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Ophelia's Revenge files Ophelia's Revenge, read online Ophelia's Revenge, free Ophelia's Revenge, free Ophelia's Revenge, Ophelia's Revenge 7db5c1a63 Medieval Magic And Mysticism A Castle Seething With The Ghosts Of Those Murdered Within Its Walls One Of The Ghosts Is Intent On Vengeance Not Hamlet Father Medieval Outsiders A Girl Taken From The Only Life She Has Known That Of A Peasant And Expected To Live As A Great Lady In The Castle Of The King A Prince Who Cannot Play The Macho Role Expected Of Him A Herbalist With A Rather Too Comprehensive Collection Of Poisons

10 thoughts on “Ophelia's Revenge

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    One of my all time favourite books I come back to it again and again.

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    I loved this book even though I was not really aware that it was an adaptation of William Shakespeare s Hamlet , one of the longest play and most powerful and influential tragedies in all literature This book was not too difficult to comprehend, on the contrary it was very interesting and had the slight classical touch to it A book I would strongly recommend if you have not tried reading classics or if you have a perception that this genre would be too dull and boring.

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    Yet again another book unfinished this year I just couldn t get hooked in it I think i m getting off fantasy romances and on to reality Well it was a nice adaption to the real Hamlet story

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