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  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Resisting the Hero
  • Cindi Madsen
  • English
  • 12 June 2019

10 thoughts on “Resisting the Hero

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    I love brother s best friend stories and this book had one of the yummiest BBF s ever Connor Maguire won me over the second he came onto the page and held my complete interest until the very last one Paired with the feisty Faith Fitzpatrick, their chemistry was hot, palpable, and so much fun to read The story was fast paced and filled with laugh out loud moments, heart, and family in addition to the sweet and sexy times between Connor and Faith This is a wonderful end to the series and I adored every part of it

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    Madsen does it again From the moment I saw the cover art Holy Shoulders, Batman and read the synopsis, I knew this book would bring the tingles I m happy to declare the swoon is strong with this one Faith and Connor s love story is exactly that a story of authentic, soul deep lovebut it doesn t stop there This is also a story of healing, friendship, and the power of family Equal parts sweet and sexy, RESISTING THE HERO made me laugh, cry, and get delicious butterflies What can I say When it comes to Connor Maguire, resistance is positively futile.

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    I have the first two books in this series sitting on my Kindle and all I can say after reading Resisting the Hero is WHY THE HECK HAVE I NOT MADE TIME FOR THEM I really enjoyed Cindi s writing she pulled me right in to the story and I was completely hooked Characters from the previous novels make an appearance here, but I found it wasn t necessary to have read the first two books first Cindi weaves them in to where fans of the older books will be happy to see them, but new fans such as myself don t get confused as to who is who.Let s start with uber sexy Connor Maguire, shall we Oh boy Connor is your typical playboy, or so we ve heard We hear about his reputation as being popular with the ladies, but we don t see it in this book I liked that I get bummed out when I first meet the hero and he s taking care of business with another girl who is NOT our heroine When Connor first meets Faith, he not only notices how beautiful she is, but is drawn to her spunk She shows up feisty, strong willed, and quite headstrong You can tell she doesn t fall for any crap and I like how she navigated Connor s smooth talking waters He puts the C in cocky, but it s definitely not in a douchebag way Connor has that playful cocky arrogance, and some of his lines are so hilarious Faith is not unaffected by Connor He may be cocky and arrogant, but he s definitely easy on the eyes However, Faith always tends to pick the wrong guys and the most recent really left her in a bad way From here on out, Faith wants a stable, sweet guy Although she is typically attracted to the confident ones, she won t go down that road again Connor is everything she knows she shouldn t want and yet she can t help but be attracted to him He doesn t make it any easier on her as he enjoys getting under her skin and flirting with her He knows she should be off limits, as she is his best friend s sister, but for the first time in a long time Connor finally wonders if he d be willing to try his hand at a relationship again.I absolutely loved their romantic build up Faith is incredibly stubborn, even after Connor proves his worth as a good guy Not only does she not want to get hurt again, but she has a real problem with Connor s job Connor and her brother Kaleb are both cops and are both newly trained SWAT members This terrifies Faith as the last thing she wants is for anything to happen in the line of duty like it did for her father Faith was always a daddy s girl and losing her dad was really hard on her She couldn t stop Kaleb from joining the force, but for him to train for SWAT and be one of the first ones put in danger is too much for her Kaleb has a wife, Anna, and a daughter, Ella, and another one on the way He is a family man and while he thinks of their safety and protection, Faith really zones in on something happening to him and leaving his family behind like her father did Kaleb and Faith s mother was never the same after losing her husband and the depression took hold of her to a point where she retreated and is now living with her mother in Virginia.I definitely understand Faith s hang ups She has been hurt by her last boyfriend who always said he wasn t good at relationships and then when she caught him in the act with another woman, he threw that back in her face Connor s reputation is all too reminiscent of her ex s and she lets her insecurities from the past taint what they could have with one another There is also the tiny problem of Kaleb, who tells Connor there s no way they can be together Gotta love the protective older brother Connor tries to do the right thing and back off, but after spending and time with her, he realizes that he just can t and nor does he want to.I really enjoyed Kaleb, Anna, and Ella You can tell they are a close family unit and I love how Connor has been incorporated into that Watching him with little Ella will tug on your heartstrings and one of the reasons Faith lets her guard down with him Ella is a handful, but she s really cute too and I liked how much interaction we got with her throughout the book Faith is really there for her family when they need her and as hard as it was coming back to her hometown where so many memories of her father remain, she realizes maybe coming back wasn t the worst thing to ever happen to her.I really loved this book and I feel Madsen did a great job of developing her characters, as well as creating a believable storyline and atmosphere for them It s a warm, fun, sweet book, but also has a serious side to it as well Both our main characters have their own challenges and pasts to work through and I liked seeing their resilience and drive to do so I want to give a huge thank you to Rachel Harris, Debbie Suzuki, and Cindi herself for making review copies available to Rachel s street team The Flirt Squad in which I am happy to be a part Received a copy of this book via the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    4.5 starsThere are some authors that you just KNOW are going to be a slam dunk Cindi Madsen is my go to author for swoony romance I just fall in love with her characters and want to hang out with them.I picked Resisting the Hero as my first read for 2014 because I was sure it would be the perfect read to kick off the year I was right of course One thing that did throw me off at first was the hero, Conner When we first meet him, I thought he was the jerk that the real hero would rescue Faith from He was pushy and arrogant one thing that doesn t usually characterize Madsen s nice guy heroes I was like uh oh, I don t think I m going to like this one lolNo worries though After that bumpy start we get to know Conner He is a big flirt, and a bit of a ladies man, but in of that hey he s a good looking guy that has a healthy sex life but isn t ready to settle down yet way not the man whore, sleeping his way through town, asshole way He s a REALLY good, responsible guy and has his sights set on Faith for something much than a fling There are so many reasons for Faith to resist Conner There s his playboy reputation she s fallen for those guys before and been burned He s best friends with her brother who is not a fan of this pairing Then there s his career choice He s a cop and member of the SWAT team Faith just can t let herself choose a guy that puts himself right in the middle of danger and risk getting hurt with that type of loss again Resisting the Hero is super fun and flirty The banter between Faith and Conner is off the charts steamy and fun He shamelessly pursues her with his cheesy one liners but she is having none of it They have an obvious attraction but they also have the beginnings of a solid friendship and relationship too Ahhh they made me swoon.Despite all the fun, they have some rather big issues to overcome but this story never gets bogged down in angst Yet the subject matters are treated respectfully and thoughtfully Faith and Conner are good people trying to do the right thing Family and friends are important factors in this story as well and OMG I may have squealed with the cameos from the couples of the previous books in the Accidentally in Love series You don t need to have read the previous books although you should but what a nice treat for fans So 2014 has gotten off to a great reading start

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    This book made me so happy Faith is sweet and incredibly likable While Connor, that infamous heroyee gaws, he s such a babe His pick up lines are both sexy and humorous I don t know how Faith resisted him for so long It made me all giddy inside when she finally surrendered so they could get to the sexy Wonderful end to an amazing series

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    It s out today Go grab now S.W.A.T hero who speaks Italian swoon And first book in series is only 0.99 right now

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    Cindi Madsen s Accidentally In Love series just keeps getting better and better This is the third book and my favourite book of the three I absolutely loved Connor and Faith Who wouldn t love a man who could throw out corny pick up lines, wrangle a two year old with ease and take down the bad guys I couldn t resist The banter back and forth between Faith and Connor is pure fun, You re an ass And you have a nice ass And so it goes Faith gives as good as she gets and it makes the tug and pull that goes on with them worth the build up I also loved the warnings and loaded spoken looks that Connor and Faith s brother Kaleb share throughout the book I could almost see them holding whole conversations regarding Faith while right in front of her Every scene that Faith and Connor are in together sizzle, these two are a perfect match despite what Faith s doubts, Connor s past and Kaleb think The slow burn they go through is worth every word, because by the end of the book you will have sore cheeks from smiling, agitated tear ducts from both their actions and will finish with a big cheesy grin When Faith comes back to her home town she finds out that her cop big brother has joined the SWAT team and completed training, in fact she arrives in time for the celebratory party This is her worst nightmare They lost their cop father to a bullet and she immediately worries about Kaleb, his pregnant wife and their daughter She doesn t want to loose another family member Connor McGuire is Kaleb s partner, SWAT team member and best friend These alone should steer him away from the blonde who just walked in the door and who he knows is Kaleb s little sister He is also a cop because of Faith and Kaleb s father, and in most peoples eyes, a player But none of this matters when he lays eyes on Faith Can he show her that he is than a player and her brothers best friend and that for the right person he can change Or that though he works in a line of work where he faces danger daily that his training will protect him and those around him And when does the bickering and harmless flirtation start to change into something If you are looking for a great read then dive into this book, then go back and read the other books in this series and join me in waiting for the next instalment Cindi Madsen has become a auto buy author for me after this book This book was supplied by the publisher for an honest review

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    5 starsLoved Resisting the Hero, Faith and Connor are both such lovable and memorable characters From the first page I was drawn in and couldn t put my Ipad down Faith was so scared to trust her heart again after being hurt and humiliated by her last boyfriend that when she first meets Connor she quickly puts him into the heartbreaker category and tries her best not to fall for his charms Yeah good luck with that Faith, there s no way anyone can ignore Connor lolConnor has a reputation of being a man whore and he doesn t hide the fact he enjoys the company of a pretty lady He might be all that but he also has a heart of gold, he would do anything for his loved ones Connor had me rolling my eyes with his cheesy pick up lines one minute then he would leave me swooning when he interacted with Faith s two year old niece Ella, gahhh be still my heart POne of my fav moments happens at the beginning of chapter 12, Ella tells Connor Faith was being Sleeping Beauty as she was sleeping on the couch Connor asks Ella how do we wake up Sleeping Beauty Ella replies Tiss of tourse CUTE Connor doesn t miss a beat, he walks up to Faith kisses her softly on the lips then says wake up Sleeping Beauty sigh seriously Connor might now be my fav book boyfriend From the beginning of Resisting the Hero I knew I had found a real gem, it truly was a heartwarming read, loved every word.The Accidently in Love series has been a wonderful read, Cindi Madsen has become one of my must read authors Love her work and cannot wait to read in the near future.Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Bliss for the ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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    I absolutely adored the hero in this one Connor is drool worthy, swoon worthy, and loved by both small children and dogs what can you want I liked that he knew himself and recognized what he had to do to change his ways and be the kind of guy that Faith s family would approve of for her I for one would not want to mess with her brother, even before he made it onto the SWAT team Faith was ultimately a very likable heroine, though she was a bit too hung up on her past for someone with her career aspirations But at least she knew and acknowledged her issues I totally got where she was coming from here, but it was frustrating to watch her shoot Connor down over and over when he was trying to prove himself to her though of course she didn t have the insight into his character that we did, but still She came to her senses at the end, at least very satisfying ending.Faith s niece is a great fictional child not too sweet, and not too obnoxious very true to life She s also proof positive that permanent markers have no place in homes with small children, just in case anyone needed it This is my favorite in the series so far Definitely recommend.B rating I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    The sexual innuendos and sparks fly when Faith Fitzpatrick meets her brother s partner on the SWAT team She has sworn off dating cops and after her last boyfriend cheated on her she is not in the mood for dating But Connor Maguire doesn t take no for an answer and his witty banter matches hers every time she tries to brush him off with a flippant comment When she sees his softer side due to a family emergency she falls even harder for him while trying to talk herself out of resisting his charms.I loved her thought process when she was around Connor and this book has me laughing when they would verbally spar It was brainy and sexy all in one Confidence in men and women is perfection with a sense of humor to balance it out and turning on the mind turns on the body Connor and Faith were special together and the book kept that thread til the end and the author was superb in showcasing intelligence can be sexy in a woman I have read books by this author before and she is one I highly recommend.I received an advanced reading copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Resisting the Herocharacters Resisting the Hero, audiobook Resisting the Hero, files book Resisting the Hero, today Resisting the Hero, Resisting the Hero dffa7 Faith Fitzpatrick Isn T Looking For A Hero Burned One Too Many Times In The Past, She S Now Sworn Them Off Completely And When Her Brother S Best Friend, Connor, Convinces Him To Join The Dangerous SWAT Team, Faith Has Never Been Anti Hero What S Wrong With Having A Safe Job There S Nothing Safe About Connor Confident, Sexy, And Sporting A Six Pack That Should Be Illegal, He S Everything She Doesn T WantWhen His Best Friend S Sister Moves To Town, Local Cop Connor Maguire Knows He S In Trouble Faith Is Feisty, Funny, And Talks Trash Like Nobody S Business She S Also His Partner S Sister And So Totally Off Limits Working On The Fall Festival Together, They Agree To A Truce And Become Friends But The Time Connor Spends With Faith, The He S Willing To Risk The Wrath Of Her Brother If He Could Only Convince Her To Take A Risk On Him, Too

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