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Laurence Olivier: A Biography chapter 1 Laurence Olivier: A Biography, meaning Laurence Olivier: A Biography, genre Laurence Olivier: A Biography, book cover Laurence Olivier: A Biography, flies Laurence Olivier: A Biography, Laurence Olivier: A Biography 562f4adcc6cf3 Revealing The Man Behind The Myth, This Perceptive, Witty, And Penetrating Portrait Investigates Laurence Olivier Not Merely The Greatest Actor Of The Th Century, But Perhaps Of All Time Its Chapters Touch On His Achievements As A Director Of Both Plays And Films, His Central Role In The Founding Of The National Theater, And The Off Stage Dramas Of His Private Life Onstage And Off, Olivier Played Many Parts And Lived Many Lives During His DistinguishedYear Career He Made Numerous Hollywood Movies Appeared In Several Highly Successful TV Series Worked Closely With Actors Such As John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Marilyn Monroe, And Dustin Hoffman Led The British Theater In A Golden Age And Packed Theaters In New York Knighted In , He Received Many Awards, Including Oscars For Henry V And Hamlet, An Emmy For His Role In Brideshead Revisited, A Golden Globe For Marathon Man, And A BAFTA For Oh What A Lovely War But Since His Death In , New Revelations Have Come To Light Concerning The Vicar S Son Who Filled The Old Vic At , Married Three Times, And Shared West End Billing In His Eighties With A Succession Of Pop Stars Investigating The Truth Behind These Claims As Well As Rumors Of Olivier S Alleged Gay Affairs With The Likes Of Marlon Brando And Danny Kaye, This Biography Brings Together The Many Strands Of Olivier S Life And Sheds New Light On This Remarkable Man

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    Very interesting follow up to my recent read about British actors This authors style is run one and many clauses making it difficult to follow I didn t love it but I learned o lot While I certainly admire Laurence Olivier s acting he came off as a bit of an asshole.

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    I am only about half way through this book, but it is just an excellent document a long one on acting in the theater, especially in England but also in America, in the 20th Century It is well researched, easy to read, and doesn t seem to pull too many punches Although it was written during Olivier s lifetime, Mr Holden is quite fair and not in awe of his subject Unfortunately, Laurence Olivier was not quite the man he would have liked to be and certainly not the man he presented to the public In fact, he was a rotter, sacrificing everything and everyone in his life to his huge ego and his ambitions No wonder Vivien was nuts you d be too if you had to put up with this cad Ralph Richardson comes off as by far the better person and thought by many to be a superior actor.An excellent book about one man s quest for success, what he would do to achieve it, and the consequences Likes the book a lot, the man a lot less.Update I just finished this book While Lord Olivier has been acclaimed one of the greatest stage actors in the history of the theater, it seems he sacrificed everything else to his art and paid a heavy price His enormous ego and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead attitude alienated his family, his friends and his peers One wonders, are all these sacrifices necessary to become a legend John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson didn t think so, but Olivier either ignored or had no interest in the opinions of others.Some fascinating insights into the turmoil of his marriage and on going relationship with Vivien Leigh and with the cocky and forceful Joan Plowright his third wife.Everything you wanted to know about a wonderful actor and a less than wonderful man Extremely well written and researched.

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    I loved this biography of one of our greatest actors of the 20th century It did not shy from the negative aspects of his character and gave a rounded view of the man and the actor.

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