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Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) chapter 1 Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) , meaning Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) , genre Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) , book cover Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) , flies Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) , Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2) 3a8c3ebb03912 One Date With The Sexier Than Sin Detective Drake Nash SimpleUntil You Take Into Account That My Brother Finally Proposed To His Girlfriend, So Nonna Is On A Warpath And The Crazy Old Bat Has Cupid By The BallsThe Upcoming Mayoral Elections Has Everyone Running On Full Speed, And While I Couldn T Give Any Less Craps About The Corrupt Holly Woods Mayor S Office, A Dead Body In The Middle Of A Campaign Speech Has Me Thrown Right Into The Middle Of It The Victim Is Close To The Mayor, But All He Cares About Is Minimizing The Damage To His Campaign, So He Hires Me To Work Alongside Drake To Close The Case As Quickly As PossibleBad News For Our Tentative RelationshipWe Disagree Far Than We Agree, But Being At Loggerheads Won T Get This Murder Solved Or Deal With The Arrival Of Someone From His PastThe Mysteries Behind The Murder Aren T The Only Things Unraveling, And Despite Being Knee Deep In Lies And Corruption And Bonds So Tangled They Re Almost Indecipherable, I Have To Figure Out If I M Willing To Fight For Drake The Way I Do Justice Or If He Ll Be My One Who Gets Away

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Emma Hart has done it againshe got us all twisted and tangled up with her newest release Tangled Bond I swear Emma Hart has bewitched us once again when she reunites us with our beloved feisty cupcake addict, Noelle Bond and of course her partner in crime, Detective Drake Nash If you thought Twisted Bond was fun, sexy, and mysterious then I have to warn you that Ms Hart took Tangled Bond to a whole new level of sexy, fun, and intriguing romantic suspense She has once again engaged her readers to be truly invested in the characters as layers of truths, secrets, and evidence are slowly exposed and unraveled as to reveal in another case of whodunit Move over, James because there is a new Bond on the scene And her name is Noelle Bond Well, in this case Noelle is no secret British agent spy but a private investigator in Holly Woods, Texas And this private investigator has another case that she is deeply invested in when she gets recruited to help solve a murder case And so, Noelle is once again tangled up in this case and of course tangled up with her favorite detective If we thought, Noelle and Drake chemistry was hot in the first book then I will have to warn you, Ms Hart took the sexy level up several notches With strong sexual passionate chemistry brewing between the two, it was only a matter of time for Noelle to be once again tangled up in the sheets with Drake And this time, Drake made it his mission to remind Noelle that she is his The chemistry brewing between them is an intense sexy slow burn kind of sexual foreplay that usually involves banter and sexual innuendos As this couple embarked on their heated chemistry and banter, will Noelle will able to uncover the person responsible for the crime Tangled Bond was simply outright fun, delectable, sexy, and intriguing I loved that Ms Hart can weave romance, suspense, and mystery all into this story The writing was so engaging that you couldn t help but fall in love with Noelle s quirky family members from Nonna, her parents, and siblings And of course, I loved the love hate relationship of Noelle and Drake Nothing like hot sexual tension and banter to keep readers engaged So if you are ready to get tangled up in a chock full of surprising twist and turns and suspense, then I highly recommend you to read Tangled Bond by Emma Hart Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Hart

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    The Good Drake was so deliciously alpha He knew from page one he wanted Noelle and went after her for the rest of the book He never wavered and didn t let her inability to see how perfect they are for each other or her insecurities come in the way They fought like cats and dogs throughout the book and I liked seeing a heroine who could hold her ground and not turn into a stuttering mess in front of the alpha male.The Bad Ex drama view spoiler Drake s ex comes to town and starts some drama and makes the heroine insecure for a bit but it wasn t too major bc Drake wants nothing to do with her I d rather drink a smoothie fill of my own sperm that look at her that way again She s technically his ex fiancee and I didn t like knowing that he had a woman once that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with but he admits that he was young and thought he loved her so he proposed He was working longer and longer hours and work and one night he came and saw her with someone else So even before she cheated they were drifting apart, and it helped that she was a major bitch hide spoiler

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    Tangled Bond by Emma Hart is the continuation of Noelle and Drake s attempt at love and, of course, follows murder and mystery in Holly Woods, Texas Let me say, for a small Texas town, they sure have some crazy hanky panky and secrets going on and I love it Every small town has secrets and Holly Woods is no different This time, the duo is attempting to figure out whodunit, and the list of suspects includes some mighty influential people I should probably tell you, the sheer number of cupcakes consumed while reading this series is obviously linked to the story Also, get your dialing finger ready for some pizza action Hello foodie I will refrain from calling Drake insufferable this time because, like Noelle, I find his parts oh, so yummy I could just eat him up Her sass is awesome and fun and she kept me laughing Now I m wondering what Emma has up her sleeve next Heather, 5 stars Drake and Noelle are back to solve another murder and also to try and figure out what is going on between them Noelle promised one date to Drake, and he will collect on that date even if Noelle puts up a fight about it This book is full of mystery and romance Noelle and Drake heat up the pages even in Tangled Bond, all while a new murder hits the town of Holly Woods Emma Hart leaves you guessing with who killed who and who did what I was left surprised by who did it I had no idea I ve never really been into mystery books until this series I love Emma s writing and can t wait to read about Drake and Noelle in the future Leah, 5 stars Well, hot damn The snap crackle pop of the relationship between super sexy Drake Nash and the beautiful, smart, snarky Noelle Bond just gets better and better.After recently dealing with two murders, one would think life would settle back down to normal shenanigans in Holly Woods, Texas You know, normal like Noelle s Nonna setting her up on blind dates, Noelle s brothers driving her crazy, Noelle s Mom and Nonna arguing over stupid stuff, Noelle s PI business following cheating spouses, Noelle ignoring Drake Oh, wait, all this does happen along with yet another murder And, of course, it s one of Noelle s clients.With the upcoming Mayoral election, the incumbent Mayor wants this murder solved and quickly Hired to work alongside of the police department, Noelle is forced to work with Drake and her brothers until the murder is solved Noelle is completely out of her league Arguing every day with Drake, Noelle doesn t know whether she s coming or going but somehow Drake finally convinces her to go on their date And let the sparks fly Neither one can resist the other, but are all the arguments worth it Are they willing to fight their way into a true relationship Oh man, these two I want to both cheer on and smack upside the head Noelle and Drake are both hard headed and hard lovin Their interactions with each other and their friends and family are both hilarious and tender I loved how Drake was really the adult in their relationship this time He really helped lead Noelle through her misgivings and out of her head Can t wait to see what Ms Emma has up her sleeve for these two next Missy, 4.5 stars

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    I really enjoyed the previous book in this series but I liked this one even My biggest complaint with the first book was the lack of focus on the romance but thankfully the focus was on Noelle and Drakes relationship in this one Noelle was still a pain in the arse but not as much as in the previous book She was a bit vulnerable emotionally in this one which softened her character which I was glad about Drake was perfect He was grumpy, sexy and chased her Y all know I need a hero who chases I really enjoyed them together They have one of those relationships where they drive each other CRAZY and constantly fight but it s not real fighting and it s because they have such strong feelings for each other That whole do I want to punch you or kiss you thing they have going on reminds me of my husband I so much I didn t care about the crime all that much, it was just there to be honest It didn t annoy me like the last one but I just wasn t that interested I m glad it didn t take up too much of the story.The sad thing is that as much as I ve enjoyed their story I m going to have to say goodbye to this couple in this book because I won t be reading the third book about them because the drama in it is about his ex who makes an appearance in this one He doesn t have any feelings whatsoever for her but she s a bitch and does my tits in I don t want to read about ex drama I m afraid Plus as much as I trust Drake and his lack of feelings I don t trust that the author won t mess it all up in the third book I HATE EX DRAMA.So in my head this book is the end And it ends happily so my head is happy.

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    I love this series So much fun, a bit silly, fabulous murder mystery stories and a hot romance to boot Noelle and Drake s banter is amazing Just brilliant You know what No The mayor can kiss my freshly waxed vagina I m not putting myself through his shit because you ve got your cock up your own ass Noelle I want you, I whisper God only knows why But I do He smiles, sliding his hand up my back and into my hair Sweetheart, you ve got me I m gonna protect you, whether you like it or not I m not afraid to stake my claim where dicks like him are concerned One up me on solving murders every day of the week, but don t be mad at me for doing what feels right Nothing matters to me than protecting you, bella You never, ever wake a sleeping woman Not even for sex If we want sleepy sex, we initiate it The last time my ex tried to have sleepy sex with me, I elbowed him on reflex and the whole Dallas PD thought he d been hit in the face with a tree Again not responsible Bahahaha Can t wait to read book three Drake s crazy ex is messing with the wrong girl.

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    Actual Rating 4.5 StarsHe makes me weak He makes me completely and utterly soft He cuts through my hard outer shell until he s found the softness inside, and he takes hold of that and doesn t let go He forces emotions I don t want to feel and realities I don t want to exist Drake Nash makes me a coward.What a fantastic follow up to Twisted Bond Emma Hart has once again knocked it out of the park Tangled Bond picks up right where Twisted Bond picks up It s just another day in the life of Noelle Bond And what would another day be like without being put on another crazy case And if a new case wasn t enough, Noelle will find herself once again teamed up with Detective Nash This new case has got so many twists and turns, you re head will spin You better strap on your seat belts for this one, because you are in for one entertaining ride.Tangled Bond had me hooked from the first page I couldn t put it down I loved every second of it This story is intense, thrilling, and suspenseful As if that wasn t enough to hook you, Emma Hart really kicks up the swoon and steam factor If you thought the chemistry between Noelle and Drake was HOT before, you are in for a real treat this go round The two of them together are scorching I mean, they are melt the pages HOT Noelle and Drake continue their love hate relationship The two them are complete opposites, but once you get them together, it s an explosive mix When they aren t fighting each other or cursing each other out, they give you so of the most amazing, swoon worthy moments Those moments will have you begging for them to stop fighting their attraction and give into what they both know they wantThe intensity in his gaze quite frankly takes my breath away It s hope and resolve and desire and steadfast determination mixed with the kind of protective warmth I know I ll never see again It s the way you re only ever looked at once in a lifetime I want to be yours My words are so quiet, and I stroke my thumb down the side of his neck I want it so badly Then be mine, he murmurs It s that simple, bella Make me, I murmur back Make me yours If you weren t in love with these two before, this surely secured the deal.I just loved Drake He really kicked things up a notch Criminals do not stand a chance with him I mean not only is he one smart detective, but he is exactly the right man for Noelle He is strong, determined, passionate and 100% alpha I want with you, he growls Even if it means we threaten to kill each other ten times a day and argue fifty That s your definition of love Hate so passionate it s real and tangible And sweet shit, Noelle, I hate the fuck outta you often that I think I even like you As much as Noelle may want to deny it, Drake is her match He accepts her how she is and loves the challenges she throws his way And Noelle, she just cracks me up I love her wit and her fiesty attitude It s never a dull moment with her When she say lines like this Nonna, I love you, but no woman needs a man We already get periods why the hell do we need something else in our life that s going to force us to eat copious amounts of icecream or this Holy Shit I sound like a fucking thirteen year old hypothosizing about a cute boy who glanced her way in the middle of math Does he like me Was he looking at me OHMYGOD what if he was I need to seriously screw my head on tight and clamp up my vagina or this date is a bust mostly because Drake Nash will own me entirely It s hard to not love her.What can I say about Tangled Bond Tangled Bond is one of those books you go into knowing it s going to be an amazing read Not only is this book sexy, but the writing is smart and the characters are very entertaining You can t help but get caught up in them, especially Noelle s crazy family members They are a riot I couldn t get enough of it I for one am hooked and can not wait to see what lies ahead for Noelle, Drake and the rest of the Bond s But, hey, you don t have to take my word for it Read it for yourself and see why Tangled Bond is such a fantastic read You won t be disappointed I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review

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    Actual Rating 4.5 StarsAhhh Can we change the title Remove the Tangled and make it Cupcake Bond or Tangled Cupcake Bond or I don t know but the cupcake seriously needs to be in the title I swear the Holly Wood Files is going to make me crave cupcakes every time I read this series And you know what s the tragic part I don t have Gigi s Cupcakes CUPCAKES ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE HERE What do I do about my craving now But seriously, if you for a second thought that Twisted Bond was fun, sexy and got you twisted in all its mystery then you are in for a surprise because, Tangled Bond will leave you tangled in its intricate web which is the perfect blend of sexy, sassy, romance and the mystery that will leave you reeling.You thought figuring out the killer in the first book was hard HA in this book Emma Hart makes it damn near impossible I mean HELLO Can I get one of the suspects killer right I want with you, he growls Even if it means we threaten to kill each other ten times a day and argue fifty That s your definition of love Hate so passionate it s real and tangible And sweet shit, Noelle, I hate the fuck outta you often that I think I even like you sigh Hart s Heroes are so damn easy to fall in love with Every single one of them And Detective Drake Nash is no less.No matter how much Noelle denies Drake is the man for her and he is not afraid to tell her that He is strong, stubborn, passionate, and a true alpha male.If Noelle was a real person and if she would have still been fighting off the attraction between her and Drake, I would have told her that Drake is mine But then this heartfelt moment happens and I your heart can t help but stutter and race 3 I want to be yours My words are so quiet, and I stroke my thumb down the side of his neck I want it so badly Then be mine, he murmurs It s that simple, bella Make me, I murmur back Make me yours And then Nonna Noelle SASS OVERLOAD As if their wit and feisty attitude isn t enough to handle one at a time, them clashing together ends up them having such conversations Nonna, I love you, but no woman needs a man We already get periods why the hell do we need something else in our life that s going to force us to eat copious amounts of icecream Tangled Bond is a fun and sexy read and the intricacies and mystery makes it an enjoyable read I highly recommend the Holly Wood Files Series to everyone You won t be disappointed ARC gifted by author in exchange for an honest review ________________________________For reviews, recommendations, my favorite book boards and reading progresses you can follow me on Facebook Website Twitter Pinterest

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    A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 4 I Still Want Cupcake Stars This review is going to be on the shorter side and also quite vague, because of the nature of the storyline I don t want to spoil anything for anyone.Tangled Bond is the second book in Emma Hart s Holly Woods Files Series This is NOT a standalone novel, you do need to read Twisted Bond first Now with me saying that each case is solved by the end of each book, but where this is not a standalone is when it comes to Drake and Noelle This is definitely a continuation of their storyline.I truly have mixed feelings about this book I really enjoyed most of the storyline, but I think something got lost in it from the first book This is really hard to explain without spoiling anything I guess the best way to put it is, that going into this book I knew that we would get of Drake and Noelle s relationship, but I thought it overpowered the story After reading Twisted Bond, I was in love with this series, because this was something completely different from Emma I thought the primary focus of the books in this series was going to be the mystery cases that Noelle and Drake would solve I felt that in this book the mystery aspect of the story took a back seat to the love story and I guess I was a little disappointed I LOVE all of Emma s books but I felt this one went back to feeling like her other books and not like the different path book 1 went on I never thought I would say this, but I wanted less of Drake and Noelle s love story and focus on the mystery.Now don t get me wrong, I did really like this story and the mystery that needs to be solved was unique and interesting I loved that Emma kept me guessing all the way through I NEVER would ve guessed the ending I did also like to see Drake and Noelle form a stronger bond, but to be honest all the back and forth bickering and Noelle fighting her feelings was starting to wear on me Between Noelle and Drake, I have to say I love Drake I loved his character in this book than in book 1 We got to see the softer side to him without losing the possessive side as well I just wish Noelle would ve woken up to her feelings towards him a little sooner in the story.So before I spoil anything, I will end this here and say that this was a good second book in this series, Book 1 is still my favorite, but I look forward to the journey Emma takes us on in the next book.If you are an Emma Hart fan you definitely should read this series Follow Us at Book Bitches Blog Facebook Twitter

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    Oh my freaking life, EMMA..MRS HART..EM PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I BEG YOU, LET ME LIVE INSIDE YOU HEAD OR YOUR COMPUTER OR NOTEBOOK OR ANYWHERE SO I CAN SEE HOW YOUR TALENTED MIND CREATES SUCH OUTSTANDING BOOKS I JUST..I CAN T EVEN GET OVER THIS SERIES RUINED ABSOLUTELY RUINED After reading Twisted Bond and falling head over heels in love with that bloody gorgeous, infuriating man Mr Drake Nash and that feisty HILARIOUS Texan Italian Noelle Bond, I just knew that this series was going to be so special But if you thought Book 1 in this series was amazing, then you seriously are about to have your world well and truly blown to pieces The continuation in this series brings a brand new case for Noelle and the pain in her ass, hella sexy, Drake, with new wild turns and jaw dropping twists that will have you thinking you actually are an FBI agent because you fall so hard into this world Emma Hart has created, you involve yourself personally and imagine you are these characters The suspense will just blow your damn mind Once you think you work out whodunit , you will want to kick your own ass for even trying to guess The humour in the book is written so well, because it doesn t take away the seriousness of the suspense with I just think it GENIUS work These books would make one hella awesome TV Series Every scene that I read played out so perfectly and vividly in my mind, and that is the amazing thing about this author, she captures you with such intensity, depth and a whirlwind of emotions completely unique to her writing style and charm Noelle and Drake continue their love hate relationship which seriously is just the freaking best thing ever Their chemistry is ultimately OUTSTANDING, EXPLOSIVE AND WILD The hysterical quick witted banter just puts the frosting on top of the cupcakesee what I did there You fall head over heels in love with both characters all over again, as well as the family They are just as pivotal in this book as they were the first, the protective brothers, the friends and Nonna, THAT WOMAN IS HI FREAKING LARIOUS And she quite simply is bat shit crazy and make you laugh even harder Emma Hart has also flipped the steam factor and sexual tension up to kindle melting, panty dropping, ovary combusting HOT Mary Mother of Jesus..This book is without a doubt my favourite Emma Hart book to date She set a brand spanking new challenge writing a Romantic Suspense series, and in Stevie Wonder style she has SIGNED, SEALED and DELIVERED what can only be described as a literary masterpiece I devoured this book, I lived this book and I felt this book from start to finish 5 STARS Reviewed for FMR Book Grind

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    Received an ARC for an honest review Droelle is back And they re relationship is all leveled up I was kind of iffy to start this book as I needed something soft and very romantic then but now that I finished it, I am glad and very well satisfied that I have finally read it It was beyond amazing Drake and Noelle s story is very unique It s not all roses, bears and serenades It s guns, kick ass and sharp tongues There were no dull moments and definitely no quiet ones Noelle is very loud I believed sometime in the book that she s paid to talk rather than investigate But, her noise is not annoying, at all Just a few moments of finishing the book, I already missed her mouth Drake, on the other hand, surprised me Though we don t get his POV in this book, I loved how he transformed Noelle is the star of this series but he definitely shone in Tangled Bond His over protectiveness and tender loving care for Noelle was very apparent in this book He made my heart dance happily and he put big butterflies in my stomach Noelle is so lucky Unique, different, badass and amazing, Tangled Bond was a kick ass sequel to the Holly Woods Files series.

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