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Notes of a Sniper chapter 1 Notes of a Sniper, meaning Notes of a Sniper, genre Notes of a Sniper, book cover Notes of a Sniper, flies Notes of a Sniper, Notes of a Sniper 5b10579c67baa As A Sniper, I Ve Killed Than A Few Nazis I Have A Passion For Observing Enemy Behavior You Watch A Nazi Officer Come Out Of A Bunker, Acting All High And Mighty, Ordering His Soldiers Every Which Way, And Putting On An Air Of Authority The Officer Hasn T Got The Slightest Idea That He Only Has Seconds To Live Vassili Zaitsev S Account Of The Hell That Was Stalingrad Is Moving And Harrowing This Was A Battle To The Death Fighting Street By Street, Brick By Brick, Living Like Rats In A Desperate Struggle To Survive Here, The Rules Of War Were Discarded And A Psychological War Was Being Waged In This Environment, The Sniper Was King An Unseen Enemy Who Frayed The Nerves Of Brutalized SoldiersZaitsev Volunteered To Fight At Stalingrad InHis Superiors Recognized Quickly His Talent, And Made Him A Sniper He Adapted His Hunting Skills To The Ruins Of The City, Watching His Prey With Nerves Of Steel In His FirstDays, Zaitsev KilledGermans He Achieved At LeastKills And The Tactics He Developed Are Still Being StudiedZaitsev Was Used A Symbol Of Russian Resistance Against The Nazis His Exploits, Including A Famous Duel With A Nazi Sniper, Remain The Stuff Of Legend His Account Is Absorbing To Anyone Interested In World War II And Seeing How One Person Could Survive In The Most Extreme Of Conditions

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    Having seen the movie Enemy at the Gates, I wanted to read the real Vassili Zaitsev s story and see how it compared The results didn t surprise me Enemy at the Gates is hopelessly inaccurate but still a good movie.And as for the book If you are looking for a fast paced, action packed war story, you ve found it here Zaitsev is a plain man but he has a good story to tell and he s very direct and honest about what went on and even about his own mistakes and shortcomings I really got a sense of how hellish Stalingrad must have been during that time, and how incredibly difficult a sniper s job is I d never thought about it before Imagine having to sit for hours or DAYS in some cramped spot like in a drainage pipe, or under a sheet of iron without being able to move, lest you give away your position, through heat and cold and thirst and sleep deprivation, and once you decide to fire you only get one chance, and then right away you have to leap up and run like heck to another spot and hope the enemy are bad shots I came away from this book with great respect for Zaitsev and the men like him.One thing that surprised me about this book is that it s not really very Russian or very Communist Zaitsev sounds pretty apolitical he s a loyal enough Communist and a member of the komsomol, but that s only mentioned in passing If you changed the people s names, you could be talking about soldiers anywhere.This book is worth your time, if you like war stories.

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    Se nota que esta escrito por alguien que no es un profesional de la escritura, pero es entretenido y se lee en dos ratos.Muy recomendable para aquellos a los que les guste la segunda guerra mundial.

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    gil, bueno y en momentos emocionante.El punto de vista del francotirador en Stalingrado, me gust la redacci n y que no te llega a saturar, aburrir o enfadar.Una lectura obligada para conocer la batalla en Stalingrado del lado sovi tico Hay momentos que piensas que estuviera manipulada estas memorias otorg ndole un sobrevalor al ej rcito sovi tico pero son pocas y a mi parecer me convencieron.Lectura Recomendada.

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    Vasily Zaitsev takes us through some of his experiences as a Russian sniper in one of the most dangerous battles of World War Two Stalingrad Somehow managing to survive near death experiences, like being buried alive, shot in the leg, and battling with an expert German sniper, Vasily s witty style of writing and amazing tales make this a must read for anyone who wants to learn about Stalingrad, sniping, or World War Two in general In a place where the average soldier s life expectancy was a mere day, somehow Zaitzev manages to beat the odds and help assure the Red Army s victory in Stalingrad.

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    I got tired of irony and picked up this book last night This book is one of the most oddly written books I ve read in a while Some of the strangeness may come from the translation, but the way Zaitsez describes really horrible happenings while at the same time making it seem almost like a party it s just ODD I got away from this book for a while, but now I m having a hard time putting it down.

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    The best book about this aclaimed sniper Not only because was written by him, because he speaks he s thoughts and feelings.

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    I ve only shot three times in my life The three of them were the same day Nothing fancy, an old shotgun It was in the wild, middle of nowhere I won t forget the feeling of the kickback in my shoulder, and I still have a very clear image of the bruise that was left there for some days Even though not many people can say that they know how it feels to shoot something that is actually alive, I think that that day I was a step closer to understanding the figure of a professional sniper Being a sniper is not only waiting, watching and pulling the trigger There is something mystical, heroic, primordial and intimate in keeping still, surveilling, aiming While I was reading Zaitsev s memoir I experienced again those feelings long forlorn in my shooting day in the forest This book is an outstanding account by one of the leading snipers of the Red Army Zaitsev s style is sober and to the point and sometimes a bit fragmentary From a young soldier who arrives to Stalingrad as a unit messenger, to the moment when he gets his first sniper assignment almost by chance, we can follow the trail of a man who started hunting squirrels in his hometown of the Urals From domestic hunting to surviving during one of the hardest sieges in military history, Zaitsev was a sailorman who shot three Nazi soldiers at a range of 600 yards, only using a gun with standard sights It was astonishing to read that he had never seen or used a sniper rifle until he was in Stalingrad, and to discover that as a self taught marksman he was able to create a deadly sniper detachment on the spot Of the various accounts I ve read about WWI and WW2 this one gave me a real close feel of the battle from the perspective of a plain soldier There is no space for flamboyancy or glamour in Zaitsev s diary This is a must read for anyone interested in the Great Patriotic War , as Stalin called it.

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    La batalla de Stalingrado es LA batalla que m s me apasiona de la segunda guerra mundial Cuando conoc qui n era Vasili Zaitsev, quise conocer su historia contada por l Es un libro de su memoria, no es una lectura r pida y o amena, simplemente porque Vasili no era un escritor Sin embargo, las diferentes misiones que se le dieron, y que l mismo nos est contando sus historias, logran hacer que sigas leyendo.

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    Tiene un estilo muy naif y es obviamente un ejercicio de propaganda de la extinta URSS Pero por una vez se agradece una narraci n sencilla, sin inventos ni nfulas literarias Y de vez en cuando se agradece que la publicidad venga de otro lado De leer y ver las haza as de los que eran sus rivales ya estamos servidosSe intuye una historia real mucho m s dram tica e interesante, pero es lo que hay.

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    Es un libro excelente El autor narra su experiencia de la batalla de Stalingrado Inicia narrando su ni ez Todo el mundo recuerda su infancia Se convierte en un gran cazador Luego se va de voluntario al ejercito y sigue compartiendo su vida hasta llevarnos al al campo de batalla.Es un gran testimonio de un h roe de guerra.

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