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    Now this is what I call a dysfunctional family Secrets, romance, drama to the max Someone Else s Life is a story that will make your jaw drop, along with having your life feel especially normal Mostly character oriented, this book is deeply emotional, with endless twists that turn it into a true roller coaster ride I can see it come off as overly dramatic, but I personally really enjoyed getting surprised by the turn of events never expecting things to get so tragic, so complicated Rosie s life goes into a complete free fall after she finds out she s not really who she thought she was As secrets starts to unravel, I found myself caring and about this girl, about everyone involved in the situation Huntington s disease is not widely known or acknowledged I only gained what I know from the TV series House, where I learned there is no cure, and how terribly heartbreaking this disease becomes for everyone it touches The worst part is deciding, do you get tested Would you want to know if you re going to be doomed to this illness Although we don t experience Huntington s first hand in the book, it s a big cloud that is constantly looming inside the pages In spite of the story being quite complex, the book is easy to understand, and with its shocking plots twists, plowing through it is effortless I m a bit undecided on how I feel about the romance I thought it was very sweet at times, but I would get fed up with the on again off again scenarios Andy, her boyfriend, seemed to never make up his mind When they were on again , though, it was very cute I also enjoyed the journey itself seeing New York especially, is always magical Katie has this great ability to casually blend in all this magic, romance, and even humor in such a deep, emotionally charged book and have it all somehow work.Reminiscent of a Jodi Picoult book, Someone Else s Life is a story that will easily have you engrossed in the overwhelming dramatics of Rosie s life With a great cast of characters, deeply rooted emotions, and life altering decisions there is something for everyone in this novel For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    What a complex story this one was 4,5 stars to be precise.It s been days since I ve read this book and I still haven t made up my mind about how I feel about it.I know I liked it, and I know I found it to be a very complex story.Although I didn t have any expectations about the story it still went into a whole another way, the way I couldn t imagine it would ever go.After reading it I had so much to think about I still have I knew switching babies is illegal for reason, but I had no idea that baby swap could have such a drastic consequences.Even if this book is a ya genre, all the time while reading it I had a feeling I was reading an adult book.In my opinion, it shows a quality of the story and story telling.My relationship with the main characters was also the complex one.I could relate to Rosie and I liked and understood her almost the whole time, even when I knew her actions could have drastic measures, I was still on her side view spoiler Holly was another story At first I liked her, then I found her childish After that I thought she was mean and stupid At the end, I ended up understanding her and her actions, and understanding why she was acting the way she did hide spoiler

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    Where do I even begin with this bookI d love to start with a plot summary but even if I could keep track of everything that happened I don t think there s enough space to write it all out There were pregnancies and TV stars and long lost relatives and dramatic airport scenes and debilitating diseases and last minute international flights and people getting hit by cars just to name a few So basically, if it s happened on a soap opera it probably happened in this book.But if I had to summarize what I think to be the main story line it would be this The story follows two girls, Rosie and Holly, who were switched not accidentally at birth When Rosie find this out from her family friend, the midwife who switched the two girls in the first place, she goes off in search of her family in America When she finds them drama ensues, especially over the fact that Holly s biological mother the one who raised Rosie recently died of Huntington s disease which means Holly has a fifty percent chance of having it herself As if this wasn t enough, Holly is unbeknownst to anyone but herself pregnant.Now let s go to Holly She was probably my number one problem with this book I honestly believe she might be the most annoying character of all time She s immature, selfish, and completely irrational The story alternates speakers between her and Rosie and here s how I would breakdown Holly s chapters 70% Hating Rosie because she was stealing her family despite the fact that her dad told her every other page how much he loved her and how she would always be his daughter.20% Yelling at people, most often her dad and Rosie.8% Worrying about her baby and almost telling her dad she was pregnant before getting interrupted 2% Feeling sorry for Rosie because her entire family died but this was always short lived And Rosie s section of the book wasn t much better Her boyfriend left and came back I would say no less than 15 times throughout the book so that unnecessary drama took up much of her side of the story.The only reason I even continued reading was because I had to know whether or not Holly, and her baby, had Huntington s disease So after lots of indecision and multiple doctor s appointments, the results came back AND SHE DIDN T LOOK AT THEM.After all that she decided she actually didn t want to know whether or not she had the disease Now I understand that s a decision a lot of people make and I respect that, it s totally up to them, but it doesn t stop me from wanting to know.Then around page 452 of 453 everyone realizes that hey, blood doesn t really matter, your family is the people who raised you And so after the craziest few weeks ever they all go on with their lives as planned and swear to keep in touch via skype and all that.I can honestly say this is time I will never get back If you re wondering why I rated this 2 stars even after this scathing review it s because my personal rule is if I finish the book I can t have disliked it that much and therefore it s lowest grade can be 2 stars

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    Wow, Someone Else s Life completely blew me away It was so good The premise is really excellent and sad Rosie s mum has died from a disease called Huntington s I ll be honest and say I knew nothing about Huntington s before I read this book I m sure I ve heard the name before but I didn t know what it really was or what it did to people and their families This book was incredibly informative about the disorder and I definitely feel like I learned something from reading it Besides losing her mum, Rosie is also dealing with the terrifying 50 50 chance of having inherited Huntington s herself.As you can imagine, Rosie world is pretty crazy But it doesn t stop there At the beginning of this novel, she finds out that she does not, in fact, have Huntington s Not because of luck but because her mother was not actually her mother Rosie was switched with another baby at birth She is of course in shock and determined to find out the truth about her past In the midst of her grief, she throws herself head first in to this task.Rosie s journey is a scary one She goes off with her ex boyfriend Andy to the US because that s where her birth mother is I was completely captivated by this story and gripped the whole way through The writing is excellent and nice to read There are a lot of twists thrown into this book Some of them were predictable but some of them took me completely by surprise I never knew what was going to happen next and was really worried for all the characters Every step of the way, Rosie s situation becomes complicated and I couldn t wait to see how it was going to end up.My only problem with this book is its length It s almost 500 pages and while this would be fine if the book warranted it, I really don t think it did The two POVs probably made this book much longer than it really needed to be Other than that though, Someone Else s Life is a beautiful and educational story about family, loss and ethics I would certainly recommend it

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    A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.What happens when the truth comes out We re introduced to Rosie, whose mother just died of Huntington s disease The loss of her only parent is too much for Rosie, as her thoughts are painful memories of the way her mother was before the disease took over her body She s not alone because the boy that she loves Andy is there for her and together they go in a vacation What Andy doesn t know is that Rosie is looking for her real mother, her biological mother Her mom s best friend Sarah has told her the biggest secret of all, she was swapped at birth I absolutely devoured this book, just because I couldn t stop reading it When one problem was resolved, another popped right up It was a little intense at times, knowing how some of the characters reacted I admired Rosie, her tenacity to do the right thing always made her look like the bad apple to others, yet in spite of everything she has been through, she always came out stronger and wiser in the end I couldn t care for Molly s character, even though I did pity her She acted like a spoiled child, when things did not go her way.What a heart warming tale of family relationships You ll love this tale I know I did QUOTES You are the decisions you make The things you do The people you love and who love you They re the things that really make you who you are Jack The truth may hurt, but lies they re vicious They hide coiled up inside you, ready to strike without warning, without your even knowing they re there Holly

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    Rosie Kenning lives in Bramberley, England and is seventeen years old Her mother, Trudie, has just passed away after an eighteen month long battle with Huntington s disease Rosie quit school to take care of her mother after she was diagnosed and had the help of her mother s best friend and nurse, Sarah as well as her Nan Now Rosie is on her own, grieving for her mum and worried about the possibility that she will suffer the same fate as Huntington s disease is hereditary It s then that Sarah reveals to Rosie that there was no way that Rosie could have inherited it as Trudie was not her birth mother This news kickstarts Rosie s search for her birth mother, taking her to America with her former boyfriend, Andy.Someone Else s Life by Katie Dale features Rosie s perspective as well as the perspective from an unnamed girl which added some mystery and confusion to the beginning of the book At first I had no idea who it was, then I thought I d figured it out and then there was a twist and it was not who I suspected at all It s actually quite hard to talk about this book without being able to talk about some of he characters but I don t want to spoil it as that particular surprise is one of the better aspects to this book.I was interested in this book and how it would deal with such a serious disease and I felt Katie covered that well but the other plot line, that takes over the book, caused a lot of constant and predictable drama.Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, I really wanted to like her She s spent eighteen months of her life caring for her mum, she left school, her friends have drifted away and now all she can think about is the fact that she might die from the same disease You d think going through something like this would bring on maturity and level headedness but in this case it hasn t Rosie is quite immature, she s also angry understandably and she doesn t communicate well choosing instead to omit the truth or flat out lie There were times when I felt for her, she s just lost her mum then found out that she wasn t her real mum but she was also a whinger and turned on the people who had been there for her, like Sarah and Andy.So, the plot point that I d really like to talk about, leads her on a search for her birth mother who she traces to America She s now an actress and when Andy mentions his plans for a year abroad, Rosie goes along, leaving out the fact that she s only going to track down her mum It s over in America where all the drama starts and this book started feeling like a very long episode of Gossip Girl.We meet a whole new cast of characters and the perspective switches between Rosie and one of the new characters The perspectives switched too quickly for me, one minute I d be reading about Rosie and too soon the story would switch to the other point of view and then back again, it felt dizzying.Most of the second half of the book involved someone trying to have a conversation, then someone would end up admitting something and another person would carry on and yell and then storm off Eventually they d return, another conversation would take place or they d walk in to a scene already happening, another misunderstanding would occur and someone else would storm off It all became too predictable and soap opera ish, ag It got to the point that I really wanted to put this down but I forced myself to read to the end and found a predictable ending waiting for me It did tie everything up, which I m a fan of but ti just seemed like it took a long time to get there.At the end Katie includes some information about Huntington s disease which I m sure would be appreciated by anyone who picks up this book because of a personal experience.Overall I found this to be drama filled story about an extended family, that took away from the original seriousness of the beginning I know other readers have enjoyed it than I did, so don t let my feelings put you off if this book sounds like your cup of tea.

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    OH MY GODOH MY GODOHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWDIt s been a while since I ve read a contemporary story, and this was exactly what I needed Honestly, I was sick of all the dystopia and sci fi and fantasy I ve been reading a lot recently, and I just needed some good old contemporary in my book reading life.Anyways, this was a recommendation from a friend Cindy that s you k Her recommendations are 95% PERFECT At first, I was reluctant to read this because, well I judged it Again Dangit, whenever a book seems so oh so boring, it ends up being the best book ever Gah.What I found ironic about this read was that in my biology class, we re currently doing genetic disorders and diseases And this book just so happened to educate all of us about Huntington s disease It was pretty interesting This whole entire storyline and plot was ridiculously complicated, and it became even complicated at the near end In the beginning, I was confused at who was narrating what, but all my questions were answered by the end of the book If you try to explain this plot to someone, it s not gonna happen because it s too complicated to explain That s why people have to read this book to see for themselves Let me do character discussions Every character is active in making the plot work, which I like a lot because there s that thing I love called character coordination.Rosie I like Rosie, but it seems like she s too mature for her age because of what happened to her mom It s always the parents that leave the burden upon the children, ain t it Well, anyway I like Rosie even though she irritated me a lot throughout the book with her reckless actions But she s pretty responsible and independent I like that.Holly At first, I liked her, and then she was a bitch And then she was a bigger bitch and then I became indifferent at the end I could care less if she lived or died I hate her that much But I really understand her feelings what if some random girl waltzed into your life and took your whole family away And what if all of that interfered with your engagement and your pregnancy I can understand her but I don t know why she didn t put out tolerance And even if she couldn t control her anger she didn t have to get frickin even.Andy Andy seemed like an impatient guy in the beginning, and I didn t really like him that much But throughout the book, when Rosie hurt him so much, he still came back for her and forgave her for everything And he made the romance perfect, too He didn t even have to be a hot and sexy and cocky male character for me to love him Gotta love Andy Josh He wasn t a really important character, but I ve got to say, this guy is very, very loyal, and he wouldn t storm off angrily He would try to fix things, not stand there watching as the love of his life runs away from him Josh is amazing Katharine and Jack. well They make a cute couple LOL K I love the romance in this book, seriously Usually, I would view romance as the main and most important aspect in a book, but this book centered on family problems and drama and I liked reading about that a lot The romance just made it 100x better.Overall, you can tell I loved this book.

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    I felt really sorry for Rosie in this, she was going through a really difficult time view spoiler I also felt really sorry for Holly She did annoy me at times with the way she was acting, but with everything that was going on, it was understandable hide spoiler

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    One not so little secret leads to another then another then another So where do I start There was a lot of drama in this one and things did get a bit much Both girls found themselves in situations not quite perfect, so I do understand why they felt the way they did, and I do understand the jealousies and insecurities that crept up Still that one sad situation was permission enough for one or both to act the way they did had me frustrated They could be so selfish they could zero in on their woes so easily paying little heed to what their actions cost others.The characters could frustrating as said, but there is no denying that their history is filled with heartbreak first a debilitating disease, then discoveries of real mothers and real fathers and later still bigger secrets It s no surprise that they felt the way they did, but it was an effort to go through each reaction they had Other than the two though, there s Andy This boy could frustrate me too Because he s always left behind, he was prone to doing the same Goodness I wanted him to pick a path and stick to it And there were all other people too, other people whose own histories allowed for drama Twas a bit much, honestly.Thanks NETGALLEY 2.5 5

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    Originally posted to Bookish Book Blog YA and Adult Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Guest Posts, Giveaways and news ___ Katie Dale concocts a deliciously compelling blend of personalities, heartbreak, and family drama, in a story of one girl s journey of self discovery and finding her place in the world Someone Else s Life is a compulsively readable novel, and one that is sure to resonate with its readers The plot line focuses almost entirely on Rosie, a seventeen year old girl who just lost her mom to Huntington s Disease and is now terrified by the possibility that she herself might have inherited the disease Just as she s about to get tested for it, her mother s best friend, Sarah, tells her the truth And the truth is heartbreaking Rosie s mom was not her biological mother Devastated, lost and confused, Rosie decides to find her real mother, and she will travel across the continent to trace her Rosie s story was a deeply moving one From the very beginning every page is loaded with her emotions And they are very convincing, vibrant, even gut wrenching at times The love she has for her mother is deeply felt, and her regrets about the past and her fears and hopes about the future are heartbreakingly real She s a very relatable protagonist, and one that you can truly connect with Katie Dale did a really great job crafting her character, as well as all the other fantastic protagonists in her novel to the point that you really don t feel like you re reading a YA contemporary book, like you re listening to a story told by your best friend There s a very comforting feeling of familiarity to this book The characters described in it could be people you pass by on the street every day Their worries and dreams, all the battles they fight they re the same worries, drams and battles that we experience every day Perhaps that s why this story made such a huge impression on me I was really moved by it, really glued to its pages, hungry for , impatient to find out what will happen to Rosie, Andy, aunt Sarah, Nana, and Kitty Clare Speaking of characters, I feel that I need to mention how delighted I was with Rosie s strong personality This girl went through so much and yet there was no self pity, no whining, no throwing fits nor crying into the pillow for hours She was such a reasonable, understanding, patient, compassionate and forgiving character So tough, brave and determined to find true happiness, taking special care not to hurt anyone else in the process I loved her I really did I cheered for her, and laughed and cried with her Andy, too, was a very thoughtful character Unlike many boys in YA literature of modern times, he was not a picture perfect He had his flaws and that made me like him even It made him real Sure, he was handsome, caring and supportive He was also quite romantic and swoon worthy, but at the same time he had his bad or not too good moments, when he couldn t understand what was happening with Rosie and the frustration coming from that would make him impatient and angry And that was perfectly fine, because that s how normal people react Like I said, Katie Dale did a phenomenal job fleshing out her characters and breathing life into them I was completely and utterly impressed The plot line itself is a harrowing one At times it will make you sad, at times it will make you smile or even laugh Few scenes might make your heart pound faster Ultimately, though, it will make you think If you re anything like me, you will be thinking about this story long after you ll turn the last page This book does that to you Rosie s lively first person narrative will inspire some long hours of pondering issues ranging from identity, self acceptance, to family and relationship complexities, along with deciding what truly matters in life Anyone who has ever dealt with death in family, or wondered about their place in the world, will find it really easy to relate to this beautifully written, charming novel And it will also teach a you a very important lesson that the blood relation does not make a family People who truly love you, care for you, and accept you for who you are they make a family And the love that comes from that transcends blood Katie Dale has written an intimate and authentic portrait of a teen who finds herself struggling to embrace her uncertain future It s a fabulous read I strongly recommend it

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Someone Else's Life download Someone Else's Life, read online Someone Else's Life, kindle ebook Someone Else's Life, Someone Else's Life 8653a136fd9b When Year Old Rosie S Mother, Trudie, Dies From Huntington S Disease, Her Pain Is Intensified By The Knowledge That She Has A Fifty Percent Chance Of Inheriting The Crippling Disease Herself Only When Rosie Tells Her Mother S Best Friend, Aunt Sarah, That She Is Going To Test For The Disease Does Sarah, A Midwife, Reveal That Trudie Wasn T Her Real Mother After All Rosie Was Swapped At Birth With A Sickly Baby Who Was Destined To DieDevastated, Rosie Decides To Trace Her Real Mother, Joining Her Ex Boyfriend On His Gap Year Travels, To Find Her Birth Mother In California But All Does Not Go As Planned As Rosie Discovers Yet Of Her Family S Deeply Buried Secrets And Lies, She Is Left With An Agonizing Decision Of Her Own, One Which Will Be The Most Heart Breaking And Far Reaching Of All