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Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) summary Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) , series Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) , book Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) , pdf Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) , Taken by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #1) 0dcacccf99 Perfectly Broken Perfectly Gorgeous Perfect To RuinLucy Came To Assassinate Me, Now I Must Punish HerI Ve Come Too FarPlotted Too LongLost Too Much,to Let One Omega Sweep In And Upset All My PlansShe Thinks She Can Redeem Me NotI Plan To Live Up To My Reputation As A Monster, Who Breaks Everything That Comes His WayStarting With HerThis Is Book Of Zeus And Lucy S Story In The Emotional And Action Packed Knotted Omega Series Dystopian Paranormal Romance With Omegaverse Mf Flavor Inside The Pages No Cheating Snarly, Tattooed, Possessive Male Who Will Do Anything To Claim His Soulmate

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    Imagine if humans were genetically changed to revert to their basest instincts, while maintaining their ability to intellectualize it Their thoughts and emotions would be strictly driven by desire and instinct, while they would try to understand and rationalize their actions through logic For those unwilling to submit to their physical needs, it would be pure torture Such is the problem for Lucy Laxmi Hariharan has envisioned a terrible outcome to the damage we are doing to our world and it is horrifying and fascinating in equal measure The idea that humans could so easily revert to their animal nature is entirely believable because if science has taught us nothing else, it is that life adapts and finds a way Perhaps the human population will not be completely wiped out perhaps we will just change At first, I had trouble understanding these characters That s because I was viewing them as human Once I realized they were only barely that, animal than anything else, their actions became understandable Whereas my socialization has bred me to see some of the things they did as disgusting, they didn t see it that way When my cat throws up and my dog eats the pieces of food before I can clean it up, she doesn t understand why I get so upset It s not gross to her In fact, even though we feed her, she probably views it as a matter of survival What if human survival dictated that we engage in behaviors that have long been viewed as the behavior of animals What if we remained just human enough to be able to reason and discuss things, but not enough to control our survival instincts The characters in this book, particularly Lucy, will force readers to consider this possibility.

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    This is Omegaverse, if you don t know what it is, please take the time to look it up before you judge this book It may not be everyone s cup of tea but it s DEFINITELY Mine Grins Received ARC from Author for Honest Review.I Give this Book a 3.5 or 4ish 5 Listing as 4.Cliffhanger Yes.No Spoilers.Heat 4 5, there is a lot of scenes but they felt fast paced and no depth kinda just vague Despite it being most of the book.Romance 3ish 5, at this point an emotional bond is still forming between them.Suspense 3 5Drama 4.5 5, I sadly don t mean this rating in a good way, it is a tad over dramatic at times, I kinda feel like I m reading a soap opera at times.Dark No.I do like Zeus, but he does seem a little different than the previous book, he s a very emotional guy, I found that a little odd for an Alpha.Lucy is a tad toooverdramatized and naive for me though at this point, I was expecting a strong Omega and a fighter, cause it does say that she is a different type of omega well haven t seen that yet.But I love submissive Omegas, but it is classified that she IS different.It seems to be a dangerous world. too many cliffs Lol hint sarcasm One thing that kinda disappoints me, is that Lucy isn t experiencing nesting So I m assuming this instinct might not apply to this series This is a good book, though it s still continuing, I do find it a tad bland for an Omegaverse, and there isn t really any description of the world or rooms etc.Something to give you a visual in a sense Will I be looking forward to see what happens next Yes.

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    An abundance of endless intrigue that will have you frantically turning the pages An exciting storyline that makes you feel as if you are there watching the story as it unfolds Fun, enjoyable, intense and emotionally moving Amazing hot chemistry you just want to sink your teeth into One heck of an amazing must read

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    There is nothing pretty about this book It is raw and instinctual at the most visceral level There s lots of action in this story maybe a bit too much There s lots of description about who does what to whom, but I m missing the connection to their location The authors have done a great job of incorporating scents into the story, yet I can t seem to remember any of the other senses and I m really feeling the lack of the visual component Perhaps some of that is the animalistic nature of Alphas and Omegas But I m not completely sold on that idea because most animals can see better than humans, so I m just left feeling a bit lost I like that Zeus can recognize and feel his emotions, there s just a lot of them than I ve ever seen in any other Omegaverse Alpha And that feels very odd to me I love that Lucy is spirited and feisty a Queen demanding that her Tom prove he s the strongest mate for her However, I m extremely bothered by how badly Lucy s lying to herself and blaming everything that she does on Zeus Free Will says we have a choice in everything, and even choosing to do nothing is still a choice This book ends on a cliff hanger both literally and figuratively and I very badly want to know what happens next.I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author.

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    I think this book is outside of my comfort zone It s pretty raw and dystopian in nature, not anything I could normally relate to I do think it was well written, although some of the descriptive text was redundant An aggressive Alpha, controlling and dominant, absolutely cut throat and vicious, is not a pleasant companion for my reading pleasure Again, it was done well but is not in my comfort zone The assassin, Lucy, surprised me in that I expected an Omega female to immediately submit to any form of aggression, but she didn t The story had lots of heat and an active story line, but I don t think I ll continue with the series If it has the qualities that you find attractive, I would suggest giving it a chance I found nothing in the writing that I would criticize other than the redundancy mentioned earlier It s just personal preferences for me and I am not drawn to this type of book The word Alpha grabbed my attention which is why I chose to read it I adore most shifter type books and snatched it up before I realized the other things that would not appeal to me.

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    Okay this book has steam and raw power strong arrogant aggressive Alpha with a need to control and rule there world is a harsh one were its kill or be killed only the strongest and most dominant can rule and Zeus has killed his own father to achieve it not that his father didn t deserve it he really did And he is not the only one who wants what he has his brother wants it as well he s not above using and assassin to achieve his goal.The assassin Lucy is most unusual for and Omega female she won t bow down easily even when the very man she has dreamed of is the one man she is sent to kill why what hold dose Zeus s brother have over her But when her heat comes on she will have to make a decision There passion is intense and raw but with danger waiting to strike will they be together or apart.I thoght this was a intriguing read with a lot of background characters which may have bogged down some reader s but it was still filled with plenty of heat and action which is why I rated it a 4 stars I m interested to see were this series goes.

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    The way Lucy entered Zeus life was wither incredibly brave or incredibly foolish Nevertheless, it brought their paths to a crossroad from which there is no turning back Now going through her heat cycle, Lucy is completely at the alpha s mercy The most feared alpha around, and she is his His to take, his to knot His to pleasure.Only if it could be easier, all things consideredBe prepared for this inferno of passion and chemistry Basic instincts dominate over logic or human morals Characters becoming one with their nature, pure and raw, without any barriers they could have as humans They need to be understood for what they are, who they are, in this altered post apocalyptic world and it is explained nicely, step by step, across the pages, providing enough details to understand yet not revealing the whole complexity yet Lots of steamy scenes increase the heat level inch by inch, and combined with the tension coming from the setup and background story it is a fine read for all fans of paranormal romance with high heat level.

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    Oh My Dear Lord Taken by the Alpha Knotted Omega, Book 1 by Laxmi Hariharan Scarlette Brooke is wonderfully, deliciously, divinely hot and sexy fun I don t generally like dystopian tales but I will definitely make an exception for anything set in the Omegaverse and Zeus and Lucy s story is truly a powerful emotional and action packed tale that was a total pleasure to read But for the fact that I m literally dictating this review to my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and on with praises The book definitely deserves it Since I can t do that I will simply note that the book is most definitely one to read, and it is easy to highly recommend I m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

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    How ironic He was powerful, fierce and feared but a little Omega was affecting his mind and tearing his heart apart Confused by his feelings Zeus only recognized something for sure, she was his Lucy felt without strength to fight her heat cycle and her great need for Zeus Only one decision could she make to protect what really mattered What intense emotions in this story Zeus and Lucy struggling with their feelings kept me feeling sorry for them Difficult decisions for two people who had a lot to lose Liked these characters and their intensity Kept me reading interested all the time Action, drama, suspense, good and strong characters, violence and a lot of passion A well written, exciting and interesting story that I enjoyed and left me anxious for the next book.

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    In all of my Omegaversing I have never read such a sexually charged connection between an Alpha and his Omega mate Zeus and Lucy are complete strangers yet as soon as they are in each other s physical space their scent for each other is undeniable Though we get a taste of their fated bond from the prequel Wanted, specially via their dreams, we are completely submersed in a no holds barred raw physical attraction between two people who should despise each other I love it how they each try so hard to fight their instinct but cave in to the bond almost instantaneously And once their bond is forged, there is nothing that can separate them, not even death.I enjoyed the character development, specially in Zeus, as he struggles to accept the influence Lucy has on his personality Lucy seems to be fighting the hardest, but even her strong will breaks down when faced with her Alpha mate I can t wait to see what is next for the bonded pair.

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