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    Since I m a middle grade writer myself, I decided to check out some of the competition Sammy Keyes is a widely popular mystery series for younger readers The fact that this series was out for almost twenty years says a thing or two, and after reading one, I can definitely tell why While the central mystery at times was bogged down by the B storyline and subplots regarding Sammy and her arch nemesis, it still was refreshing to read something that didn t entirely focus on the culprits and clues The mystery involving Chauncey Lebard and his near death was very puzzling, and filled with red herrings and small twists to throw the reader off track For a detective story for such a young audience, this book settled on some heavy themes, but the author did it in a truly skillful way, weaving them along until the end Everything was tied together nicely, and the main character s authentic and hilarious voice was a nice touch Sometimes, humor can make or break a story with such a serious premise, but the author pulled it off with ease With an intriguing mystery, a dose of quick witted humor, and fun and clever characters, this installment will leave you begging for of Sammy and her ability to detect crime Looking forward to reading on with this series, even though I didn t start at the beginning Well done, Wendelin Van Draanen

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    A satisfying follow up I m realizing that the cartooniness in these books is exactly what appealed to me in the games I was playing as a young un I spent a decade trying to find out how tropes in MegaMan Battle Network and EarthBound might work on the page Van Draanen was waiting for me to discover her answer Fom a writer standpoint, it s interesting to see how Van Draanen weaves series elements into her sequel The previous title was a fine stand alone, and, though this volume retains that episodic charm, it is still setting up for future volumes One glaring intrusion is the introduction of Sammy s friend Dot who, while adding literally nothing to the story, provides a buffer between Sammy and her lovable sidekick Marissa Surely Dot will have something worthwhile to do later on, but for now, she s kind of hanging out The title ends on a low key sequel hook that sets us up for the next part of this books B storyline Van Draanen could have removed these things and had a title on par with Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief That said, these elements are intrusions to the eye of a grown up library worker Kids and cartoon lovers will have a swell time It s not creepy for a grown man to be binging middle grade books, r right

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    It s enjoyable and it deserves it s stars Characters are likeable and it s a enjoyable read.CoverI would love to criticize the cover I m not crazy about this cover looks but with that being said it is the true form and style this book holds throughout the book Most importantly it keeps the series recognizable and makes it stand out among other books The white red and black spine s is a perfect eye catcher InteriorI love the world building structure this book holds The mall, book store, hotel I love the call backs and references within this book I love the unique approach with the living condition This is probably the smartest part of this book Living with her grandmother in a seniors high rise is a really smart idea I love Hudson This is probably the smartest character in the whole book I find him a real joy whenever he s on the page and I love how he supports her like she s his own granddaughter When it comes to the friendship it s really different from other books and it s nice to read It s tricky writing a book split in half like this Half social trouble at school and half mystery Maybe a couple false leads if I were to be a little critical I could see a couple directions that didn t seem to fully properly form Even still everything was under my suspicion The proper clues are perfectly laid out Ending school ending I ll keep it as vague as possible I wanted to focus on this particular ending for a couple reasons I liked how the teachers are acting and honestly I wasn t expecting such a smart principal I loved how proper this part of the ending is.

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    Good Liked hotel thief better In this one, I kinda got this feeling like why do you have to go do dangerous things by yourself Sammy People are trying to hurt you and yet you go without any backup And also you make your grandma worried sick by telling her one thing and doing another I think because I am rereading these book as I m older that I m annoyed when she throws herself in dangerous situations Anyway, I still liked book and loved the revenge part on heather Forgot how crazy heather s mom was view spoiler I can t wait till we meet Casey tho because I never read when they first met Casey makes me giddy because I remember how cute he was with Sammy hide spoiler

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    Sammy and two friends go trick or treating to the Bush House, a house where all the bushes are grown up When they get there they find Chauncy tied to a chair with a mask on his head Sammy solves the mystery of who tried to kill him Along the way there s a side issue about a girl at school named Heather who sets Sammy up She tells everyone Sammy called a popular boy and acts like she wants to go with him Sammy finds a way to get revenge by taping Heather making the call and putting the recording on the school PA system Very well written for 3 5th graders

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    Sammy and Marissa decide t show Dot new in town the scary Bush man s house So, on Trick or Treat night, they walk up to the door and out comes a skeleton man carrying a sack nearly knocking them down Sammy goes up to the door and run inside because a fire has been set Then she turns and sees a Frankenstein sitting in a chair It turns out to be Chauncey LeBard the Bush Man himself So begins the mysterious case of burglary or was it attempted murder

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    Reading this series with my daughter, age 12 We both loved the first Sammy Keyes, and this was a great follow up I love her personality and spunk, and all the colorful characters that live in her town.

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    I adored this series as a child, and am rereading it now as an adult and it truly stands up So grateful I stumbled upon Sammy when I was younger, these books are delightful and thoughtful and a joy to rediscover so many years later.

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    For a middle grade mystery, this book was entertaining and a great example of a children s mystery not being too obvious I can definitely see why fifth grade me was in love with this series.

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    A page turner, and I admired the sassiness of Sammy I enjoyed reading this book.

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