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Revival pdf Revival, ebook Revival, epub Revival, doc Revival, e-pub Revival, Revival 0d694525a96 In A Small New England Town, In The Early S, A Shadow Falls Over A Small Boy Playing With His Toy Soldiers Jamie Morton Looks Up To See A Striking Man, The New Minister Charles Jacobs, Along With His Beautiful Wife, Will Transform The Local Church The Men And Boys Are All A Bit In Love With Mrs Jacobs The Women And Girls Including Jamie S Mother And Beloved Sister Feel The Same About Reverend Jacobs With Jamie, The Reverend Shares A Deeper Bond, Based On Their Fascination With Simple Experiments In ElectricityThen Tragedy Strikes The Jacobs Family The Preacher Curses God, Mocking All Religious Belief, And Is Banished From The Shocked TownJamie Has Demons Of His Own In His Mid Thirties, He Is Living A Nomadic Lifestyle Of Bar Band Rock And Roll Addicted To Heroin, Stranded, Desperate, He Sees Jacobs Again A Showman On Stage, Creating Dazzling Portraits In Lightning And Their Meeting Has Profound Consequences For Both Men Their Bond Becomes A Pact Beyond Even The Devil S Devising, And Jamie Discovers That Revival Has Many Meanings Because For Every Cure There Is A Price This Rich And Disturbing Novel Spans Five Decades On Its Way To The Most Terrifying Conclusion Stephen King Has Ever Written It S A Masterpiece From King, In The Great American Tradition Of Nathaniel Hawthorne And Edgar Allan Poe

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    I m lost Destroyed Utterly exhausted I don t think a work of fiction has ever affected me so entirely I was there And I wish I hadn t been, yet I do not regret reading it.Forget Cujo and Pet Sematary, or any of his other dark and dreary novels Revival is Stephen King s bleakest work to date Mainly because it gives you hope So much hope And then it rips that hope, still beating, from your chest The title of this novel is literal in several ways It s a revival of old school King, the King many of us miss It s about numerous revivals, but naming those would be spoilers, and I refuse to spoil anything about this book And, last but not least, It has a tent revival within its pages But I cannot feel as if something inside me has died Like a fire has been extinguished I m sure this feeling will pass At least I hope it will.The mastery of language showcased in Revival is simply breathtaking There are hundreds of quotable lines herein, but one of my personal favorites is quite simple Home is where they want you to stay longer And it s funny, folks, because, for the first time in my life, I wanted a Stephen King book to be longer, so that quote is damn apt I wanted time with Jaime before the final descent into darkness I wanted him to have time period Because I knew something terrible awaited this poor man I wish Jaime Morton could unsee, could unfeel, everything he goes through But the damage is irrevocable If you have any humanity, the ending of Revival will bother you deeply It s not the final scene, it s not any one event, it s the concept The idea The unflinching finality It s not an exclamation point or a question mark, but a precise period Where many authors will leave the afterlife to the reader s imagination, Stephen King delivers on his promise There is no what if He draws the conclusion in black detail, and you can only sit back, mouth agape, and swallow what he feeds you In summation Revival is a creature born of despair It nests inside you and breeds It s insidious I m glad to be done with it, but wouldn t have missed the journey.

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    I ve been married for over 25 years with a 30 year mortgage and raised three boys, I ve been to Iraq, taken and passed the bar exam and am in private practice.I don t scare easy.This book was scary.This was old school, spooky creepy STEPHEN FREAKING KING wake you up in the middle of the night cause Barlow is sneaking down the hallway scary.Carrie walking Cujo down Shining Lane as Christine drives by.Scary.First of all, any book that begins with a quote from H.P Lovecraft gets a quick and decisive thumbs up King starts us off with a gem That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons, even death may die from The Call of Cthulhu itself By this firing across the bow of our modern and suburban comfortable sanity, King gives warning that here be dragons, and in the immortal words of Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park, we d better hold onto our butts But King is too old and clever to jump put of the bushes on page one and yell BOOO Oh no.He draws us in as only he can, but you know it s coming like a freight train coming down the tracks, but you don t know what exactly, and then SOMETHING HAPPENEDBuilding slowly and methodically some critics may even say too slowly King builds his narrative around a core family of characters and follows the natural progression over five decades towards an electrifying showdown But the slower, introspective build up is not unpleasant or tedious King is a mature and talented writer and his slow drive towards terror is a scenic trip filled with dreamy landscape and flawed but well defined and interesting characters In the novel, King describes the old saying about how to boil a frog As the old myth goes may be true you put a frog in a pan of cold water and then slowly turn up the heat until the frog is in boiling water and unable to move This is a fitting metaphor for how King, the old master, grabs the reader By the time we get to the fateful and really no kidding scary as hell ending, he has us boiling in the pot and we can only read on, mouth agape, flipping pages to the exhausting end.How is it scary Not in the freakshow, jump out behind the curtain, B movie kind of scary Revival evokes the deep seated, psychological and theological fears that stay with you long after you put the book down.I loved the frequent Lovecraft and Mary Shelley references and the Bradburyesque carnie tone of the setting King delivers, eight Cthulhu tentacles way up

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    It s time for that approximately biannual event once again Stephen King has released a new novel And it s a good one.I never know how to approach a review for a Stephen King book I use a different tone when writing about different kind of novels classics and literary fiction usually get one style of review, fantasy paranormal and YA genre fiction, basically get another But where does Mr King fit The problem with Stephen King is that he writes such engrossing, imaginative pageturners that manage to hook you, creep you out and make you think Every book release jumps to the top of the pop fiction charts Which, in theory, is great except that Mr King often gets overlooked as a truly great writer, which he is.With this latest book, King takes one of the oldest of the old ideas and breathes new life into it The underlying theme of this book is that timeless question what lies after death Is there anything beyond this world Is there a way for the living to ever find out before their time comes Using his familiar talent for creating characters that feel entirely real, King at first introduces us to a small town and religious community in New England Into this unremarkable place comes a new minister, Charles Jacobs his arrival sparks a series of events that will change the lives of both our narrator Jamie Morton and numerous other unfortunate people for decades to come.The story spans many years of Jamie s life from his childhood in New England, to his teenage and young adult years as a musician, and his subsequent heroin addiction Charles Jacobs will come back into his life many times and propel Jamie towards a ever disturbing truth.This book starts as a contemporary drama type book that creates complex characters, looks at themes of religion and family, and builds up an interesting three dimensional portrait of a small community But as the novel moves along, it becomes darker and creepier It took me a while to understand why so many people thought this book was so scary and disturbing but it was worth waiting for.Unsettling That is how I would describe this story It s not a tale of traditional monsters that hunt you down in the dark in fact, it plays on the very real fears of everyone It takes questions everyone has asked themselves and creates something horrifying out of it.I know this is a heavy claim to make, but I think this might be one of my favourite Stephen King novels.

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    Something happened.Mother fuck..I m gonna have nightmares from this shit.The story begins with young Jamie outside playing war with some army soldiers his sister had gotten him for his birthday A man s shadow falls across him and so begins what Jamie calls his fifth business This book is somewhat of a coming of age story The reader gets to grow up with Jamie and we are all involved with Reverend Charles Jacobs too..whether we want to be or not.Jamie s story takes you through five decades of his life weaving in and out with encounters with the charismatic Jacobs.There were other truths there, as well I think most people who have suffered great losses in the lives great tragedies come to a crossroads Maybe not right then, but when the shock wears off It may be months later, it may be years They either expand as a result of their experience, or they contract.Reading this book for the most part was being wrapped up in beautiful writing..you just kept reading for the pure pleasure The story was good, you had in the back of your mind that it could turn at any given momentbut well old Stephen King has gone softer in the last few years..don t worry too muchI think we all pissed Stephen King off by calling him soft Because then. Fuck soft That s what this book says.How can something so simple be so powerful That s what is said about the most wonderful things though isn t it view spoiler hide spoiler

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    From the synopsis on Stephen King s website This rich and disturbing novel spans five decades on its way to the most terrifying conclusion Stephen King has ever written That s a bold statement that sets the bar very high for Revival So does it clear it Almost I think If it doesn t then it comes damn close which still makes this a pretty impressive achievement for Uncle Steve at this point in his long career.Jamie Morton first meets Reverend Charles Jacobs when he s a 6 year old kid in Maine during the early 60s Jacobs is a popular minister with a pretty wife and infant son, and he loves fiddling with electrical gadgets Jamie and Jacobs have a bond from the moment they meet that is cemented later when Jacobs aids a member of Jamie s family After a tragedy drives Jacobs out of town Jamie profoundly feels the loss, but time marches on When he becomes a teenager Jamie discovers he has some musical talent and as an adult he makes a living as a rhythm guitar player in bar bands But Jamie hasn t seen the last of Jacobs as their paths cross again and again over the years and each strange encounter leaves Jamie increasingly worried about what Jacobs is up to.I ve seen complaints from some readers that this is too slow and that the ending doesn t live up to the hype I can understand why The readers impressions of it are probably going to be determined by how well the punch King spends the entire book setting us all up for landed If it was a glancing blow, then you ll shrug it off After all, there are no evil clowns or haunted hotels or telekinetic teenagers getting buckets of pig blood dumped over them The book could almost be one of those VH1 Behind the Music bios about Jamie Morton if King doesn t pull off the last act for you But if that punch lands solidly If, like me, King catches you squarely with that jab of an ending, then you re going to be lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling with a bloody nose and spitting broken teeth as you mumble, The horror.the horror What made that ending so powerful view spoiler The idea that death is merely a doorway that has leads every person to a HP Lovecraft nightmare of an afterworld where all spend an eternity damned and enslaved is something that I d think would the terrify everyone from the very religious to the skeptical atheist Good or bad, believer or non believer, we all end up in the same place Death isn t the gateway to the magical place where you ll see grandma and all your pets again It isn t even a long dark dreamless sleep It s the start of a torment that will never end And there is no escape from it.That s the kind of idea that could make even a writer like Cormac McCarthy break into tears as he wails, King, you went too far I think this has an extra jolt because Uncle Steve has never been shy about heaping misery on characters, but generally for him death is the end of it Even in one of his other most disturbing books, Pet Semetary the message is that Sometimes dead is better Not this time King wrote something where there is no safe harbor, no hope, no end But I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords Sorry, it had to be said hide spoiler

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    Let me say something up front King is my favorite author I m not a hater by any stretch of the imagination I ve read all his books multiple times This novel is just that bad I realize I m going to get a whole lot of hate for this review but I refuse to hold my tongue on this This isn t classic King There is no slow burn This is just lazy, shitty writing with an overly hyped and dramatic ending that was stupid and cliche.One of the things I loved about King yes, past tense there was the fact that he didn t publish shitty books just because he could but this book proves that last ideal wrong If I didn t love his writing as much as I do, I d ve been happy never to read another one of his books.I wanted to write that the first 40% of the book is skippable and that it picks up but that was false on my part because the pick up is quickly let go again.Basically, King gives us the entire life story of the MC from about 5 ish to post 50 s We hear everything and it s all boring As I said above, the first 40% is completely skippable It holds only one relevant detail the fact that the pastor lost his family.Despite what it says in the blurb, the pastor only plays a small part in the book It s mainly this guy s life with one or two side quests into what the pastor is doing We hear of the same list of those people he saved over and over again Nothing new He occasionally sees the pastor or talks with him but he quickly leaves and goes about his boring life again.And then the ending was as cliche as all hell and done to death already before this book was published and he does a particularly bad job of it as it were The parting shot at the victims seemed rather desperate too I honestly couldn t care less about the side effects of the treatment for those he healed note the word healed I m not being callus with that My nephew had cancer when he turned 2.5 yrs old He could ve easily died from the treatment but he d ve also died without the treatment Life and death matters of that sort are completely up to the individual and it seemed like a part of the author agree that that lacked any real horror so he had to manufacturer that whole mess to make the story dark.There was the potential of a really scary story here but it s lost in the entire life story of this boring man I d ve loved to hear about the pastor and his victims and much, much less about the young black chick he s banging and how young that makes him feel, his family reunions, or how he lost his virginity.

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    this is how we bring about our own damnation, you know by ignoring the voice that begs us to stop To stop while there s still time There is a somewhat leisurely feel to Stephen King s latest, Revival Dramatic events are sprinkled throughout the narrative, but the story moves along at what seems a deliberate pace I am reminded of Ted Williams s advice for batters, wait, wait, wait, then quick, quick, quick The final, high voltage scenes of Revival pay for the whole.Our narrator, Jamie Morton, is playing with his toy soldiers at age six when a new, young pastor arrives Plenty going on, but at that moment everything seemed to fall still I know it s only the sort of illusion caused by a faulty memory not to mention a suitcase loaded with dark associations , but the recollection is very strong All of a sudden there were no kids yelling in the backyard, no records playing upstairs, no banging from the garage Not a single bird singing.Then the man bent down and the westering sun glared over his shoulder, momentarily blinding me I raised my hand to shield my eyes Uh oh Not exactly meet cute But new pastor Charlie Jacobs soon charms the residents of Harlow, Maine He is particularly interested in electricity, and couches many of his sermons and his religious instruction classes for the congregation s kids in terms of science His wife and young son are also beloved in the town But after he suffers a great tragedy, Charlie has a Road from Damascus moment and finds his polarity reversed SK From his site Photo Credit Shane LeonardWe follow Jamie over the circuit of his life, with its significant ups and downs, getting reports on his family over those years as well At crucial moments in his journey, Jamie encounters Charlie Jacobs again Sometimes a person comes into your life the joker who pops out of the deck at odd intervals over the years, often during a moment of crisis In the movies this sort of character is known as the fifth business, or the change agent When he turns up in a film, you know he s there because the screen writer put him there But who is screenwriting our lives Fate or coincidence I want to believe it s the latter I want that with all my heart and soul When I think of Charles Jacobs my fifth business, my change agent, my nemesis I can t bear to believe his presence in my life had anything to do with fate It would mean that all these terrible things these horrors were meant to happen If that is so, then there is no such thing as light, and our belief in it is a foolish illusion If that is so, we live in darkness like animals in a burrow, or ants deep in their hill.And not alone If this reminds one of the sort of opening you might read in a tale by H.P Lovecraft, it is probably no accident King uses a Lovecraft quote to open the book That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons, even death may die There will be references to HP in the pages to come, particularly of the Cthulhu sort King notes this in an interview he did with Goodreads, citing among his influences Lovecraft and my own religious upbringing And I ve been wanting to write about tent show healings for a long time.I wanted to write a balls to the wall supernatural horror story, something I haven t done in a long time I also wanted to use Lovecraft s Cthulhu mythos, but in a new fashion, if I could, stripping away Lovecraft s high flown language Thar she blows or It s Alive you chooseJamie seems another avatar for the author as substance abuser He works as a musician and finally hits rock bottom This is a theme that has been frequent in King s recent writing But there are bigger bowls to cook in Revival It is the very nature of reality, of death and the afterlife that is at issue, as Charlie pursues understanding of what he believes is the greatest power in the universe, the current that underlies everything, the Potestas magnum universum In seeking this knowledge Charlie joins with other such questers from literature Victor Frankenstein challenged death itself King lets us in on the link by splicing together a few familiar names Once upon a time, in the seventies, a man named Franklin Fay married a woman named Janice Shelley They were graduate students in the English Department at Columbia University, and went on to teach together Franklin was a published poet I ve read his work and it s quite good Given time he might have been one of the great ones His wife wrote her dissertation on James Joyce and taught English and Irish literature, in 1980, they had a daughter Mary and Mary goes on to bear a child, Viktor Another godly challenger is powered up as well He was staring out the window, hands clasped behind his back like a ship s captain on the bridge King is not referring to the Love Boat And he gets overt about his reference a short time later.In a recent Rollingstone interview, King was asked when he first got the idea Revival I ve had it since I was a kid, really I read this story called The Great God Pan in high school, and there were these two characters waiting to see if this woman could come back from the dead and tell them what was over there It just creeped me out The I thought about it, the I thought about this Mary Shelley Frankenstein thing As King gets on in years, it is not surprising to see him write a story that spans a lifetime, seeing the growth, the change in people, family, friends this is, at least to a degree, about getting old and the rapid passage of our lives It s a damn short movie, James McMurtry says, how d we ever end up here Frankly, I did not get a huge charge out of most of the book, but when sparks fly at the climax, you may find your hair standing on end King does not short circuit the story with too much emphasis on the recovering substance abuser element There are some obvious correlations One must expect that the blackouts experienced by many in this story echo blackouts experienced by real people, living at a much lower voltage In which case, religion, in the form of Charlie s revival tent antics, is truly the opiate of the masses That there are long term after effects from exposure to Charlie s highly charged healing also speaks to the similarity religion has to addictive substances King s consideration of science versus faith is definitely worthwhile, as is his look at how people with power and or influence abuse their abilities and position, and how people in need look to externals to solve their problems If you are looking for non stop thrills, you will not find that here But I suggest you overcome your resistance because the there is thematic substance here, engaging characters and because the payoff is so electrifying PS This book might explain why soldiers near death are so often heard to use the word Mother Review posted 11 27 14Publication date 11 11 14This review has also been posted at Cootsreviews.com, or soon will be EXTRA STUFFHere is SK s siteThere are several Audio excerpts here that will give you a taste should you prefer listening to readingInterviewsRollingstoneOregon LiveGoodreadsAs the review was getting a bit quote heavy, I left this out of the review proper, but here is a taste of Arthur Machen s story, The Great God Pan You see me standing here beside you, and hear my voice but I tell you that all these things yes, from that star that has just shone out in the sky to the solid ground beneath our feet I say that all these are but dreams and shadows the shadows that hide the real world from our eyes There is a real world, but it is beyond this glamour and this vision, beyond these chases in Arras, dreams in a career, beyond them all as beyond a veil I do not know whether any human being has ever lifted that veil but I do know, Clarke, that you and I shall see it lifted this very night from before another s eyes You may think this all strange nonsense it may be strange, but it is true, and the ancients knew what lifting the veil means They called it seeing the god Pan And here is a link to the entire tale on the Gutenberg Project site.A few other King Family items I have reviewedby Stephen KingThe ShiningDoctor SleepUnder the DomeDuma Key Lisey s Storyby Joe HillNOS4A2 20th Century Ghosts Heart Shaped Box

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    When Jamie Morton first encounters the Reverend Charles Daniel Jacobs, he is six years old Jacobs cures his brother s muteness, only to leave town a broken man when his wife and son are killed Jamie and the Rev will cross paths again and again as the Rev seeks to master what he calls the secret electricity, the energy that powers the universeI found this book to be an extremely mixed bag, which you ll read in a moment.Revival follows the life of Jamie Morton, a rhythm guitarist, whose life intersects with Charles Jacobs, a priest huckster mad scientist who things electricity is the key to most of life s mysteries I m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible.Since Stephen King produces best sellers often than I wash my car, I tend to forget what a great writer he is I think if he didn t love scaring the piss out of people, he probably would have been a literary writer of some renown The characters he creates in this seem very real, with an exception I ll cover in a minute The picture he paints of Jamie Morton s life is very well written, warts and all While I enjoyed reading the book due to the Kingliness of the writing, it wasn t all that exciting I was interested in Jamie s journey from rock and roller to drug addict to studio musician but the meat of the story was whenever he crossed paths with Charles Jacobs, or whatever he was calling himself at the time Structurally, it reminded me of The Shining There was a long buildup with just enough teasing to keep me interested If it wasn t for the ending, I probably would have given this a two.The other thing that didn t quite sit right is that Jacobs evolved from being one cartoonish stereotype to another, from devout priest to carny to evangelist to scene chewing villain He s the one character I never really believed in Also, what s with Stephen King s recent obsession with carnies Doctor Sleep and Joyland both featured them and now this one.All that being said, I was entertained by Revival but not enthralled by it I LOVED the glimpse of the afterlife at the end That is not dead which can eternal lie indeed Also, the King Easter eggs were also cool.I didn t love it but it s definitely better than Joyland, Doctor Sleep, and Mr Mercedes We ll call it 3.5 out of 5.

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    I was about ready to give Stephen King a Pulitzer for this one The character development was beyond outstanding and the impending doom so delicious I couldn t stop turning the pages Unfortunately the ending sucked There s really no other way to put it Totally random, off the wall, lame excuse to pay homage to Frankenstein and Lovecraft I like H.P Lovecraft and Mary Shelley too, but you can t write a glorious novel as emotionally rich as Shawshank and then toss in beasties and call it good Like, I get he s expected to pump out a few books each year but isn t it worth extra time to get it right Anyway, I still have to give the book 4 stars because 20 pages of garbage shouldn t ruin 380 pages of perfection Like most SK fans, I think we ve come to accept that endings are not his expertise anyway.

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    God, The cover is so attractive, yet deceiving..It s not Horror, not fast thriller and not That creepy..Mostly it s about coming of age, Nostalgia..It s about Life..Life Movies Paperbacks , Sex Drugs..And TOO MUCH Rock Roll..It s about a Shadow with no light..getting darker darker..till you lose faith that there s any light..And the only light you ll see here..is the Thunderous Lightnings.Yeah,it s also about losing faith Not just about life, but also about what s coming up next..what s Death and what s beyond..And it s about secret power..Electricity..lighting bolts..and Volts. That is Not Dead which can Eternal Lie, and with Strange Aeons Even Death may die H.P Lovecraft That s itI can t spoil it to you, It was really great living with Jamie Morton for over 50 years it s been 9 days for me but really seemed like years I really liked it..It s my first read for Mr King and I know it s late but late better than never. The Story and the Characters A wonderful drawing of family life in the 60sthe early life of Jamie Morton, the tragedy of it too was very touching The coming of age..the sweet Nostalgia..and family reunions. And I loved Reverend Charlie s character development, and basically all of them Mr King really gave all his characters real life and real soul..Even the setting, was so real, I told you I was living the novel..I didn t like the Rock and Roll parts which was a bit too much since I m not a big fan,but clearly Mr King is. but was okay to fast read these parts, also the sex and affairs which wasn t bad, just over talked about at some moments specially by the late chapters with the parts when Jamie and his partner tracking the revival s healed patients, I loved that parts was so creepy and thriller but slowed by his and her affair.It s also was hard to follow at some parts where was Too Much Capital Letter In The Beginning Of Each Word that s refers always to names of musicians , local towns, roads , songs or whatever that requires you d be so American and so into Rock and Roll On the other hand, I loved the many movies references and techniques specially at the beginning when the narrator showing how our lives similar to movies..I always believe that myself. But who is screenwriting our lives Fate or coincidence I want to believe it s the latter I want that with all my heart and soul When I think of Charles Jacobs my fifth business, my change agent, my nemesis I can t bear to believe his presence in my life had anything to do with fate It would mean that all these terrible things these horrors were meant to happen If that is so, then there is no such thing as light, and our belief in it is a foolish illusion If that is so, we live in darkness like animals in a burrow, or ants deep in their hill And not alone And one thingAtheism May be it wasn t about Horror Carnivals as I ve presumed before..It wasn t Joyful as it may seem..It gets darker and darker..till you might lose faith in any joy..even light..as if it s the notorious God Delusion disguised into a novel..The Terrible Sermon in the beginning of the Novel was shocking actually yet I can t deny It have some even little reason in it. people always want a reason for the bad things in life Sometimes there ain t one And the irony here that I witness some terrible things too ,one very recent , just the day before I complete this review 16th Dec.2014 A terrible accident to a dear friend s mother and granny Sunday morning while they were heading to Church ,to attend a funeral , lead to a death , and a serious injuries to the mother It s really dark novel , it was really a bit like some lives, that turn darker and darker as it moves on..The Revival part was haunting, The CuresThe Aftereffects, the seceret electricityThe Something that Happened Then they all began to sing The tune was Happy Birthday, but the lyrics had changed Something happened TO YOU Something happened TO YOU Something happened, dear Jamie, something happened TO YOU That was when I began to scream It was slow as I told you like life and drama story until the second half..When That Thing that Happenedand getting dark..you ll never know may be till the last few lines why at the first page Jamie told us he hates Rev Charlie. was that because of the Terrible Sermon Well, I will let you discover yourself. God isn t as important to people now, my mother said one day after a particularly disappointing turnout A day will come when they ll be sorry for that I don t know why I felt it s really dark and for some reason,that there s no Clear point for me by the end which team Mr King is I m sure he s not that dark but I guess I will think about the ending for long..I will read H.P Lovecraft..and the other 10 authors this book dedicated for This is how we bring about our own damnation, you know by ignoring the voice that begs us to stop To stop while there s still time May be I didn t even know for sure what s That Thing that Happened..And I almost rate it 3And still loved it, and if I go back in time would read it againBut since that recent accident I mention yesterday..I rate it 4..and appreciate it a bit ..And Sure I ll read for The King of Horror. Stephen King Life is a wheel, and it always comes back around to where it started Mohammed ArabeyFrom 6 Dec.2014To 14 Dec 2014So.The First Presume is here The Old Pre review view spoiler God, That cover is so exciting oneI always love the theme of Horror Carnavals, Abandoned parks ,since some 80s and 90s Horror movies,and of course GoosebumpsAnd that s why I bought this year,to read later The Night CircusAnd Revival perhaps will be my first read for Mr King, The Master of Horror,The most active writer with 4 BIG novels in 2 years, Joyland one of those 4,successful 4,and also with my favorite theme,so it may be my next, after Mr Mercedes Can t wait to start my first long waited read for Mr KingMohammed Arabey28 June 2014 hide spoiler

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