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  • Paperback
  • 595 pages
  • Rose Madder
  • Stephen King
  • English
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9780340640142

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    My book club read this book last month This is how book club went basically Joy Colleen, what was your favorite part of this book Me Well, Joy, I ll get to that in a few, but would anyone like some chocolate Passes around a bowl of chocolate until they are all staring at me expectantly Reluctantly continues You know, Joy, Stephen King never disappoints Every time I turned the page, there were words that formed sentences The kind of sentences that make up all of Stephen King s books Long ones, short ones, incomplete ones But that s the beauty of this book, right The sentences tell a story in a way that only sentences could And THAT is why this book was so brilliant Joy You re a f cking idiot Why are you even in book club if you never actually read the books Me Five stars

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    3.5 Stars If you can handle a story of horrific abuse, Hannibal Lector s idea of a tasty dinner, and haunted dreams from the beyond, you re going to love ROSE MADDER. Norman Bates Daniels is a lunatic cop with a foul mouth and a sick, evil mind, and for wife Rose, a life of fear and pain begins the night of her honeymoon.for the reader, it s almost immediate and a real shocker. Unprepared, terrified and alone, after 14 long years of living in hell, Rose finally flees for her life knowing full well he will never stop searching. ROSE MADDER is an intense thriller throughout most of the 600 pages, but for me lost its momentum when we entered the mysterious, but drawn out world of the supernatural, and the ending..just ok. As always, enjoyed the tie ins to other KING novels.

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    It ain t the blows we re dealt that matter, but the ones we survive A single drop of blood causes Rose McClendon to come to the realisation that her husband might actually kill her So she ups and leaves him, setting off to a new cityI always get really excited for the King novels where the main protagonist is a female as I ve a pretty good track record with them Lisey s Story, Dolores Claiborne, Gerald s Game etc I m pretty sure these were all 5 star reads for me So I had high expectations for Rose Madder, but unfortunately we just didn t click sad face My main complaint is the character of Norman, Rose s husband He s a piece of shit that much is apparent from the very first page but as the story progressed, his character became of a caricature for me It all became very over the top and exaggerated I didn t need all the biting It was enough for me to know that he was an abusive husband I already hated him, but King kept building on it in a way that I didn t care for And if Norman had mentioned his ATM card one time I think I might have EXPLODED After a while repetition can become very irritating.Norman is also not a typical King villain Often King s characters are quite complex, they exist in shades of grey, people aren t always just good or evil But Norman has ZERO redeeming features he s racist, homophobic, batters his wife, squeezes people s intestines until they burst It was very uncomfortable to read the story from his perspective I also HATED that all the sections from Norman s point of view were in italics PAGES OF IT Reading italics for so long hurts my eyes and I can t concentrate it actually stopped me from picking up the book at times or I would get very easily distracted by my phone instead I would like to think we re all smart enough to quickly pick up on who s part of the story we re reading without needing it to be made obvious for us.Now, what I DID like Rosie She s the kickass female I want to root for Her relationship with Bill was truly beautiful and I felt very protective over those guys They are definitely one of King s strongest couples, they were very well written and believable I also loved the usual King easter eggs with references to Misery and the Dark Tower series in particular So bonus points for that The plot does go down quite a weird route, and initially I felt a bit unimpressed and bored reading it, but over time began to appreciate it for what it was I just feel like the book would have worked better if it had stayed focus on the domestic violence aspect, and Rose escaping from her abusive marriage, the events involving the painting just felt a tad stupid at times and over written It s just not a new favourite for me unfortunately, but I can champion Rose as another awesome leading lady And I did enjoy quite large sections of it 3.5 stars.

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    Probably my favorite King book, Rose Madder contains some of his creepiest imagery and the best characterization of a woman that he s managed thus far It s hard not to get involved in Rosie s problems as she runs from a horrifically abusive marriage The supernatural horror aspect of the story doesn t even enter into it until fairly late in the book King gives you the chance to watch Rosie grow and change, and to set the stage for what will happen next.Definitely the one I would loan to someone who wasn t sure about King s horrifying books, but wanted to try out his writing anyway.

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    There s a reason why King is one of the best writers around Even when the stories aren t the strongest, it s the strength of the characters that help propel the constant reader through.Straight from the prologue where the novel introduces young Rosie Daniels most shockingly brutal attack from her husband Norman, the reader instantly roots for her to leave this domestic hell.It not until years later after constant abuse that Rosie spots a drop of blood on her bedding that the realisation of this horrific situation will kill her.Fleeing to a next town and fitting the sanctuary of a women s institute is just the start of a new like for her.King does introduce a supernatural element to the middle section of the book, whilst feeling slightly off kilter to the rest of the novel Though this section does feel relevant as it harks back to the beginning of the story, whist also a nice sense of foreshadowing Plus The Dark Tower references were also great.Norman is one of the best worst villains that King has created and the switching between him and Rosie through the main part of the book were incredibly well written.By no means Kings best work but there was so much to enjoy, gripping characters mixed with a tough subject matter helps makes this a memorable entry in the King cannon.

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    The concept of dreaming is known to the waking mind but to the dreamer there is no waking, no real world, no sanity there is only the screaming bedlam of sleep Stephen King can be downright weird with surprises he leaves for the reader For the bulk of the book, it s an interesting story of an abused woman escaping her sadistic and tormenting husband The main character is a sympathetic lead who doesn t indulge in melodrama or denial, but comes across realistically written when she escapes into a town and group that accepts her for who she is and not what she s escaping The side characters were as well written, including the lead of the women s group who, while being noble, isn t black and white noble Rose Madder was a tough book to put down and I didn t get the griping I d heard about it.until, well until it just gets weird The painting and other world stuff threw me I had a discussion with a friend about this and we both felt the story didn t need any of it He could have just written a thriller with a man chasing his escaped wife and it would have been great when he introduces the fantasy stuff that was hard to comprehend, the story loses focus and even warrants a little skimming Unlike some of King s other tomes, the length and pacing are suitable to the story content The ending has a weird and bitter twist which fit well, even again that I didn t full get it The author doesn t shy away from actual vicious abuse, giving his main villain a biting tendency I would have liked to see of the details of the shelter, but I liked the women who worked together and had friendships It was convincing and thoughtful.

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    I just met crazy rivaling that of Annie Wilkes Norman Daniels He s a special kind of nut.Turns out this book was better than I had anticipated Maybe that s due to low expectations, seeing that many put this one towards the bottom of their personal King ratings Introducing a preternatural painting within a story about spousal abuse is out there , maybe so than his other books But isn t that what King does so well The painting did not necessarily overwhelm the narrative It added a dimension Some have said this book would have been better as a straight out thriller, with the supernatural element removed Guess what That s been done a million times over.There s a bull parallel with Norman that comes to fruition towards the end When you see it, it s an obvious analogy, but smart you ll need to have read the book to understand , and it caught me off guard By doing this King brings the story full circle, using that wacky and wonderful imagination no less Granted, this book is not for everyone Even some King fans will cringe at the violence and sexual innuendos many of which are not innuendos at all And I don t know if it was just me, but I was rolling on the floor when Norman got hurt Norman falls down the stairs I laughed Couldn t help it I attribute it to King s use of slapstick amid terror, along with a display of alternating viewpoints first experienced from Rosie s point of view, then Norman s Plus, Norman s an ass, deserving of any pain that happened to come his way.Recommend for King fans because none should be missed A probably not for 1st time King readers.PS There s a tiny glimpse into the world of The Dark Tower It doesn t say much, just kind of fun to run into.

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    Now I remember why I didn t like this the first time I read it It wears out its welcome a good 60 pages before the end We get our denouement, and then we re made to wade through a goodly chunk of book before we can call it done Still, Rose Madder is okay I think what keeps this book pretty middle of the road for me is Norman Daniels, our cliched villain King has three types of male antagonists women beaters, child molesters, and racists Norman Daniels suffers from the former and the latter while having also been molested as a child I m not a huge fan of the whole molested people turn into monsters storyline I know it happens, that the cycle can continue not all the time, but it does happen , I just don t like reading about it I would much rather read about someone overcoming their past instead of becoming it I like to see damaged children beat the odds Call me an optimist in that regard Things this book does well are as follows awesome protagonist Rosie is one of King s best female characters, says this guy cue eye rolls the gore toward the end of the book is classic King and disturbing as hell the Dark Tower tie ins the thematic elements the bull mask Yeah, I dug all that And if you dig King, I think you will too.Expect spoilers for several King books if you click on View Spoiler You ve been warned view spoiler Obvious Tie Ins KaPaul Sheldon his Misery novels are mentioned half a dozen times throughout the book Susan Day Insomnia Rose Madder turns into a spider creature, much like Pennywise and Mordred.Theoretical Tie Ins Any of you that read my Decade with King posts will know that I believe all of King s books tie into one of three things It, The Tommyknockers, or the Dark Tower series Well, all the glowing green shit in this book makes me think the Temple of the Bull might be somehow connected to the Great Old Ones from the Prim Perhaps the temple is where the Grays were worshipped once upon a when It does beg the question hide spoiler

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    This is definately my least favorite of the King books I ve read so far I simultaniously loved and hated this book There were no parts that I just likedseriously I was either loving it or hating it Clearly since I gave it 3 stars I loved parts then I hated.First the good stuff As usual Kings take on a crazy person is always amazing and terrifying My first King book was Misery and I just love his crazy villians I was actually getting a little bored with the book until Rosie found her painting and the weird stuff, that makes me love King so much, started to happen I was entranced during Rosies whole adventure in the painting trying to find the baby I wish a few things had been explained a little but he kind of left me to make up my own mind which is always bittersweet anyways.And, of course, I loved the Misery references in this book It made me feel like I was part of a special group of people who were in the know wink wink Now what I did not like There was an aspect of this book that was so beyond reality and completely fake and phoney that I don t think even King pulled it off His name was Bill Rosie s heart of gold, love at first sight, commitment loving boyfriend HelloLAME I ve known you for two weeks and spent a total of 3 hours with you but I m in love with you and I want to handle all of your baggage as well as your completely insane husband and take you away on my white horse Total bull shit.I kept expecting this dewey eyed chick lit cliche to turn into a hard core dose of reality, which is usually Kings specialty Something a little You know what Rosie, you re great and I really like you but this is a little to much for me Which would be totally understandable and expected from any normal guy who doesn t want his penis bitten off by Stormin Norman.Holy ChristNora Roberts fans don t even buy this guy And I m pretty sure I heard Nicholas Sparks call him a pussy.Keep in mind that not all woman are waiting around for a white knight to rescue them on his valient steed Some of us want realistic relationships with realistic men This character almost completely ruined the female empowerment in this bookalmost, until Gertie s scene with Normie in the amusement park The woman s lib fanatic in me was jumping for joy when she pee d all over his face but mostly when she called him a queer boy I think that was her term and he couldn t believe a woman was talking to him in that respect Yep, Normie, its a womanstanding up for herself and being strong Suck it

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    I think Rose Madder just became one of my top ten favourite King books I ve read it before and loved it but something about it this time around really struck a chord It felt like it upped and punched me in the gut and it hurt SO good There s a little bit of everything in this one horror, suspense, fantasy And it s all absolutely delicious and I devoured it Rosie is such a kickass female character, I am absolutely in love with her and I think she might tie Susannah as my favourite female King character And that s saying a hell of a lot Short story, I freaking love this book

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Rose Maddercharacters Rose Madder, audiobook Rose Madder, files book Rose Madder, today Rose Madder, Rose Madder 9dc14 Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereRoused By A Single Drop Of Blood, Rosie Daniels Wakes Up To The Chilling Realisation That Her Husband Is Going To Kill Her And She Takes Flight With His Credit Card Alone In A Strange City, Rosie Begins To Build A New Life She Meets Bill Steiner And She Finds An Odd Junk Shop Painting, Rose Madder , Which Strangely Seems To Want Her As Much As She Wants It But It S Hard For Rosie Not To Keep Looking Over Her Shoulder Rose Maddened And On The Rampage, Norman Is A Corrupt Cop With A Dog S Instinct For Tracking People And He S Getting Close Rosie Can Feel Just How Close He S Getting

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