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Song of Susannah summary Song of Susannah, series Song of Susannah, book Song of Susannah, pdf Song of Susannah, Song of Susannah e8182e401d The Next To Last Novel In Stephen King S Seven Volume Magnum Opus, Song Of Susannah Is At Once A Book Of Revelation, A Fascinating Key To The Unfolding Mystery Of The Dark Tower, And A Fast Paced Story Of Double Barreled SuspenseTo Give Birth To Her Chap, Demon Mother Mia Has Usurped The Body Of Susannah Dean And Used The Power Of Black Thirteen To Transport To New York City In The Summer OfThe City Is Strange To Susannahand Terrifying To The Daughter Of None, Who Shares Her Body And MindSaving The Tower Depends Not Only On Rescuing Susannah But Also On Securing The Vacant Lot Calvin Tower Owns Before He Loses It To The Sombra Corporation Enlisting The Aid Of Manni Senders, The Remaining Katet Climbs To The Doorway Caveand Discovers That Magic Has Its Own Mind It Falls To The Boy, The Billy Bumbler, And The Fallen Priest To Find Susannah Mia, Who, In A Struggle To Cope With Each Other And With An Alien Environment Go Todash To Castle Discordia On The Border Of End World In That Forsaken Place, Mia Reveals Her Origins, Her Purpose, And Her Fierce Desire To Mother Whatever Creature The Two Of Them Have Carried To TermEddie And Roland, Meanwhile, Tumble Into Western Maine In The Summer Of , A World That Should Be Idyllic But Isn T For One Thing, It Is Real, And The Bullets Are Flying These Are The Simple Vectors Of A Story Rich In Complexity And Conflict Its Dual Climaxes, One At The Entrance To A Deadly Dining Establishment And The Other Appended To The Pages Of A Writer S Journal, Will Leave Readers Gasping For The Saga S Final Volume Which, Dear Reader, Follows Soon, Say Thank Ya

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    B 77% Good Notes Nothing remarkable, but nothing terrible Just a light aperitif to cleanse the palate and set the stage for the final tome.

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    I m going to sit down and write reviews on the whole Dark Tower series after I finish, but I just have to say these books are becoming and tiresome It just seems as if King has lost the vision of Roland the Gunslinger, so he in order to have something to write about constantly tinkers with the lore, changes history around, blames things on this multi timestream concept, or spends whole novels describing an event merely to snap his fingers and change everything the next book so as to move his new plot line along And the worst part of it all is that I ve begun The Dark Tower VII The Dark Tower and it appears to be in the same vein as the last two novels and not the great novels from earlier in the series To me, The Gunslinger, The Waste Lands and Wizard and Glass were epic works, because King seamlessly combined fantasy, post apocalyptic, horror, and dare I say it western themes to create something fresh and grand Reading one of those novels was like trying out a new dessert for the first time and savoring this delicious taste you had discovered.On the other hand, The Drawing of the Three, Wolves of the Calla, and Song of Susannah read like contemporary, horror type novels, played out mainly in modern America rather than the addictive lands of Mid World It is just ho hum fiction, nothing to set it apart from other books of that sort besides the title Dark Tower part whatever And if the gradual unraveling of a once great story wasn t progressing fast enough, Stephen King decides to do something that is just unthinkable to me write himself into the story as a god creator, almost a Rose Part Deux How could he have ever thought that was a good idea I honestly don t know, because it did nothing to actually make sense of the growing mess that is the Dark Tower series Perhaps it will help shape the ending, but if so, I have just went todash and have witnessed the train wreck which will be the end of the Dark Tower series These are just my initial thoughts on Song of Susannah and the Dark Tower series as I begin reading the last book No matter how annoyed I feel at this moment, I ve made a commitment to finish the Dark Tower, so I will push forward, even though I cringe to think how bad the ending is going to be.

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    The story wasn t bad, some of the new characters were interesting, but I cannot give it a higher rating because of the author himself.Stephen King has indulged in the ULTIMATE form of ego stroking in this volume and it pissed me off The plot could ve been structured some other way to avoid what he s doing right now you can adjust plot, much as it sometimes hurts to do so and the fact that he went ahead and wrote what he wrote is annoying and well, gross It s gross I had hoped, by the time I finished the book, that I could understand why he did it, that maybe I d see that the story really had to be written that way At the end of this book, I didn t see that and was still irked And disappointed.Only one book to go, and I m doubting he ll redeem himself in my eyes

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    Would ee speak a word of prayer first, Roland To whatever God thee holds I hold to no God, Roland said I hold to the Tower and won t pray to that Damn, I love that line It so perfectly sums up Roland, his quest to find the Tower, what it s cost him, and how he knows he isn t done paying yet.For years, it seemed like Dark Tower had been walking in aimless circles during the long breaks between the third, fourth and fifth books We knew that King had finished the final three volumes after losing a game of chicken with a minivan, and he d gotten the story back up and striding briskly in the right direction with Wolves of the Calla including ending that one on a pretty wicked cliffhanger Still the pace of this one took me by surprise It s like King suddenly pulled out a whip and started cracking it over the heads of the DT fans while screaming, Run, you bastards You gotta run if you want to find out what happens BWAH HA HA HA HA And he didn t even let us stretch properly first That s how you end up with a pulled hamstring.Susannah s demon pregnancy led to her being taken over by the personality of Mia, and she fled Mid World to New York in 1999 via the Doorway Cave As Susannah wrestles Mia for control of her own body and learns about the Crimson King, Roland and Eddie plan to follow and save her while Jake and Callahan also come to our world to protect the rose growing in a vacant lot which is actually a critical incarnation of the Tower But when things go off the rails, all of the gunslingers will have to scramble to try and save not only Susannah, but their own lives.This is essentially a set up book that preps the way for the conclusion in the last one, and it doesn t resolve a helluva lot on it s own Still, I like it for its breakneck pace and the sense of urgency that King worked into this one The breaking of a beam in Mid World before the action moves to New York was a great reminder of the stakes here The lines of force holding reality together are being subverted by the Crimson King s breakers, and the so called beamquake when one snaps is a stark warning to Roland and company that they are quickly running out of time Unfortunately, while the Susannah pregnancy story makes for a pretty good hook to drive the urgency of the story, it ends up being kind of unsatisfying overall once you know how the whole series ends Plus, the conflict between Susannah and Mia reminded me a lot of a very similar plot that King had done in Dreamcatcher shortly before this book was released so it didn t seem all that fresh.Overall, there s a feel of desperation in this one that takes us nicely into the final volume, and the cliffhangers here had me on the edge of my seat the first time I read this.There s one controversial piece to this part of the DT story view spoiler A lot of fans don t like that King wrote himself into this, and I was hesitant about it myself the first time through this when I wasn t sure how the story would end At the end of Wolves of the Calla and into this one, I was worried that it was going to turn out that the Dark Tower was Stephen King himself and that its fall was his death due to the minivan accident.Knowing the ending now and rereading this, writing himself into the story doesn t bother me as much If he d portrayed himself as some kind of all knowing creator, I might have hated it too, but he didn t He s a pawn with a role to play A role he kind of screws up by not getting off his ass and finishing this series sooner I like that the power behind the Tower is the force of creation itself, and that the Crimson King and the other baddies are agents of chaos and destruction I think of it as the Tower was saving itself by creating a story of a hero on a quest, and it needed someone to write that story Enter King, who actually made himself look kind of crappy in the process It s not my favorite part of the series, but it didn t ruin it for me either hide spoiler

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    Upon coming to, Stephen King registered a mixed expression of fear, anger and puzzlement Perhaps being bound and gagged had something to do with it His face was contorted and purple and his hair was standing up with much of it covering his forehead and bulging eyes.The tall, ungainly gunslinger was standing over him, concerned and apologetic Sorry that I hit ya, Sai If I take off the duct tape, will ya promise that ya won t scream King vigorously nodded You was running away and shoutin and I didn t really know what else to do, but bop ya on the head, the gunslinger explained as he removed the tape.The first thing out of King s mouth Who the hell are you It ain t really who I am that s important, it s who you are Huh Yer the Gan, the God, the all creator of everything Books you wrote about a Dark Tower have kind of bled over into different realities I m in one of these realities and I don t mind tellin ya, things are getting mighty tough Can you get me a beer The gunslinger groaned and limped over to the refrigerator Why the hell are you limping so badly My nutsack is sore It caught on the doorway when I got sucked into this here reality King stared at the gunslinger as he removed the cap from the beer and gave King a swig You re not going to untie me, are you Look my time is short and I ll do it right before I leave I gots a list here in my pocket He pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and started reading, slowly First, don t write the Dark Tower books If I don t write them, then won t you disappear How in tarnation do ya figure that, Mr Smarypants Gan Well, if your existence is based on the writing of those books and I don t write them, then you won t be around Well, hell, just uh write somethin a little different There was a sound of off key chimes in the distance Pardon Sai, but I have to speed this up a bit If you got to write them, write some of them shorter Also, don t write books about the eyes of a dragon, Tom Gordon, a cell and The chimes were growing louder Also, if you get a visit from two blonde gunslingers, don t listen to a word they re sayin They can be very persuasive and they ll put a hurtin on ya Don t eat no chocolate cake or drink any Kool ade neither The chimes were now deafening Gotta go, your ganship and thankee The gunslinger limped quickly out the door.Suddenly, the chimes stopped You big galoot You forgot to untie me.

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    Announcement I am putting this back on the shelf for the moment.Please know, it has nothing to do with the book I repeat, it has NOTHING to do with the book It is a great book and I love my journey to the Tower, I am just a little overwhelmed with other things right now I feel like I am not giving this the attention it deserves so I will come back to it when I can.Actual letter from me to this book Dear Dark Tower Series,It s not you, it s me.No, seriously I love you I am low key obsessed with you, I just don t have the time to dedicate to this relationship right now.I will keep you in my heart until we meet again.Truly Yours,Meg Memo from Dark Tower Series to Meg

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    The 2011 re read Susanna Mia uses Black Thirteen and flees to New York to have her baby Roland, Eddie, Jake, and Callahan get the Manni to open the Unfound Door and end up in the wrong places Can Roland and Eddie convince Calvin Tower to sell them the lot where the Rose grows Can Jake and Callahan find Susannah before she has her baby Song of Susannah was my least favorite book in the Dark Tower series the first time through Susannah has never been my favorite character in the Dark Tower saga and this book is really Susannah heavy On the second read, I had to raise it another star The Susannah Mia conflict had its moments and did a lot of setting up for the big shebang coming in the seventh and final book A lot background information was revealed.I d be lying if I said Susannah was the reason I upped this one a star upon re reading The other reason is that Jake and Eddie seem like bonafide Gunslingers in this book, even than they did in Wolves of the Calla view spoiler I have a feeling their fates in The Dark Tower are going to be almost as painful the second time through hide spoiler

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    7 10Well played Mr King, well played Very clever of you to lower my expectations going into the final book with this less than stellar attempt Clever indeed Now I m not going into the final book with my expectations set at best series finale ever and hoping for nicely wraps up the series.Whilst not the strongest in the series possibly the weakest, if you can really call it weak this was still an exciting read in places Certain parts of the story actually were really good and made for a very quick read overall The shootout with Roland and Eddie near the beginning was one of the series highlights in fact and was truly gripping.The parts I didn t like all that much were the Mia and Susannah parts which did take up over half of the book, I found it hard to pay attention to these parts and was wishing for a quick return to some real Gunslinging but they were necessary for the direction of the series I can only hope assume It s hard to not put series spoilers in a review of the 6th book in a series but the following may contain mild ones be warned The elephant in the room is clearly the fact that Stephen King writes himself into this story This normally grates when an author does that, like Clive Cusslar, the egotistical, self centred prick that he is I really disliked it when he wrote himself into Inca Gold and I just wanted to throw the book in the fire, the smug git However, rant over, I actually quite liked what King was doing with this and how he met with certain characters and interacted with them in real life I especially liked the Coda at the end where King was writing in a semi biographical journal about his desire and need to return to the ka tet for reasons unknown to himself.In summary, if you ve read the first 5 then the chances are you will read this and hopefully not be too disappointed with it Some may even enjoy it and like what King is doing I liked it but it definitely was not a series high and a setup for the finale I also noticed I ve not rated any of the books in the series higher than 4 individually but the series as a whole is definitely 5 A series well worth starting if you ve not as of yet.If you like this try 11 22 63 by Stephen King

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    Roland was looking fixedly at the already diminishing flickers of lightning in the east, where the land of Thunderclap waited for them, and the Court of the Crimson King, and, at the end of End World, the Dark Tower itself.Extraordinary I almost cannot wait for the ending, no matter how controversial.Full review to come Dark Tower reviews 1 The Gunslinger 2 The Drawing of the Three 3 The Waste Lands 4 Wizard and Glass 5 Wolves of the Calla 6 Song of Susannah 7 The Dark Tower

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    3.5 Approximately 800 years ago I began a quest a quest to take some much loved friends of mine on a journey like no other I enjoy doing things like this I enjoy people reading books that I love so much I am willing to bludgeon them with said books until they agree to read them Luckily, with the Gunslinger I did not need to do too much convincing That crazy MahFah Jeff joined on willingly enough with Delee and I Little did he know, he d be spending the rest of his pitiful life in my basement cackles Since our journey began we have gathered and lost many We have had some real fun times adding adverbs and adjectives to Delee s nickname We ve enjoyed the company of one another and managed to not kill Dan 2.0 Yet Song of Susannah is my least favorite in the series No matter how many times I read the series through, Susannah just never grows on me Now, could this be because she is paired with my literary soul mate, Edward Cantor Dean No, no That has nothing to do with it I swear dares anyone to question her with her death stare watches Jeff flinch and cackles The reason I don t like Susannah is that she continuously fucks everything up She s difficult And annoying And unnecessary She s just a character I don t care for I don t know how else to put it Her story does not interest me I felt like King made her a little flat Jake, Eddie and Roland all have this wonderfully interesting backstory that draw me in Parts of Susannah s story are interesting, but every time I start to think I m invested in her, I find she does something to make me want to punch that crazy bitch in her throat I try to like her, I really do But I don t Her story in this gets completely out of control and takes a turn I ve never liked It is probably the one aspect of the Dark Tower that I really can t get behind Trust me, guys, it gets worse in the last book After the events in Wolves of the Calla, Susannah has disappeared She s slipped off to the Dixie Pig to deliver her chap That s all you need to know Right there I summed up her entire story in two sentences The rest of the book is gold It s Eddie and Roland off on one adventure while Pere Callahan and Jake go on another All the while Susannah makes things worse and worse by the minute Because she is the worst.I am excited to see the gang s reaction to the finale except Dan I think Dan will hate it Just a feeling I have, I could be way wrong I am also very sad that a 3 year journey is coming to an end When Jeff, Delee and I started this in 2014 none of us knew that it would become what it has today I mean, shit There are people who joined us that literally fell off the face of the Goodreads Planet never to be heard from again And yet here we are Me and my favorite GR people preparing to take on the final installment Guys, I ll try my best to keep the tears to a minimum No promises But just remember

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