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Tenjho Tenge chapter 1 Tenjho Tenge , meaning Tenjho Tenge , genre Tenjho Tenge , book cover Tenjho Tenge , flies Tenjho Tenge , Tenjho Tenge 16d7b3df0b26d High Quality Content By WIKIPEDIA Articles Tenjho Tenge , Tenj Tenge , Lit The Heaven And The Earth Is A Japanese Manga Authored By Ito Oh Great Gure The Story Primarily Focuses On The Members Of The Juken Club And Their Opposition, The Executive Council, Which Is The Ruling Student Body Of A High School That Educates Its Students In The Art Of Combat As The Story Unfolds, Both Groups Become Increasingly Involved With An Ongoing Battle That Has Been Left Unresolved For Four Hundred Years

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