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    Edited March 4, 2012 to include my review of the audiobook, narrated by Tanya Eby See below the I also wanted to add our RLfoCI buddy read tee shirt montage worn by Sam and Lucy, The Scream, and a picture of the Afterglow Mausoleum all below Friday Harbor, WashingtonLime Kiln Lighthouse Credit Laura Boulton Ferry leaving Friday Harbor vineyard in area Orca s blow front of lighthouse More wonderful pictures FACEBOOK Friday Harbor I have a friend who received an ARE of the amazing Ms Kleypas second in the Friday Harbor series, and was kind enough to lend it to me I loved it Gobbled it down in hours, to the detriment of my sleep It has some sad parts, though Ms Kleypas can make you feel her protagonists ache of love whether it is the beginning, the end, or the disillusionment in between.Ms Kleypas is branching into magical realism and I love it It doesn t overwhelm the book, but makes a few appearances at critical times And it all takes place in the lovely, enchanting setting of Friday Harbor, Washington Can t wait for the next in the series Update March 4, 2012 on audiobook I recently did a buddy read of this book as it was my second reading of it, I decided to listen to the audiobook, and I m glad I did It is well narrated by Tanya Eby though she does gasp lisp the author s name Still, I thought she elevated Lucy, the heroine, from what Megan, in her insightful review, wonderfully described it as having a palpable sorrow, and quiet dignity In the audio, Ms Eby made Lucy sound lighter and brighter, especially in the second half of the book, than I felt about her my first read through Edvard Munch s The Scream view spoiler Picture hanging in Lucy s room at the Artist s Point Bed Breakfast hide spoiler

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    Really good This was NOT what I expected, but Lisa Kleypas sold me in the end It looks like she can write anything, including contemporary romance with a light touch a magic and fantasy for the imagination Rainshadow Road is a story of destined lovers, quite possibly brought together by unseen forces, to find a happiness they never dreamed possible. Set in the beautiful village town of Friday Harbor, Washington an island community protected by the rainshadows cast from nearby mountains, giving them sunny and dry days perfect for growing grapes.Lucy s life takes an unexpected turn when her boyfriend of two years breaks things off, confessing to be in love with none other than her sister Hurt by the betrayal, she throws herself into her work and what she loves to do most making beautiful stained glass windows and artifacts with hand blown glass But Lucy has a secret, she has an extraordinary gift that connects her to her art.Then she meets Sam, a local wine maker and handsome geek with piercing green blue eyes He has a pension for nerdy T shirts and a love of all things wine, but he does not do relationships Keeping it casual between consenting adults is his thing, so he might be the perfect rebound choice for Lucy to help mend a broken heart Sam is deeply drawn to Lucy, and against his better judgement he offers to help her when she needs a friend to turn to She enters his world and meets his family, and what started as a friendship turns into a passion he can t define Is he ready for someone like Lucy Will he understand just what and who she is Sam is focused on his wine business and trying to renovate an old estate home that came with his winery With the help of his brothers, they are slowly making progress on restoring the old home to its original glory and bringing life to the vineyard To say thank you, Lucy offers her talent at making a beautiful stained glass window, which might just be the touch the home needs.Knowing from the start that their relationship will lead to nowhere, Lucy realizes it can t last Her feelings for Sam are growing, her family life is a mess, and opportunities to move on are presenting themselves She has no interest in changing a man, and Sam has no interest in anything than casual so she must think of herself And while Sam realizes Lucy is than meets the eye, he s not ready for happily ever after My final thoughtsThis was a great read, although I was a bit confused at first as to the direction it was going It started off a bit lighter in tone and slower paced than Kleypas s last contemporaries In fact, the Friday Harbor series is shaping up to be nothing like them at all The Texas series is written in first person and is a bit grittier with mega rich alpha heroes This series is in third person and seems light and humorous, with heroes beta or gamma types but still very sexy in their own ways By midway it picked up the pace and the story and romance took off I felt this was along the lines of a good Nora Roberts book, but with some magical elements added in and some hotter steamy moments Sam made a great beta hero with a nerdy but sexy side I found his geek humor hilarious The dialogue between Sam and Lucy was great, and it had me smiling every time they got together Lucy was the kind of heroine I like smart but not full of herself, sexy in a subtle way, and secure in her own skin The magic elements in the story threw me at first, and honestly didn t work for me until the ending I didn t understand its importance, but I m glad I stuck with it I do wish there were magical elements in the story for the sake of keeping a flow between reality and fantasy, as the little we get did feel out of place The ending was pitch perfect for me I wont spoil it but I found myself completely enthralled and sucked in to the story, and cheering for Lucy and Sam Overall I enjoyed this one and I look forward to Alex s story Something tell me his story is going to be darker and have much magical paranormal elements to it Next up and

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDAs Sam paused, searching for the right phrase, Lucy said softly, You have to take a leap of faith 3.5 stars Sam Lucy is a glass artist.After reading the Travis series, I had pretty high expectations in Rainshadow Road. I m saddened to say that the book couldn t live up to my expectations Rainshadow Road lacked the magic that I was looking for Sure, the story is good and the main protagonists are likable But The characters couldn t draw me in like Hardy or Jack did Not by a long shot Maybe I just didn t feel it Don t get me wrong, the book is not bad by any means But then again, it s nothing outstanding either Rainshadow Road is just another nicely written contemporary romance among many others I liked the small town feeling and the island setting though and Sam s brother Alex seems to be very complex and interesting Therefore, I might give his story a try.It s difficult to say why the book didn t work for me the way I d ve wished for It was not the magical realism element, and I didn t mind the fact that the steam level was very low either I think the characters were a bit too pale, not interesting enough Sam and his commitment phobia felt a bit overly dramatized Lucy s parents were annoying and her sister was a mean bitch, that s for sure The characterization of Lucy s father didn t work for me either I felt like the author wanted him to disappear Dear Ms Kleypas, please give this man a face, a voice, some courage and the ability to love his daughters. My oh my, for once please show some spine While we re on it, Kevin Lucy s ex boyfriend was a spineless jerk and acted immature The parents totally spoiled Alice and they never even had a clue that they neglected Lucy Alice here and Alice there Poor Alice Gah After what Alice has done to Lucy, I just expected her to grovel much, much Just saying I m sorry and Lucy s reply It s ok didn t do anything for me I so wanted her to give Alice a piece of her mind Well, this was not going to happen Lucy was the dutiful and tame daughter Further, some scenes were overly melodramatic and if you overdo it, then it gets kinda corny I realize this sounds very negative I just can t help it It s the way I feel about this book.One of the strengths of Ms Kleypas is her witty, rich and hilarious dialogue That said, unfortunately Sam and Lucy s interaction was not really mesmerizing Here are some memorable quotes though Sam was waiting for her, his gaze sweeping over her Looks great I look like a geek, Lucy said I smell like a brewery And I need a bra My dream date Sam pulled out his cell phone and looked at her expectantly What s your number He grinned as she hesitated I swear I m not a stalker I take rejection well I don t want to talk about it, Lucy said primly.His smile was edged with friendly mockery Never mind I already know the answer Her eyes turned huge Kevin told you about our sex life Sam squinted his eyes with the effort to remember Something about Crisco, jumper cables, a snorkel mask It was entirely normal, Lucy whispered sharply, now crimson Plain old regular, boring, vanilla sex That was my second guess, he said gravely.Even though Rainshadow Road didn t shine, I m convinced that a majority of readers will love it When I think of Hardy and Jack, then I m truly regretting bygone times.

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    4 5 stars Contemporary RomanceLisa Kleypas is my favorite author and she s delivered once again Rainshadow Road is a poignant, lyrical, and altogether heartwarming read that seamlessly blends themes of self discovery, family, friendship, romance, and even a slice of magic And the beautiful, mystical setting makes me eager to visit the Pacific Northwest and San Juan Islands This speaks to some essential questions of life and love How do you learn to trust and risk opening your heart to love again when your faith in the people you should be able to rely on most is shattered What makes a family How do we forgive those who ve hurt us How does one overcome a troubled upbringing and their parents dysfunctional example and heal from the pain of the past in order to learn how to have healthy relationships and believe in love, commitment, and marriage With engaging characters, humorous and touching moments, and a sweet, satisfying HEA, Rainshadow Road is an enjoyable read that should appeal to readers of romance and women s fiction and of course avid Lisa Kleypas fans like me 4 almost 5 stars

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    I read this book back in the summer, and I never got around to writing the review If I had a word to describe it, it s charming At the same time, I can t say either Lucy or Sam would be anywhere near the top of my list of favorite Lisa Kleypas characters or couples In fact, I did have minor issues with both of them Sam than Lucy.Lucy made me want to yell at her a few times I didn t get why she let Alice get away with so much, although LK did a good job of explaining the complexities of the sister relationship and the fact that Alice getting away was stuff was doing business as normal But I wanted Lucy to get Alice told, and she didn t quite do that Alice is a mega brat and she needed someone to hold her accountable for the crap she d done and instigated in her short life, and Lucy wasn t willing to do it I think Lucy will appeal to a lot of readers, because she does seem like a normal kind of woman despite her magical abilities Sam, well he just comes off as selfish in that he is living his life and that s his thing His family dysfunction is there, but he was able to escape from it in a way that his other siblings couldn t, I don t think He had the neighbors to hide out with and they were like grandparents, giving him a sense of safety Although I read Dream Lake after this, I started to think of these books as a group Sam lives in the shadow of Alex for me Sam managed to avoid most of the angst that hit Alex full in the face, so it s not wonder that Alex is a trainwreck I know that a big issue that I have with Sam is his attitudes towards sex and relationships, or lack thereof He had no desire for a meaningful relationship Yes, as the child of two alcoholics, that makes sense I think if he had shown depth, I could have connected to him and his reasons I did like that he finally realized how much Lucy meant to him and his gesture was so sweet and authentic As far as Sam and Lucy s relationship, it was pleasant I did believe they loved each other, but it s hard to get too involved in their relationship considering that I didn t have strong feelings for either of them.I liked the magical elements It was different and unique It s subtly done but integral to the storyline Kleypas doesn t really explain why Lucy has this ability and no one else in her family does I don t know if it s because of the fact that Alice always got all the attention and this was a gift that belonged her her alone.I ve read all the books in this series, and this is my least favorite I think it lacks the punch that later books have, and with Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, Holly pretty much cinches the story Holly was in this book and I liked how Sam does connect with Holly, and that is an aspect of the story that gives Sam an added depth.I have very high standards for Lisa Kleypas She s been one of my favorite authors, well, for most of my life I like her foray into something different, and she did it well, but this doesn t stand up well to her other books Normally most of her heroes turn me into goo, but Sam left me very unmelted.So, I gave this one 3.5 5.0 stars.

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    2.75 StarsI do not usually read Woman s Fiction but after reading Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor a few days ago I felt in the mood for something sweet and uncomplicated.Two things happened while reading this book First, I realized it was magical realism The first book says nothing about it so I thought this was plain realistic You can imagine my reaction when weird abracadabra shit happened The second thing is, I got the feeling the author was not sure what kind of book she wanted to write so she just thought I ll try a few things and lets see what happens The supernatural element in this story is, in my humble opinion, poorly executed Guys, I eat Fantasy for breakfast The bat scene was almostMagical shit happens at random times with no actual effect in the story The cartoon like character for a sister, plus a weak redemption scene at the end, and the douchebag ex boyfriend, with no morals or common sense at all, were incredibly two dimensional And I hate them You started going out with someone else Before you broke up with me I d already broken up with you emotionally I just hadn t talked to you about it yet Jerk.I did liked Sam s geek T Shirts and how much he cared about Holly The relationship between Sam and Lucy was great at first Sam and his record of no strings attached relationships found Lucy brokenhearted and in need for someone to have fun with Everything was cool and sexy until Lucy view spoiler has an accident and she s forced to live with him for a while until she gets better while Kevin, his ex boyfriend, asks Sam to go out with her so the jerk can go out with her sister hide spoiler

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    4 4.5 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne s Reading Den WARNING Thesis ahead LOL Do you think it will make good wine Probably not, he said, and laughed Then why have you gone to so much trouble Because you never know The grapes might turn out to reveal some attributes of the wine that you never expected Something that expresses this place perfectly than anything you could have planned You have to As Sam paused, searching for the right phrase, Lucy said softly, You have to take a leap of faith Sam gave her an arrested glance Yes Lucy understood all too well There were times in life when you had to take a risk that might end in failure Because otherwise you would be haunted by what you hadn t done the paths you hadn t taken, the things you hadn t experienced Leap of Faith Lisa Kleypas is one of my favourite Romance authors Her writing is lyrical and full of detail and imagery After writing Historical Romance novels for over 20 decades, she took a leap of faith when she wrote Sugar Daddy, her first contemporary novel Sugar Daddy wasn t what I expected of Ms Kleypas and it didn t completely work for me, as I felt that in her search for an authentic contemporary voice, she ended up sacrificing the romance for the story of a woman s journey, and it became Chick Lit That being said, there were some absolutely beautiful quotes in it and I loved the characters, and I appreciated it on second read Ms Kleypas then went on to write two books in the Travis series that I LOVE SO MUCH Blue Eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger and she became comfortable in her contemporary voice Through the Travis series, she gave me so many amazing quotes and she gave me Hardy Cates, and Jack and Gage Travis such strong, sexy, unashamedly masculine characters who are on my book boyfriend list Booyah _ With the Friday Harbor contemporary series, Lisa Kleypas is taking another leap of faith into Magical Realism It is very different from the Travis series and is along the flavour of Emily March s Eternity Springs series, though not exactly The introductory novella to this series, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, left me feeling all warm and fuzzy and thinking of savouring homemade cookies as I enjoyed gazing at a rainbow over the Friday Harbor It was a magical novella, even though there was no overt magic in it, but was sprinkled with the magic of Christmastime, imagination, hope and love, set against the backdrop of the beautiful and magical setting of the San Juan Islands, Washington

    Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Washington Rainshadow Road In Rainshadow Road, the magical elements are obvious Lisa Kleypas sets the scene with these opening paragraphs

    When Lucy Marinn was seven years old, three things happened Her little sister Alice got sick, she was assigned her first science project, and she found out that magic existed More specifically, that she had the power to create magic And for the rest of her life, Lucy would be aware that the distance between ordinary and extraordinary was only a step, a breath, a heartbeat away.But this was not the kind of knowledge that made one bold or daring At least not in Lucy s case It made her cautious Secretive Because the revelation of magical ability, particularly one that you had no control over, meant you were different And even a child of seven understood that you didn t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the dividing line between different and normal You wanted to belong The problem was, no matter how well you kept your secret, the very fact of having one was enough to separate you from everyone else The dysfunctional family Lucy s sister s illness set the Marinn family along a dysfunctional course with their parents letting Alice have whatever she wanted, while piling responsibility and expectations on Lucy, and leaving her feeling insecure regarding love.While Alice was in hospital, Lucy was watched over by a neighbour, and admiring the neighbour s glass ornament set Lucy along the path of deciding to be an artist glass maker There, began, her fascination with glass and discovering she had a magical gift of turning glass into something living, like fireflies or butterflies, when she was feeling strong emotions I think it s great that Lisa Kleypas wants to push her boundaries, try new paths and expand herself as a writer It s an admirable trait But has her leap of faith into Magical Realism succeeded What did the magic add to the story The Magical Realism I pondered this book and ruminated on my review, for a while, as I had mixed feelings when I finished it, and ended up re reading Rainshadow Road Like Sugar Daddy, I ve come to appreciate it on second read, and after initially considering rating it 4 Stars, I m thinking it s maybe of a 4.5 Stars read, for me.So what did the magical moments add to the story This was a question I had in the fore of my thoughts as I re read it As a result, I began to notice that the moments when Lucy s magic manifested itself was when she was feeling particularly strong emotions, and the thing that the glass would transform into were symbolic, and meant to help Lucy to see something see needed to in that moment Like the fireflies that symbolised an unassuming insect becoming beautiful, light in the darkness, or the butterfly that symbolises change or a new phase It gave Lucy a focus or insight, in those moments to channel her emotions into something transformative These were my thoughts on second read, but this is what Lisa Kleypas had to say in an interview on this book with Barnes and Noble Review, that I read, recently For me, magical realism allows the heroine to have revelatory insight It underscores emotions that are already present, and signals her transition to new directions.To me, it s that Lucy has repressed her negative emotions since childhood, because her parents constantly emphasized that it was wrong to feel resentful, jealous, or envious She gives those feelings expression through art and through the magical quality of the art We all know that being able to express deep emotion can literally save a person s life, and suppressing emotion can kill you both spiritually and physically That s where the magic comes in once expressed, Lucy s emotions becomes visible, a part of the material world. Isn t that beautiful It s unfortunate, though, that it wasn t so evident or meaningful to me, at first, and I think many readers have questioned what the magic added There have been mixed reviews on this one.But there is to what the magic addedLucy and Sam When Lucy s boyfriend, Kevin, dumps Lucy for her sister Alice, Lucy feels Alice has taken away something else from her and has finally crossed a line This story explores Lucy s reaction to this event, and it sets a change in motion to the Marinn family dynamics But it is also this event that brings Lucy into Sam Nolan s world.Sam, who also came from a dysfunctional family, of two alcoholic parents, is a fascinating mix of rugged good looks, and hot geekiness He has a penchant for funny geeky T shirts which make for some entertainment.Lucy s magic, which made her feel set apart from others, was an aspect that connected her to the gorgeous Sam Nolan, a vineyard owner and winemaker with a special talent all his own Sam was the first person Lucy ever shared her secret with, and vice versa This shared belief in magic allowed Sam to finally believe in the magic of love.Because of his family history, Sam doesn t believe in love and long term relationships, but he does believe in casual relationships prefaced by honesty to the woman that this is all he could offer And this is all Lucy wants after what Kevin and Alice did to her That is, until Lucy and Sam connect on so many levels than either thought possible They must both learn to take a leap of faith Lucy, to trust someone to love her, and Sam, to trust himself enough to love someone.The Romance Lucy and Sam s banter was wonderful and the progression of their relationship from friends, to casual lovers, to , was realistic But I m afraid to say that while I really enjoyed Rainshadow Road, I felt it somehow lacked a little bit in Lisa Kleypas trademark romantic magic , for me, and hence, it was not quite a 5 Star read I can t definitively say what the missing ingredient was, just that I felt something was missing The Tension When the plastic was discarded, Sam paused at the sight of a bruise on the side of her knee He traced the edge of the dark blotch, his touch so light it was nearly imperceptible His head was bent, so Lucy couldn t see his expression But his hands went to the mattress on either side of her hips, his fingers digging into the bedclothes A deep tremor went through him, desire splintering through restraint.Lucy didn t dare say a word She stared fixedly at the top of his head, the span of his shoulders Her ears were filled with the echoes of her heartbeat.His head bent, the light sliding across the dark layers of his hair The touch of his lips was soft and searing against the bruise, causing her to jerk in surprise His mouth lingered, drifting to the inside of her thigh His fingers tightened until he gripped the covers in handfuls shivers Oh, yeah, some great tension here Secondary characters I don t want to talk about Alice, Kevin or Lucy s parents except to say, Grrrrrr I really liked Justine and Zoe, Lucy s good friends who own the Bed and Breakfast called Artist Point, and Duane and the Hog Heaven bikers Sam s bulldog, Renfield, was adorable It was really great seeing Mark Nolan and Holly again but I felt that when Maggie was in a scene, she didn t feel really present, to me, which made me sad as I loved her with Mark and Holly in Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor so much I was sad to see Alex s decline

    Renfield _ Final thoughts The Travis series is grittier, raw, and with sexy alpha heroes The Friday Harbor series is lyrical with a mixture of magic and realism, and beta heroes While I ve enjoyed the first two stories in this new series, it hasn t reached the love I have for the Travis series.That being said, I m really looking forward to Dream Lake because tortured Alex Nolan and the curvy and lovely Zoe, and the effects her amazing cooking has on him, has already piqued my interest in this one DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright, I will do so.

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    The problem with chasing after happiness is that it wasn t a destination you could reach It was something that happened along the way Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors and I was delighted to win a copy of Rainshadow Road, the second installment in her Friday Harbor Series There are many elements that I loved about this book The story flows well and is filled to the brim with dialog I found myself enjoying the beauty of its lyrical prose The magical realism that shadows the narrative is like a gentle dusting and adds an element of enjoyment It s shadowy and just a touch, therefore, it doesn t interfere with the story Add to that a sexy, gorgeous hero and a heroine that I adored, along with secondary characters that are so well written they should have their own book, and you have a winner And the icing on the cake is the enchanting village of Friday Harbor, Washington Sam Nolan is stunning I immediately fell hard for him with all his Geeky Hunky Outdoorsy Male self Lucy s description fits him perfectly, a science geek with a body of a Greek god Some men just had it, that something extra that could knock you flat if you let it. And Sam Nolan certainly had it As a local vineyard owner, his days are filled with doing the work he loves along with helping take care of his six year old orphaned niece, Holly He has deeply rooted commitment issues stemming from his upbringing in a dysfunctional home where both parents were alcoholics Therefore, he has rules No commitment No jealousy No future Marriage is certainly not a word in his vocabulary Each date or partner knew from the beginning that while sex is on the menu, relationships are not I took great pleasure in watching this man fall Lucy Marinn is smart, compassionate, and blessed with an incredible talent She is blindsided by the betrayal of her boyfriend Kevin and her younger sister, Alice Reeling from the pain and heartache, how could she ever trust again She thought Kevin was the perfect one for her Long after she is over Kevin are the questions concerning her sister and her family How do you face a sibling who shows little or no remorse for her deceitfulness Since she was seven years old Lucy has played second fiddle to Alice with her parents She s had to battle for the little attention she did get from them Thus, she already has deep feelings of anger, jealousy, gilt and resentment And now this.Due to an unfortunate incident, Sam and Lucy find themselves forced together I completely enjoyed their banter I think all of my emotions were involved as I laughed, cried and fumed throughout their story And the sexual build is hot It s always nice to visit again with Mark and Maggie and catch up on their news Little Holly completely stole my heart and there is one particular scene that brought me to tears I loved Sam s old Victorian house that he shared with Mark, Holly and that quirky bulldog, Renfield And we find that Alex is still tortured Rainshadow Road is a poignant, touching, emotional journey that leads to love, trust, commitment and family truths And along the way two people find there is a love that is extraordinary in its intensity.

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    3.5 starsFor Lucy Marinn, playing second fiddle to her younger sister Alice is nothing new Ever since childhood when Alice contracted meningitis and nearly died, their parents have always favoured Alice So it should have come as no surprise that Lucy s fianc favours Alice as well Enough to dump Lucy and take up with her sister Born and raised on San Juan Island, Sam is a winemaker and grape grower and the middle Nolan brother When their sister was killed in a car accident, Sam along with his brothers Mark and Alex became the guardians of her daughter, six year old Holly Now a year later with Mark ready to marry Maggie, Holly has settled into the family with her uncles.Having read and loved Lisa Kleypas s other contemporary the Travis Series, for me Friday Harbor just doesn t compare And perhaps that s the problem For me there isn t a Gage, Hardy, Jack or Joe in sight and not a slow, delicious Texas drawl within hearing Readers looking for another Travis Series may be disappointed Don t get me wrong this isn t bad at all But there s nothing here that is distinctive or sets it apart from any other number of well written contemporary romances with a family of brothers, set in a small town or on an island If Lisa Kleypas s name wasn t on the cover I could have easily inserted Nora Roberts or.The jury is still out on the magical realism element to the story I do prefer my contemporaries straight without a twist of magic Nevertheless it is different, and it is kind of cute But I m just not sure what else it adds And I m not keen on the friends with benefits theme For me it always seems improbable that two people who are attracted physically and sexually are somehow going to be able to keep their distance emotionally and psychologically.There were a few glimpses of Ms Kleypas s trademark humourous dialogue I would love to be mobile again, Lucy said fervently, rinsing with the hot shower spray And I m sure you would love not having to carry me everywhere You re right I can t imagine why I thought wrapping a half naked woman in plastic and carrying her around would be any fun at all Bottom line, yes I enjoyed Rainshadow Road It s a nice, well written contemporary with a touch of magical realism, a smalltown feel with an island setting Yet is indistinguishable from any other series by any number of other good writers of contemporary romance featuring a family of brothers.Nevertheless I guarantee that fans of Lisa Kleypas will enjoy Rainshadow Road For me though, good, just not great.Steam 2.5

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    I guess you never know how much you adore something until it s gone Well, that s what happened to me with LK books I always adored her reads, but it s been ages since I read one new book from her I am ashamed to admit it, but I really do have a terrible memory and I started forgetting why I loved this author so much, so you all can imagine how good it was for me to be able to remember so again AMAZING READ Nice to feel this way again after so long, I guess I have been kinda lost when it comes to this genre lately It s not easy to find a good author on this genre, it s a very thin line between heart breaking and well written romance and a cheesy and corny one Well, if there s an author who knows how to stay on my good side, this one is I really think LK is the only author on this genre who can makes me laugh and cry at the same time.This series is about 3 brothers who were born into a terrible family and raised carelessly and without any affection So how not to love even the men they became because of their past It s easy to do things wright when you were always thought how to, and were loved and contained in the meantime But those who made it without that are the ones who fought the harder and deserved from life I adore this 3 brothers because they all turned out to be great guys, even though there are some problems with them, they stand together and try to make the best of things Not only that but the were able to raise their lovely and very parent less niece, who needed them than anything.This is a very sweet series and I definitely recommend it.

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Rainshadow Road download Rainshadow Road, read online Rainshadow Road, kindle ebook Rainshadow Road, Rainshadow Road 5961e7cf2773 Lucy Marinn Is A Glass Artist Living In Mystical, Beautiful, Friday Harbor, Washington She Is Stunned And Blindsided By The Most Bitter Kind Of Betrayal Her Fianc Kevin Has Left Her His New Lover Is Lucy S Own Sister Lucy S Bitterness Over Being Dumped Is Multiplied By The Fact That She Has Constantly Made The Wrong Choices In Her Romantic Life Facing The Severe Disapproval Of Lucy S Parents, Kevin Asks His Friend Sam Nolan, A Local Vineyard Owner On San Juan Island, To Romance Lucy And Hopefully Loosen Her Up And Get Her Over Her Anger Complications Ensue When Sam And Lucy Begin To Fall In Love, Kevin Has Second Thoughts, And Lucy Discovers That The New Relationship In Her Life Began Under False Pretenses Questions About Love, Loyalty, Old Patterns, Mistakes, And New Beginnings Are Explored As Lucy Learns That Some Things In Life Even After Being Broken Can Be Made Into Something New And Beautiful Rainshadow Road Is The Second Book In Lisa Kleypas S Friday Harbor Series