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    I really liked this one.The progression was perfect for me Not too insta lovey but also no too slow either We got a huge portion of them actually being in a relationship together which I really appreciate I feel like a lot of books now and days are all the same it s this great big build up to get the main characters together and then the book ends a few chapters later leaving you unsatisfied, sometimes even with an epilogue.I was so happy that there was relatively no drama aside from the very beginning and a smidge at the end But everything worked out beautifully.I loved Greyston Perfect hero No past traumas that cause the push and pull between the main characters that I m so tired of He was sweet and charming with a hint of dirty to him Juliette I liked her, not as much as Greyston She was kind of boring but had her moments I suppose She was younger than him by 6 7 yrs but you would never know She really held her own The only complaint I had about her was her constantly talking about her mom and dad with the sex I feel like she was over exaggerating half the time They d kiss and she automatically had them having sex all over the house It was slightly annoying but nothing I couldn t overlook.The book, even though there was an epilogue felt like it just ended abruptly All in all I enjoyed the characters AND the story line It was a new take on the whole roommate thing and it came together nicely.Totally recommend it.

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    loved it

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    CONTAINS SPOILERS This book was just okay unfortunately, the book didn t make the characters fight for each other everything was perfect and boring When Gemma kissed Greyston, it was already 330 out of 384 pages A book is supposed to contain struggle, you want characters to fight for their, love for their future By doing so, you will make when they come together so much sweeter The amount of time spent on their relationship was nice, but they had no real struggle Plot is pretty much as follows Juliette moves into amazing house with hot, rich landlord Greyston Juliette falls for said landlord Gemma kisses Greyston, Juliette gets pissedGreyston admits his love and Juliette does toomarriage, then Happily Ever AfterWhat I m sure A.D Ryan gave their best effort, but I would not recommend this book and I wouldn t read it again.

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    I honestly didn t find this book or characters interesting I kept waiting and hoping for something, anything, to happen, but there was barely any conflict This book just seemed to go on for WAYYYYY too long It felt a lot longer than it actually was.

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    Sometimes love is a just around the cornerLoved it The book had a little of everything Betrayal comedy what true love is You will absolutely love this story.

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    Nothing too bad about this one it just wasn t overwhelming by any means.

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    Kinda boringWhile I wouldn t say this book is Bad I will say it s kind of boring The characters and story were very cute, but nothing really happened I found myself frequently skimming pages at a time There was nothing to overcome, no real conflict and I m not a fan of stupid, unnecessary drama either, but there has to be something to keep the reader engaged , nothing interesting happened at all Unless you count the h s parents getting caught going at it again, which was kinda funny

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    Not as good as Just a Number for me personally, but still a good read I really enjoyed the first 70% or so but I felt the end didn t live up to the beginning view spoiler I also felt that the Gemma aspect was a bit of a let down I know why it was done but I feel some sort of conflict with Ben might have worked better hide spoiler

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    I really wanted to like this book but I mostly skipped through most of it It was just way to sweet for my taste I wanted Greyston to be alpha

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    Great read I enjoyed the twist in the story and she has written a strong leading man

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