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Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition files Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition , read online Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition , free Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition , free Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition , Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition 5219764cd OverPractical Recipes To Gain Operational Data Intelligence With Splunk Enterprise About This Book This Is The Most Up To Date Book On SplunkAnd Teaches You How To Tackle Real World Operational Intelligence Scenarios Efficiently Get Business Insights Using Machine Data Using This Easy To Follow Guide Search, Monitor, And Analyze Your Operational Data Skillfully Using This Recipe Based, Practical Guide Who This Book Is For This Book Is Intended For Users Of All Levels Who Are Looking To Leverage The Splunk Enterprise Platform As A Valuable Operational Intelligence Tool The Recipes Provided In This Book Will Appeal To Individuals From All Facets Of Business, IT, Security, Product, Marketing, And Many Also, Existing Users Of Splunk Who Want To Upgrade And Get Up And Running With SplunkWill Find This Book Invaluable What You Will Learn Use Splunk To Gather, Analyze, And Report On Data Create Dashboards And Visualizations That Make Data Meaningful Build An Operational Intelligence Application With Extensive Features And Functionality Enrich Operational Data With Lookups And Workflows Model And Accelerate Data And Perform Pivot Based Reporting Build Real Time, Scripted, And Other Intelligence Driven Alerts Summarize Data For Longer Term Trending, Reporting, And Analysis Integrate Advanced JavaScript Charts And Leverage Splunk S API In Detail Splunk Makes It Easy For You To Take Control Of Your Data, And With Splunk Operational Cookbook, You Can Be Confident That You Are Taking Advantage Of The Big Data Revolution And Driving Your Business With The Cutting Edge Of Operational Intelligence And Business Analytics With ThanRecipes That Demonstrate All Of Splunk S Features, Not Only Will You Find Quick Solutions To Common Problems, But You Ll Also Learn A Wide Range Of Strategies And Uncover New Ideas That Will Make You Rethink What Operational Intelligence Means To You And Your Organization You Ll Discover Recipes On Data Processing, Searching And Reporting, Dashboards, And Visualizations To Make Data Shareable, Communicable, And Most Importantly Meaningful You Ll Also Find Step By Step Demonstrations That Walk You Through Building An Operational Intelligence Application Containing Vital Features Essential To Understanding Data And To Help You Successfully Integrate A Data Driven Way Of Thinking In Your Organization Throughout The Book, You Ll Dive Deeper Into Splunk, Explore Data Models And Pivots To Extend Your Intelligence Capabilities, And Perform Advanced Searching To Explore Your Data In Even Sophisticated Ways Splunk Is Changing The Business Landscape, So Make Sure You Re Taking Advantage Of It Style And Approach Splunk Is An Excellent Platform That Allows You To Make Sense Of Machine Data With Ease The Adoption Of Splunk Has Been Huge And Everyone Who Has Gone Beyond Installing Splunk Wants To Know How To Make Most Of It This Book Will Not Only Teach You How To Use Splunk In Real World Scenarios To Get Business Insights, But Will Also Get Existing Splunk Users Up To Date With The Latest SplunkRelease

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