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Something Strange and Deadly txt Something Strange and Deadly, text ebook Something Strange and Deadly, adobe reader Something Strange and Deadly, chapter 2 Something Strange and Deadly, Something Strange and Deadly 99aeff There S Something Strange And Deadly Loose In Philadelphia Eleanor Fitt Has A Lot To Worry AboutHer Brother Has Gone Missing, Her Family Has Fallen On Hard Times, And Her Mother Is Determined To Marry Her Off To Any Rich Young Man Who Walks By But This Is Nothing Compared To What She S Just Read In The Newspaper The Dead Are Rising In PhiladelphiaAnd Then, In A Frightening Attack, A Zombie Delivers A Letter To Eleanor From Her BrotherWhoever Is Controlling The Dead Army Has Taken Her Brother As Well If Eleanor Is Going To Find Him, She Ll Have To Venture Into The Lab Of The Notorious Spirit Hunters, Who Protect The City From Supernatural Forces But As Eleanor Spends Time With The Spirit Hunters, Including The Maddeningly Stubborn Yet Handsome Daniel, The Situation Becomes Dire And Now, Not Only Is Her Reputation On The Line, But Her Very Life May Hang In The Balance

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    She rubbed the bald half of her head In China we say, The girl with the full hair is not as free as the girl with the bare head It means that as long as I still shave my hair, I m free See, in China, girls keep their heads bald like the boys, yeah Then when we re the age to become a woman, we bind our feet and grow out our hair. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THIS IS NOT TRUE If I had to choose one word to describe this book, it would be unconvincing If you want terrifying zombie action, turn away now, the zombies in this book are not dangerous, they are corpses, but they re of the first episode of Walking Dead sort of boring, which is to say they re rotting, they re shambling, they smell REALLY, REALLY bad, but they re completely unterrifying in every way I feel like I could walk around with a sharp stick and kill a bunch myself because they were so unconvincing as objects of abject terror.This book is strange, but it doesn t make a whole lot of sense The world building is weird and incomplete This book thinks itself a steampunk novel It s not The setting and the characters s behaviors are inconsistent The characters themselves are two dimensional Flat It was a wholly implausible book, and I m not talking about the fact that the dead are rising in 1876 Philadelphia.The Setting Yawn.1 Zombies Oh, posh We must attend the opera This book is about Eleanor Fitts Miss Fitt, misfithahayeah, we fucking get it, Eleanor , a 16 year old girl living in 1876 Philadelphia, where the dead have begun rising from their grave Her beloved older brother, Elijah, is missing.The setting in this book is not steampunk so much as Huh Yeah, sure, the zombies are rising, but it was entirely unclear whether they had, in fact, existed in the past or not, or if this is an entirely new phenomenon.The fact that there are zombies rising up from their graves and terrorizing the whole of Philadelphia was made completely underwhelming There was no danger in it The zombies are called walking dead, like the ones in the show of the same name, but with so little urgency and panic that they became completely redundant and dull It s of the Oh, pish, posh Zombies again How completely inconvenient because they re going to ruin our tea party sort of catastrophe, which is to say, none at all I shrank back, fighting the urge to run past her through the open door Th the walking corpses, I stammered The ones people have been talking about One came to the train depot, so everyone was evacuated And what of our party tonight Mama insisted What am I to do We could cancel, I said hopefully.She snorted Of course we cannot cancel The walking Dead must have addled your brain, Eleanor This is our first party in years. Oh, yes, such danger Such excitement The dead are rising The dead are going to eat us alive Yippee Oh, save us, our Lord in Heaven.I am utterly terrified.Nope.2 Steampunk More like pure bunk It is 1876 Philadelphia That s all There is no technology beyond that of the times There is no elements of steampunk There is no machinery There is no advanced mechanical inventions it is 1876 Philadelphia, no , no less The book itself presents no sense of time I did not feel like I was immersed in the past at all This has very much to do with the fact that the main character was so inconsistent.3 Abracadabra The magic in this book is showing, than telling If you are going to incorporate magic into a book, I expect an explanation of how it works, I don t want vague as fuck phrases like spiritual energy thrown around without much of an explanation There are souls, there are electric energy associated with souls Like what It was very inadequately explained, and I was unsatisfied with the explanation.4 Where s Your Motherfucking Chaperone Eleanor is 16 She is an upper middle class young woman Her reputation is on the line She needs to make a good marriage SO WHY THE FUCK IS SHE WANDERING AROUND DOING WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS Eleanor has a mother Her mother only has Eleanor Why is she not keeping a closer eye on her She sneaks off from a tea party to look for guys Eleanor sneaks out of the opera house leaving her date wearing a motherfucking BALL gown to go investigate the undead I raced through the now empty main hall My footsteps echoed off the marble tiles The porters at the front doors exchanged shocked glances I could imagine the sight I must have presented a flushed ball of purple silk and rustling skirts No matter I whisked past them and flew out into the Philadelphia night. Eleanor, the Inconsistent Eleanor is an well born young woman She doesn t act like it Eleanor behaves as if she has a stick firmly wegded up her ass in one moment, and acts like a modern woman in the next.1 I Must Politely Tell You That I Need To Use the Toilet sigh Bodily functions were simply not mentioned in the 19th century Eleanor is gently raised She should know that, and yet she feels the need to KEEP TELLING MEN THAT SHE NEEDS TO USE THE TOILET called the necessary I I need to use the necessary Perhaps I can meet you in the Hydraulic Annex Clarence s lips quirked up slightly Yes, all right Use the water closet and then meet me in the annex Aaaand yet again, to someone she hardly knows I must go to the necessary, I murmured to Clarence, but he didn t budge.I turned to the squat Pinkerton I must go to the necessary 2 How Dare You Speak To Me Without a Very Proper Introduction Eleanor s manners are all over the fucking place In one moment, she s sneaking off to meet men In a very private place Actually, she does that repeatedly throughout the book In another moment, she is shocked, SHOCKED, that he dares violate etiquette by SHAKING HER HAND Oh, my pearls A gentleman simply was not supposed to shake the hand of an unmarried woman without a proper, third party introduction I was so used to chaperoned meetings that I had acted on foolish reflex. 2 I Am A Lady, You Motherfucker For a well born lady, she sure curses a lot, and she s pretty free with her insults She ll be damned, this, he s a bastard Eleanor s speech may be archaic to fit the time, but she is completely inconsistent otherwise.3 Purring Is For Kittens I took a weary breath, lifted my hands, and purred, I m truly sorry, sir He wrinkled his nose Why are you talking like that Like what Like you re a kitten. What the fuck Since when did purring mean an actual purring sound when it comes to human voices It is a figure of speech, for fuck s sakes Yeah, I know I m nitpicky It s stupid little details like this that ruin a book for me.4 Was I Supposed To Save My Brother Oh, right My Beloved Brother Way to go completely fucking off track Way to lose sight of your actual mission Eleanor has an actual mission She s supposed to try to find and save her best friend, her beloved older brother Only she completely forgets about him I had wasted time worrying over Daniel and Clarence, playing on the croquet course, and arguing with Mama I had neglected what was most important Elijah Ugh.5 Who Cares About Money, Anyway Eleanor is selfish She hates her mother who is an overbbearing Mrs Darcy sort, but who is well intentioned.Eleanor and her mother is about to lose their home They are out of money Her mother needs Eleanor to be a success so that they can keep a roof over their heads.Eleanor doesn t seem to think that this is important at all She thinks her mother is an idiot, she is exasperated at her practicality Mama ignored me Your father did enough damage to our family s standing, Eleanor, when he tried to save his company Your brother only worsened it when he ran off Without a good reputation, you will not make a suitable match We will be on the streets soon I opened my eyes and watched her What an empty shell of a woman she was. The Romance A love triangle and a romance that distracts Eleanor than it should What was it about mouths that made them so fascinating I had read of kisses Shakespeare was fond of them in his plays , but I d never seen one And I d certainly never experienced one Did people merely touch lip to lip or was there to it Has Daniel ever kissed anyone There are ZOMBIES There is a necromancer at large Stop thinking about his fucking lips.Overall A rather dull, wholly inconsistent and unconving book with little sense of danger You d be better off reading The Walking Dead comic.

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    SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY is fabulous, imaginative, and romantic Eleanor is such a fantastic and strong heroine, and the world building is top notch I absolutely adored it and can t wait for the sequel

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    EDIT 07 20 12 Did anyone else not notice the gears behind the girl on the cover Because I hadn t until just now O_O Awesome __When I went into this, I was expecting a zombie book in a steampunk setting with some mystery elements What I actually got was a paranormal fantasy with a cute romance, a fun mystery, but not nearly enough zombies for my tastes I still enjoyed it for the most part, it was simply different than what I was expecting.Zombies are how we get introduced to this world Susan has created A memorable start during a zombie attack, to which begins the mysterious plot of the book what has happened to Eleanor s brother, and who is controlling these undead These aren t your diseased, all consuming brain eating zombies in Something Strange and Deadly, the zombies are literally plucked from their graves, and controlled by a necromancer This was easily my favorite part of the story, but as I stated, these undead are merely on the back burner, making very few appearances, while Eleanor works with the spirit hunters to find her brother and expel the evil spirit on her trail.Creativity is definitely at work in this story The steampunk world, the language, the attire it all stems from an incredible imagination I could easily picture everything vividly, and in no way did I feel overwhelmed by the detailing or contraptions that can sometimes happen in a steampunk setting The plot itself is full of intrigue and even tough it s not necessarily action packed, I was made to care about the characters to such degree that I constantly wanted to know what was in store for them next I was also kept engaged by the myriad of mysteries woven into this novel Some of it is predictable, but for the most part I was in the dark until the very end.Eleanor is an easy to connect with character I particularly loved her feistiness throughout, especially when dealing with the stubborn spirit hunters The romance, though not a huge part of the story, is played in nice and sweet giving us enough to quench our thirst, but making us positively longing for I found this much refreshing than an instant connection It s believable and gives us time to get to know them independently before being thrown lustfully together.A highly creative, well written paranormal fantasy novel, I would recommend Something Strange and Deadly to all fans of the steampunk genre Don t anticipate a true zombie book like I did, and I m certain you will be quickly absorbed in this Victorian world full of secrets and lies For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Some thing Strange and deadly had a really rough start with me There is a divide between the writ ing of the first chap ter and the rest of the novel The first chap ter gave me the false impres sion that this book was flimsy, badly writ ten and suf fer ing from stag nant char ac ters and plot.How ever, this quickly faded away as Den nard hit her stride intro duc ing fresh, inter est ing char ac ters, and intrigu ing plotline.Den nard cre ates an inter est ing and fresh mythol ogy in Some thing Strange and Deadly that mixes aspects of Steam punk with good ol zom bie fun In Elanore we find a fun, will ful pro tag o nist dri ving the story for ward and flesh ing it out with wit, humour and a charm She also makes a per fect bal ance between what you would expect of well bred lady of her times, and a strong willed, intel li gent woman eager to prove her self She cer tainly makes excel lent use of her para sol at cer tain points in the novel in a way that would make wom ankind proud How ever, I m con vinced that the para sol was its own char ac ter in this novel Para sols make every thing bet ter Para sols are awe some, but I digress Every thing Daniel, Jie and Joseph are the icing to a very fun cake Par tic u larly Daniel, with his abra sive, work ing class atti tude and grouchy per son al ity, which played nicely against Joseph s gen tle manly per sua sions and Jie s seri ous case of kick ass Like, she just really kicked everyone s butt in this novel at least three times and never once complained.I m one of those peo ple who like steam punk things with mon sters Abra ham Lin coln Vam pire Hunter sounds like a ter ri ble, stu pid movie that is per fect for me.What was extremely refresh ing was that whilst there was some roman tic involve ment, it clearly took a back seat to the press ing issue of masses of walk ing undead try ing to make mince meat out of your inter nal organs Plus there was mys tery and intrigue and mys tery and action and butt kick ing inter spersed evenly and gen er ously through out the novel.My only real com plaint putting the first chap ter aside was one minor issue and that relates to the sim ple ness of the mystery.The end ing was sim ply too obvi ous and came as some thing of a let down to real ize my sus pi cions from the very begin ning were confirmed When you resem ble an owl and make this face, you know the mys tery has been too easy.Over all, this was a great read and I strongly antic i pate the next one

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    Ever since her father passed away, Eleanor Fitt s life hasn t been the same Her brother Elijah is away in college, the money is seriously lacking, and her mother is obsessed with regaining their place in society When her brother fails to arrive home for the second time and a walking corpse brings his vague note instead, Eleanor becomes convinced that Elijah is a victim of some necromancer and starts moving heaven and earth to find him With no one else to turn to, she goes to the Shadow Hunters, a pretty odd group of people who travel from town to town, fighting the spirits and the undead.Something Strange and Deadly is a lovely, well written and fast paced adventure, but the worldbuidling leaves a lot to be desired There is no background, there is no context, you get thrown into a sink or swim situation and you must either take it in stride or give up entirely Two different types of dead are walking the slow ones and the fast, hungry ones there are evil and powerful spirits about the Shadow Hunters, employed by the city, have a way of fighting the undead Eleanor is in the middle of it all right from the start, and yet, we are given no explanation whatsoever Why is it normal, almost accepted, for the slow corpses to walk, but not the fast ones Why are s ances the most popular entertainment of high society Who raises both types of the dead The pacing was so fast, it reminded me of a rollercoaster ride at times I never really got a chance to catch my breath This worked doubly to Dennard s advantage for one, the story was so easy to get into, and besides, even when I knew I should be irritated by one of Miss Fitt s especially rash conclusions, I just didn t have time to think about it too hard.To give credit where credit is due, though, Dennard did surprise me a couple of times and that doesn t happen often these days Her story had quite a few unexpected twists and turns and was rather original in some ways Oddly enough, romance was my favorite part, and I m usually not a romance is my favorite part kind of girl It was entertaining and subtle, not relevant to the story and certainly not in the spotlight I liked Daniel a lot, he brought so much humor into every scene and his constant teasing of Eleanor, even in most dire of situations, made me laugh out loud several times Her bristling and reluctant respect were also quite amusing He was grinning wide The rascal was teasing me And before I could summon a worthy retort, he whistled brightly and sauntered ahead of me.Blazes, he was cocky And entirely too dashing for his own good or for my own good, rather.I think the word rascal describes Daniel pretty well Do I think this book has something new to offer, despite the faulty worldbuilding Yes Will I be reading the sequel Yes, yes, yes Susan Dennard knows how to keep her readers interested without resorting to a vicious cliffhanger that would make them feel cheated I just wish she would write a bit faster.Also posted at The Nocturnal Library

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    Buy this book HERE on or buy this book on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPING 3 of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below I began to realize that Something Strange and Deadly was probably the book that made me realize that I really really really REALLY like steam punk I d always loved movies and TV that was steam punk, so I guess it makes sense that I would love steam punk novels I loved Eleanor She was so funny and stubborn to the point where the way she behaved around her family and friends reminded me how I act around my own family and friends Do I get to call Eleanor a relateableteen now I think yes Daniel is either equally as stubborn and quirky as Eleanor is, or even It s great Those two are quite the perfect match If you re looking for a quick and fun read that s historical fiction with quite some steam punk, I d definitely say that this is the book for you I m really glad the BookBusters decided to read this book Thanks so much to Susan Dennard for also participating with us To join the BookBusters book club, click here rating system I do use half stars 5 I do not use the 5 star Not because a book might not be worthy, but because a book is never perfect.4 I loved it There weren t too many flaws, and I had no trouble getting through it A 4 star rating is the highest rating I ve ever given a book 3 I enjoyed the book, but there we re flaws that made me enjoy it less.2 I finished the book, but there were too many flaws for me to enjoy it.1 I could not finish the book, and I probably did not finish it.

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    2.5 starsI m a huge fan of world building To me, it s vital that you set the scene with a proper introduction in order to hook the reader from the very first page Unfortunately, you don t get a lot of that with Something Strange and Deadly initially so it took me a while to get into it The opening scene dives right into the action where Eleanor is picking up her brother from the train station not realizing that the walking dead is everywhere The zombies are explained a bit further later in the book but using this as the opening scene didn t work in my opinion, especially since it continued to be fast paced and ceased to slow down any time soon.The zombies really played a small part in the story, much less of a part than I had expected Plus they weren t truly zombies, they were dead bodies which were being controlled by a necromancer which is completely different The magic and the steampunk and the explanation was explained fairly well however, I found it to be too over the top.This book was chalk full of characters that appeared to be quite shallow and essentially difficult to like I had difficulty liking Eleanor at first I kind of came around to liking her by the end though and I immediately disliked Clarence because, really Clarence Besides his name, he was quite pompous and clearly thought he was better than anyone and everyone Hard type of person to like, even if you want to feel bad for him because his name is Clarence And then there was the immediate familiarity between Eleanor and Clarence At the seance that her mother was hosting at the very beginning of the story, Clarence and Eleanor had never met yet after a single conversation not only is Clarence bossing her around but Eleanor is as well, expecting him to explain himself I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep our conversation in the hall to yourself Of course, I said primly Thought I want some explanation of your behavior How about a bouquet or roses instead Or a new hat The book lacked a whole lot in the explanation area too It did of the simple state rather than talk about something and show with supporting evidence Considering this is a steampunk story and explanation can be difficult I d give it a pass however, I ve read some well written steampunk stories so I do know that it s possible to pull off Here are just a few circumstances that I had issues with Can you stop a spirit like that Yes, in the same way I stop the walking Dead I magnify an electric spark and break apart the soul Is that supposed to be a sufficient explanation Your letter was covered in spiritual energy How exactly is that possible It s KIND OF explained later that these particular goggles that can see said spiritual energy operate on magnetic energy, fluid with magnetic powder, and are calibrated with grave dirt I don t know You lost me completely Steampunk and I do not get along.Bottom line I can see the appeal but I don t think this was the book for me.

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    I had Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard on my tbr for way too long, but I m glad I decided to finally pick it up for the FraterFest Read A Thon I mean, this steampunk and zombies story is perfect for this time of year I m really looking forward to book two, A Darkness Strange and Lovely I expect you d enjoy this if you also like The infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, The Diviners by Libba Bray, and Lady Helen by Alison Goodman.

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    3.5 StarsSixteen year old Eleanor Fitt lives in a time of corsets and petticoats A time where a lady s behavior is governed by strict rules of decorum A time when Eleanor s mother is dead set on her finding and marrying a rich man to rescue their family from impeding financial ruin But this is also a time of the Dead The Dead are reanimated corpses plaguing the city, and Eleanor is afraid her brother, Elijah, has been captured by the one commanding them, the necromancer The day Elijah is supposed to return home to Eleanor and her mother, a letter is delivered to her by one the Dead Elijah explains that as long as he helps a mysterious him, he should be able to come home This is very little to go on so Eleanor seeks the help of the Spirit Hunters They re group hired by the city to control and get rid of the corpses that walk and terrorize the living Soon Eleanor is tied up with this small band, looking for and stopping the necromancer, the one she fears is holding her brother Instead of putting all her efforts into securing the most eligible bachelor, Clarence Wilcox, she s running all over the city uncovering clues and helping devise plots to destroy the necromancer Whether she s interested or not, however, Clarence seems to be connected to recent murders, and Eleanor has no choice but to get close to him, to find out what secrets he hides This story was full of sass, action and gore Sass on the part of spunky heroine Eleanor and Daniel, one of the brilliant but flippant Spirit Hunters Their interactions reminded me of Han Solo and Princess Leia, especially when Daniel would call Eleanor Empress I cracked up at this He wagged a warning finger Don t think I ll look after you, though the world would be better off with one less princess I m not a princess, I huffed, beating my brain for some worthy retort A queen then No That s not what I meant Oh, an empress I see Pardon me, Your Majesty He swooped into a crouched bow, and when his torso sprang back up, a smile floated at the edge of his lips I liked Eleanor s pluck and courage, and connected with her character right away However, I had a hard time feeling Eleanor s distress at her missing brother, Elijah Their relationship is touched on so briefly and superficially that I had a hard time caring that he was missing or in danger While I had fun overall reading this, I must say that this story sort of dragged for me until I reached the half way point It wasn t until then, that the story exploded into non stop action, and my heart was pounding as I read the pages Also, at this point the romance finally started to come together, and turned out to be very sweet However, the ending sort of made my mouth drop, and I hope we have some further development in this area in the next book So while it took a bit to really get going, I thought it was very promising start to this series I ll definitely pick up the sequel Quote taken from uncorrected proof and may differ from the final copy Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Teen for allowing me to read this You can find this review and at The Readers Den.

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