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    I love a good kids novel, and I m glad to see that there are still new ones coming out I read this with my 9 year old brother, who was immediately sucked into it I loved Noob had such awareness into his thoughts and actions, and it might sound cheesy, or make some roll their eyes, but I think that narrative helps the kid s reading it understand what s going on much better than letting them sort it out on their own.The name Noob was a fun turn on a bit of gaming slang, my brother and I both enjoyed it The other characters, including a gentle werewolf, and a fidgety bee Now, it s probably worth saying that I didn t know what Roblox was when I started reading, so I had no comparison for what to expect My little brother knew what it was and was excited about it, but didn t voice any comments about canon or sameness with the game.Personal opinion is that this is a great children s book, and if kids are playing the game, then it might be a great way to introduce an easy to read and engaging story.

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    I picked this book up for my 10 year old nephew He isn t huge into reading but I m trying to expand his horizons and get him excited about reading I think this book gave him a push in the right direction He hasn t stopped talking about it since we read it last night and has asked several times for me to find like it Win for the Robloxia Kid I will be checking out books for my nephew that s for sure It is a relatively short read and it was enjoyable for me as an adult to read it with him and it wasn t so gamerish that it was above my head or boring We both had fun reading it and talking about it.

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    My eight year old son is a huge fan of gaming, especially Roblox and Minecraft, and seeing that he really enjoyed reading the Minecraft books, I thought he would really like these Roblox books as well I was absolutely right He really enjoyed this book, and read it completely in about an hour He said that there were some things that were a little different from the game, but then again, I think that s the point I mean, it s just the same as books versus movies, right As long as he liked it, who can really complain too much At least he s getting that enjoyment out of reading

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    awesome book but there is some stuff missing I play the game First of all there are no bears.next WHY THE HECK DOES MARIO HAVE NO GIFTED BEES.Finally bees can t talk to you without a translator.I am NOT complaning I am just saying that if you want to have people like it you need to make it like the game.Zazazombie99 Out

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    This is a great book for kids who are fans of gaming, especially Roblox and Minecraft If you re kids are into the Minecraft books, the Roblox books are fairly similar so they are guarantee to enjoy them It s an easy read for kids, and if they really, really enjoy itthey could probably finish it within a few hours There are a few things that are different from the game, but overall it s the same thing If you re looking for a book for your kids to sit down and enjoy, or if you have been trying to get them to read, look no further than this book I will be recommending this for kids whenever asked in the future.

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