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Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) chapter 1 Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) , meaning Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) , genre Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) , book cover Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) , flies Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) , Shadow Man (Prince Andy and the Misfits, #1) b9da2498d34cd Andy Thought He Was Just An Average Sixteen Year Old Kid But One Day His World Is Completely Turned Upside Down As He Learns The Unbelievable Truth Of His Identity He Is The Prince Of A Faraway Kingdom Called Filligrim In The Valley Of The Misfits A Magical Place Where Pixies, Elves, Wizards, And Dragons Are Just As Likely To Be Inhabitants As Humans He Was Brought To This World Following His Birth The Only Way To Keep Him From Being Murdered By His Evil Malicious Grandfather Sounding Like A Fairytale Than Reality, Andy At First Thinks He Must Be Dreaming But Then His Aunt Gladdy Reveals Even Astonishing News His Mother, The Queen Of The Misfits, Is In Trouble She S Been Captured By Goblins, And It S Up To Andy To Rescue Her Still In Shock, He Makes A Decision That Will Forever Alter Life As He S Known It He Will Return To Filligrim And, With The Help Of Six Heroic Misfits, Will Embark On A Mission To Save The Kingdom From The Clutches Of Evil

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    As I was reading Prince Andy and the Misfits Shadow Man by Karen Gammons, I thought to myself that I was reading a fairytale with attitude An all American, baseball loving sixteen year old boy finds out that the woman he thought was his mother is actually an elf from a different world While she lives in our world, she looks like a normal human woman That s not all it is revealed to him that he is born of royalty in this other world It is a fantastic place filled with magic, wizards, fairies, goblins, elves, giants, dragons, and a host of other strange creatures Andy and his foster mother are recalled to Filligrim because it is on the brink of war The queen of the Misfits, Andy s mother, has been taken, and as heir to the throne, Andy is recalled home and given the task of finding out who is behind this traitorous act In this first installment of the series, Andy must learn his way around his new reality, get a handle on how things work in his birth world, try to understand how he fits in, earn the respect and trust of the people, and try to fulfill his responsibility of discovering the identity of the enemy within It s a pretty tall order for a sixteen year old American kid Will he be up to the task The book is heavy on political intrigue, sleuthing, and builds to a rousing battle and a cliffhanger ending The book is well written Even though it is geared to the junior and teen audience, adults who read fantasy will find this book an enjoyable read Steve Groll author Beyond the Dead Forest

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    Prince Andy and the Misfits Shadow Man is an imaginative tale of a 16 year old who finds out he s not just a regular boy, but a prince from a far away land He leaves his normal life behind and replaces it with one adventure after another while trying to save his mother, the queen This fairytale is filled with all the wonderful creatures that children love elves, unicorns, goblins trolls, dragons, and even newly created ones The description of the characters will draw you in and keep you wanting to read Children of all ages will find themselves choosing a favorite character Mine was Snollygob and I loved the creative way the author had him eat What kids hasn t wished to be a prince or princess or wanted to meet mythical creatures This story will appeal to both girls and boys from 4th grade on up It is a book they won t want to put down They will be asking for the sequel as soon as they are done with the first book I also think it would make a great class read along for teachers and could lead to many different writing lessons for the class Review by Judi Chesshir Author of My Finny Fin Fin Teacher

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    How do we form good character Keeping in mind that pretending is practice for real life, books fill our minds with examples of virtue and honor A fun book for classroom reading grades 6 10 is Prince Andy The Misfits, wherein a 16 year old discovers he is a Prince in a magical kingdom It is easy for the reader to place himself in the middle of the action, and yet enough twists and turns to the storyline to hold interest too Great for older or reluctant readers, advanced younger readers, families, book clubs, teaching, homeschool, Christian Catholic readers.A real plus is that the book includes a code to download an audio version from the publisher website Think beyond iPod mania before Apple engineers were born, teachers were using audio books to help children learn to read, pronunciate, and improve vocabulary For our full review and commentary, see our criteria evaluation

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    Ms Gammons words may be confined to ink, paper, and binding, but they certainly did not stay confined as I began delving into her YA fantasy book Prince Andy and the Misfits, Shadow Man leaps out continually with spine tingling adventure, strange mystical beings, clandestine meetings, cryptic messages, a whodunit mystery, and a precarious dilemma One day, sixteen year old Andy discovers his perception of all he knows is not what it seems and he isn t who he thought he was, leading to a discovery beyond his wildest dreams Karen Gammons possesses an inspired imagination and a superb gift for creative writing, because she surely captivated me with this splendid tale I look forward to reading book two Review by Kathy Goodhew, author of, The Hidden Ones series, Awakened and Confluence.

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    I won a copy of this book through First ReadsI m lovin this story thus far It s a story of inclusion Everyone who felt excluded for some reason or another, with their own kind say a giant who gets called half pint for example are welcome in the Misfit Kingdom of Filligrim I appreciate that the author thinks outside the box and doesn t fall into the cliches about mystical creatureswho says unicorns have to be white And she has created new mystical creatures I just love snollygob any one.Add to that a mystery One that seems to be leaning in one directionbut I suspect all is not as it seems.Ive finished this wonderful book What a fun ride Can t wait for the next installment cuz there was a HUGE cliffhanger at the end How long will I have to wait Karen

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    I got this book for Christmas and I truly loved this book What a great adventure Andy has been given the task of rescuing his mother from the goblins, finding a traitor in the Filligrim Castle, retrieving a stone of power and unmasking an evil Shadow Man The story takes you for a ride, there are battles with large beasts, unicorns that aren t the normal color of white, and a downright nasty, slobbering creature named Snollygob Shadow Man was a fast read I could barely put it down It ended with a huge cliffhanger and left me wanting I can t wait for the next book in the installment to come out, so I can find out what happens Read it You won t be disappointed.

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    In Prince Andy and the Misfits Shadow Man, Karen does a wonderfully picturesque job of making her readers feel that they themselves have been transported to another land I found myself enthralled with the characters be it the elves, goblins, or myriad of others who show up throughout the story While set in far away lands, there are some tried and true messages like good over evil, having a good heart, and most importantly that it is okay to be different just like the Misfits themselves it s definitely what s on the inside that counts This is a greatly developed story that will leave you wanting Author of My Hero, My DingLisa Tortorello

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    I bought this book online at , because I thought the cover was cool When I started reading it, I couldn t put it down I like the characters, especially Snollygob I didn t like the fact that it had a huge cliffhanger at the end, because it just left me wanting I was reading on Karen Gammons website that her next book is about to be released and I m pretty stoked about that Can t wait to read it I would recommend this book to all of my friends and anyone who asked me about it It was a great and fun read.

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    I absolutely love a great adventure and wasn t disappointed when I read Prince Andy and the Misfits Shadow Man This book takes the reader on a journey of discovery with mystical creatures, magic, intrigue and honor From one world to the next, Andy finds out what he s made of when he goes from being a baseball playing teenager, to a Prince fighting with sword and shield Not only is this an entertaining read, but there is an overall good message about those who are seen as outcasts The Misfits are the heroes a great message for everyone I can t wait for the next book

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    I won a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads Shadow Man Prince Andy and the Misfits, 1 is a very interesting read The adventure of Prince Andy and his band of Misfits is one that should energize any child s imagination While I am a bit picky about what I read, I did enjoy the book for what it is I will also be reading the second book to see how the story moves forward.This book will certainly be read to any future kids that I have provided I m lucky enough to have some Jason

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