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    This is an excellent book written by a leading Endocrinologist that shows the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and a number of health problems Whilst covering a fairly technical subject, it is none the less easy to read and includes extensive references There is much I learned from reading the Power of Vitamin D and I would recommend it.

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    Hard to put a star rating on a technical book can t really say, I laughed, I cried LOL But, this was an excellent book for its purpose The author, a doctor, and avid advocate of the treatment of various ailments via vitamin hormone therapy, did an outstanding job of explaining how important having an adequate vitamin D level is to overall health I read the book because a family member suffers from a deficiency, but learned a great deal that will benefit me personally As a person with chronic kidney disease, who has devoted vast amounts of time and energy to understanding how the human body works, I found the doctor s description of how vitamin D affects is processed by the kidneys to be perfectly and completely explained in a very understandable manner I should mention that there is a lot of repetition in the book but that s because I read every chapter and others might choose just to read what applies to them personally Vitamin D and kidney disease Vitamin D in children etc If you just skim over the chapters that aren t for you personally, the repetition is not a bother Oh, and I had a problem with one section on diet, as I am not an advocate of extreme diets those that eliminate all of any certain kind of food But, other than that, even if you don t have a vitamin D deficiency, I recommend reading this book You might be surprised at how much you learn.

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    Obecnie niedob r witamy D jest jedn z powszechnie uznawanych przyczyn schorze i dolegliwo ci takich, jak b le ko ci, staw w, osteoporoza, zaburzenia uk adu odporno ciowego, choroby serca, nadci nienie, depresja, a tak e nowotwory Istniej r wnie dowody, e odgrywa on istotn rol w rozwoju cukrzycy Nie znajdziemy jej tak e w programie nauczania szk i uniwersytet w medycznych Dlaczego Poniewa nie le y to w interesie adnej z firm farmaceutycznych Witamina D nie jest lekiem Nie kosztuje du o i mo na j dosta bez recepty w praktyce wielu specjalist w nie zwraca uwagi na poziom witaminy D u swoich pacjent w, koncentruj c si wy cznie na standardowym leczeniu z u yciem odpowiednich rodk w.

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    As I grow older, I realize that all the things my parents told me to do as a child were right As a kid and even a teen, I didn t really see the point in taking vitamins or making sure that I was getting enough in the food I was eating I m paying for it now I never realized how much Vitamin D in itself did for the body I suffer from fibromyalgia, depression and arthritis Dr Zaidi book is easy to understand and I felt like I was reading something a friend wrote, not a complete stranger I recommend this book to everyone because we could all use a little vitamin D.

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    This is a very good presentation for the need of vitamin D in the human body and the scientific findings that justify the need to up the daily dosages in order to provide optimum health We have been told lies and half truths about this critical vitamin for years Don t be surprised if your own doctor is uninformed about this latest research You may have to do your own research and maybe even educate your doctor You should insist on having your blood levels checked If your doctor won t help, find one that will This is too important to ignore.

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    The book is well documented although I didn t check any of the resources and pretty compelling That Vitamin D is actually a hormone was an interesting point Many the chapters are very repetitive, based on the same symptoms and reasons for symptoms so by the end it felt fairly overdone Also some of the writing was not quite professional which detracts from the message don t put Sad at the end of a paragraph However I ll be looking into Vitamin D for myself.

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    Wear sunscreen, stay indoors 90 percent of the time, and worry about skin cancer so you can develop a myriad of other health issues Like all things health related it s complicated Worthwhile reading, but of course favors Vt D supplements.

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    Well written and very revealing, well researched and very accessible to read by everyone I just wished he talked about autism, he barely toches that subject, but for many other very common diseases he makes s very good case for Vitamin D as the origin of the problem and the posible solution.

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    Excellent and clear understanding of the subject..Thank you sir for acknowledging us with such profound knowledge of vitamin d3 and k2.Excellent and clear understanding of the subject..Thank you sir for acknowledging us with such profound knowledge of vitamin d3 and k2.

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Power of Vitamin D summary pdf Power of Vitamin D , summary chapter 2 Power of Vitamin D , sparknotes Power of Vitamin D , Power of Vitamin D 1e25bee You Ll Be Shocked When You Read What You Can Do To Improve Your Health And What Big Pharma Doesn T Want You To Know About The Most Affordable Treatment Around Vitamin DVitamin D Is Crucial To Our Health, Yet Most People Are Low In This Vital Vitamin Despite The Vitamins They Take, The Foods They Eat, The Milk They Drink Or The Sun Exposure They Receive In Power Of Vitamin D You Will Learn Why We Are Facing A True Epidemic Of Vitamin D Deficiency The Crucial Role Vitamin D Can Play In The Prevention As Well As Treatment Of Various Cancers How Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension And Kidney Disease How Vitamin D Can Prevent As Well As Treat Muscle Aches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Bone Pains And Osteoporosis The Vital Role Of Vitamin D In The Normal Functioning Of The Immune System How Vitamin D Can Prevent As Well As Treat The Common Cold, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Thyroid Diseases, MS Lupus And Arthritis The Essential Role Of Vitamin D During Pregnancy For Mothers And Babies Doctors Frequently Miss The Diagnosis Of Vitamin D Deficiency Because They Often Order The Wrong Test The Right Test To Diagnose Vitamin D Deficiency The Best Way To Prevent And Treat Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D Toxicity And How To Prevent It Not Just Theoretical Knowledge, But Detailed, Practical Information From Actual Case Studies Vitamin D Is Not A Vitamin But A Hormone

  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • Power of Vitamin D
  • Sarfraz Zaidi
  • English
  • 16 October 2017

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Power of Vitamin D book, this is one of the most wanted Sarfraz Zaidi author readers around the world.