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Tarot chapter 1 Tarot , meaning Tarot , genre Tarot , book cover Tarot , flies Tarot , Tarot 29e5455e12930 This Clear Introduction To The Ancient Arts Of Tarot Gives Beginners All The Information Needed To Start Learning About Themselves And Others Through The Cards Advice Is Given On What Sort To Buy, Where To Get Them And How To Use Them Fully Illustrated In Colour, Each Chapter Concentrates On A Different Aspect Of The Craft, Explaining All The Meanings And Possible Interpretations, And Ends With A Short Practice Section The Final Chapter Gives A Sample Reading And The Most Popular Spreads Currently In Use Throughout The Book, The Emphasis Is On The Positive Aspects Of Tarot And Using The Cards As A Tool For Gaining Self Knowledge, While Exploring The Present And Future Possibilities

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    This book is a quick read, but don t be fooled by its size, for it does have good content Albeit brief, it does not lack the basic information needed, its language is easy to comprehend and time will pass without you realizing.Following the introduction, the first chapter is about the cards where to get, which to choose, how to look after them Her advices are solid and grounded, there is nothing fancy about the requirements My advice would be to choose a pack with clear, standard definitions, and move on to the other types of cards at a later stage when you have mastered the subject.The deck is presented as a whole, including Major and Minor Arcana, with a small presentation of the name and number of the cards, a general explanation and super quick associations with the suits and the four elements After that, there are some useful tips on how to interpret the cards on your readings.The second chapter focuses solely on the Major Arcana and here, Benson provides the reader with concise information for each card The book is fully illustrated, specially on the chapters focusing on the presentation of the cards Also, it has additional and super brief information at the ending of each description on the relation of the card with astrology and numerology.Chapter number three follows the same structure, but it goes back to the Minor Arcana and focuses on The Suite of the Swords It has a brief and general meaning for each card of the suit Chapter four covers in the same way The Suite of Wands, chapter five The Suite of Cups and chapter six The Suite of Pentacles.On the seventh and final chapter it shifts to the spreads It has hints on giving a reading and a sample reading There are seven spreads on this book 1 The Ten Card Spread 2 The Seven Card Spread 3 The Bohemian Spread 4 The Pyramid 5 The 12 Month Spread 6 The 21 Card Spread 7 The Five Card Spread The explanations are brief and concise, very matter of fact, super practical and easy to memorize The presentation of the spreads is simple, which ends up being key to a complete understanding The options of the spreads are varied in purposes, shapes and amount of cards, but it goes to show that the complexity is not beyond beginners, different or bigger spreads do not need to be feared or avoided, but known and practiced.Another good thing about this book is that, at the end of each chapter, there is a short question section without answers , where the reader can stop, focus and ponder on the answers to improve absorption on what was read These exercises are a tool to deepen the studies of the subjects discussed It is not overly complicated and everyone should be capable to answer every question My general opinion is if you are a beginner or if you want to refresh your tarot knowledge this is a good place to start For me, it is a very comforting book, a familiar and simple guide.

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    Tarot A Beginners Guide This is a must read for anyone starting out in the tarot arts Lots of information condensed into a few paragraphs Well written for a layman s understanding which , at the beginning of learning the art of tarot is much appreciated I am actually going to source this book in material form, so I can refer back to when ever my heart desires Also a book that can be read in one sitting 10 10 Thank you, thank you, thank you xx

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    I am a complete newbie when it comes to Tarot I ve always been curious about it, but had never explored it and I have not had a reading to date This means that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information container, but as a first introduction to that world, I thought it was mostly well done.The book starts with an explanation of the Major and Minor Arcanas, and proceeds to explore the cards meanings right side up as well as that of their inverted position The progression through the minor Arcana is done with an introduction about the suit itself, followed by an explanation of each card There is also a section illustrating describing various possible spreads Each section ends with some questions to help the reader recall understand what they ve just read.Despite some glaring typos Heirophant in many places instead of Hierophant , I thought this was an easy to read introductory guide to the Tarot.

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    Nice, clear and concise beginner Tarot book.Bonus points for test questions after each section Interpretations are tight and consistent with the standard ones though little attention is played to the symbology other than in translation The Reversed meaning sare covered specifically, so that s nice.What looks like the Original Rider Waite deck is used called Tarot Classic here , so that limits it somewhat, though most beginners are going to grab one of the Rider Waite decks.Lastly, it has a very complete section of 7 Spreads including Bohemian.If I were picking a book for someone I knew with which they could start Tarot, I d probably go with this one and a Rider deck Can t go wrong.

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    I got this on my kindle, it was a really low price maybe even free, can t recall so I figured I would see how deep it goes into tarot This book doesn t go too deeply, however, into tarot and the meanings Its good as like a quick read but I definitely wouldn t recommend it if you really want one book or even an introductory book into describing tarot cards.It wasn t a waste of time though, it def helped me brush up on what I did know.

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    GoodGood basics Great for beginners or refresher for old pros It was easy to understand and quite enjoyable Give it a look if tarot interests you.

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