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Over the Top txt Over the Top , text ebook Over the Top , adobe reader Over the Top , chapter 2 Over the Top , Over the Top c719c8 Who Gave Jonathan Van Ness Permission To Be The Radiant Human He Is Today No One, HoneyThe Truth Is, It Hasn T Always Been Gorgeous For This Beacon Of Positivity And JoyBefore He Stole Our Hearts As The Grooming And Self Care Expert On Netflix S Hit Show Queer Eye, Jonathan Was Growing Up In A Small Midwestern Town That Didn T Understand Why He Was So Over The Top From Choreographed Carpet Figure Skating Routines To The Unavoidable Fact That He Was Just So Gay Jonathan Was An Easy Target And Endured Years Of Judgement, Ridicule And Trauma Yet None Of It Crushed His Uniquely Effervescent SpiritOver The Top Uncovers The Pain And Passion It Took To End Up Becoming The Model Of Self Love And Acceptance That Jonathan Is Today In This Revelatory, Raw, And Rambunctious Memoir, Jonathan Shares Never Before Told Secrets And Reveals Sides Of Himself That The Public Has Never Seen JVN Fans May Think They Know The Man Behind The Stiletto Heels, The Crop Tops, And The Iconic Sayings, But There S Much To Him Than Meets The Queer EyeYou Ll Laugh, You Ll Cry, And You Ll Come Away Knowing That No Matter How Broken Or Lost You May Be, You Re A Kelly Clarkson Song, You Re Strong, And You Ve Got This

About the Author: Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness is a Critics Choice Award winning, Emmy nominated television personality, podcaster, and hairstylist to the stars He can be seen starring on Netflix s Emmy Award winning reboot series Queer Eye, where he shines as the show s groomer, hair guru and self care advocate In addition to Queer Eye, Jonathan stars on the Emmy nominated series Gay of Thrones, Funny or Die a wit

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    I ve always been conflicted in my feelings with Johnathan Van Ness Is it because even though I am a queer person, I ve still been raised in a society meant to shame flamboyancy as weakness, a thought pattern evident in queer circles as well I mean, yeah, probably But I ve pushed through that, and now admire Johnathan s unabashed expression of self, which is something we could all learn from He s not just there to make you giggle when he flips his hair, Karen the Middle Aged Mom Who Drinks Wine and Watches Queer Eye After Her Kids Go to Bed But Still Votes Republican

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