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Nightlife summary Nightlife, series Nightlife, book Nightlife, pdf Nightlife, Nightlife 8ab7493c69 There Are Monsters Among Us There Always Have Been And There Always Will Be I Ve Known That Since I Can Remember, Just Like I Ve Always Known I Was One Well, Half Of One, Anyway Welcome To New York City A Troll Under The Brooklyn Bridge, A Boggle In Central Park, And A Beautiful Vampire In A Penthouse On The Upper East Side Most Humans Are Oblivious To The Preternatural Nightlife Around Them, But Cal Leandros Is Only Half Human His Father S Dark Lineage Is The Stuff Of Nightmares And His Entire Otherworldly Elf Race Are After Cal His Half Brother, Niko, Gave Up College To Keep Them On The Run For Four Years, But Now The Grendel Monsters Are Back And Cal Is About To Learn Why They Want Him He Is The Key To Unleashing Their Hell On Earth The Fate Of The Human World Will Be Decided In The Fight Of Cal S Life

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    DNF at 39% Because there s only so much boredom I can take.Oh, I know exactly what you re thinking here Oh, look A new addition to Sarah s DNF graveyard Surprise, surprise Well I am sorry to disappoint you but this is not yet another case of Sarah has less patience than a rabid rabbit in heat No it s not Of all the delightfully dysfunctional Freaks that buddy read this book with me, at least three DNFed is as well Ha Didn t expect that, did you now Point made Moving on and stuff.So what is this book about you ask No bloody idea I swear I did get to the 39% mark Cross my heart, hope to die excruciatingly and all that crap The thing is, nothing happened in said 39% And when I say nothing I mean NOTHING Wait, that s not really fair And we all know I m all about being fair right Right Anyway, as I was saying, a few things did actually happen in those memorably glorious 39% I think there s a bug in my Coke Wow Talk about creating angst filled moments here Dreadfully stressful stuff, if you ask me I might never recover Let me tell you, my Little Barnacles, Stephen King has absolutely nothing on Rob Thurman here Having car problems Trying to fix the car Buying a new car.Double wow I don t think I can stand it This book is turning me into a nervous wreck Will they be able to solve their car problems shudders Will they be able to fix the car shakes in fear Will they get a good deal for the new car breaks down and cries This is just too much The MCs meet a vampire.Triple wow And such an awesome vampire they meet, too This is simply amazing To think Shelly some of my dear fangbanger friends dare criticize my uber cool Chicagoland Vampires because they drink bagged blood She They obviously haven t read this book The very fine specimen of the vampiric clique we have here is beyond such mundane activities Bagged blood Oh please, don t be ridiculous, it s totally pass , we take iron supplements now And the concept of decaffeinated vampires suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.So yeah, lots of fascinating stuff happening here I just couldn t put the book down It s that good Add to that an amazingly supposedly witty mc view spoiler as strange as it may seem, my wit radar is still functioning despite being recently submitted to The Duke I hide spoiler

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    I loved this book It was very different and kept my interest in a way that a great urban fantasy should I really fell in love with Cal and his brother Niko I love books that show a positive view of siblings since I love my sister and get along so well with her If you enjoy the relationship between Sam and Dean on Supernatural, you d probably like this book for that reason Some of the elements of their relationship bring to mind the Winchester brothers Niko is a man that I could marry His love for his brother was so intense and so all consuming the way a sibling should love I love his dedication to being the best warrior that he can so that he can protect Cal when his other relatives try to take him back When he cut his hair off in grief, I just about lost it I enjoyed the new twist on elves, and I found the action sequences so vivid they jumped off the page at me There were some genuinely scary moments that sent a chill down my spine I love a good scare I liked the noir esque narrative, peppered with wry humor and in a voice that really sounded like a young man I was surprised the author is a woman who has seen bad than good in the world In fact, I think Cal is a great character and a real trooper considering what he has gone through and the heritage he has to face I love that Cal s sweet on a young woman who is biracial and can see the future you know me and my love for interracial romance Fans of shows like Buffy and Angel would like this book because it has the feel of these shows, but delves deeper than an hour long show can I liked the very interesting secondary cast of characters and beasties as a lifelong fan of folklore, I am always happy to see some of the beasties in fiction books I loved that I actually had to look up a few like the boggle who lived in the pond in Central Park Fans of Harry Dresden from the Jim Butcher novels and John Taylor from Simon R Green s Nightside novels will probably like this book and consider it a book that might show what Harry and John might have been like as a young man In the end, I just can t say enough good things about this book I will buy every book Rob Thurman writes and particularly the Cal Leandros series If you are an old fan of urban fantasy, a new fan, or wanting to branch out to this wonderful genre, please read this book.

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    I have come to the conclusion that I should not buy urban fantasy books that were first published as mass market paperbacks I can only assume it s the publishing world s version of straight to DVD or a SyFy original movie Nightlife isn t terrible, but it isn t great It s been there done that territory for me and just wasn t worth my time The plot is somewhat original The Auphe apparently another name for elves need a human Auphe child to help them open a gate to the past The problem Auphe aren t the Keebler elves they re hideous, monstrous creatures who only live for violence and destruction Not exactly what a woman wants to cozy up to for a night of passion So the Auphe find a drunken gypsy whore who will do anything for money Apparently they had to wait centuries for a woman depraved enough to sleep with anything that could provide adequate coin as payment for the experience on which I call bullshit as this is the stuff of pure fiction Hugh Hefner manages to find such a woman every fifteen minutes Anyway, 9 months after this crime against nature occurs, little Caliban, named for the offspring of witch and demon in Shakespeare s The Tempest, is born Cal and his half brother, Niko, escape their terrible childhood together and spend the rest of their lives on the run from the Auphe What s not particularly original about the novel is the execution The characters are stereotypes to the urban fantasy genre Niko is some sort of concrete jungle ninja he walks around packing enough steel that he s at serious risk of shish kebabbing himself every time he sits down He must also be as stealthy as a drawer full of silverware Despite being so deadly, he s gorgeous and has blonde tresses that would be the envy of Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails how s that for an obscure 1980 s toy reference Cal, the supernatural part of the duo, is like Harry Dresden s younger brother He s snarky and sarcastic in a not particularly clever manner And this is problematic for me because I m sick of this ultra hip, pop culture spouting, always quick with a quip in the heat of battle, I m such a smart ass, but I just can t help it persona of the protagonists in these types of novels It gets grating after a while, which is why I finally gave up on the Dresden Files and it s a big part of the reason as to why I ll be giving up on the Cal Leandros series This smug glibness seems to be a literary sleight of hand for distracting the reader from a lack of character development, which is fun at first but gets tiresome after the second or third novel of this type.Another reason Nightlife didn t particularly hold my attention is because it begins with the resolution for what should be the novel s climax and, sure, the opening certainly gets your attention, but by the time you make it to what should be the most suspense filled part of the novel you realize, Oh, hey, this has looped back around to the beginning Damn I already know what s going to happen It s as anticlimactic as the Anthony Weiner scandal c mon, we all knew that was his junk This foreknowledge certainly makes the last 1 4 of the novel tiresome Again, I can t say the novel isn t worth reading in fact, it might be okay for those new to the genre I ve read so much of this stuff that I know I ve become jaded and from now on, if it wasn t first issued in hardback, I m going to take a pass on this genre Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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    Thurman s Leandros series tends to be very dark, both in world view and in the voice of the sardonic, damaged narrator, Cal It s one way the book distinguishes itself from it s UF brethren, but also inhibits me from issuing a ringing endorsement I can only take so much of the sarcastic, callous, lazy narrator before my inner drill sergeant is tempted to provide a swift kick in the narrative One of the most interesting things about the series is that the relationship between the brothers is a focal point for their characters and for plot development, and that seems a little unique in a genre known for independent and wise cracking detectives Nightlife introduces us to Cal and Niko s attempts to avoid a particular group of monsters, the Auphe, as they take refuge among the human herd in New York City New York, of course, is full of monsters, termed Grendels by the brothers, providing numerous sources of information and conflict.Thurman s writing is a good example of the better urban fantasy novel World building is well done She frequently weaves in major literary references, particularly Shakespeare, but is usually kind enough to reference it for the education impaired reader Character development seems strong, and it s an interesting choice to have the caustic Cal be the narrative voice instead of his educated and thoughtful ninja brother They have a seriously co dependent relationship I enjoyed the introduction of Robin, who provided touches of lecherous humor, but also a streak of believable lonliness The monsters were multi dimensional as well The bridge troll was particularly horrifying, but save some horror for the fiendish Auphe view spoiler At the point that Darkling manifests, the narrative takes a particularly dark turn While I believed the merged personality and the psychopathic overtones, hide spoiler

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    3 StarsWhen a group of friends on Goodreads decided to read this book, I thought it sounded like a great idea and joined in This book was an okay read for me It had some really strong moments that I loved It also had some moments that I thought were than a little boring The beginning of the book was absolutely fantastic and I just knew that I was going to love this series Unfortunately, the book as a whole did not live up to those opening scenes I have been really torn about how to rate and review this book since the story ended up feeling so hot and cold in the end I really liked the unique take on the Auphe or demon like elves The fact that the main character, Cal, is half human and half Auphe really pulled me into the story Cal s older brother, Nikko, is fiercely protective of Cal and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe This interesting world and the strong relationship between the brothers really set the stage for a exciting novel Throw in a little sarcastic humor, similar to what is found in the Harry Dresden series and it should have been almost perfect.Unfortunately, the book had quite a few problems The excitement of the opening chapters quickly waned and didn t return until the book was almost over I thought that much of the book was actually boring at time and tedious at others This book may have fell victim to the first book syndrome found in many Urban Fiction series where the world building overpowers the story and the book suffers as a whole I also the humor that started out great at the beginning felt overdone by the conclusion of the novel I am consider continuing this series but I am not rushing out to buy the second book anytime soon There were enough good moments and the world is interesting enough that I wouldn t mind seeing where this series could go I do think that many Urban Fiction fans will enjoy this book.

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    It s an interesting world, with lots of possibilities, but I definitely got a first novel vibe A bit clunky in places esp in the middle, when there s a kind of POV shift of sorts , and the narrator was annoying an asshole at times though he is 19, so that could be on purpose The brotherly interaction has a touch of Sam n Dean, so SPN fans might dig it.There was just a little too much, if you know what I mean Does the older brother have to have long luxurious locks AND be awesome with swords AND be totally super intelligent and well read AND be wicked handsome AND have the hots for a cute vampire chick And Cal, the 19 year old narrator, talks like he s a world weary hard boiled gumshoe Still, I did like it enough to pick up the sequel at the library.

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    I m listing this book because I believe that guys who want less vagina in their Urban Fantasy would enjoy this I wasn t sucked in, but it was pretty good I do think that others might be and that s why I m listing it If you like Jim Butcher then read the blurb and decide

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    3.5 What re you still doing up You know all good little ninjas should be in bed, visions of homicidal sugarplums dancing in their heads Urban Fantasies told through a male point of view aren t that common There are a few out there but they re in the minority This one s a brother team with Cal, being the younger brother, and Niko, the older, stronger, and disciplined one They both grew up with a horrible mother and no father, and Niko, in college, did what he could to protect and guard Cal When the monsters came for Cal one night, however, they had to run off together and keep running, trying to avoid the monsters that want to bring Cal back into the fold Apparently he s only half human, and they re not even sure what the monsters want him for With a plot like this, the reader in me begged to read it.The beginning of this one fascinated me with the creepy window tapping, the bizarre situations and the alarming sense of doom and mystery, I was hooked It was a disturbing moment that I probably won t get out of my head for a long time to come It started tapering off a bit for me after this, and I felt the author lost his footing slightly For some reason I started losing interest in the plot as it progressed, which is typically the opposite for me.I enjoyed reading through Cal s sarcastic perspective, being sympathetic toward his inner turmoils about being a monster Niko as the brother is a major character, and while he s likeable, he does have a flaw he s TOO perfect Robin was the funniest of the group and when he was around the enjoyability of the book shot up immediately The troll as a character and villain how creepy He was huge and truly disgusting, what an awful creation The monsters after Cal are unique in how they re created and what they set out to accomplish I really do dig the world Thurman wove here.There s a lot of action in this story, from martial arts fighting Niko seems a blend of God knows how many fighting styles , weaponry swords, guns, the whole enchilada , and a whole host of about everything else The mystery is what really fascinated me finding out what happened to Cal those two years with the monsters as he discovers it himself , and it is what kept me reading the most with anticipation No anticlimactic ending herestill, the middle had cool parts but sagged as if the author wasn t sure where to go with it sometimes and a bit of the structuring fell apart The protagonist and finding out the secrets was the best part, I think It s worth a read even with some of the lagging especially that beginning, wow and I m curious how the rest of the series will fare.

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    I think I ve found my next favorite series I LOVED the sarcastic humor, the well imagined fantasy creatures, the relationships among characters, and the plot I didn t see the plot twists coming If you re a fan of Harry Dresden, you might like this series it satisfied the same literary craving as the Dresden files from my perspective.Basic storyline Cal is half demon Auphe Grendel whatever you want to call it His mom got paid to give birth to him His mom was a drunk and a whore Cal s older half brother Nik has always looked after him, so when the Grendels come after Cal, Nik takes him out on the run to hide him Four years later, the Grendels catch up with Cal and Nik in NYC That s where it gets REALLY interesting Cal and Nik meet some other supernatural creatures some good, some evil There s a great big plot twist in the middle of the book that I loved, so I can t really report anything that comes after without giving it away Loved it, and the ending was very satisfying.

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    3.5 stars Quick and dirty review Pretty good It dragged a bit in the middle, and was a bit too repetitive with the whole woe is me I m a monster thing but it was dark and different from other urban fantasy that I ve read, and I liked it for that One thing that I really enjoyed was the humor, and I loved the interaction between Cal and Niko, and Niko and Robin as well Niko is a bit too straightlaced and too perfect at everything, but he makes for a great straight man to play off of I wouldn t be opposed to continuing the series to see where it goes, and for a debut, it was far from the worst I ve ever seen.

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