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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1)
  • Carol Ericson
  • English
  • 09 August 2019
  • 9780373695348

10 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1)

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    Excellent book Filled with many plot twists, danger and intrigue Loved the combination of romance and suspense.

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    This was a really good book The action, and suspense was outstanding The twist was so shocking that it blew me away I love the banter between Riley, and Amy They shared a friendship as well as a sizzling chemistry that drew them to one another I loved how Riley was so protective of Amy It was cute the way he called her beach girl The story starts out with Amy at the end of her very last, life guard shift She had called her post, and said she was closing up, and heading home After the call, she saw a body in the ocean, so she grabbed her gear, and took off running for the surf She had no idea that attempting to recuse a person could put her own life in danger Sample from chapter 2 Or maybe he d overreacted from the get go From the minute she d valiantly pulled his enemy s body from the ocean, Riley had felt protective of her She d only been doing her job and had landed in the middle of an international intrigue Sample from chapter 3 Be careful, beach girl Then he cupped the back of her head and drew her close, sealing his lips over hers The quick kiss didn t feel like a goodbye It felt like a protective stamp that she d carry with her forever Sample from chapter 4 Riley grinned, and then she felt warm and sticky inside If she had to take off into the wild unknown with drug dealers pursuing her, at least she had a hot guy along for the ride Sample from chapter 5 Amy s pulse ratcheted up several notches as an engine roared behind them She checked the mirror on the passenger side and gripped the armrest A black SUV was barreling toward them She braced her feet against the floor of the car, waiting for the impact What the Riley cursed and punched the accelerator The guy s coming right for us And he s not going to stop.

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    It s hard not to review this as a series, although each book easily stands along the epilogue and prologue ties them together and leads to the climatic 4th book What I really liked about this is, well, the sex scenes, or rather the rapport between the hero and heroine, who certainly enjoy the act and each but don t take it too seriously the way most romance and romantic suspense do I could actually imagine real people saying the things Riley and Amy say.The action and building relationship was fine not especially new or different but enough to make me read the rest of the series.

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    The romance wasn t really an arc at all Just met, both fell in love, and automatically happy ever after.Plot details were also very weak

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    Series Brothers In Arms Book 1 Excellent book I really like stories with heroes that are military or former military Great action and suspense I can t wait to see how the rest of the series goes From a review posted by an eHarlequin.com member To read , go here.

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    Amy is finishing out her final shift as summer life guard when she must jump in to rescue a former navy seal And finds herself in the middle of a drug deal gone bad between a terrorist group and the cartel Now they are looking for her, and they want her dead Riley, a former navy seal, promises to protect her, but it just isn t that easy.

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    Another exciting and hot, did I say hot, romance I only wish I had one of these Brothers in Arms to warm my bed Guess I ll have to make due with them heating up the pages of a book Brava Ms Ericson.

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    I enjoyed this book I rarely if ever read contemporary romance novels so I found this book a treat I definitely have to read the entire series This book was also special because I went to high school with the author and am thrilled she became a writer.

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    hah..thanks to my dearest friend for sending me this book really,really appreciate it

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    Just a good Harlequin story Haven t read any for awhile so enjoyed it for a change.

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Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) characters Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) , audiobook Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) , files book Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) , today Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) , Navy SEAL Security (Brothers in Arms, #1) 3f617 Amy Prescott Couldn T Help But Notice The Sexy, Wet Suited Navy SEAL Who Washed Up On The Beach Nor Could She Overlook The Burst Of Gunfire That Followed His Hasty Introduction Thankfully, Riley Hammond Expertly Shielded Her From Harm Unfortunately, He Landed Her In The Middle Of His Deadly Covert OpRiley Never Expected The Seemingly Innocent Beach Girl To Be Connected To The Bad Guys He D Been Sent To Track Down But Between The Body Splayed Across Her Kitchen Floor And The Bullets Narrowly Missing Them As They Went On The Run, Riley Suspected There Was To The Feisty Bombshell Than She Let On Not To Mention A Fiery Passion He Was Happy To Explore

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