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    The book is an enthusiastic mix of analysis, manifesto and personal anecdote While it might have it s flaws from an academic point of view, it is written from the heart and deserves to be read for its honest and important message summed up 1 We are living under what is effectively a dictatorship of the shareholders p 193 2 Rulers have always used the arts in order to pacify the masses and reinforce their position 3 Today this meddling in the arts are coming from big money, and not necessarily from the political leaders 4 It is important to make music by us for us and not just buy into music by them for us p 97 The concluding Rebel Music Manifesto contains points relevant for anyone interested in music.

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    Sound System by Dave Randall is a book about the struggles of society through the ages, and the part music has played along the way I was initially sceptical about how interesting this book would be, but by the end of page one was proven completely wrong Their are fascinating insights into, not just the history of music instruments, but also the legacy they have left.We visit a number of points in history, and even places on our journey around the globe, looking at conflict, revolution and a communal sense of isolation Which have driven, and been driven by the development of music from both ends of the political spectrum.Well worth a read Thank you to the author and publisher for this Goodreads Giveaway.

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    Dave Randall logra un relato ameno de la protesta social y la lucha de clases en distintas geograf as y pocas a trav s de su m sica combativa Hace un llamado de atenci n en relaci n a combatir en primera instancia la alienaci n, impulsada por nuestro entorno, con una solidaridad musical, no solo entre m sicos sino entre todos los entes activos alrededor de este arte p blico, ingenieros, gestores, etc Mientras que se extra an m s ejemplos de Am rica Latina y Asia, existe un an lisis y relatoria de eventos sociales y su soundtrack en frica, el Caribe, Europa y EE.UU Lectura enriquecedora e indispensable para les activistas musicales.

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    It s very interesting to get a musician s view on the political power of music and the reflections from within the industry This is a great primer for the ideas and movements of music within history and a look at some cases where it really has played its part in commenting on our world and in some cases helping to change it There are many interesting stories some that I needed to share immediately out loud With such a vast topic it can of course only scratch the surface, but it does so with wit and passion, and a call to action in the rebel music manifesto too.

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    If consider yourself liberal and a music fan, you ll love it Doesn t pull any punches toward right leaning people Made really great historical references and ideas that will definitely stick with me for a long time.

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    A well intentioned book about the possibility of music to be employed to service the fight for democracy A few references to Adorno, Trotsky, Ernst Fisher etc

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    A very interesting perspective with the possibility of being inspirational Easy to read with lots of fascinating illustrations and first hand knowledge that enhance his argument.

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    Inspiring and informative Highly recommended

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    As fascinating to read as he was to listen to during his lecture in Leicester.

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Sound System download Sound System , read online Sound System , kindle ebook Sound System , Sound System c7e97f630b58 Musicians Have Often Wanted To Change The World From Underground Grime Artists To Pop Icons, Many Have Believed In The Political Power Of Music Rulers Recognise It Too Music Has Been Used To Unsettle The Most Fundamental Political And Social Conventions And To Prop Up The Status Quo Sound System Is The Story Of One Musician S Journey To Discover What Makes Music So Powerful Years Of Touring, Playing And Protesting Have Given Dave Randall A Unique Insider S View Of The Music Industry, Enabling Him To Shed Light On The Secrets Of Celebrity, Commodification And Culture He Finds Remarkable Examples Of Music As A Force For Social Change As Well As Something That Has Been Used To Keep People In Their Place Throughout History This Is A Book Of Raves, Riots And Revolution From The Glastonbury Festival To The Arab Spring, Pop Idol To Trinidadian Carnival, Randall Finds Political Inspiration Across The Musical Spectrum And Poses The Question How Can We Make Music Serve The Interests Of The Many, Rather Than The Few