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    Finished About a bridge, a beautiful bridge Through this bridge one finds hope But the book is also about the passage of time and the folly of man and the peoples and cultures of the Balkans One percieves the smallness of man There are no clear answers Is it foolish to hope for a better future, and what is better How does one judge progress If there is kindness isn t life good People are weak and mean and foolish, but at the same time they are kind and good and hard working Both are true, and both will probably always be true I believe the book says this.Through page 199 One minute I am thinking I cannot go on reading because the cruelty of one human to another is just than I can take The writing moves me so, but then the lines change and the author makes me see the beauty of life I am totally stunned The writing flips me from one emotion to its opposite The words in this books do this to me This author can write, and he can see how people are how terrible and how wonderful.Through pPage 81 Still marvelous Beautiful writing Legends and myths and history all intertwined The bridge is built 1571 1577 and it certainly wasn t easy These troubles became the basis of fabulous legends Then in the latter half of the 1700s their was a flood terrible than any ever before The waters rose a good thirty feet and the bridge was submerged, only to become visible again as the river s level lowered The damage and devastation wrought by the flood was horrible, but of course time rolled on, life in the village continued So, in the kapia the terrace at the center of the bridge , between the skies, the river and the hills, generation after generation learnt not to mourn overmuch what the troubled waters had borne away They entered there into the unconscious philosophy of the town that life was an incomprehensible marvel, since it was incessantly wasted and spent, yet none the less it lasted and endured like the bridge on the Drina I recommend looking at this bridge when you read the book It is easy to find pictures on the web of this beautiful eleven arched stone bridge How what happened became myth is fascinating The Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Turkish cultures and their respective religious constraints are described through the history fo this bridge, the bridge over the Drina at Visegrad in Bosnia Page 52 read This author can write A Nobel prize winner that can really write, that not only has a message but can truly write Dam this is GOOD He makes you see beauty and he makes you see horror There is no skimming here you want to catch every nuance My heart is beating and I don t know what to do with myself I have to stop before I can go on.

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    Na Drini uprija The Bridge on the Drina Bosnian Trilogy 1 , Ivo Andri 1979 1341 377 1343 1345 1394 448 9786003262126 20 1960 1357

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    Images and myths purport to the mythic Ivo Andric crafted a monument to those expectations in his novel of stories He challenges the eternal with a construct, much as engineers spanned the natural with bridges Once present, the innovations often appear eternal, timeless It is a sincere hope that The Bridge on the Drina enjoys that privilege.It remains unclear whether I have finished this novel before Scenes like the impalement and the flood were rooted firmly in my memory The instances and intrusions of ideology and modernity not so much.The foreign reader approaches this accomplishment at a certain disadvantage The primacy of certain concepts and events will be obscure to many outside of the Balkans The legacy of the janissaries is hardly worth a footnote to many a history textbook in, say, Canada or Norway it is an open and ongoing discussion from Sofia to Pristina The obligations of the best man or Kum is largely without a counterpart in the UK or US I was certainly unfamiliar with these traditions and legacies when I first approached The Bridge on the Drina My experiences in the last 12 years have certainly enhanced my appreciation for this masterpiece.

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    A partire dal 1500 fino alle soglie della Prima Guerra Mondiale, il romanzo ci accompagna lungo quattrocento anni di storia, e sebbene il teatro delle vicende sia una piccola cittadina della Bosnia Visegrad , il racconto ha una dimensione universale.Con il suo stile sobrio, senza fronzoli, ma dal respiro epico, Andric narra l intrecciarsi di destini, commerci, religioni, culture, ed evoca i racconti e le leggende connessi con l origine e la costruzione del ponte, nei quali si mescolano e si intrecciano inestricabilmente la fantasia e la realt , la verit e il sogno.https youtu.be 0NIo0z5q7oU Il desiderio come il vento che sposta la polvere da un punto all altro talvolta, per mezzo di essa, ottenebra l intero orizzonte, ma alla fine si placa e cade e lascia inalterato l antico ed eterno aspetto del mondo.

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    Este libro es muy importante para m gracias a esto, descubr mucho de lo que hoy en d a s sobre Bosnia y los balcanes Un libro que recorre siglos de historia que, en este lado del mundo, no se habla nada o muy poco.No es f cil escribir acerca de esto de la manera que Andri lo hizo r pida, din mica, interesante, f cil de digerir Ivo te hace so ar e imaginarte ese hermoso puente lleno de historias y las mezclas de religiones Musulmana, Cristiana y Jud a Uf , tantas cosas que pasaron ah , tanta historia junta, que con el paso de los siglos, se volvi m s y m s importante Me encantar a visitar Bosnia alg n d a.Me encant este libro Totalmente recomendado.

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    1992 .

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    Beautiful stories centered around one bridge, following the society and individual fates throughout centuries It made me feel nostalgic and melancholic like most Bosnian authors make me feel It reminded me of writings of Me a Selimovi , who is one of my favorite authors I admire Ivo Andri ability to shape and describe characters, they felt so alive and so deeply tragic Some of the stories were too heart breaking for me to handle, and I have to admit that the description of torture and execution on one part was way too explicit for me Love the sense of oblivion and transience of time, I really felt out of this world and time contemplating the history and people that lived and died before us.

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    Between the fear that something would happen and the hope that still it wouldn t, there is much space than one thinks On that narrow, hard, bare and dark space a lot of us spend our lives Ivo Andri Published in 1945 but written earlier, probably during the war years when Nobel Prize winner Andri had given up his diplomatic work and was living as quietly as anyone could in Belgrade during those years of upheaval, The Bridge Over the Drina is the rather unusually told history of the town of Vi egrad in the south east of Bosnia near the border with Serbia The period of time covered by the book is exactly the lifespan of the monumental bridge which was built at Vi egrad around 1570 by the Ottomans and which survived undamaged until 1914 While the book focuses on the town and its inhabitants, the bridge itself is the main character, the hero, the unifying force and the rationale of this entire chronicle The author succeeds in making his account as interesting and as full of suspense as any novel by weaving history, myth and story together in a very natural way which allows the narrative to move fluidly from the general to the particular and back again so that the reader is swept along in the torrent of words and happenings There were violent times in the history of the bridge and I have to admit that I skimmed over the most harrowing episode which occurred near the beginning but fortunately, there were no such scenes recounted The town of Vi egrad, during the period of the narrative, was home to Muslims and Jews, Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics, Turks and Greeks, Bosnians Croats and Serbs, Montenegrins and Italians, Galicians and Poles, Austrians and Hungarians, and according to Andri , they all lived fairly peacefully together for the most part He implies that the takeover by the Hapsburg Empire towards the end of the nineteenth century and the dragging of the town into the modern age, via the railway, sounded the death knell of that peaceful co existence.

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