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Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook summary Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook, series Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook, book Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook, pdf Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook, Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook 6a163570fc When Humorist Sarah Schmelling Transformed Hamlet Into A Facebook News Feed, It Launched The Next Big Humor Trend Facebook Lit This Hilarious Book Is The First To Bring Than Fifty Authors And Stories From Classic Literature Back To Life And Online Schmelling Uses The Conventions Of Social Networking Profile Pages, Status Updates, News Feeds, And Applications To Retell Everything From The Odyssey To The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn To Lolita Every DayMillion Active Users Of Facebook Log On To Reconnect With Old Classmates, Add Pictures, Share Quizzes, And Post News Stories, Notes, And Videos In Schmelling S Network, Satan And Beelzebub Connect Using The Fiend Finder, Don Quixote Vows Vengeance Against Superpoke, Jane Eyre Listens To Jay Z S Hard Knock Life On Repeat, Ernest Hemingway Completes The Are You A Real Man Quiz, And Oedipus Works On His Family Tree A Loving Spoof Of The Most Trafficked Social Networking Website In The World And A Playful Game Of Literary Who S Who, Ophelia Joined The Group Maidens Who Don T Float Will Have Book Lovers And Facebook Addicts Alike Twittering With Joy

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    This book is such a hoot My husband an English major and I both really enjoy it The part on Jane Austen s Profile and the News Feed with Pride and Prejudice characters is my especial delight It s a book that is just great fun to skim over now and then when you want a good chuckle it s very clever and witty and pays homage to the greats in Literature I love that it brings them current with Facebook without demeaning the actual stories characters themselves I haven t read all the entries yet some just were engaging for me than others and some books I haven t read yet so I don t get the entries but so what I ve read, I ve enjoyed Recommended for literature lovers who know their way around the Classics shelves and their Facebook page

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    Several years ago, a Hamlet on Facebook floated around the internet Well, the author has published a book, presenting many of literature s classics through the medium of Facebook We get a newsfeed of Shakespeare s history plays we can take a What sort of adulterous woman are you quiz and read Hester Prynne s and Madame Bovary s squabblings about it or see famous authors argue on someone or other s profile It s like one giant in joke for English majors The book is best taken in small doses, and there are certainly better sections than others I particularly enjoyed most of the depictions of Shakespeare s works not as thrilled about the Pride and Prejudice newsfeed Certainly worth picking up for lovers of classic lit Even my mother who has yet to give in to facebook and doesn t understand all the formatting or phrasing decisions highly enjoyed it So go, all of you English majors and closet classic lovers you know who you are and pick it up.

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    This was amusing, but not quite as funny overall as I hoped it would be I did chuckle at the sections on Jane Austen and the Brontes My favorite part was Oscar Wilde s profile page, which devolved into a quip battle between Wilde, Mark Twain, and William Shakespeare I m glad I just read The Picture of Dorian Gray, which helped me appreciate that section a lot I also appreciated the arguments between Joyce Faulkner and Hemingway.

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    Very funny, particularly to me as I m a Facebook addict but a fan of the old style Facebook feed which is the format used in this book and a fan of classic literature.

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    A must read for anyone who loves literature and uses facebook Hysterically funny.

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    So I picked up the book Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don t Float mainly because I love anything Hamlet and anything Ophelia.What I got was WAY than I expected First off this book is hilarious It goes through a number of the classics by making them all like facebook.So each novel has clubs they join, news feed updates, games they play, apps they add, friend request and comments, and this is how the author tells their stories.She also added some author input and some sarcastic snark that I really enjoyed Basically this was seriously clever and made me literally laugh out loud during several moments.So what, pray tell, is the reason this is getting four stars instead of five I will tell you I got bored with some of the books I haven t read them all so the ones I have not read and honestly have no idea what they were about and didn t care, started to bore me I basically read the ones I wanted to and skipped the rest Now there are 9 chapters and she covers about six books in each section So out of roughly 54 books author works I only skipped about eight of them So I feel pretty good reviewing this.The novel starts out first person Shakespeare creating a group for those who have been deemed worthy of the title Classic Author He puts forth rules and regulations for everyone who joins and writes between a mixture of his original prose and modern day English.Note worthy items and passages to give you a funny example of how this book worked Hamlet The King poked The Queen The Queen poked the King BackDante s Inferno was written entirely in an online quizEvery so often writers or character would play a game called Scrabulific scrabble and engage in smack talk.Wuthering Heights Heathcliff now owns Cathy s house via Fathering a Frail and Wimpy Son Application.Jane Eyre Jane added Lowood School to her Education Info Rochester s bed is smokin and not in a good way Anna Karenina and several others like Lolita have ADMIN notes Anna Karenina s is all about how long the novel is and do we really want to read pages up pages of how Levin feels about Agriculture While Lolita s ADMIN notes are warnings about inappropriate subjects and content.Other stories like Romeo and Juliet show inboxes of emails In Romeo and Juliet it shows how Friar L s first email to Romeo about how Juliet is faking her death didn t send and how he hopes this second email makes it in time.To Kill a Mocking Bird is told by Scout Finch in one of those annoying if you are tagged you must fill this out and tag other people kind of way Five Random Things About Boo Radley. She starts making things up and other characters from the book scold her, it ends with actual facts about Boo Radley With Edgar Allan Poe the author basically just covers all his poems and stories in one crazy section Edgar Allan Poe just received a ROLF Catz iz in ur wall wit ur ded wife Dracula was pretty funny, one of the humorous lines Renfield found Dracula s new house and is now humping the door Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Yes and it must be hard to see with your head that far up your butt to Mr Darcy Little Women s section was very brief and full of Louisa May Alcott complaining how tired she was of all this moral pap Over all I had a GREAT time reading this, laughed, was entertained and it was a fast easy read I highly recommend this if you enjoy different takes on the classics you know different takes that are not adding a vampire or a werewolf and calling it a novel Enjoy.Like this More at

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    Entertaining and often laugh out loud funny, at least for the books I ve actually read or read about Favorite Parts Pride Prejudice Page Elizabeth sent Happy Feelings to Mr Darcy Mr Darcy I don t receive gifts from people who are obviously beneath me Elizabeth Yes, and it must be hard to see with your head so far up your butt.Mr Darcy has changed his privacy settings.James Joyce s Profile James Joyce is Mark Twain Iswhat Charles Dickens Yes, why not finish your sentence You have to think about your readers What will they make of this William Faulkner He s breaking boundaries with his status updates He s flouting conventional wisdom Jane Austen Are you sure he didn t just hit Post too soon Joyce, Faulkner, Hemingway play Scrabulific Hemingway And what the hell is a muchsias Joyce You know, muchsias, or thanks Like muschsias grapcias.Hemingway That does not count.

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    Pretty darn funny, especially if you ve read the books and authors parodied inside And are a facebook user, of course Some, of course were funnier than others I think my favorites were Romeo and Juliet with its teen over exaggeration and angst Juliet OMG hooked up with random guy Don t even know his NAME , Alice s Adventures in Wonderland with its differing font sizes and comments from a wide range of characters and authors Morpheus and Neo from the Matrix, Charlie, Jack, Kate and Sawyer from Lost, Dorothy Gale, Harry Potter, Gregor Samsa, Dr Jekyll, Peter Pan, James Joyce , and Lord of the Flies with its 20th Reunion page Jack still pisses me off, for the record It definitely got slow in places, though, and I would say this is of a book to leave around the house and flip through every once in a while instead of reading straight through.

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    Wow, I forgot what Facebook used to be like, lol This wasn t as funny as I hoped, but it had its moments Gatsby was especially good.

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    This is such a fantastic book, I had a great time reading it It s absolutely hilarious and although I loved every section of the book my all time favourites have to be Oscar Wilde s and James Joyce s profiles Here s a small excerpt from Oscar Wilde s which I find irresistible Oscar Wilde thinks we live in a age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.Oscar Wilde Arguments are to be avoided they are always vulgar and often convincing Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.William Shakespeare Oscar, you re going to hurt yourself quipping Also, you ll never win in a quip off against me We know what we are, but not what we may be Neither a borrower nor a lender be Frailty, thy name is woman Mark Twain The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.William Shakespeare Har har.Oscar Wilde Who would even care about that quip unless they were in San Francisco Ernest Hemingway How do you fellows find the time to quip so often No one ever quotes my quips Charles Dickens They do have bad writing contests in your honour, however, as well as those look alike contests No one does that for me.Ernest Hemingway You get built in publicity every damn Christmas Charles Dickens True.Dorothy Parker I hear you re quipping over here I don t care what is written about me so long as it isn t true.Oscar Wilde Can you all take this somewhere else This is my page My quips.William Shakespeare SureCharles Dickens Of course.Dorothy Parker Certainly.Ernest Hemingway Damn right.Mark Twain Okeydoke.I also loved the smack talk when authors play Scabulific together Faulkner Muchsias grapcias my sautril little meise Hemingway I hate you Hilarious I tell you

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