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Murder at the Breakers txt Murder at the Breakers, text ebook Murder at the Breakers, adobe reader Murder at the Breakers, chapter 2 Murder at the Breakers, Murder at the Breakers 22050a Newport, Rhode Island, August She May Be A Less Well Heeled Relation, But As Second Cousin To Millionaire Patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt, Twenty One Year Old Emma Cross Is On The Guest List For A Grand Ball At The Breakers, The Vanderbilts Summer Home She Also Has A Job To Do Report On The Event For The Society Page Of The Newport ObserverBut Emma Observes Much Than Glitz And Gaiety When She Witnesses A Murder The Victim Is Cornelius Vanderbilt S Financial Secretary, Who Plunges Off A Balcony Faster Than Falling Stock Prices Emma S Black Sheep Brother Brady Is Found In Cornelius S Bedroom Passed Out Next To A Bottle Of Bourbon And Stolen Plans For A New Railroad Line Brady Has Barely Come To Before The Police Have Arrested Him For The Murder But Emma Is Sure Someone Is Trying To Railroad Her Brother And Resolves To Find The Real Killer At Any Cost

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    My rating on this book is based on how much fun I had writing it

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    Really enjoyed this cozy mystery that is a fictional account of many notable historical figures, including the Vanderbilts and the Astors, who I am also currently reading about in an actual history book I love how the author took true, historical data from the time of these individuals and created a story of what possibly could have happened that night at The Breakers if a murder had occured I love when there are strong, spitfire women as central characters who were so atypical of this era Emma was such a headstrong detective and I loved her ways and especially enjoyed how much she loved her horse.I ve already requested the next book in the series, I can t wait to see what happens after this little cliffhanger with Emma

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    4.5 starsI found another cozy mystery series to read I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the Gilded Age It was just a simple mystery to get lost in nothing too taxing on the brain but enjoyable nonetheless.

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    I wish I could give this 3 1 2 stars Unfortunately, in my opinion, there is one major flaw Emma Cross sets out to prove her step brother s innocence of a murder at the Breakers, the Newport mansion of her relatives, Cornelius and Alice Vanderbilt The good things about the book the setting is fantastic We get a clear and beautiful picture of Newport in its heyday It really makes you feel that you know the place well The insight into the lives of the super rich is fascinating and hopefully accurate The main characters are well developed The major fault Emma, the leading character, drove me right up the wall Time after time she put herself in danger by doing something totally stupid At one point several characters comment on her actions She is called pitifully gullible This sums her up perfectly she believes what she wants to Those she likes can do no wrong so let s shove the blame on to someone else whether they deserve it or not Another character says What were you thinking How could you be so reckless The answer is that she didn t think.That said, I did enjoy the story and at the end read the chapter of a sequel, Murder at Marble House I plan to pick that one up when it is published this fall, and I will probably grit my teeth when Emma goes charging in again.

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    I love cozy mysteries, but this one was just a little too simplistic, written at a 12 yr old level or so I like a little complexity, a little grey and with characters that are developed and real.

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    It was an okay book I was looking for a quick, fun read and ran across this book It could have been so much , with the inclusion of the Vanderbilts, Astors, and other wealthy families that comprised The 400 the wealthy elite at the turn of the century But this isn t historical fiction It is a novel which includes some famous families, some facts from the times, and a lot of fluff Emma Cross is the protagonist She is so annoying at times There is a lot of potential, and at times the book was charming, but there is a lot of repetition We are constantly reminded that Emma is NOT part of the elite She is just a working class girl who happens to be related to the Vanderbilts I could easily have left the book unfinished, but I don t typically do that I find myself compelled to finish reading even the most inane books It wasn t awful, but it wasn t great I don t think I could recommend it to anyone.

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    Living in RI and having visited the Breakers a number of times, I sort of felt obligated to read this one It didn t hurt that I also like cozy mysteries, and the Gilded Age cultures are not all that different from the setting on Downton Abbey Emmaline Emma Cross is a non traditional young woman living among the social elite in Newport In fact, she is a cousin to the famous Vanderbilt family, who own the Breakers, through her mother She would probably be considered one of their poorer relations Emma lives in one of the smallest of the summer cottages, and she is perfectly happy with that She also has a position with one of the local newspapers, the Newport Observer, writing pieces for the Society pages.The Vanderbilts are having a major party at their home, the Breakers, which has just completed a major reconstruction project after the mansion was basically lost in a fire It is now the biggest and most extravagant home on the island It will also be the coming out part for the daughter of the family Emma knows she will most likely run into her brother half brother really Brady at the party, though he is up to his usual no good deeds She is not the only person in her family who is untraditional Brady likes to drink, gamble, and party, which is probably not the greatest idea since their branch of the family is definitely lacking in the wealth department He has made her promise not to tell anyone if she sees him up to something because he is trying to fix a mistake he made against their Uncle Cornelius Things take a terrible turn when Uncle Cornelius secretary is murdered and thrown over the balcony of one of the estates bedrooms To make matters worse, Brady is found in the bedroom, knocked unconscious This makes him the most likely murder suspect As you can guess, Emma is going to do everything she can to clear Brady of the charges since she knows that he would never murder anyone, even if he has no trouble running afoul of the police in less serious ways.Maxwell has created a fun little mystery set in 1895 Newport The book is peopled with many of the 400, America s wealthiest families who shared living space in both New York City and Newport in the summers Romance, finance, and social intrigue abound as Emma interacts with a number of the rich and their servants in order to solve the mystery of who might have committed the murder at the Breakers The characters are likable when they should be , and the book definitely has the feel of a traditional cozy mystery I did figure out who committed the murder fairly early in the storytelling, but that did not stop me from enjoying the book Maxwell has done a good job with trying to throw in red herrings The characters, particularly the suspects, could probably have had a bit development, but I suspect we will see that in further volumes in the series I will definitely be looking forward to the next book, Murder at Marblehouse.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsWhat an awesome debut Emma Cross inherited much than Gull Manor from her Aunt Sadie She inherited her wit and her spunk as well Her parents have traveled abroad to follow their own dreams and left her to handle everything on her own Using the small annuity left to her by her Aunt and the wages she earns writing about social events for the local paper she keeps up what she can at Gull Manor She really is not Cornelius Vanderbilt s niece She is actually his second cousin twice or thrice removed but she calls him Uncle because she could never call the shipping magnate or his wife by just their first names They invite her to parties, try to watch over her and hope to find her a suitable husband even though that is the furthest thing from her mind She is very independent and has little fear of anything and seems to be wise beyond her years She is a wonderful protagonist I was engaged by her story immediately.The author introduces us to many wonderful characters, the local Vanderbilt s of course, Emma s step brother Brady, her cousin Neily, Nanny, who has been at Gull Manor forever, Emma s maid, Katie, Officer Jessie Whyte, and Derrick Anderson I look forward to getting to know about all of them and their stories in future installments.What I really loved about this book is that while the story is fictional it is based on fact A party similar to the one in book actually took place The author used her research to craft a mystery that was interwoven into a story of a family most of us are familiar with on some level, maybe not back to 1895, but they were one of the riches families in American history.The mystery was a good one too Emma was not afraid to keep digging and observed many things the local authorities either missed or ignored She was not afraid to ask the hard questions even when those questions put her own life in danger She also found an unexpected ally.There was so much I loved about this book It takes us back in time to a slower lifestyle when visiting meant harnessing up the horse to the buggy and traveling down a dirt road going house to house or manor to manor.This is definitely an author to watch I can t wait for Murder at Marble House A Gilded Newport Mystery out September 29.

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    My actual rating is probably a 3.5 There was quite a bit I liked about this book I know Newport RI very well so I had no problem picturing the setting References to Thames St, Bellevue Ave, Spring St, and Cliff Walk were easy for me to picture because I am very familiar with them The murder mystery was pretty good too There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing Emma wasn t bad as an amateur sleuth either She s smart and resourceful and doesn t give up However, a couple of things really detracted from it for me First, there are so many characters that it is hard to keep all of them straight, in part because quite a few of them were underdeveloped My bigger problem with this was the completely unnecessary romance The story was strong and compelling without adding a love story to it and in my opinion it detracted Still, I really enjoyed this and will definitely continue with this series.

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    Emma Cross is a twenty one year old spinster from Newport, Rhode Island during the summer of 1895 When her relatives, the Vanderbilts, plan to give a grand fete in honor of her cousin Gertrude s coming out, Emma is invited as a relative but also as a reporter Emma must work for her living and she does so as a writer for the society page of a local paper She longs to be a real reporter writing on real events When her half brother Brady comes to her asking for help sneaking into The Breakers, she s worried he s done something terribly wrong She s used to bailing him out of jail for drunken and disorderly conduct, but this hints at something much worse, especially when cousin Neilly comes around and reveals Brady s secret Emma keeps her promise though and just as she heads outside to look for her brother, she overhears a confrontation in her uncle s room and a body falls off the balcony and onto the grounds She s worried it might be her brother, but the body turns out to be a family friend and Uncle Cornelius secretary Was it an accident or murder The police seem to think murder and Brady is the prime suspect Emma is convinced Brady was framed and she s determined to prove it to the arrogant police who dismiss her because she s a woman and Brady s sister She crosses paths and wits with a handsome reporter from Providence as she investigates her suspects Emma knows the rich and powerful will close ranks around their own but she s determined not to let her brother hang for a murder he didn t commit From her great aunt Sadie she inherited a home and an independent spirit She relies on that independent spirit to carry her through to the end Though the plot follows the basic cozy mystery outline, the story is unique enough and filled with so many small details that it s vastly interesting The plot held my interest as I followed Emma s clues to figure out whodunnit I figured it out before she did and I thought she was incredibly silly not to at least suspect but she was blinded by personal feelings There s a little bit of romance with just enough sparks to make it believable and appealing, yet very Victorian The dialogue between Emma and her love interest is very good The period details are worked into the story as part of the characters everyday lives and as part of the setting The author doesn t step out of the story to insert her views or explain things, which I was grateful for The author s views on women s rights are obvious but she provides the reader with a character and setting where those views are appropriate I loved the local setting Fans of Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs will be interested in the subplot about Emma s maid Katie and the Vanderbilts butler, Mason The point of view doesn t shift to them but they re very much a part of Emma s life and her world I don t get to Newport as often as I would wish but I am familiar with Bellevue and recently visited The Breakers The book really makes me want to go inside the playhouse, where I didn t get to see It s not in the budget at the moment though The author thought of all kinds of details no one thinks about any how did people get to Newport How did they get around the island Who takes care of that massive house What was the relationship between parents and children like The story reveals a lot about life in Gilded Age Newport I didn t know The characters are great I love spunky Emma She s high enough to associate with her wealthy cousins but not too high so she also associates with lower sorts of people Her poverty makes her empathetic to others and it also makes her too proud to accept too much help from the Vanderbilts She s strong, determined, stubborn and an all around wonderful character I look forward to seeing her go toe to toe with the formidable Alva Vanderbilt in the second book Her bit of romance was well deserved and took a turn I didn t entirely expect, yet I did because of who she is and what she wants out of life Needless to say, she s a character I can relate to A Gilded Age me, if you will She isn t ditzy like most female cozy mystery heroines but she does make a few blunders I saw coming The secondary characters are also well drawn None of them rely solely on the stereotypes of Gilded Age personalities The Vanderbilts appear as they really were I liked getting to know them better, especially Gertrude, who was is largely glossed over on the museum tour aside from her bedroom I also liked getting to know young Gladys because she is featured in the audio tour of the museum I don t know much about the younger boys and I was interested in getting to know them too The fictional secondary characters include Brady, Emma s love interest, her outspoken Nanny and maid Katie, among others from both upstairs and downstairs This is a great book for cozy mystery fans and Downton Abbey fans Those of you from Aquidneck Island should also read this.

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