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  • ebook
  • 20 pages
  • Tattoo Dream
  • Em Petrova
  • English
  • 23 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Tattoo Dream

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    This book is hot hot hot If you re looking for a hot read definitely check this out Its a short work, so there s not much beyond their sexual relationship, but Em Petrova still manages to get as much emotion in those pages as she can Her voice is engaging and descriptive Definitely a read worth checking out.

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    fun, sexy little read for such few pages, the characterization was good and the action was clearly choreographed considering so much was going on Get s straight to the point, and is hot, hot hot.

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    Katie, BookingIt This is one really sexy story I enjoyed how Sascha and Van were open about their marriage, both understanding that a third party was preferred as well as necessary for the happiness of their relationship The way the couple approached Maggie was a bit odd, but I did like how Sascha and Van had been friends with Maggie prior to their first, hot encounter Strangely, I found this short story too long, mainly because the sex scene seemed never ending In contrast, I liked how Tattoo Dream highlighted the beginning of a new, erotic relationship For fans of f f m m nage stories, Tattoo Dream hits the spot BookingIt Grade BTo read the entire review, clik on Talina, Night Owl Reviews When I opened Tattoo Dream I expected a straight erotic read with no romance or tender hearted moments After the first page I was proven wrong I thought it was very interesting to delve deep within the hearts of two people that craved such a different lifestyle than my own The characters showed great emotions as to why they needed a profound connection and meaning to their relationship and marriage As for the plot, it flowed smoothly, providing the happily ever after I love There were small point of view problems that had me rereading certain parts to make sure I was following and with the same character, however they were small and did not interrupt the readingFor such a short read, Ms Petrova surprised me by how much heart felt emotion and scorching sex she weaved together in her new novella She is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine I definitely look forward to reading from this author and discovering all the wonderful characters she creates 3.75 Stars To read the entire review

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    Tattoo Dream by Em Petrova I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review Tattoo Dream is not your mother s romance story The reader is drawn into a world where Van and Sascha, a happily married couple, are looking to add a third person to their love mix The concept is not new to them, in the past they have shared lovers but they are looking for someone long term.Sascha and Van have been watching Maggie for months They enjoy talking with her, she is intelligent and sharp witted enough to pit herself against Van They are infatuated with her body and are dying to get her into their bed.They are not worried about adding Maggie to their family because they are confident in their love for one another The chemistry is hot between the three of them and it s all about give and take It s not a typical m nage all three of them give equally to each other.Over all I enjoyed this steamy short story but I would ve liked to have a little character development and build up It is a great bedtime story to share with your loved one.I give Tattoo Dream 3 Flaming Hearts.

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    This is my second Em Petrova I liked her story in the Forbidden anthology a little Tattoo Dream one is super porny and pure sex A married couple chats with a curvy waitress decides she s their soulmate based on a few friendly interactions They invite her to the tattoo parlor they own and declare their love by sexing her up in every way possible The hero is improbably endowed, body fluids flow freely, and the language waffles between crude and flowery There s no plot or character development No one even gets a tattoo 2.5

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    4.5 Ravens Though Tattoo Dream is a very quick read, it certainly delivers a mix of hot and sweet enough to leave the reader wanting To view this review in its entirety, please visit

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    Short and steamy Not a whole lot of story line besides the sex but it was a quick hot read.

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    This is a fantastic, smoking hot, but sensually sweet delight For fans of F F M menage erotica, this is a must read

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Tattoo Dream characters Tattoo Dream , audiobook Tattoo Dream , files book Tattoo Dream , today Tattoo Dream , Tattoo Dream 9a853 Sascha And Van Are Happily Married Their Successful Tattoo Parlor Should Be Enough To Keep Their Lives Full And Enriched, But They Both Sense A Void That Only A Third In Their Marriage Could Fill Sexy Waitress Maggie Seems To Be Just The One They Ve Been Looking For At The Risk Of Ruining Their Friendship With Maggie, The Couple Makes The Move To Get Her Into Their Tattoo Chair, With The Hopes Of Getting Her In Their Bed