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Shadow Frost quotes Shadow Frost, litcharts Shadow Frost, symbolism Shadow Frost, summary shmoop Shadow Frost, Shadow Frost c8b35eb1 In The Kingdom Of Axaria,a Darkness Rises Some Call It A Monster, Laying Waste To The Villagers And Their Homes Some Say It Is An Invulnerable Demon Summoned From The Deepest Abysses Of The Immortal Realm Many Soldiers From The Royal Guard Are Sent Out To Hunt It Down Not One Has Ever ReturnedWhen Asterin Faelenhart, Princess Of Axaria And Heir To The Throne, Discovers That She May Hold The Key To Defeating The Mysterious Demon Terrorizing Her Kingdom, She Vows Not To Rest Until The Beast Is Slain With The Help Of Her Friends And The Powers She Wields Though Has Yet To Fully Understand Asterin Sets Out To Complete A Single Task The Task That Countless Trained Soldiers Have FailedTo Kill ItBut As They Hunt For The Demon, They Unearth A Plot To Assassinate The Princess Herself Instead Asterin And Her Companions Begin To Wonder How Much Of Their Lives Have Been Lies, Especially When They Realize That The Center Of The Web Of Deceit Might Very Well Be Themselves With No One Else To Turn To, They Are Forced To Decide Just How Much They Are Willing To Sacrifice To Protect The Only World They Have Ever KnownThat Is If The Demon Doesn T Get To Them FirstFrom Young Author Coco Ma Comes A Dazzling New Tale Of Adventure, Power, And Betrayal, Weaving Together A Stunning World Of Magic With A Killer Cast In An Explosive, Unforgettable Debut

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    THIS FREAKING BOOK ADDED TO FAVORITES LIST PREORDERED WITH NO HESITATION What the hell am I going to say I loved this book so freaking much There were some sad things toward the end and I don t know if they can ever be mended but one can hope This book pulled at all of my FEELS I CAN NOT BELIEVE Coco Ma wrote this book at 15 years of age She s freaking amaze balls If I could write this good at 15 I would have been a star Hell, If I could write this good now, I could be a star Shadow Frost is the YA Fantasy book I never knew I needed THIS, is what YA Fantasy should be in all shapes and forms Yes, I have a few favorite authors and books in this genre, but damn Coco Ma just jumped right into my little capsule of favorite authors Okay, let me get to the book Holy crap on a cracker, let me keep this short and not give anything away Princess Asterin is a bad ss princess through and through She is NOT the sit around and let men fight for me princess Oh she has guards etc, but she conned all of them from a little girl to show her how to fight, pick locks, you name it She also has magic, but that s a whole other ball game Asterin is not ordered around by any man boy she fights her own fights and has some freaking amazing friends They all love each other and protect each other as much as they can There is a little thing at the end but it s just one of those horrible decision things No win situation But this particular situation has me conflicted I feel for both sides There is a monster demon thing going around killing people in Asterins realm This does not sit well will her so she tells her mom, The Queen, she is going out and killing the monster with her magic And no, she doesn t take any lip there either She has magic, she has friends with magic and she has a couple of new guards with magic And we are off Turns out not everyone on this journey is what they seem and this is not really a bad thing I love each and every person and all of the women are bad ssed in their own way THE PEEPS I LOVE AsterinLunaRoseOrionQuinlanEadricHarryTheir horses which seem to have a mind of their own at timesAmoux sword, just because it s Asterin s sword and it s a sword and a certain someone that is also a thing but I can t tell you about this certain someone thing There is a tiny bit of grimdark in this book There is some swearing Mainly Asterin calling a certain boy sshole all of the time There were times I had some good laughs with the comedic side to the story I m just going to shut up now because I m rambling Just read it and if you don t like it then fine But if you like bad ss chics who rule, you will love it Yes, some of the women throw the men around but so what, they all have fun either way There is also a little boy boy love if you want that as well Everything is well rounded in my opinion and I can t wait for a reread with the actual book in my hand I will leave you with a quote Now this is an uncorrected proof so said quote could change I would like to add a million quotes but I digress Enjoy Quinlan s fists clenched Asterin Get back here Orion felt her anger spike, as tangible as fire The princess whirled around You do not have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do, Quinlan Holloway This is my duty I will not let anything or anyone stop me from defeating the demon that took the lives of hundreds of innocent people my people And if I fail to avenge them, I do not deserve the throne Quinlan faltered I didn tI just meant that And further, let me remind you that you re here officially as a soldier serving my kingdom, and therefore under my command, prince or no You will obey my word or return to the palace The choice is yours But do not, under any circumstance, rule me With that, Asterin spun on her heel and strode away The dense foliage of the forest swallowed her in darkness in less than a second Thank you to Netgalley and the Pub for giving me the opportunity to read this awesome book Mel MY BLOG

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    Why hello there A few things to know about Shadow Frost badass royals wielding elemental powers magical immortal demon annihilating kingdom terrifying love triangles no thanks POVs multiple fierce women, cinnamon buns and flawed characters many banter quality plot twists idk, you tell me hotel trivago please don t sue me lol i feel like I m voting for myself in an election lolIn all seriousness though, a colossal thank you to all of you wonderful readers Your enthusiasm truly means the absolute world to me and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of your support for my debut novel Fifteen year old me had a lot of ambition and determination when I wrote the first draft of Shadow Frost Fast forward three years, and I still have SO much to learn, but my aspirations as a writer are bigger than ever I wanted to create something that I could be proud of I wanted to create something that could inspire other young people to chase their wildest dreams, and to always keep striving for greater things no matter how many times or how many people shove you down Here s my advice Look beyond the people who don t take you seriously, who pity you because they don t believe you can be who you know you can be.And then sit down, get to work, and prove them wrong For every one person who thinks less of you in any way whether total strangers, friends, or even especially parents there are countless people who will support you Myself included We ve got your back Welp, this didn t quite end up as I expected, but I m glad it s here My promise to you is simple I m going to keep writing, no matter what, because it s what I love to do I m going to stress and fuss over all the single little tiny things I can think of so that when the time comes, I can bring you the very best of my stories, my characters, and those thrilling adorable nail biting heart wrenching scenes that I possibly can So please continue to watch me grow and keep an eye out for all things Shadow Frost All my love and many squishy hugs Yours Truly,Coco xx

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    this cover is what I think heaven looks like

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    Got an ARC Crossing my fingers that the contents match this truly gorgeous cover It s giving me all kinds of And I Darken vibes.

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    i ve never felt insecure about my achievements than when i read this author s bio what a queen

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    5 whole stars Ohmygoodness I absolutely love this story and I found myself another favorite epic fantasy to read over and over and over again And I cannot believe that she s only 15 when she wrote this awesome book Isn t the cover captivating enough ICE and FIREFirst off A note from the Publisher Born in 2000, Canadian Chinese author and pianist Coco Ma began playing the piano at the age of five and a half Since then, she has performed on some of the world s greatest concert stages and graduated with a pre college diploma in piano performance from The Juilliard School in New York City At fifteen years old, she finished writing her first novel, Shadow Frost Currently, she studies at Yale College When she isn t practicing piano, writing, or studying, you might find her bingeing Netflix or eating cake Lots of cake That alone is totally impressive and then write this awesome book that young age I cannot even write a 4 page book report when I was in High School Characters that I fall in love with Asterin a badass Princess of Axaria who s been longing for her mother s affection after losing her father at a young age An omnifinitied princess who can conjure up than 3 affinity stones Luna Asterin s lady in waiting and best friend She cannot remember her past and struggles with her magic if she has one Orion Asterin s personal Royal Guard and trained Asterin to be a badass Princess Eadric Captain of Royal Guard s army and Luna s lover Rose Queen of Eradore and an amazing healer Quinlan Rose s cousin and a freaking awesome warrior a spectacularly handsome, but still a total ass my favorite character in the book Harry a hunter who joined the group and learned to love and respect them allThe group went on to chase the demon a monster who have been laying waste in the villagers and their homes some royal guards were sent to hunt them down but were never returned I do not know what else to say without giving so much away from the book If you read and love The Priory of the Orange Tree, you will LOVE this as well I m just so happy and excited to receive this book in advance booknerd There s a huge probability that the book will turn into a series on how the book ended My review does not do justice how awesome this book is Thank you Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with this e arc to review.

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    First thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of that book I don t even know where to start hahaFirst let s talk about the story, the plot, the twistsI loooooooved the idea of this story, I loved the elemental magic I have a soft spot for it The plot is simple a princess with her crew going after a monster, a beast who is killing people They need to put it down fast Simple but it worked so much because it left the necessary space for plot twists and storytellingThe twists I feel like there was way too many twists in the book put there and there and there again I didn t understand to point of them all but the writing style made up for it because I really didn t mind them while reading the book.The characters I loved them all This is so weird because it has actually never happened to me to not have a preference I loved all the characters in that book, I loved them all We had a background story for each character I think the mutiple point of views helped with that as it felt natural I didn t feel as we were getting to many information about them They were also very different to each other.Asterin, the main character, the princess was a badass Luna, the princess friend doesn t remember her past, and struggle with her magicRose is the Queen of another kingdomOrion trained Asterin to be a warrior and he is pretty badass himselfEadric is Luna s lover such a cute little couple Quinlan is a brilliant warrior as wellHarry, a hunter who joined them laterSo I was so committed to the story from page one I have to be honest I was pretty impressed But I had some issues with the way the story evolved I feel like the characters relationships were going to fast Like they didn t know each other and then two days later they were best friends It juste didn t make sense to me And also the fact that we were reading one twists after another at some point made me questionned myself as if the author decided to change the story even if in the middle of it it s like the author had an idea of where the story would go and then in the middle of the story decided to change it a little bit But even with that I enjoyed the story from page one until the very last word The characters were likeable and I enjoyed reading about them The story had magic, a bit of romance, friendship, lies, truth, secrets, I really did love that world it was as easy to understand everything as easy to get lost in the story I love the elemental magic It was fresh, new, different and not clich at all Well useless to say that I cannot wait for the sequel

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    eARC Approved Woo This is by a Canadian Chinese author and sounds epic.

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    There are some authors I love beyond their books I appreciate their humour, the struggles they have endured, what they stand for, how nice they seem as a person, or how they use their platform to spread awareness I don t think I have ever been as impressed by an author as I am by Coco Ma, however Not only is she a musical genius but she wrote this book when she was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD This book is such a strong debut novel and the young age of the author only goes to make it seem even impressive I feel inadequate Shadow Frost follows Princess Asterin Faelenhart She is not your typical lady at court, preferring sparring at dusk and honing her magical powers in secret than parading her figure or sitting meekly as the Queen would see her do But Asterin has been unknowingly training for a task ahead of her and the safety of the entire realm is at risk if she fails A demon is lurking, a plot has been hatched, and trust has been breached.This was such a consistently intriguing and thrilling read The magic that formed much of the initial focus was unique in its construction and it played its part inside a story line that was just as exciting to read about Asterin s fiesty nature made her an immediately relatable protagonist who I rooted for from the very first page The trials she faced allowed her to grow without losing her spirit and I was just as enamoured with her at the story s close I can t wait to see what this author has next in store, for Asterin and for the reader I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author, Coco Ma, and the publisher, Blackstone Publishing, for this opportunity.

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