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One-Hit Wonder explained One-Hit Wonder, review One-Hit Wonder, trailer One-Hit Wonder, box office One-Hit Wonder, analysis One-Hit Wonder, One-Hit Wonder 81ff Shy And Gawky, Ana Has Always Daydreamed About Living The Life Of Her Exotic Half Sister, Bee, A Pop Singer Who Had AHit Single Before She Inexplicably Vanished From The Celebrity Scene When Bee Turns Up Dead, Ana Is Dispatched To The Big City To Clear Out Her Apartment Instantly Seduced By The Second Hand Glamour Of Bee S Baubles, Bangles And Bottles Of Pierre Jouet, Ana Takes Up With Bee S Wild Club Hopping Cronies News Of A Missing Cat And A Remote Country Cottage Soon Convince Ana That Her Sister Was Leading A Secret Life Now Ana Is On A Mission To Discover What Really Happened To Bee Bearhorn, The One Hit Wonder And What Is About To Happen To The Unremarkable Ana Wills

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • One-Hit Wonder
  • Lisa Jewell
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9780452284401

About the Author: Lisa Jewell

Lisa was born in London in 1968 Her mother was a secretary and her father was a textile agent and she was brought up in the northernmost reaches of London with her two younger sisters She was educated at a Catholic girls Grammar school in Finchley After leaving school at sixteen she spent two years at Barnet College doing an arts foundation course and then two years at Epsom School of Art amp

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    Journalist and author Elizabeth Fishel was quoted as saying, A sister is both your mirror and your opposite As I read Lisa Jewell s One Hit Wonder and saw the relationship between Belinda Bee and Anabella Ana Fishel s words rang true One of the life experiences that these two sisters had most closely in common was the outlandish, confused, disorderly family situation they were both born into Despite the eleven year age difference and the contrasting paths their respective of their lives took, the negative toll it took on each of them was equally affecting The girl s mother, Gay, was an aspiring stage actress when she met, and married a burly young director named Gregor Bearhorn in 1963 For a time, Gay and Gregor settled into a lifestyle that Lisa Jewell describes as, a cozy state of mild, middle class bohemia All that changed in 1964 when Gay gave birth to a daughter named Belinda Gay was obsessed with becoming a successful actress, and loved the free spirited life she and Gregor had together Having a child, in Gay s estimation would relegate her to the traditionalist, unimaginative role of conservative motherhood Despite this aversion to motherhood, Gay gave it a shot, while at the same time always fantasizing the what if s of her fledgling acting career Matters became worse for Gay in 1971 when Gregor, in Jewell s words, finally gave into his long repressed, but ultimately uncontrollable homosexual urges and left Gay Then in 1974, in what was perhaps an attempt at marital security, Gay married a college professor, twenty two years her senior, named Bill Gay became pregnant and had her second daughter, Anabella, in 1975 During the period between 1975 and 1979 the sisters lived in the same house until Belinda, now fifteen years old and at odds with her mother, moved out to live with her father Gregor in London.In the years following, Ana and Bee seldom see each other This is partly because of Gay s dislike of the city of London, and partly because of the deteriorating relationship between the mother and her eldest daughter Bee enters the world of entertainment, eventually scoring a number one hit Groovin for London in 1985 After Bee s transformation from unknown vocalist to celebrity, the family gatherings were at times and places of Bee s convenience, including the depressing, gaudy look of gothic themed nightclubs in the afternoon Gay uses these occasions to share her disapproval of her older daughter s lifestyle and as a result, the family visits become strained, and fewer and fewer The story begins in August of 2000 when Bee is found dead in her apartment at the age of 36 One year earlier, in 1999, Ana s dad Bill passed away and Ana moved back in with her mother Ana had been living with her mom for about ten months when Bee died A few days later, her mother decides it best to send Ana to London to put Bee s apartment to put things in order so that the movers can pack up the boxes and bring Bee s possessions back to her childhood home That is where the story begins, and believe me, it s gut wrenching in so many ways As Ana goes through the process of sorting her sister s belongings and then shortly after, meeting her sister s friends, she discovers, bit by bit, that the two dimensional famous person persona she d tagged her sister with were only one small part of who Bee Bearhorn was Ana also uncovers her true self as well I m giving One Hit Wonder five stars, and am doing so because of the intense emotional highs and lows I experienced while reading the story For a period of time there would be the deepest heartache, then in the next chapter, laughter Some of this story was incredibly inspiring and reading other parts were so warm and satisfying I finished the book feeling a sense of melancholy somehow wrapped up inside an emotional climate of delighted contentment A writer must be a skilled story teller in order to affect readers in such a variety of ways I m enthusiastically recommending One Hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell

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    4.5 5 I love her books, youcant predict where they will lead you Always a page turnerI liked this story about a one time 80s star who seems to have it all It centre s around her but she actually dies in the start of the book Really lovely characters

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    Saw a recent book by Lisa Jewell in a dept store Read the back cover and Found One Hit Wonder at my own library and found it great fun Not a formula romance, not a formula mystery, but a story with such engaging characters I couldn t put it down The publisher takes pains to say this is NOT a Bridget Jones type novel Ana, sister of the title character, comes into her own after years of being a string bean with a little help okay a lot of help from two slightly oddball friends of her now deceased sister.

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    I loved this book as I do all those books that have been written by the Lisa Jewell The author has an amazingly creative mind All her stories have many twists and turns and start you guessing from the first page Life and death play a part in all her books as well There is always an element of sadness which sets the stage for decent well thought out endings This book was no exception Once I started the book I found it hard to tear myself away I would definitely recommend it.

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    Great book supposed to be chick lit but this is so much how to follow your dreams, not to let your insecurities stop you, how to live with mistakes big and small and how to enjoy the good things in life Fantastic recommend to everybody

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    3.5 stars

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    This Lisa Jewell novel was definitely darker than the previous novels I ve read of hers It took me a hundred or so pages to get into it but once I did I really wanted to know exactly what happened to Bee and what everyone knew of her It is marketed as chick lit but it isn t really, or if it is it is much less fluffier How many chick lit novels deal with aids and suicide It was good yet sad to read how much Ana found out about her sister after she had died Not only that but there s Bee s mysterious cottage which introduces us to Zander, a disabled boy, who is probably one of the best child characters I ve read there s also Amy, Bee s next door neighbour as well as Flint Lol The whole story twists and turns right up until we find out exactly why Bee killed herself.I think there s a morality issue because Bee wasn t paying attention she killed 4 people and left a boy disabled and orphaned and while Bee did help make it up to Zander and was deeply regretful and that is ultimately what killed her, she never faced legal action However that s a minor issue and doesn t detract from such a great book.The ending was incredibly sad with the wake and the revelation of what drove Bee to kill herself It was incredibly sad when everyone was making the speeches at the second funeral if that s what I can call it.The best part about the book was Ana coming out of her shell and accepting herself for who she is, height and ganglyness and all I loved Ana and Flint together, too There s a potential sequel in there somewhere and maybe after Lisa finishes her Ralph s Party sequel she can do one for Ana, Flint, Lol and the gang.It was a very enjoyable book and I m looking forward to Lisa s next book The Truth About Melody Browne.Rating 3 5

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    I rarely rate books on the 1 to 10 scale, but this one I did as it fell solidly in the 5 range for me It was very predictable, but well written enough for what it was I guessed just about every twist in the plot, but kept on reading just the same, which is a good sign I think I can t imagine anyone not seeing the relationship between Ana and Flint from a mile away, so I don t feel it is any bit of a spoiler to comment on it Though it is an overdone plot awkward girl meets aloof I ve never loved before guy and they fall in love , the circumstances surrounding their coupling really struck a chord with me I met my current boyfriend when I flew cross country to attend a mutual friend s wake If it wasn t for the loss of the greatest man I have ever known, my love and I wouldn t be together now Even in the most horrible circumstances, some good can come to light I don t know that I would have appreciated this book as much as I did if I couldn t relate so closely with that part of the storyline The last few chapters made my eyes prick with tears as I thought of the loss of my beloved, dearly missed Dirk He was a man unlike any other, as was Bee s character I am grateful to be given yet another moment to think on him fondly and honor his memory.

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    Yikes I picked this up when I needed something light to read after all of the Joyce Carol Oates I d been enjoying, but I didn t mean for it to be this bad I hate reading books where every outfit is described in great detail She looked stunning in a slinky black lycra top with rhinestones affixed haphazardly over the front and I know this is a strange thing to hate, but no one has a normal name Besides that, this one had a virginal nerd who, within days, becomes a model esque sex fiend Excuse me And there weren t ACTUALLY any sex scenes Not worth the time it took to check it out of the library.

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    I m surprised at the mixed reviews for this book Yes, it is a little bit Hollywood and there are certain parts that are chick flicky in nature however Lisa still captivates you with her characters They are real, 3 dimensional people who show us, the audience, a glimpse into life and it s struggles.I read this book at about age 14 which was probably why I was so fond of it You get the satisfying ending and the romantic story, but you also get to join Ana as she discovers and about Bea s life I always came away from this book deep in thought Certain parts stayed with me for days afterwards A beautiful case study into kindness, depression, charity and guilt.

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