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Possessed by the Highlander quotes Possessed by the Highlander, litcharts Possessed by the Highlander, symbolism Possessed by the Highlander, summary shmoop Possessed by the Highlander, Possessed by the Highlander ed348cbb Marian Robertson Rescued A Child And Destroyed Her Reputation Now, To Keep Her Family Safe, She Must Marry The Stern, Dark Eyed Warrior Negotiating A Truce Between Their Clans And Risk Her Heart To Protect The TruthManipulated Into Marrying The Exiled Robertson Harlot, Duncan, Peacemaker For The MacLerie Clan, Finds His New Wife S Courage And Spirit Make It Impossible To Resist Her But Will He Put His Honor At Stake To Free Her From Her Past And Claim Her Love Forever

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    Aunque lo he leido sin orden y alguna cosa se me ha escapado ,me ha encantado Duncan, su forma de ser, de sentir y su nobleza.La historia de Mara Marian me ha encantado como asume un peso que no le corresponde por amor a dos seres queridos y por no hacer da o a una persona inocenteEs un libro precioso que merece la pena ser leido seguire con la saga..

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    2.5 2.75 stars.

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    Duncan MacLerie is known as the Peacemaker, and while on a mission to make a truce with the Robertson clan, he s manipulated into marrying Marian Robertson More than five years ago, Marian ruined her reputation and rescued her daughter Now she s marrying a stranger to continue to protect her family.Duncan is a stern warrior who has earned every bit of his reputation for being a man of his word He finds his new wife irresistible but knows she s holding something back Likewise Marian s drawn to Duncan, and while she longs to trust him with her secrets, she doesn t dare.Ms Brisbin penned a good solid Highlander story Duncan and Marian are likable people, and are surrounded by family and friends who are equally interesting While this is the third in the MacLerie series, I haven t read the others, and while I can tell there are connections to other books, I did not have trouble enjoying this story on its own.While this was a good read, I confess that I don t love stories where a key point is the withholding of the truth and while Ms Brisbin did handle it in an fairly realistic manner, that s just a personal hangup of mine that lessened my enjoyment of Possessed by the Highlander I do look forward to of Ms Brisbin s writing, and of her Highlanders

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    It was just ok I didn t like the heroine s secret and how the whole situation turned out The hero kept asking her to trust him and she kept saying it wasn t her secret to tell The hero did stand up for her and tell everyone in his clan that if anyone insulted her or called her a whore they would have him to answer to So I liked that spoIlers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The heroine was a virgin She was not a whore Her brother was gay and while his wife was in labor, he was having an orgy with 3 other guys To hide this, her father and brother told her she had to protect the clan So they pretended it was her having the orgy with 3 guys and sent her away with the wife of the brother s bastard daughter Brother s wife had an affair with her cousin So hero eventually lies and says his wife was not a virgin on their wedding night to protect her adopted daughter and her clan Brother s wife s family had a cousin on his deathbed who confessed to having sex with the brother s wife, so they wanted the wife s daughter heroine s adopted daughter she told everyone was hers to go home with them Talk about drama.

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    4 para Duncan y Marian ARGUMENTO Conocemos a Duncan, emisario del clan MacLeid creo que era as , en serio no me tom is en cuenta si los nombres est n mal escritos o no los recuerdo, los nombres son algo que se me olvida siempre , que acude a la casa de los Robertson para pactar una alianza de ambos pueblos Iain, el ahora jefe del clan de los Robertson, se lo est poniendo dif cil a Duncan, un hombre apodado el Pacificador Pero hay algo que calma a Duncan, una mujer llamada Mar que conoci el primer d a que lleg all Es una mujer que vive en el bosque con su peque a hija de 5 a os Durante la estancia all , Duncan no puede dejar de visitarlas e intentar hacerlas sonre r, pero pronto se ver inmerso en una trama de mentiras y enga osa por parte del clan de los Robertson.He sufrido, de verdad, no al borde de las l grimas pero Marian me ha dado mucha pena Eso es una mujer luchadora que se merece que todo el mundo se postre a sus pies y se los bese, e Iaran deber a agradecerle el resto de su vida lo que ha hecho por l La historia ha sido estupenda, de hecho, conforme iba leyendo me sorprend de que, o la historia es corta, o yo le a tan r pido que avanzaba en el libro de manera casi supers nica Me encant Tavis haci ndole animalitos de madera a Ciara, me encant Connor y Jocelyn, y me encant como Marian se gan el respeto de todos en casa de los MacCallum Necesitaba una historia as de buena porque ltimamente eleg muy mal mis lecturas.Mi nico fallo para no darle las 5 estrellas es que al final, en el momento de explicar todo el secreto, se enred todo un poco y quiz fue expuesto de forma muy r pida El final lleg demasiado pronto para m y el ep logo se me hizo escaso, por lo dem s, recomiendo la historia sin duda

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    4.5 stars

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    review coming soon

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    I have to admit that when this book arrived in the mail and I realised it was a Mills and Boon book, I promptly put it to the back of the cupboard and forgot about it, because I don t read those so called trashy romances.Well after a bout of an illness and lying around feeling quite miserable decided I wanted something quick and easy to read that I didn t have to think too much about.I m so glad that I did..because I really enjoyed the story of Duncan and Marian, so much so that I couldn t put it down.It isn t full of politics nor history of Scotland and is really just a quick and easy to read romance.

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    Im pretty sure I liked the first book though I probably had higher expectations from this one.

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    Rage inducing and a complete waste of time The ending was stupid and horrible I was waiting the whole time for the heroine to be vindicated and the truth come out and everyone knowing she was not a harlot And so it s not okay for Marian s friend to be disgraced, but for Marian, who is innocent, to be And Iain oh gosh, hate him gets off practically scot free with his sister still taking the fall This author, well, I hate her, and will be avoiding her like the plague

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