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Showdown With The Sheriff chapter 1 Showdown With The Sheriff , meaning Showdown With The Sheriff , genre Showdown With The Sheriff , book cover Showdown With The Sheriff , flies Showdown With The Sheriff , Showdown With The Sheriff 7115561c51881 Protecting Her Meant Confronting His PastSheriff Logan Brewer Was Just A Deputy When Rory Matson Was Abducted And Left For Dead On Reaper S Point Before They Could Say Goodbye, She D Run Off And Hadn T Looked Backuntil The Mystery Surrounding Her Father S Death Brought Her Home And Reawakened A Madman Out To Finish What He D Started Pushing Aside The Guilt He Still Harbored For Not Saving Rory Once Before, Logan Had To Capture This Elusive Killer If He Was To Lay Old Demons To Rest After All, The Beauty May Have Survived, But Her Body And Spirit Were Permanently Scarred This Time, He D Right Past Wrongs And Protect Her At All CostsFailure Was Not An Option

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    This was such a good book, that I couldn t put down In the past Aurora had been kidnapped by a mad man Logan had felt the guilt from not being able to stop it from happening, and for not being able to find the person that left Aurora to die Afterwards she picked up and moved, and tried to put the past behind her She was faced with her past, when she had to go back home after her dad died The mad man started killing young woman again while she was home She and Logan worked to find the killer The action was intense that kept me on the edge of my seat I never guessed who the mad man was before the end of the book Great plot This Author is very talented This is a book you will love This will be a book I know I will re read later on Sample from chapter 10Logan steered down the drive, putting his foot on the brake pedal for the first switchback turn The pedal went to the floor A charge of panic tightened his nerves Pumping the brake, he tried to bring the pressure up Nothing Grabbing the shift lever he pulled the transmission down into low, slowing the motor s rchokengtitik

    titikchokengm s Again he pumped the brake Nothing The vehicle picked up speed Hang on Turning the wheel hard, he skidded around the hairpin turn The front bumper ground into the embankment, sending a cloud of dust over them as the bounced out of the ditch and back onto the road What s wrong No brakes The color drained from her face He had to get the vehicle stopped Grabbing the emergency brake, he pulled hard The SUB jerked several times, but continued its downward roll, picking up speed as the seconds ticked by.

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    This book definitely kept you at the edge of your seat with action and suspense It was a shock to find out who was involved and how events transpired I also enjoyed the truth in the emotional connection between Rory and Logan in their relationship The true emotion of such a devastating event laid heavily on their relationship, even where love was still strong 5 stars

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