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    Something s rotten in Denmark Denmark, Tennessee, that is As a fan of both Raymond Chandler and Shakespeare, the author Alan Gratz has attempted to blend the two in a sort of Pulp Shakespeare or Hardboiled Hamlet this according to the back flap of the book jacket The story is told from the point of view of Horatio Wilkes, who has come to spend some vacation time with his best friend, Hamilton Prince Hamilton is heir to the Elsinore Paper Plant fortune said plant also the source of the rotten smell in Denmark and in keeping with the story, Hamilton s father had died and his mother has recently married his uncle, Claude This move had made Claude the head of the paper company Hamilton isn t taking this all too well and so our hero, Horatio, has to deal with lots of his friend s angst, drinking, and bad behavior However, soon Horatio, like his friend, begins to suspect that Rex Prince s death was not an accident and he committs to helping his friend prove it.Though I thought the set up of this remake was interesting, the problem is that it is not just a mix of noir and Shakespeare but noir Shakespeare young adult novel and this threesome works less well here for some reason It took me about 50 pages to get with the rhythm and it still felt like the author was working too hard to hit all the surface connections of Hamlet but none of the deep ones Maybe it s because i just read The Dead Father s Club a far superior re telling of Hamlet from a young person s point of view or because the setup of this book reminded me of Scotland, PA an indie movie version of Macbeth, set in 1975 which really captures the spirt of the play in a modern setting I would have liked to have seen a darker vision in this book that would have made it both realistic and true to both Chandler and Shakespeare.

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    I chose this book because it had an interesting cover with a picture of what I would soon find out are two of the main characters in the sory I really liked this because I was able to really see what the main characters looked like opposed to when you are left with your imagination to figure out what the characters look like and who they are The story starts off with the main character Horatio Wilkes staying at his friend Hamilton Prince s house for a couple of weeks over the summer The two are classmates at their boarding school Hamilton comes from an extremely wealthy family and Horatio comes from a lower middle class family There had recently been a death in Hamilton s family Rex Prince who was Hamilton s father Rex had left a videotape for his son Horatio and Hamilton finally sat down to watch it In the video Rex tells his son that he thinks that he has been getting poisoned over the past couple of months He said he was not going to make it and is up to Hamilton to figure out who did it Rex was the owner of Elsinore Paper company which had been in the family for generations There was one issue with this company The Denmark River was so polluted wherever you went in town all you can smell is the terrible stench coming from the river Somehow every year they are able to pass the tests because part of the downstream river is cleaner When back at The Prince family mansion Horatio soon learns that Hamilton s Uncle Claude had moved in and was no taking care of the paper plant This was extremely suspicious and Hamilton knew this right away There was no proof that Claude was the killer but there really wasn t any The police were not investigating because Rex was in his late sixties As the story goes on there is a lot of protest to get the Elsinore Paper Company be shut down because how bad it was for the environment There was not that much support for it so it never got shut down but the protest did not stop The Prince s did not know what to do Claude was now in charge and Hamilton could not be any angrier A very successful businessman named Ford braniff offered to buy the company for 6 billion dollars Yes with a b The Prince s could not believe how much the offer was but Claude denied Debates started to arouse over what should happen and Hamilton made one of the most controversial decisions of the whole story He decided to join the side that was trying to get it shut down The company that allowed him live such a nice life This really made people think The river was then cleaned as the investigation came to a close All along Uncle Claude had been the killer of his own brother What a guy Some things I liked about this story was how the narrator of the story Horatio was kind of on the outside looking in He was not part of the family so he was not really biased on what he was saying about the investigation I also like how it described things For example in the beginning of the story it spends almost two whole pages talking about how bad the smell in the town was On the other hand, some things I did not really like about the story was how long it took for the story to really go anywhere It spent almost half of the book just giving you background information that was not really important to the plot I thought they could have talked about the interesting things throughout the whole book instead of just cramming a lot towards the end without going into much detail about what happened.

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    Something s rotten is a very good story that tells us about Spoiler alerta kid named Horatio Wilkes visiting his friend Hamilton prince for the summer Hamilton s father died and his mom remarried his uncle the princes are a very rich family who owns a paper plant that pollutes the Copenhagen river when Hamilton and Horatio drove up to the paper plant they were confronted by Hamilton s beautiful ex girlfriend protesting when Hamilton goes into the surveillance room to say hi to the guards he found a tape of Hamilton s dad that tells them very briefly that he had been poisoned and Horatio promised Hamilton that he would solve the mystery.in my opinion this book was in no hurry to get me to the climax of the story it takes a very long time to get into the action and when it did get to the action it wasn t very good but I would recommend this to any adult or kid who likes mysteries

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    The action was rather slow at the beginning, but it really picks up towards the end The last 50 pages or so are impossible to put down The book really wraps up quickly with a rather obvious ending Overall, it was a good read.

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    I m giving up after fifty pages I m not very invested and the main character, Horatio, keeps making weird sexual comments about his best friend s mom I do think that Hamlet works well as an updated emo teenager though.

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    Compared with other young adult mysteries I ve read recently, Alan Gratz s Something Rotten A Horatio Wilkes Mystery has a lot going for it.The book is an updated version of Shakespeare s Hamlet Horatio Wilkes visits his high school buddy, Hamilton, in Denmark, Tennessee Hamilton is a mess because his father has recently died and his mother has married his uncle He has a girlfriend, Olivia, whom he has alienated.Gratz does a good job of giving this classic tale a modern twist However, he does take certain liberties with the story Not only is Horatio the hero of the book, but Hamilton s inconsistent behavior is explained with an alcohol addiction Although most of the storyline and characters are there, the book is mystery and less tragedy.Like many YA novelists, Gratz has created a hero who is unlike any teenage boy I ve ever encountered I am not referring to Horatio s quick mind and ability to solve mysteries I can suspend my disbelief in these cases.However, I cannot believe a teenage boy would make references to Shakespeare beyond the obvious Hamlet ones , Roman poets, and even allusions to lines in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead I also doubt most young adults would appreciate or pick up on these references.Not only is Horatio apparently a literary savant, but he is also about 60 years old The modern teenager who loves his cell phone, iPod, and PS3 references The Dukes of Hazard, Beavis and Butt Head, and Howdy Doody Even I am too young to have watched most of those shows.Overall, though, Horatio is an engaging though rather impertinent young hero, and I look forward to reading future books in the series.

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    Rating A Review How can I say anything bad about this book I can t The only bad reviews this book gets are from people who were expecting a modern re telling of Hamlet to have a twist ending It doesn t The same person who did the killing in Shakespeare s classic did the killing in Something Rotten New endings and surprise twists aren t the purpose of this book.This book is so beautiful in it s simplicity, wit, and ability to get you to want to read Shakespeare I am now yearning to go back and re read Hamlet and pick up on all the things I missed because I didn t understand them and my high school English teachers didn t have the time, curriculum wise, to move beyond Who are the characters and What is the plot Symbolism is rife, dialogue is rich, and now it makes sense.I think this book and Gratz s two follow up Horatio Wilkes mysteries that tackle Macbeth and A Midsummer s Night s Dream should be required reading in high school before Shakespeare The added beauty of this book is that, although it s clean enough to slip right into any high school without making waves with the book banning legislators, it s relatable, relatively contemporary save Gratz s affinity for outdated cult classic music that most kids have never heard of these days , and honest Drinking happens, sex is alluded to, and high school is really high school But it s all done so well.A for him, and I ll be getting the rest in this series for darned sure.

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    Alan Gratz knows how to capture a teenager s voice, which is probably the biggest appeal in Something Rotten While Horatio is brilliant at solving mysteries, he is still very much a teenager in that he behaves like one, such as by throwing out glib and sarcastic remarks at practically every single adult that he meets.It was a little ironic that the book was an obvious modern take of Shakespeare s Hamlet, when Horatio makes a comment about how much he dislikes attempts to modernize classic works Still, it shows that Gratz isn t above poking fun at himself and his characters, which also appeals One of the serious aspects of the story that I enjoyed was Horatio s worry over Hamilton s excessive drinking While the story is mostly humorous, the serious parts of the book work well to balance it out, and the example of how bad things can get with teen drinking is just one example of that.I d promote this book to teens who are interested in either a mystery or a humorous story, or perhaps both VOYA codes 4Q, 4P, J.

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    I read this on the advice of a patron meaning I didn t actually know what it was about , and, considering how common Shakespearean quotes are as titles, I didn t realize until I started reading that it was a modern retelling of Hamlet Ordinarily, I m not really excited about that kind of thing, and the first chapter didn t change my mind much, but once Gratz gets all the silly parallels to Shakespeare out of the way it s Denmark Tennessee It s the Elsinore Paper Company , he gets down to the business of actually writing a novel, and it s pretty good Horatio becomes the narrator a neat trick since Hamlet ends with the prince asking Horatio to tell his story and he tells it in a faux hard boiled style that s pretty funny And thankfully, even though the first few chapters are pretty slavish to acts I and II of the play, the middle and ending actually deviate quite a bit and give the Ophelia character a lot to do All in all, a nice little YA mystery, with or without Shakespeare references.

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    This book was a lot better than I thought it would be and I m not much on reading but this book I really wanted to read it This book had me thinking at first it was going to be slow and not much fun but it changed my mind after the first chapter it did have a few point that was slow but it wasn t to bad I have never read hamlet but I knew the main point and i could see the comparison of it to something rotten.I wish some of the minor characters had I bigger part in the end of the story and thats my review of something rotten

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Something Rotten download Something Rotten, read online Something Rotten, kindle ebook Something Rotten, Something Rotten 17cb86afa4cc Something Is Rotten In Denmark, Tennessee, And It Is Not Just The Polluted Copenhagen River Hamilton Prince S Father Has Been Murdered, According To A Hidden Video Message Horatio Wilkes, Hamilton S Best Friend, Is Visiting The Prince Mansion When The Video Turns Up The Guys Need To Find The Killer Before He Strikes Again But It Won T Be Easy Suspects Are Plentiful Olivia Mendelssohn May Be Hot And Hamilton S Ex Girlfriend , But She S Also An Environmentalist Determined To Clean Up The River That The Prince Paper Plant Has Been Polluting For Decades Trudy, Hamilton S Mom, Has Recently Married Her Husband S Brother, Claude, And Signed Over Half Of The Plant And Its Profits To Him Not To Mention Ford N Branff, Media Mogul And Trudy S College Flame, Who Wants To Buy The Plant For Himself The Question Is Motive, And Horatio Wilkes Is Just The Kind Of Guy Who Can Find Things Like That Out Doesn T Matter That He S Only A Junior In High SchoolA Smart, Hip, And Funny Twist On The Tale Of Hamlet, Where One Liners Crackle And Mystery Abounds Think You Already Know The Story Think Again