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Shooting Stars pdf Shooting Stars , ebook Shooting Stars , epub Shooting Stars , doc Shooting Stars , e-pub Shooting Stars , Shooting Stars a1f806422d4 Meet Josephine Foster, Or Zo Jo As She S Called In The Biz The Best Pint Sized Photographer Of Them All, Jo Doesn T Mind Doing What It Takes To Get That Perfect Shot, Until She S Sent On An Undercover Assignment To Shoot Ned Hartnett Teen Superstar And The Only Celebrity Who S Ever Been Kind To Her At An Exclusive Rehabilitation Retreat In Boston The Money Will Be Enough To Pay For Jo S Dream Real Photography Classes, And Maybe Even Quitting Her Paparazzi Gig For Good Everyone Wants To Know What Ned S In For But Jo Certainly Doesn T Know What She S In For Falling In Love With Ned Was Never Supposed To Be Part Of Her Assignment

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    MEEEEEEHHHHH.Was this bad luck I think so My vanillas have gone rancid I can stop writing this review and copy paste the one I wrote for The Summer My Life Began.In this one, we have Josephine, a.k.a Jo Zo, a 16 year old paparazz a Daughter of a famous paparazzo, student by day, celebrity stalker by night She s young, tiny and can sneak in where no other photographer can go When she gets an assignment to stalk the latest teen heartthrob, Ned Hartnett, while he s on retreat rehab for mysterious issues, she just cannot refuse, even if it feels far from ethical She needs the money to get out of her life as a pap and enroll in a proper photography school Unfortunately, the plan to get in, shoot and get out backfires big time The she gets to know the sweet Ned, the she realizes there s something weird about him she just can t put her finger on she s loosing her cool and feels definitely attracted to the guy When the truth comes up, will Jo Zo be able to renounce her dream and do the right thing I wish I could tell you this book is terrible, but it s not I didn t hate it Worse I felt very indifferent to it It s not boring, it s not awfully written It s just there s really very little to it No substance, no depth, no or very little character development I might repeat myself for the 100th time when I say this, but while I like light, fluffy stories, there has to be something in there Something has to touch me, or amuse me or make me cry or whatever Nothing is not good at all.This is the kind of book that if you ask me in 6 months what it was about or the name of the MC, I won t even be able to tell you So NOT memorable There are so many nice vanillas out there you want to read Skip this one Also seen on The Nocturnal Library.

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    This book as a film A Discussion.Or Jo gets hypothetical and reveals far too much about herself.First ScenarioMr Harnett, the love interest of this book, would be played by Justin Beiber or one of the lads from One Direction The Wanted Their face would be plastered all over the world and they would be trending on Twitter What I know, I m being stupid One Direction trending on Twitter Gettouttatown I would vow never to leave the house put the TV on open my eyes until everyone had calmed down and the dust of a thousand pre teen girls had settled Um ok that analogy didn t quite work but you get the gist.Second Scenario.Mr Hartnett would be played by Zac Efron His face would be plastered on the buses and billboards at the train station and I would sneakily look at him when I thought no one was looking and make a mental note to text my best friend and demand that she came with me to see it.It could go either way.This book could ve done the same This book had the danger of being so ridiculous and cringey and omgursoannoying see One Direction that I would fling it out of the window and vow never to read a book again That s right I would never read a book ever again If anything could make that happen, the existence of One Direction fanfic would be it.Or it could be sweet, funny and I would love it in a way similar to the way that you love something that you can t explain because it s so different to what you normally love and, with everything considered, you should probably hate it see Zac Efron, WHO before everyone gets all giddy is actually nearly two years older than me.Luckily, this book was the latter Honestly, I wouldn t buy it on DVD but every time it was shown on TV on a Sunday afternoon I d probably watch it and I d enjoy every minute of it.I ve been on a bit of an intense stint recently so it was good to just read something that was light, cute and fun I know I ve said fun about a million times but you can really tell that Ms Rushby had lots of it when she wrote this book Sure this book isn t going to change your life and it s not going to challenge you and shock you to your core and yeah, it was pretty easy to guess what was going to happen but I didn t care Zo Jo was a cute heroine, the kissing stuff was lovely and I didn t find the jokes cringey in the slightest.Also, I found it hilarious that the main bloke was named Hartnett because it brought back vivid memories of when I was about fifteen and I was obsessed with Josh Hartnett I know, isn t that the weirdest crush ever I was so obsessed with him that wrote a Christmas poem song about him I think that is the epitome of Crazy Girl With Crush, right I m thinking it was because I am a huge fan The Virgin Suicides, both the book and the film where he plays Trip Fontaine with a dodgy bob If that s not the reason, god knows what is.Anyway, that s all in the past now and now I have moved on and I mean, I don t even think about Josh Hartnett any Unless I have one of my I m going to stay in my pjs and watch The Faculty and eat Frosties out of the box days.Which, um, never happens.What was I even saying Ahh, book review, that s it.I don t know why I liked this book especially when I ve strongly disliked books that are the same style Maybe it just caught me at a good time Maybe it s because Ms Rushby s writing was fresh and funny Maybe it s because this book didn t try and be something it wasn t Or maybe it s because I m biased that the heroine almost has the same name as me Or maybe I just have a weakness for books where the hapless heroine meets a Hollywood movie star and shenanigans and kissing ensue.It s probably that.I ve got a lot of time for shenanigans and kissing.I try not to call books fluff because I find it kind of patronising and dismissive I always feel you can enjoy a book you wouldn t normally enjoy without it being classed as fluff Except that this book was fluff.Not the kind that seems to attach itself to black clothing but the edible marshmallowy stuff in a tub that you get from Selfridges.Sure, if you ate a whole jar of it you would be sick and probably go blind and slightly rabid but a sneaky table teaspoon full when no one s watching every now and again Absolutely.I received this book from the author.You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog, Wear the Old Coat.

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    I thought it would be a boring teenage novel, but glad on interesting plot twist from the middle towards the end Enjoyable lite reading.

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    Josephine Foster or Zo Jo The best pint sized photographer of them all.She is a sixteen year old paparazzo She loves the rush of snapping elusive shots of celebrities and because of her age and size, she s able to go to places and get the pictures no else can She takes her job to another level by accepting a job that requires her to enter a retreat facility to keep an eye and get pictures of the famous singer and teen sensation Ned Hartnett, but she ends up discovering about him than she expected The money will be enough to pay for Jo s dream real photography classes, and maybe even quitting her paparazzi gig for good Everyone wants to know what Ned s in for But Jo certainly doesn t know what she s in for falling in love with Ned was never supposed to be part of her assignment.Sharp Funny Charming and Light hearted.Shooting stars is a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read With its good storyline, wonderful characters and emotionally engaging plot, this book definitely swept me off my feet It gives us an idea on what s behind the life of a paparazzo it even gives us some of their juciest secrets.Jo is a very engaging character She really has a big heart toward people around her and other things I really liked how the retreat affects her life as she knows about herself As the story progress, Jo also shows a great amount of growing up The romance in this story is sweet and refreshing.I really really loved the twist about half way of the book I really didn t see that one coming up But it made the other half of the sotry interesting view spoiler So it turns out that the Ned Harnett that Jo is trying to steal a picture of at the retreat facility is not the real Ned Harnett He s Ned Harnett s brother Jake They very much look like each other that they could be easily mistaken for each other Because of that its been easy for Jake to act as Ned Harnett Now it s up to you guys to read why Jake acted as Ned hide spoiler

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    I love the idea for this book it s so unique The cover is adorable too I ve never read anything about papparazi before, and it s so far away from my own life, but it sounds really interesting to read about And while I did love the plot, I thought the characters and writing were lacking, and felt somewhat removed from the whole story.Even though the idea is great, the plot sounds pretty predictable It s the kind of plot where you think you have it all figured out before you even start the book Jo is going to want to expose Ned but develops feelings for him, there s a big fall out when Ned either finds out about Jo or she confesses, but in the end Jo gives up her papparazi gig and they re together and happy in the end Right Wrong The plot is totally different than I d expected, in a good way There are some crazy plot twists I never would have seen coming, and there s lots of layers to the story I love how different the plot is from what I d expected, and the crazy plot twists are fun to read about The plot is great it s what I liked best about Shooting Stars I loved reading about all the papparazi stuff Cameras hidden in iPods and sun glasses, selling your pictures to magazines, getting into events to take pictures of stars It s all so far from my own life, but fascinating to read about It s a world I know nothing about, and it was lots of fun to get to find out what life is like for a papparazo.Jo is an okay character Like I said, I liked reading about her papparazo adventures, but other than that, there s not all that much to her I liked her and she s easy to relate to, for the most part, but I didn t feel like I really got to know her Aside from the papparazi and photography stuff, she doesn t have much of a personality I can t explain it she just felt like a very bland character to me theres nothing special about her personality, and I don t feel like I really got to know her There s something we find out about her towards the end of the book that cuold have made her a interesting character, but that issue is never really explored.I did not like the secondary characters at all They re all very bland and I had trouble even remembering who s who Ned is sweet but nothing special, and I didn t feel any sparks between him and Jo I found their relationship kind of boring and couldn t feel their chemistry Jo s roommate, whose name I can t remember sorry this is what happens when I don t feel for the characters , has an interesting story, but the reader never gets to know enough about her struggles The same goes for the rest of the kids at the resort I really would have liked to know about Seth, Hoodie Boy, etc I think this set up had a lot of potential, with about ten kids who all have some kind of issue, but the execution is lacking, in my opinion I never feel like I got to know Jo s dad and her friend back in LA, either Wendy is the only character who has any real personality, in my opinion.I did enjoy Shooting Stars, somewhat The plot is great and keeps you turning the pages Still, I felt somewhat removed from the story because I found the characters one dimensional and bland If you re looking for a quick, fun read with a unique and interesting plot, though, you should give Shooting Stars a try.Reviewed at

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    I m going to briefly share my thoughts on this book I m not very eloquent when it comes to writing reviews Anyway, first things first if you can ignore some of the farfetchedness of the main character s situation, you ll probably like this book The main character, Josephine or Zo Jo , is a 16 year old paparazzo from LA, who basically lives independently whilst her Aussie dad is working in Japan She gets a job to go undercover at a retreat in Boston in order to snap pictures of Ned Hartnett, teen singer and heart throb What Jo discovers about Ned and also about herself is the main focus of the book.If you can suspend some disbelief that a SIXTEEN year old flies by herself to Boston, and normally runs around LA like a mad woman papping , and needs thousands of money to save to get into Photography school so she can stop falling asleep in high school then you will find Shooting Stars to be a fun, light hearted and easy read When I first started reading I was thinking, this is so unrealistic I don t believe ANY of this but then when I just took it by face value, I began to really like it I loved the main character, Jo She was feisty and pint sized, and even though she was a paparazzo, she had a big heart I also love the Ned Hartnett character We find out something very delicious about him which I will not speak of here, but I thought it added a nice twist.Funnily enough, I was expecting a huge blow up between Jo and Ned, which never came I was thinking he s going to find out about her, and get really angry, and I m going to be annoyed reading about their argument and wait until they make up again because yes, sometimes I get sick of fights tension in books so it was REALLY refreshing to find that never happened Hooray I think a fight between the characters would have stunted the pace of the book.Wasn t this supposed to be a short review So to summarise, ignore the obvious flaws, and you ve got yourself an extremely quick and entertaining read, with cool characters and a unique situation, and a nice ending.

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    How often do you get to read a book about paparazzi A 16 years old girl paparazzo I would say never After reading the synopsis, my first reaction was this should be interesting And it was Very interesting, indeed I loved it It was a fun, easy, quick contemporary book I was able to read it in one day.Josephine or Jo is a very likable character I really like her She s quirky, fun, and sweet girl with a goal to be a professional portrait photographer She might not always like what she does, but she needs the money to go to college Taking celebrities picture isn t as dirty as her new job, a job that will cover the money she needs to go to the school she wants to go going to rehab facility for undercover on a teenage celebrity, Ned Hartnett A celebrity she has a crush on and has met before even though he doesn t remember her.I liked Ned if you read the book, you know who I m really talking about He s nice The romance between Jo and Ned is okay The reason why I gave this book 4.5 instead of 5 was the romance I didn t hate but I didn t love it either It was okay I didn t jump up and down for it.I thought Shooting Stars would be a typical contemporary book, and after reading a couple of chapters I thought I figured it all out Boy was I wrong Shooting Stars surprised me with a twist I didn t expect at all I m always good at figuring books really quickly, but not with this book The twist was the icing on the cake I didn t know what to expect from it, so I just kept reading in awe.Overall, Allison Rushby debut novel was amazing I really liked the plot It gives readers to a view in the life of a paparazzi their work seems to take all of their time The pace was good I would recommend this book for EVERYONE Rating 4.5 5

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    Now I have this little thing that stops me from completely, one hundred percent, enjoying a heck of a lot of books that I pick up No matter how lovely, astonishing, heart breaking or mind blowing they are, if they have even a slightly dodgy premise, then I just can t let THE FEELINGS completely takeover This is especially the case with contemporary YA I have to buy into it to fully invest in it, if you get what my drift.So, when I read the synopsis for Shooting Stars, my sceptical muscle began to flex Teenage paparazzo Really REALLY I thought, no matter how skillful the plot and the writing, that I was going to have a few problems with this one.Well, I m pleased to say that, thanks to a rather wonderful main character, I got over that particular hurdle pretty quickly In fact their wasn t really a hurdle to get over So I was running with it all the way sorry I really loved little Zo Jo As well as wrongly assuming she was not going to cut the mustard in terms of a convincing character, I also assumed she would be intensely annoying I guess I should stop making assumptions it makes an ass out ofok, I ll stop now She had a lovely wisecracking, cynical edge, balanced with a sweet nature and she really worked I am now very sure the streets of LA are teeming with tiny little wheeling and dealing paparazzi, god love em.Her voice was brilliant It reminded me of an old fashioned gumshoe detective trying to crack a case wide open There wasn t a code of conduct and some people liked to play rough Especially the full timers they hated the part timers who liked to pap outside of their day jobs, even if their day job was school I was new, I was female and I was a kid Let s just say no one was splitting their lunch box Twinkie with me There was a nice little dollop of romance too My only complaint would be that I would have preferred a little in terms of sizzle there wasn t quite enough kissing for my liking, but the lip locking that did take place was than satisfactory A couple of surprises here the first I won t mention, because, well, it s a surprise and shall remain so The second surprise won t get me shot for spoiler spilling I hope the story takes an unexpected serious turn and starts to explore some deeper issues that you wouldn t necessarily expect from a book with such a light hearted tone I welcome angst with open arms on most occasions, and this didn t change here I just felt that once Jo s big reveal had been revealed, everything was a bit rushed after I would have maybe liked to see time at the retreat and just a little exploration of Jo s issues Although, saying that, the ending does provide the reader and the character with a satisfactory sort of closure.I just have to mention, how brilliantly the way her relationship with her father was written A strong example of hands off parenting, if ever there was one, but there was still a very strong impression of a loving relationship and mutual respect Writing from my own perspective, this is a very convincing father child dynamic and was very well done.I really enjoyed Shooting Stars a light hearted, romantic read with surprising hidden depths And a magnificent main character And I now know I have a real problem spelling paparazzo that just took me three attempts.I was sent this copy for review by the author

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    While having a hard time getting into one book to the point where I didn t read for about 3 days Gasp , I decided maybe I just needed to read something else and kind of start over This was the book I chose mostly because it s the shortest of the three I had to pick from And it was kind of cute and fluffy.It plays out a lot like a rom com Jo lives in LA where she takes pictures of celebrities for quite a bit of money Only one celebrity has ever been nice to her and that was Ned Hatchett Now, she s being hired to take pictures of him at a retreat where he s being treated for something unknown Can Jo betray the respect she has for Ned to show the world his most vulnerable moments Jo is very snarky, something I really appreciate It s always fun when the characters can see the irony in their situations The story is pretty interesting while Jo s on her mission It s funny and somewhat deep, but still fluffy and cute.Yes, there is an insane amount of luck in the story Like Jo happens to be picked for just about the only job she d ever regret doing And Ned happens to be really nice to her And things that I can t say without spoiling things But it s like a rom com, as I said We read these fluffy books for the happy endings, not to read something that could have happened in our world We re reading to escape that Or at least I know I am.So while some slam it for being fluffy or whatever, I just want to say that yes, it is fluffy and unrealistic, but it s still a cute and easy read If you re a fan of rom coms like Raise Your Voice starring Hilary Duff , then you ll probably like this.

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    I liked this book it was cute and fun, but not fluffy.Jo is a 16 year old paparazzo, using her small stature and innocent looks to get her in to take pictures of high profile celebrities Her father is famous among his paparazzi peers, and though she s temporarily following in his footsteps, her real dream is to be a portrait photographer An unexpected assignment to track and photograph a teen heartthrob in a retreat like rehab would provide the funds she needs to pay for school and an awesome study program But when she learns her target is Ned Hartnett, the only celebrity who s ever really been nice to her, she has a slight crisis of conscience Much of this book is Jo dealing with that conscience I don t want to spoil too much, but I ll say there was a little swoon.I didn t really like Jo s character She annoyed me, and I couldn t really identify with her Not because she s a teenage photographer but because she seems to be so motivated by money She says she needs money so many times throughout the book, but I don t get it Her dad is successful and is out of the country working throughout most of the book She has thousands of dollars worth of equipment, yet she says she has to work all hours of the night The girl is sixteen Getting past that, I liked the book, and many of the characters, including her roommate and Ned It s a quick read from a debut author, and I m looking forward to what Rushby gives us next.

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