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Le Père Goriot summary Le Père Goriot, series Le Père Goriot, book Le Père Goriot, pdf Le Père Goriot, Le Père Goriot 9ca3da968d P Re Goriot Is The Tragic Story Of A Father Whose Obsessive Love For His Two Daughters Leads To His Financial And Personal Ruin Interwoven With This Theme Is That Of The Impoverished Young Aristocrat, Rastignac, Who Came To Paris From The Provinces To Hopefully Make His Fortune He Befriends Goriot And Becomes Involved With The Daughters The Story Is Set Against The Background Of A Whole Society Driven By Social Ambition And Lust For Wealth

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    Our heart is a treasury if you spend all its wealth at once you are ruined We find it as difficult to forgive a person for displaying his feelings in all its nakedness as we do to forgive a man for being penniless. Old Goriot is the first book I have read by Balzac and it took me completely by surprise I must confess that the irony of the series title La Com die humaine The Human Comedy was initially lost on me and I had no idea I was about to open one of the most depressing books I have ever read.Star ratings always feel woefully inadequate Did I like this book Did I enjoy it Not in the slightest It made me miserable and anxious The detailed descriptions of places and people are dreary, or else grotesque This story of an ageing man who is losing everything, growing older and poorer and ridiculed by those around him, all as a result of his own selflessness, well, it s painful to read It is a story which feels just so terribly unfair.That s what it is It s not fair I felt a bit like a foot stomping, wailing toddler reading this book because everything seemed so very unfair And yet, I guess I must in some way like wallowing in this misery because I could not stop reading in wide eyed horror Enjoyable it may not be, but compelling it definitely was.Balzac begins with a richly detailed description of Madame Vaquer s dismal boarding house Into this wander our characters A couple of older men and women, a young woman cut off from her father s fortune, a criminal in hiding, Eug ne de Rastignac a young and ambitious student, and Monsieur Goriot, who is known by the mocking name of Old Goriot This latter is regarded with ridicule by his fellow boarders as someone who has blown his money on mistresses and other frivolities Eug ne de Rastignac s social ambitions lead him to uncover the truth about Old Goriot, a truth which he uses to his own advantage Balzac was writing about a very interesting time in French society, offering not so subtle criticisms of the ruthless social ambitions people held Madame de Beauseant tells us The cold blooded your calculations, the further you will go Strike ruthlessly you will be feared Men and women for you must be nothing than post horses take a fresh relay, and leave the last to drop by the roadside in this way you will reach the goal of your ambition. Old Goriot is a victim of this emerging culture, blinded by an unconditional love for those too concerned with social climbing to give him the time of day It is a bleak picture that the author paints one where money, social status, fancy clothes and upper class balls have become far important than love and kindness Expect misery from start to finish, and one instance of particularly revolting racism I m making it sound wonderful, aren t I I guess it all depends whether you read to feel good or read to have your heart ripped out.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    920 Le P re Goriot Father Goriot Old Goriot Old Man Goriot, Honor de BalzacLe P re Goriot, Old Goriot or Father Goriot, is an 1835 novel by French novelist and playwright Honor de Balzac 1799 1850 , included in the Sc nes de la vie priv e section of his novel sequence La Com die humaine Set in Paris in 1819, it follows the intertwined lives of three characters the elderly doting Goriot a mysterious criminal in hiding named Vautrin and a naive law student named Eug ne de Rastignac 1978 1341 329 1382 280 1389 9789646207219 1391 295 9789640014943 19 1341 359 1393 9786001216343 1347 444 1368 408 1388 352 9789642130566 .

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    No doubts on my part This novel deserves a 5 star rating Challenge my rating if you want and I know I can defend it, tooth and nail.At first, this seems to be just a story of an old man, Pere Goriot and how he ends up in the pupper s grave despite being a rich businessman when he s still strong His fault is that he loves and cares for his 2 spoiled uncaring ungrateful daughters who get all his riches and in the end don t even care going to his deathbed However, that plot seems to be just secondary to the story of a young man, Eugene de Rastignac who uses all the opportunities for him to climb the social ladder That makes this novel partly a bildungsroman and should have inspired James Joyce to write A Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist Part of this climb is one of Goriot s daughters, Delphine The good thing about Rastignac is that even if he uses other people, he is also a caring and sensitive man He and the houseboy, Christophe are the ones who stay by Goriot s side and finance his burial Maybe I am already old and a father myself so I felt so sad reading the lamentations of the dying poor Goriot My heart ached while he says this to Eugene about his daughters refusing to visit him God, if I could only hold their hands in mine, I would not feel any pain at all Do you think they ll come I have read stories where a dying person asked somebody, usually a loved one, to hold his hand while he breathed his last because he was afraid It should be the same feeling when we were kids and we wanted our parents to hold our hands as we walked outside for the first time We were afraid As for literary significance, Le Pere Goriot started the use of recurring characters and the story goes that the eureka moment happened when Balzac was writing this and declared that he thought we would be rich because of the idea In this novel, the characters of Eugene de Rastignac and Vautrin, among others, appear in his succeeding works Le Pere Goriot is also said to be the finest of Balzac s other works and it also started the idea of grouping these works into what he termed as La Comedie Humaine or Human Comedy which was a parody of Dante s Divine Comedy The Human Comedy is composed of 90 works by Balzac and they depict the slices of Parisian lives during Balzac s time 1799 1850.Surprisingly, the writing is easy to understand and definitely not archaic The parts involving Vautrin particularly the plot to kill the husband of a rich wife that Rastignac can marry at first gave me that feeling that this would be a crime thriller but it was just used to illustrate what Rastignac could be capable of doing to be rich In the end, true to the bildungsroman form, when he looks back at Paris, having shed a tear for Old Goriot, he says Now, it s between you and me and we know that he has just transformed to a better man.Oh dear, my first Balzac and definitely will not be my last My only problem is that he has 90 like this in his Le Comedie Humaine and how I could finish all those before I die Considering that I still have 800 1001 books to read, I need to live up to 100 to finish everything.

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    The Importance of Being CynicalRastignac s education is the theme of the novel provided at the expense of P re Goriot, who built up a fortune from nothing, married his daughters into wealth and was duly ignored and left to die a lonely death This clear tragedy tells Rastignac, and perhaps France itself, what it takes to succeed in a Capitalist World ruthlessness and a complete apathy to moral sentiments As Vautrin explains to Rastignac, it is illusory to think that social success can be achieved through study, talent, and effort you can never get anywhere worthwhile by slaving your life away earning an honest living out of your education and skills All you need is cynicism P re Goriot was a great teacher Nothing else could have convinced Rastignac P.S This short review is inspired by Thomas Piketty s analysis of the novel in Capital in the Twenty First Century, to help explain the structure of wealth in Europe in the era under study the structure of the income and wealth hierarchies in nineteenth century France was such that the standard of living the wealthiest French people could attain greatly exceeded that to which one could aspire on the basis of income from labor alone Under such conditions, why work And why behave morally at all Since social inequality was in itself immoral and unjustified, why not be thoroughly immoral and appropriate capital by whatever means are available This clarified the unease the reviewer had felt towards Balzac s message Was it that Rastignac should be pitied Or was he a hope that even a complete cynic once had hope and could have taken a different turn Or was it that if only the Goriots could be treated better the Rastignacs might find motivation to stick it out in honorable professions Or was it that all pretensions to live a up and comer middle class life is buying into the capitalist illusion Piketty s small piece on the novel helped this reviewer finally place the novel.

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    Years ago my mum was an English literature professor and my dad a linguist at an university Ever since I could read beyond the alphabet books I was spoon fed serious classic literature Mum had a particular passion for all things French, and I read things like The Red and the Black and Madame Bovary before Harry Potter was even published Like most normal children, I did not enjoy anything over 200 pages with dense text about poverty and woman s fashion and instead resorted to large amount of serious classic science fiction and Gothic literature instead As a result, I ve always carried this fear and Urgh, not another painting on the cover Penguin classic again attitude towards well, serious things So the other day I came across Pere Goriot and thought, hey, now that I m over 20, I should maybe grow up and read serious things again I vaguely recall skimming through my dad s copy when I was 8, but quickly gave up when the afternoon cartoon came on TV First of all, this is nothing like those old hardcover dust mite infested books my mum used to keep and still keeps, I suspect Rather, this is like an episode of Home and Away a lot of things happen, a lot of drama, internal monologues, speeches, great dialogues and MORE DRAMA I remember thinking Wow, this is great People used to have such interesting lives I was genuinely surprised by how melodramatic yet entertaining the novel was It has duels, romance, ambitious young man, conspiracy and woman s fashion now I can actually appreciate it The characters are fun and even the minor ones are well considered The last 50 pages are literally mind blowing the voices were yelling inside my head, everything was a bit delirious and OMG I CAN T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING IN A FRENCH 19TH CENTURY NOVEL Now, I must call dad and let him know how much I love Balzac and that one day I may even attempt Proust One day.

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    Pere Goriot 1835 , Honore de Balzac s novel centered on French society after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and subsequent restoration of the Bourbons is impressively exhaustively detailed Through an analysis of families, marriage and institutions, Balzac presents fully realized characters from diverse backgrounds When reading this novel, you do feel immersed in the upheaval of French society That immersion extends to the characters, so many characters their motivations, social climbing here a major theme , virtues and pettiness In the end, you I want to scream at Goriot to not give all his money to his daughters Ah, wasted breath Overall, I found Pere Goriot an exhausting but rewarding experience.

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    These relics are historical artifacts to be marveled at for prolonged semi meditative snatches of time, are essential to readers educations I found much of value in this, my first novel by Balzac, mostly in how sad sociological circumstances can be, how nothing much changes when money is the main ingredient in how a person s fate shall be.This is a tragedy, perhaps not as Shakespearean as one would like or ironic it naturally follows its predestined course the entire time , but it IS full of woe is meisms and melancholy in the treatment of one human from one class to another the surplus description that s a signiture of Balzac, is no detractor in being so faithful with his worlds and rooms of wondrous decrepitude it paints a world no longer alive though themes are eternal as well as a type of novel no longer being written.

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