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My Funny Bunny pdf My Funny Bunny , ebook My Funny Bunny , epub My Funny Bunny , doc My Funny Bunny , e-pub My Funny Bunny , My Funny Bunny 1ebf4507043 When A Boy Receives A Gift Box From His Uncle On His Sixth Birthday, He S Sure He Knows What S Inside The Perfect Adorable Dwarf Rabbit Of His Dreams The Box Does Indeed Contain A Bunny But It Looks Like A Potato, With Wiry Whiskers And Blobs Of Yucky Fur Most Definitely Not Perfect Or Adorable The Boy Is A Blur Of Sadness, Fury, And Disappointment, Until The Bunny Finds Ways To Comfort Him Maybe This Funny Bunny Isn T So Bad After All This Sweet Story Teaches Children A Valuable Lesson About Why It S Important To Give Pets And People A Chance Even If They Seem Quite Imperfect At First

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    See my full review here FUNNY BUNNY is about dealing with disappointments and not judging others too quickly It s the main character s sixth birthday, and they have been hoping for a dwarf bunny for a long time Their favorite uncle gives them a present, and they just know it s the bunny they dreamed of However, when they open the box, it turns out the bunny does not look like they imagined, and instead looks like a potato The main character throws a temper tantrum and breaks a bunch of stuff The bunny comforts them, and then they start to think about the bunny and end up liking him a lot.The book features sketch like illustrations throughout of the actions depicted with small typed text to tell the story The emotions are conveyed through the images easily and the funny bunny is pretty cute when you look a bit The ultimate lesson of not judging others too quickly is an important one.What I loved The overall lesson of the book was great, and this was a somewhat understandable situation for young children Life certainly has its disappointments and many things are not as expected or hoped Knowing that good can come out of them is important The bunny has its own appeal and it s also a good story about making new friends.What left me wanting I had some concerns about the way the character deals with disappointment mainly by yelling a lot and then breaking a whole bunch of stuff The bunny helps the character to repair their wooden castle better than before but this is not really a great message Of course, some kids do have terrible tantrums, but it s not always great to have it modeled as such without consequences The character at least does apologize to the bunny later they had talked about how much they did not love him and such , so that is something, but I still would have liked discussions about the way to handle such anger and disappointment Of course, this could certainly be used to discuss after reading the book, but it s always great to see such things modeled As a smaller point, the text is also small though typed with a clear font , so it can be a little difficult to read aloud.Final verdict Overall, this teaches that children should try not to judge others too quickly and can pave the way to discussions about managing anger and disappointment in a constructive way This book is best suited to elementary school aged readers.

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    But then he pooped, and I took that as a yes.

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    Boy learns to appreciate and love strange looking bunny he receives as a gift.

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