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Scarlet chapter 1 Scarlet, meaning Scarlet, genre Scarlet, book cover Scarlet, flies Scarlet, Scarlet 98a07d1726bde Will Scarlet Is Good At Two Things Stealing From The Rich And Keeping Secrets Skills That Are In High Demand In Robin Hood S Band Of Thieves, Who Protect The People Of Nottingham From The Evil Sheriff Scarlet S Biggest Secret Of All Is One Only Robin And His Men Knowthat She Is Posing As A Thief That The Slip Of A Boy Who Is Fast With Sharp Knives Is Really A GirlThe Terrible Events In Her Past That Led Scarlet To Hide Her Real Identity Are In Danger Of Being Exposed When The Thief Taker Lord Gisbourne Arrives In Town To Rid Nottingham Of The Hood And His Men Once And For All As Gisbourne Closes In And Puts Innocent Lives At Risk, Scarlet Must Decide How Much The People Of Nottingham Mean To Her, Especially John Little, A Flirtatious Fellow Outlaw, And Robin, Whose Quick Smiles Have The Rare Power To Unsettle Her There Is Real Honor Among These Thieves And So Much Making This A Fight Worth Dying For

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    This is an alternate retelling of Robin Hood, where Will Scarlet is a hemorrhoidal pain in the ass who talks like a Monty Python and the Holy Grail cast reject that gets involved in a horrifyingly painful love triangle WITH ROBIN HOOD AND LITTLE JOHN.There are two facts about Will Scarlet that you should know before starting this book.1 Will Scarlet is actually a she, a girl disguised as a boy2 The Scarlet in her name refers to the fact that SHE CAN T STOP FUCKING BLUSHING That s actually something I made up, but I wasn t exaggerrating when I say that she blushes like fucking crazy.Will Blushes Scarlet OH MY GOD JUST STAAAAHP ALREADY I wanted to love Scarlet, I really do A kick ass heroine who disguises herself as a boy in order to steal from the rich and give to the poor FUCK YEAH, give me of that shit.No.I admit, there is a fair bit of kick assery in there, but it feels completely unrealistic becaues Will Scarlet can t decide who or what the fuck she is.Is she a kick ass fighting tomboy Or is she a girl whose heart goes aflutter whenever she gets near Robin Hood So many time in this book, her heart flushes, her heartbeat go pitter patter, her belly gets butterflies.My stomach s content just turned over.Let s see, blushinghow many instances are there I felt heat on my face and hated that the sun would show me blushing, It were dark, so they couldn t prove I were blushing, I blushed, I was cold again but for my cheeks, which were blushing hard, I were blushing hot, I felt my cheeks blush, I blushed hot, I shake him off, blushing, I blushed a little, it sent my cheeks blushing, I blushed a bit Ok, we ve gotten the blushing over with Now onto the flushing I pulled my head away, flushed and not sure what to do, or say, or think, my cheeks flush, my cheeks flushed dark, I flushed, my cheeks went hot, blood filled up my cheeks Oh, but the stomach churning flutterings don t stop there, no Let s see what other sort of over extravagant emotion our dauntless fighting girl has in store for us The air whooshed from my chest, the breath whooshed out of me, my belly twisted, my belly flipped over, my heart started to flutter beat in my chest, I got that funny, twisted feeling, my heart lurched, my heart dropped out from my chest, my knees had gone fair wobbling, my stomach pushed into my pipes Spare me This book tries to sell me the fact that Scarlet is a fierce warrior it didn t convince me in the least Scarlet is ruled by her feelings, she lets her heart win over her head, she gets nervous, she feels tremors, she acts like a silly little girl who was forced into being a warrior instead of a warrior born, instead of one who has chosen her fate.Scarlet s Personality Incongruous In con gru ous adjective not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.That is the single word that can be used to describe Scarlet s personality She is not a good character She is an annoying character She acts like a petulant child instead of a rational, cool headed warrior She snaps at people at the very tinest, dumbest provocation Bugger off, I snapped. Scarlet loses her temper extremely fast She makes some really dumb decisions at timeslike rushing off to attack people in broad fucking daylight There is a way to be subtle, Robin Hood s Merry Men have to stick around awhile in order to accomplish their good deeds, and Scarlet does things with the subtlety of a pink and purple polka dotted elephant dancing on a unicycle.Her Speech I absolutely HATED her first person narrative I mentioned that she talks like a Monty Python reject, and she does It is annoying, it distracts from the already terribly boring narrative, and it makes no fucking sense when you take into consideration who she actually is view spoiler Maid Marian, a noblewoman hide spoiler

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    I don t know about anyone else but when I think of Robin Hood I think of this Wait, I m the only one who pictured him like that Huh Blame my childhood.Anyway, when I first started reading this book I admittedly imagined Robin Hood as being pretty hot Like a total fox GET IT Granted, the Robin Hood in this story was not the main character Rather, the main character was a young woman who everyone knew as Scarlet Her identity is mysterious and only a few people know that she s secretly a girl She s tough, smart, brave, and completely capable of taking care of herself She s a hardcore, kick butt girl living in the Middle Ages Or at least that s how I think the author wanted her to come off as In reality she s kind of a whiny jerk to everyone When people try to be genuinely nice to her she s completely rude and pushes them away I couldn t stand her character She was ill mannered and unappreciative I guess she was supposed to seem really independent but instead she just seemed stuck up and full of it Maybe she wasn t as bad as I m making her out to be, but there were plenty of times where I actually wanted to go into the book and strangle her I also got really annoyed at the way Scarlet talked She didn t use proper grammar at all, despite the rest of the Merry Men have perfect grammar And that would have bothered me except view spoiler she s actually Maid Marian hide spoiler

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    3.75I literally have no idea about the whole Robin Hood tale, but this was pretty fucking awesome Also, im too lazy to write a proper review so here s a quick list as to why you should read it the beginning, which was about 70ish pages for me, was incredibly boring to the point where i was willing to watch paint dry, BUT it fricken gets so much better we have a badass female who takes no shit from anyone she s a thief who steals food and money to help out the poor and needy she s part of Robin Hoods band that help people from the asshole of a sherif she s disguised as a boy um she can use knives pretty fricken good the writing took a little getting used to a little trigger warning because our mc does get beaten up pretty bad and it s worse in the second book badassery and action EVERYWHERE there is a love triangle sorta it s hard to explain but we all know who she will end up with Rob was a character that i still have mixed feelings about really not sure what to think of him anyways, go read it, it s awesomebye

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    Scarlet is wrenching and moving story of love and friendship, bravery and loyalty, a retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, only the voice of narration was Scarlet Yes Will Scarlet, the most skilled knife handling young fellow of Robin, in the traditional tales, famous for his hot temper But he s not actually what we think he is He s no lad he s a lass a girl hiding her true identity in men s cloth.Being a part of the merry men, Scarlet was always successful to hide the truth from rest of the Nottingham of course her companions knew about her Now the evil thief taker Sir Guy of Gisbourne is terrorizing the Village with violence and fury determine to catch Robin But Scarlet knew what he is actually after It s her and Guy will not stop until he possessed her and crushed her to the dust Her secrets threatened to disentangle painful memories of past are about to unravel that can change everything in present.Scarlet FeverDisguised as a boy, Scarlet is secretive, impulsive, strong and mysterious, no less in any quality than an actual lad She s one of the bravest and toughest female protagonists I have ever came across, no wonder why Robin called her a worrier woman Scarlet was Invulnerable to fear or intimidation She faced and withstands Gisbourne with courage She helped the people of Nottingham the best she could, she fought for justice alongside Robin, John and Much She may have a tough exterior, but her interior was made with delicate glass just like an eighteen years old girl, which shattered with each piercing word came from Robin and melted in warm embrace of the same person As a reader, above all as a girl I was empathetic to her pain and adopted them as mine Sometime it was really hard for me to hold back my tears Her feeling and affection was strong for Rob, but the ultimate sacrifice she made to save the person she loved was praise worthy I know the readers have already begun to guess about Scar, but if you think I m going tell you her true identity, sorry to say I will not spoil this enchanting historical story The Walking Ghost You changed everything Everything That day in the market in London, you don t know what my life was like before that, when I came home and found everything just gone I had nothing I hadn t a soul And then you appeared with your magic eyes, and you just changed everything Robin Hood, the legendary character, angel to poor, one of the most famous archers in history was just Rob for Scarlet, and I fall in love with him too A retired heart from Cursed devoted his youth in novel cause to serve people, to save them from being tortured by sheriff, In the process accompanied by a girl with eyes color of moonstone, Rob found himself caring for that brave and rude girl Hurting Scar was the best way to punish himself, and of course Rob was not very proud of that In spite of every effort he made to deny his own feelings for Scar, I could see the warm compassionate feelings in his stormy eyes Out of all the things he had done, he loved her , protected Scar with all his life and knocked down every danger intend to hurt her.The Merry MenRight hand of Robin and an excellent swordsman Little John had always been a charmer and he charmed me as well I liked how the author painted his character with colors of fun and sincerity in equal measure Scarlet is definitely not a love triangle but John s growing fondness and likeness for her spiced up the story a little bit He s appearance throughout the whole story was remarkable When it came to loyalty and devotion to Robin and his band, no one was fierce as him Much was always like a brother to Scarlet, the only person Scarlet was most comfortable with Sometime I felt sympathy for him, but he proved he doesn t need anyone s sympathy In spite of having one good arm, Much has a quality of spirit and will power that enabled him to fight As a debut author A.C Gaughen brought us that secrets and hidden fact behind one of the most famous legend of history Sometime untold truth buried beneath the history, we just need to dig that deep The writing was very touching and mesmerizing that I applaud her efforts The ending was completely unexpected and my heart skipped a bit Series of turns and twists, secrets and actions, Scarlet will leave you speechless This book is Capable of arousing and holding the attention I have been searching around trying to figure out if this was a stand alone or a series Scarlet left lots of question running in my mind I am hoping that this will be a series because I would love to read about the romance and where it turns from here But right now I m down with Scarlet fever Are you

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    I had hopes that this would redeem itself and then it justdidn t.

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    1.5 starsA retelling of Robin Hood where Will Scarlet, a member of Robin s band is a actually girl in disguise The storyline didn t really entertain me, it was boring and the real action only really kicked in towards the end The narrative was strange, it was part present tense and part past tense, I couldn t get my head around it The British isms and British slang didn t read right AT ALL, it felt forced and it made me cringe at how hard it tried to sound authentically British The love triangle was annoying and not needed Worst of all, the three main characters were awful ScarletGood god I hated this heroine She was meant to be brave, strong and compassionate..and truthfully she was but it was hard to appreciate any of the good in her when it was overshadowed by all the bad Scarlet was annoying, self pitying and whiny She starved herself because she felt guilty that others were going hungry, even though she stole everyday so she could help feed the poorer families Why she thought going hungry would help anyone..the poorer families relied on her, Robin and co to provide for them, so I don t know why she thought her dying of starvation would help anyone Scarlet was too much of a martyr, she was too self sacrificing, she felt responsible for everyone, she felt guilty about things she had no control over..OMG I felt like throttling her When she rescues someone from prison, she lets the guy beat her black and blue because she didn t save said guy s sister sooner It wasn t her fault they were in prison in the first place or that she wasn t able to save the sister sooner but on no Scarlet blames herself, feels guilty and is happy to get beaten up because she thinks she deserves it I got tried of how Scarlet felt like she was personally responsible for everyone and their mother.I despised when Scarlet said she hated being a woman I like my heroines to be proud to be a woman.Scarlet had hardly any self worth and she punished herself about everything..how was I meant to like love a character when the character didn t even like themselves, not even a little bit.RobinHe was quiet a good love interest initally dark, brooding and noble but his attitude towards Scarlet and John pissed me off Robin blames Scarlet for leading John on and teasing him, when it was John doing all the chasing but oh no he doesn t have a go at John..because it s all Scarlet s fault that John has a hard on for her..it has nothing to do with the fact that Johns a disgusting, dirty pervert who likes to perv He also calls Scarlet a whore Why because John kissed her and because her father forced her to be engaged to another man when she was 13 14 years old..WTF I find it really interesting that in a lot of books that I ve read over the last couple of years, the heroine is called a whore slut skank by the hero who by the way has slept with loads of girls when she s actually a virgin and has very little experience in general with men JohnJohn was a typical playboy, he openly slept with many wenches and flirted with anyone with a pulse..John suddenly decided he wanted Scarlet and for some unfathomable reason thought he had some sort of claim on her He kissedScarlet when it s clear she wasn t interested in him and he kept coming onto her when she was vulnerable He also got angry when he thought Scarlet was with someone else even though it was ok for him to sleep around..he also conveniantly forgot Scarlet was free to be with whoever she wanted I m sick of the playboy love interests..I don t find them attractive in the least.I did like Much, he was a great little character.Overall it just wasn t my cup of tea..if you like Robin Hood, faux Britishness, annoying heroines, judgemental heroes, a playboy third wheel and a weak love triangle then you might just enjoy this book.

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    Make no mistake, he told me I looked up We do what we do He halted, then stepped one foot closer I do what I do because I will always believe that no matter how awful life gets for however many of these people, there is something I can do about it There is something I will do about it I nodded That s why you re the hero, Rob, and I m a thief Robin Hood stole my heart at a really young age As a matter of fact, this hunk was my first ever crush Isn t he just divine Sigh Too bad it was 1938 when this was filmed NO FAIR He should ve waited for me to be born Pfft PAnyway, in this interpretation of Robin Hood, we see Earl Robin of Locksley obviously , Will Scarlet who is in fact a girl disguised as a boy , John Little, and Much Why do we never see the other Merry Men in retellings Hopefully, we ll see them the future instalments You lied to me tonight, John said I shrugged I lie to you a lot Reckon you might want to be specific You said you d wait at the top You said we d go together Well, yes, that was a lie Either way, Scar s incessant blushing at the most inappropriate of times was irritating after a while, but it didn t really affect my enjoyment of her character She has a secret past, an affinity for daggers and is the most capable thief of the Merry Men She has a hardened personality and acts like one of the boys As Will Scarlet, many think her merely a boy, and she uses that assumption to her advantage But despite her sassy and hardened exterior, she s also very caring and generous In true Robin Hood fashion, she helps those around her who cannot help themselves in the village of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest I found her to be an admirable protagonist Scar is also hiding from those in her past, who seek to do her harm I also predicted her past from a mile away, but I enjoyed the reveal at the end, nonetheless Rob, commonly referred to as The Hood , was naturally my favourite character I don t know what it is that I find so attractive about him, but whether he be in a book or on a screen, I m guaranteed to fall in love with him, haha Rob is the leader of the Merry Men, stealing from the rich, giving to the poor, and freeing the innocent from imprisonment He is kind and giving, and at times, a jealous arsehole because he simply won t admit how he feels to Scar UGH Communication, people And I m sorry, John Little, you re nice and all, but stop getting in the way of my ship B A C K O F F She shook her head They would have pinched you too, and then where would Robin be He d be right as rain, I think She chuckled You don t see how much he cares about you, but he does Ran into that fire last night like a fair angel, he did He d do the same for one of his men, or any of his people Don t make me special in his eyes It were shameful, but there were a fair amount of bitter in my voice She leaned her head close to mine so the others wouldn t overhear her Ah, he has many men, but he only has one woman I can t believe I m saying this, but I did genuinely enjoy the angst and jealousy in this book Usually, these tropes get on my nerves, but I was all here for it Gimme some Scar and Rob made me nearly scream and cry, but I enjoyed every moment of it They kept me glued to the novel because I was SO INVESTED in them, their relationship, and the everything going up in flames around them Seriously, things kept going from bad to worse and I was an emotional mess by the time I reached the end of the novel What a compelling read I d also like to note that the writing style was a tad difficult to get into, at first It was written in I don t know peasant English Instead of isn t , ain t is used Rather than he is , he were is written This made me a bit iffy when I began the novel, as I prefer proper English, but as I read and , I stopped noticing it, so it wasn t as big as an issue for me as I thought it would be Needless to say, I LOVED THIS This trilogy should get hype, in my opinion I didn t even mind Sir Guy of Gisbourne and the Sheriff of Nottingham, despite my hatred of them, haha Where was Prince John though I heard mentions of him, but didn t see him at all in the book I hope that we ll see him and King Richard the Lionheart soon THIS is what I wanted from a Robin Hood retelling I can t wait to binge the rest of the trilogy

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    This is the first time I ve read a version of the Robin Hood story where I wanted the sheriff to win Flimsy characters, clunky writing and gaping plot holes mangle what otherwise might have been a decent YA novel.The narrative is in Scarlet s voice but it s pretty hard to tell what that is, exactly It s vaguely British and vaguely working class but is rooted in neither Yorkshire nor London, where she claims to be from at different points in the novel Like the plot, it also shows up when it feels like it and then fades away when it thinks no one is looking Scarlet s voice is distinct from the other characters only because they all speak like Americans, which is another problem altogether I don t have a problem with first person narratives that use bad English, if it s in character, but it doesn t work if the grammar is sometimes bad and sometimes perfect, or if none of the other characters are speaking in dialect.Also, Scarlet showers her narrative with tense changes like Robin Hood scattering gold to the villagers She jumps from past tense, to past perfect, to present tense and back again there s so much jumping around in time, I expected to see a TARDIS pop out of Sherwood.Scarlet is whiny, annoying and a consummate Mary Sue She prattles on about how she s great at stealing and the only proper thief of the bunch, but her thieving skills are on par with an unattended toddler in a toy store She sees something she wants, waits until the owner is looking the other direction, and grabs it Wow, mad skillz yo.Scarlet also boasts that she s needed because only she can pick out the good marks Like she can spot nobles traveling in disguise because they re riding destriers instead of farm horses Here s a test This is a destrier This is a farm horse Can you see the difference Good, because apparently a bunch of dudes born and raised in a farming community can t Presumably Scarlet then went on to remind them how to breathe.Scarlet also has ninja skills This is never explained WTF.The writing careens between being too vague and channeling Captain Obvious Take this quote for example The man pulled out the knife as his counterpart unsheathed his big sword Swords are terrible They are naught but big, heavy knives that most don t know how to use right I read that twice thinking Well yeah, swords are terrible, that s why you try to avoid the pointy end before realizing she meant swords are terrible weapons for other people to use. I m not even going to discuss the fact that this guard pulled out a sword short range weapon while she was throwing knives mid range weapon That s like being charged by someone with a pistol and hoping they get close enough for you to use your bowstave.And then there s this I walked down slow, seeing the rough, carved out wall It were wet with water Wow, and here I was thinking it was wet with a nice 1196 Bordeaux from the kegger upstairs.This was followed later by John looked to me, and I felt his eyes on me Probably because he was looking at you Which you just mentioned Right there I mean, it s in the same freaking line.And then there s Robin Hood s line I had nothing I hadn t a soul And then you appeared with your magic eyes, and you just changed everything OK there s nothing grammatically incorrect with that, but Magic eyes, people MAGIC EYES.The plot moves at a decent pace, but even this puts me in mind of the joke about mail delivery If you want to send something, FedEx will get it there by 10AM tomorrow, UPS will get it there, and the Postal Service will get itsomewhere This novel is the USPS of YA literature It moves, yes, but it s not sure where it s going, and I m not even sure I d like it to arrive there It honestly surprised me when I read that the author had attended a graduate program in creative writing I ve seen fanfiction written by high schoolers that was better than this.Bottom line If you ve seen the 2006 2009 BBC Robin Hood series, you ve already seen everything in this story done, and done better If you haven t seen it, save yourself a few bucks and hours of facepalming and watch that instead.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 stars We do what we do because there s something we can do about it Things like how long and what if aren t part of that It s about the hope, not the horror Scarlet, 2012 debut novel from A.C Gaughen, takes the legends and characters associated with Robin Hood and spins them all into an engrossing story focusing on a secretive thief who s much than meets the eye The people of Nottinghamshire know the thief as Will Scarlet, knife wielding companion to Robin Hood, but there s a secret few people realize he is actually a she Why does Scarlet insist on dressing like a boy What is her true identity And why, after two years working alongside Robin, does she still keep secrets from him and the others in the band of outlaws When her past begins to stalk her in the form of villainous thief taker Gisbourne, terrorizing the people of Nottinghamshire, her secrets threaten to unraveland, once they re out in the open, nothing will ever be the same.What immediately struck me when I began Scarlet was the voice of the narration It felt authentic and true to the era the time of the Crusades while also managing to remain consistent throughout the story I haven t been so impressed with the voice of a novel since reading Moira Young s Blood Red Road earlier this year.What also makes this novel notable is Scarlet, a flawed heroine who can be brash, impulsive, rude, unapologetic, and secretiveyet she feels real and relatable because of her flaws When she finds herself caught between her admiration for Robin and fellow band member John Little s growing interest in her, Scarlet doesn t know how to react, though she never lets any man s interest define or tether her She has much to worry about than love problems, and she acts accordingly, helping the people of Nottinghamshire the best she can even though they don t always react kindly to her help.As for the other characters, I found myself loving some of them Scarlet, obviously Much, the one handed boy who feels useless in Robin s band and being exasperated with others Robin, who s often surprisingly self loathing John, whose interactions with Scarlet teeter between humorous and off putting While I loved Scarlet as a strong heroine, a part of me wished that there had been another lead female character to balance her out and make Robin s band seem less of a boy s club to which Scarlet was the only girl brave and special enough to take part Sure, we meet other female characters who are strong in their own rights Lena, the innkeeper Ravenna, a girl who wants to save her family from poverty and a nameless noblewomen who proves helpful to Robin s band s cause , but all of them seem almost foils to show Scarlet as the woman who s different You ll understand what I mean by that if you read the novel As trite as my issue sounds, it bothered me and hindered some of my enjoyment of the story.Even so, fans of Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce will likely find much to love about Scarlet It s the kind of novel that would seem right at home wedged alongside The Blue Sword and The Song of the Lioness quartet Though undoubtedly the novel has its fair share of flaws, most of them are easily overlooked because of the charm and character the story contains.The only other real issue I have with the novel is that, as a standalone, Scarlet is ultimately a bit unsatisfying Will there be a companion or sequel novel on the horizon One can only hope because the adventures of the Sherwood band seem far from over and, by the end, I didn t want them to be over.In the end, I recommend Scarlet to anyone who feels wanting for a novel spotlighting a strong, flawed heroine because, as strange as it seems, such girls are hard to find in recent young adult novels Scarlet managed to tug at my heartstrings, so I can only hope that she ll do the same for anyone who decides to delve into her tale Note I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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    OMG I loved this book I m going to start this review by announcing something that I NEVER expected to say John if you re reading this you should close your eyes and skip ahead ROBIN HOOD IS MY NEW BOYFRIEND There, it s out in the open Phew I feel better now I know that once you read this you re going to want him too but just remember I said it first and this post is time stamped But don t worry, you don t have to be turned away empty handed Rob s band of Merry Men are pretty darn lovable too.Then there s Scarlet, who is the only one that I ll let date my new boyfriend because I like her that much You are going to adore her journey as you read along It starts with Scarlet, but you ll find it woven through the whole story AC Gaughen is a master of writing perfectly balanced characters I give her my Friday Night Lights Award for making me find something redeemable and maybe even likable in ALMOST everyone Hang on, there s to love about this book.Lets take a minute to examine the unique plot twists and the creative take on a story that has been done a million times.There was nothing stale about this tale THIS IS THE ROBIN HOOD THAT I VE ALWAYS WANTED I love when I walk away from a great book knowing that that even though the story is fiction, the characters and their journey have become real But even though I m girlie gushing make no mistakes I m picking up my own copy to read to my three boys because they are going to love it There is palm sweating, boy loving, action and adventure too This book is going to capture the attention of a broad audience and deservedly so So proud to be in the Class of 2k12 with AC Gaughen and SCARLET 3 What are you waiting for GO READ SCARLET

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