enjoy them and I love visiting the places featured in the stories Murder at the Elms sounds good Or Murder at Belcourt Castle Murder at Rosecliff Alyssa Maxwell s new mystery sounds intriguing in an Upstairs Downstairs Downton Abbey way.

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    Murder at Beechwood by Alyssa Maxwell is the third book in the Gilded Newport Mystery series Emmaline Emma Cross is awakened one morning to what she thinks is a storm Upon further investigation Emma finds a baby crying on her front porch There is no note left with the little boy Soon Officer Jesse Whyte with the Newport Police arrives because a coachman was murdered nearby and needs Emma s help on the case Jesse is finally asking Emma for help on difficult cases Jesse and Emma believe the baby and the coachman cases are related the coachman was most likely the one to leave the baby on Emma s doorstep and then killed so he would not talk.Emma promises to see if she can find out who the mother of the child is while she is at the ball There is to be a ball that evening at Beechwood for the beginning of the season Emma is given a beautiful gown by Grace Wilson to wear to the ball Neily Corneilius Vanderbilt III and Grace are still dating despite opposition from Neily s family Emma does not get a lead on the baby s mother at ball, but she will try again the next day.The next day is the yacht race However, there is a tragedy at the race A storm comes up which makes for rough seas Virgil Monroe goes overboard Derrick Andrews tries to save him, but he is unsuccessful Wyatt Monroe thinks Derrick actually held his father, Virgil under water instead of trying to save him Jesse has no choice but to place Derrick under arrest he gets house arrest Emma sets out to find out if Virgil was murdered or if it was an accident she may have turned down Derrick s proposal, but Emma still cares for him Emma believes that what happened to the coachman, Virgil, and the abandoned baby are all connected Emma, along with help from her friends and relations, sets out to solve these mysteries you just know that she will somehow manage to put herself in harm s way.I give Murder at Beechwood 4 out of 5 stars I enjoyed Murder at Beechwood than the first book in the series The mystery is complex and difficult to solve There are so many characters in the book that it is difficult to keep track of all of them and they all seem related I enjoyed the descriptions of the lovely homes I am hoping, though, that Emma and Jesse are put together as a couple I think they would be perfect for each other A better match than Emma and Derrick.I received a complimentary copy of Murder at Beechwood from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The review and opinions expressed are strictly my own.http bibliophileandavidreader.blogs

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    Murder at Beechwood is a novel that deftly weaves fact and fiction to create a superb historical mystery set at the turn of the century.As a poor relation of the Vanderbilt family, Emma Cross lives on the edge of Rhode Island s high society She savors her independence and her job as a society columnist Marriage and motherhood are far from her thoughts, until someone leaves a baby on her doorstep with a single clue an elegant lace handkerchief Using her job and her society connections, Emma searches for the mother, but what she finds is murder.A summer sailboat race turns tragic as two men, Virgil Monroe and Derrick Andrews, are swept overboard, and only one is recovered Many had motives to kill Virgil Monroe, as he was a cruel and unpleasant man When Virgil s brother, Wyatt accuses Derrick of murder, Emma insists on his innocence What was Virgil Monroe s connection to the baby Who is the mother Emma puts her life on the line to discover the truth.Emma is a warm, likable heroine, whose intelligence and compassionate nature makes her a joy to read about Being on the fringe of High Society means that she doesn t have to follow is strict rules and can associate with a variety of people Along with her job as a reporter, that places her in a perfect position to investigate.Murder at Beechwood is a historical mystery certain to satisfy armchair detectives craving a satisfying and original mystery.I received a copy of Murder at Beechwood from the publisher and netgalley.com in exchange for an honest reviewMurder at Beechwood is the third book in the Gilded Newport Mystery series It is available for pre order and will be released May 26, 2015 Crittermom

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