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That Hideous Strength pdf That Hideous Strength, ebook That Hideous Strength, epub That Hideous Strength, doc That Hideous Strength, e-pub That Hideous Strength, That Hideous Strength beb2df211a0 The Third Novel In The Science Fiction Trilogy By CS Lewis This Final Story Is Set On Earth, And Tells Of A Terrifying Conspiracy Against HumanityThe Story Surrounds Mark And Jane Studdock, A Newly Married Couple Mark Is A Sociologist Who Is Enticed To Join An Organisation Called NICE Which Aims To Control All Human Life His Wife, Meanwhile, Has Bizarre Prophetic Dreams About A Decapitated Scientist, Alcasan As Mark Is Drawn Inextricably Into The Sinister Organisation, He Discovers The Truth Of His Wife S Dreams When He Meets The Literal Head Of Alcasan Which Is Being Kept Alive By Infusions Of BloodJane Seeks Help Concerning Her Dreams At A Community Called St Anne S, Where She Meets Their Leader Dr Ransom The Main Character Of The Previous Two Titles In The Trilogy The Story Ends In A Final Spectacular Scene At The NICE Headquarters Where Merlin Appears To Confront The Powers Of Hell

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    Stupendous Just great, and also read in January of 1990 Also read in May of 2009 Also read in June of 1985 Also read in July of 1980 Finished it again on an Audible version in August of 2015 And yet again in Audible in September of 2016 And one time on Audible in July of 2017.

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    I finished it while 30,000 feet in the air It was a night time flight, and after I finished the last page i set it down, turned to look out the window and while my mind wandered and mulled on what i had just experienced with the book, I saw that we were skirting to the side of a storm The lightning was bouncing from cloud to cloud and it wasn t unlike my thoughts and the way my heart felt I was elated, and I couldn t think of anywhere I d rather be when I finished that book short of outside the plane With wings of my own.I will admit it took me 2 tries to read it Not as easy to get through as the first 2 books are, because the beginning is a bit slow, even dry On attempt 2, once I got through page 60 or so, however, I could hardly put it down, and it immediately became one of my favourite books of all time.

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    FIRST A complaint from a member of my reading group who read the book ONLY because of the very cool bear on the cover In defense of Mr Angry Bear, I must agree that while the giant, kick ass bear on the cover may not be exactly false advertising, it is certainly in the category of misleadingsimilar to beer commercials telling you drink this beer and hot people will be all over you when the reality is closer to drink enough of our beer and you will think the people all over you are really hot. Anyway, pissed off grizzlies and dishonest beer merchants aside, I will turn to the book itself This is the final installment of the Space Trilogy which I have enjoyed significantly than the Chronicles of Narnia though I have only read the first 3 of the latter and so will reserve final judgment until I complete them The plot of this story is somewhat complex and would be hard to explain in detail without spoilers so I will just provide some very broad strokes In addition to expanding on the unique Christian based mythology that Lewis introduced in the first two books in the series, he adds two new central themes The first is a heavy dose of Arthurian fantasy which I though was somewhat unique in its delivery The second, and the central premise of the book as a whole, is a harsh criticism of the philosophy of Logical Positivism i.e., the rejection of theology and mysticism in favor of knowledge based on facts that can be objectively determined without resort to the individual views of the observer This last theme is so pervasive in the the narrative, that I found it interesting to discover that this book is really a fictional version of the same arguments Lewis proposed in his non fiction The Abolition of Man which I hope to read as well in the near future The story takes place in England and involves the struggle of our hero, Elwin Ransom hero of the first two books , and his company of followers against the mysterious and powerful organization known as N.I.C.E National Institute of Coordinated Experiments which embraces all of the evils as Lewis sees it of Logical Positivism Ransom s group, on the other hand, adhere to a spiritually grounded version of Natural Law i.e., that there are universal laws that are set by nature and that there are actions that can be seen as objectively good or objectively evil and not subject to selective interpretaiton by the observer NOTE My summary of the Logical Positivism and Natural Law is very general and probably not very good, but hopefull sufficient for purposes of explaining the viewpoints of the opposing sides in the novel. As far as my reaction to the story, I think that the writing is excellent and the plot that Lewis creates is complex and nuanced and requires the reader to pay attention something I usually like I also think that his arguments in defense of Natural Law and against Logical Positivism are very passionate and well laid out, regardless of whether or not you agree with them I always enjoy it when you can tell that an author really feels strongly for the subject matter he is writing about and that is certainly clear of this work That said, I didn t enjoy this as much as the preceding volumes, especially Perelandra which I thought was just fantastic I think I was just not interested enough in the distinctions between the two central philosophies and so the central argument was not as compelling to me Thus, while I enjoyed it, I was left a little disappointed based on my expectations left over from Perelandra Still, overall it was a good conclusion to the Space Trilogy and this is certainly a series that I would recommend people check out, especially if they are fans of the Narnia series.

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    I have a love hate relationship with C.S Lewis There s a lot I admire in his writing but enough I deplore in his worldview that even though I keep being drawn to his works, I can t call him a favorite I mostly loved The Screwtape Letters and Narnia, which I read as an adult, adored Till We Have Faces my favorite Lewis work , was moved by his book A Grief Observed and found Mere Christianity and the first two books in the Space Trilogy interesting There was only one book by him until this one that I had dropped mid read because I found it just too exasperating and that was The Abolition of Man Significantly, he cites that book in the Preface saying he delineated in that essay the point he was making through fiction in this book I noted in the first two books of the Space Trilogy that for all they might seem to fall into the science fiction genre, both books are actually anti science fiction In the first book Out of the Silent Planet, the hero, Ransom spoke of the purpose of the book as a change over from the conception of Space to the conception of Heaven And I prefer Space greatly The thrust of the first two books is against the humanistic message of science fiction itself and the books decry the very idea of space exploration and colonization That s very much a line that is continued in That Hideous Strength, but that isn t what caused me to put the book down deciding not to torture myself further Yes, the anti science, anti technology line irked me As did the evident contempt for all those who aren t believers in Christian orthodoxy let alone atheists And as an American and small r and d republican and democrat I bristle at Lewis evident fondness for the whole class system from how you address servants to the belief in the curtsy as an essential social skill to the love of monarchy and what may seem quaint in that respect in Narnia just seemed at its most noisome here But no, what really got to me was the attitude towards women I ve defended Lewis in reviews against those who have called him sexist based on Narnia Truly, Narnia has wonderful heroines Even compared in terms of current science fiction and fantasy what struck me was how important and strong were his female characters and how gender balanced were his cast of characters in a very testosterone laden genre But it really was just really too much in The Hideous Strength The contempt heaped on emancipated women, characters like Hardcastle that seem to signal that just being in an nontraditional profession for a woman means you re perverted and a fascist And Jane Oh, Jane You know where I couldn t take it any It was the Pendragon chapter Here s two quotes She said at last, I suppose our marriage was just a mistake The Director said nothing What would you what would the people you are talking of say about a case like that I will tell you if you really want to know, said the Director Please, said Jane reluctantly They would say, he answered, that you do not fail in obedience through lack of love, but have lost love because you never attempted obedience And Jane said, I always thought it was in their souls that people were equal You were mistaken, he said gravely That is the last place where they are equal Equality before the law, equality of incomes that is very well Equality guards life it doesn t make it It is medicine, not food You might as well try warming yourself with a blue book But surely in marriage Worse and worse, said the Director Courtship knows nothing of it nor does fruition What has free companionship to do with that Those who are enjoying something, or suffering something together, are companions Those who enjoy or suffer one another, are not Do you not know how bashful friendship is Friends comrades do not look at each other Friendship would be ashamed I thought, said Jane and stopped I see, said the Director It is not your fault They never warned you No one has ever told you that obedience humility is an erotic necessity You are putting equality just where it ought not to be.No, just no And yes, there were things I liked that make me wish I could tolerate this novel better There s a reason after all I keep coming back to Lewis He s a great writer with truly striking, shapely prose and at his best has a prodigious imagination and a winning sense of humor and a great way of infusing fiction with ideas sometimes all too blatantly but often brilliantly Even here there were things I relished His depiction of the process for instance by which Mark Studdock was corrupted was terrifically done And I had to smile at the way he named his characters very Dickensian Some of those on the villain s roll included Lord Feverstone, Miss Hardcastle, Mr Frost, Withers, Steele, Curry And you can t get better than the acronym for the sinister organization of baddies N.I.C.E And it s not as if I disagree with all of Lewis message the whole scenario of controlling humanity in the name of Order and scientific principle was chilling and resonated with me I loved how Lewis was working in the Arthurian theme into a story set in mid twentieth century England And as I love the Arthurian genre, that was very much a highlight and it took a lot to finally break me away from that But after that encounter between Jane and Fisher King I thought it was time to part company before the urge to tear my book in half and start shredding the pages took hold of me especially since this was about twice the length of the two earlier books I couldn t imagine being able to get through the rest with my sanity intact.

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    I ve read That Hideous Strength several times, and it always has been my favorite of C.S Lewis space trilogy But this time through, it captivated me in a way that it never has before Only C.S Lewis, with his combination of brilliance, scholarly knowledge, writing ability, wit and Christian world view, could have written this book.It is Lewis most satirical book, even so than Screwtape Letters It is probably his most sophisticated fiction work with the exception of Till We Have Faces As he tells us in a brief author s note, this is the fictional complement to Lewis The Abolition of Man, which is a critique of the British educational system This sounds like a deadly subject for fiction, but it isn t in Lewis skillful hands And although this book was written in the 1940s in England, the themes remain on target in the United States today.It is helpful, but not necessary, to have read the first two books of the trilogy before reading That Hideous Strength The central character of those books, Ransom, plays a major role here as well But the central characters in Hideous are a young, not very happily married couple, Mark and Jane Studdock In the battle between good and evil that occupies this book, Mark is drawn in to the side of evil, Jane to the side of good Drawn in is the phrase neither makes a conscious decision or realizes that good and evil are involved until late in the book I think Mark represents the young C.S Lewis And I think Bill the Blizzard Hingest, a character who disappears early in the book, represents the mature C.S Lewis in this dialogue with Mark I suppose there are two views about everything, said Mark Eh Two views There are a dozen views about everything until you know the answer Then there s never than one The legend of King Arthur plays a significant role in That Hideous Strength The subject matter of That Hideous Strength is grim, and even gruesome at times Needed comic relief is provided by Mr Bultitude I won t say anything about him, because if I did it would ruin it for you.

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    This is Lewis best treatment of sex, and probably the best treatment of sex by anyone, cast in the form of a novel It is sooooooooo retro on the modern scene that it will either shock or outrage most folks who read it for the first time in the modern context.It is also some of the funniest stuff i ve ever read in my life Only a few paragraphs into a scene near the end of the book, which draws on the goings on at Babel, when the languages were confused well, it set off a laughing fit that lasted almost an hour Must have been my mood, I suppose But still brilliant

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    Good Story 206 Julie and Scott are appalled to find that N.I.C.E bought the lot next door As with the other two books in C.S Lewis s space trilogy I found this one difficult to get into and, yet, once I got past the indefinable point where it was no longer a struggle, I couldn t read it fast enough Consequently this was a 24 hour book for me It is a testament to Lewis s imagination and writing skill as to how different all three of the books are in this trilogy, while simultaneously all carrying out the same basic theme No wonder J.R.R Tolkien loved them.Speaking of Tolkien, I was stunned to see Numinor mentioned twice and Middle Earth once in this book I never dreamed there was such a deliberate, direct connection between this book and the Lord of the Rings, which was not yet published in its entirety when this book came out as Lewis says in the introduction One can see the way these books and LOTR go hand in hand with similar themes, although expressed differently through the authors different styles.This book itself was really terrific and left me striving to be a better person, to be truer to myself, as did the other two Not many other books really leave one feeling that way.

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    I wrote my college essay on this book as it had the most profound influeI wrote my college essay on this book as it had the most profound influence on me in my teenage years But that s not to say that it s a book aimed at young people C.S Lewis is known as a Christian writer and it s true that there are elements of Christianity in this book, as well as some very conservative ideas about women, I might add But that s not what the book is really about The hideous strength that Lewis writes about is that compulsion that we feel to be part of a group, beyond friendship, it s a need to be a part of something This can be a positive thing, this belonging, but it can also be very negative if you are willing to make sacrifices, terrible compromises, in order to justify yourself to the group More than a cursory treatment of mob psychology, That Hideous Strength challenges us to be self critical on a day to day basis and be brave enough to be true to ourselves even if that means that we give up the very comfortable feeling of belonging This book has not made me an outsider it has helped me understand how some people feel such a compulsion to be in the inner circle that they are willing to negate themselves and others.

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    When I first read That Hideous Strength, it was my least favorite of Lewis Science Fiction trilogy Now I believe it is my favorite.Evil forces have gathered for a showdown on Earth We have seen some of this in the first two books but now the bent Eldil and their minions are showing their hand in hopes of destroying Earth.It is insightful to see how much the evil Eldil hate mankind, because, of course, they hate mankind s Maker.They are a pragmatic sort, however, and tell whatever lies, power hungry, perverse men are willing to swallow to achieve that end.Our story starts out with a young couple, Jane and Mark Jane and Mark are a modern, progressive couple and they have no patience with old fashioned notions of women and men s roles Jane s ambition is to finish her thesis and Mark s ambition is to join the inner ring at the National Institute of Coordinated Experiments or N.I.C.E for short.This starts the trouble because Mark is invited to join N.I.C.E He thinks They certainly have invited him and have intimated that they want him, but for what He cannot get a definite answer as to what his occupation would be or that he is even hired When he demands clarity, he is warned that he will offend the director Anxious to please, Mark subsides.Meanwhile, Jane is having some very non progressive, non modern dreams They are strange and disturbing and it seems they have something to do with an ancient man lying in a tomb.All is not as it seems, to coin a phrase It turns out the institute is not interested in Mark but want Jane Her dreams will tell them the location of this mysterious man Why do they want him They believe he possesses power that will help them control the world At least that is what the men think In reality, it is the Eldil who want the man to help them destroy the world They play on certain men s lust for power to achieve their ultimate goals.Lewis creates a brilliant expose on human nature and our reality on a metaphysical level.Each person is a type and Lewis reveals their nature by narrating their thoughts to the reader We smile and sometimes laugh in acknowledgement because we recognize ourselves and others in the different characters We also are filled with loathing as we recognize the perversity and arrogance that characterizes so many people in our world.I especially appreciate his descriptions of the men at N.I.C.E Each one wants something from the Eldil One wants superior knowledge and scientific advancement another seeks supernatural experiences, a third wants freedom to experiment on animals and humans for his personal increase in knowledge and biogenetic engineering Not one cares how many people they expend to achieve their selfish goals and they see the Eldil as a means to their own ends without considering that they are actually meeting the Eldils ends.In the end each of them find themselves, their person, individuality, and finally their soul, absorbed by the Eldil.Dr Ransom, the man who traveled to the planets in the first two books, is keeping a group of people safe from N.I.C.E in his house These are the few that have not either capitulated to N.I.C.E s side or been jailed Jane, at first unwillingly, then later most willingly joins them.Ransom informs his small group that the scientists and professors at N.I.C.E do not realize that the Eldil hate them as much as they hate everyone else and as soon as their usefulness is gone, these intellectual men will find themselves deserted and finally destroyed.There are moments of real horror The Head of the institute turns out to be exactly that the decapitated head of a criminal who was executed in France One scientist obsessed with creating life from dead men, like his own Frankenstein, has invented a method to infuse the head with saliva, blood, and oxygen The Head then speaks and gives orders.This is scary enough but worse revelations about the Head are around the corner and I won t reveal anything else so as not to spoil it for the reader.There are also turning points This happens primarily in Jane and Mark who at first are against Ransom s side and his group in that they dismiss them as antiquated and backwards in their old fashioned thinking about morals or believing in a Spiritual world Both come around as they personally experience undeniable evil.Mark s conversion is the best part He transforms from being a self absorbed toady to seeing N.I.C.E for what it really is and no longer fears rejection of the inner circle or losing his job Once he becomes fearless, he stops thinking only of himself and the reader sees Mark become fully a man, fully human as though the character change fleshes him out to where previously he was merely a thin out line of a person.I should point out that not all Eldil are evil As we learn in the first book, Out of the Silent Planet, most Eldil are good Only the ruling Eldil of planet Earth is bent as the good Eldil call it.And we eventually learn that Earth is not completely deserted by good Eldil They are also here on Earth They have traveled from other planets to battle the evil Eldil, something the bent Eldil did not anticipate.I find the whole story a perfect analogy to the battle going on Earth now between good and evil And, as with all of Lewis work The reader is never deserted We are reassured that good and the Author of good conquers evil And again, we learn to love Lewis characters as much as Lewis obviously loved people and consequently made lovable reflections of humans in his stories We love them because we see them around us.Lewis once said of Nathaniel Hawthorne that he shows the darkness in men without ever providing light to pierce that darkness I am paraphrasing because I wrote it down from memory.Lewis succeeds in piercing the darkness with his light suffused stories.

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    Originally posted at FanLit Come visit us Nature is the ladder we have climbed up by Now we kick her away That Hideous Strength is the final volume of C.S Lewis s SPACE TRILOGY This story, which could be categorized as science fiction, dystopian fiction, Arthurian legend, and Christian allegory, is different enough from the previous books, Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra, that you don t need to have read them, but it may help to vaguely familiarize yourself with their plots Generally, in the previous stories, Dr Elwin Ransom has been to both Mars and Venus and discovered that the planets are governed by heavenly beings and that Earth s governor is a fallen angel These forces are at war and the fate of the universe is at stake.In That Hideous Strength, Ransom is back on Earth and is preparing a group of people who can fight the forces of evil This evil is manifesting as a corporation called the National Institute of Coordinated Experimentation N.I.C.E which is trying to purchase some wooded property owned by Bracton College at the University of Edgestow in England To do this, they ve had to exert their influence over some of the progressive faculty by getting them to buy into their subtle message of saving the human race through but not obviously yet sterilization, selective breeding, re education, and biochemical conditioning The end goal, though they only talk about this in the inner circle, is a future in which the working class is no longer needed to support the brains that run the world NICE wants the talents of the progressive faculty on their side as they generate propaganda, but they also want to recruit some ancient magic they plan to dig up the body of Merlin, which they believe may be buried on the college s property.Dr Mark Studdock, a sociologist and a new Bracton faculty member who doesn t feel like he quite fits in yet, is tempted to join NICE when they offer him a high status job At first Mark is suspicious of the group and their recruitment methods and he s bothered by the vague job description, but their insistence that they need him, their appeal to his vanity, and his low self esteem combine to make their offer seem attractive Having left Bracton to join the NICE administration, Mark is unaware of the police tactics that NICE is using to make the college town comply with their new order Meanwhile, also back at Bracton, Mark s new wife, Jane, is having ominous visions Thinking she may be going crazy, she seeks help and ends up among the group, lead by Dr Ransom, which is fighting NICE.One thing that C.S Lewis does so well in this novel is to portray the slippery slope of Mark s gradual slide into evil which is caused by a lack of his own moral compass Though he doesn t realize it at first, he is foremost a people pleaser He wants to increase his status in the eyes of both his colleagues and his wife, and though he s not actually concerned about his character for himself, he wants others to admire him Wanting to seem both successful financially and professionally and of good character, and without any moral grounding of his own, he has no idea how to behave in this situation and eventually succumbs to the pressure When he becomes better acquainted with NICE s tactics and plans, the cognitive dissonance he feels leads him to wholly embrace the evil It doesn t help that Mark discovers that even when he tries to be good, there is no natural law that the universe must reward him for it.In contrast, characters who have a stronger sense of self, like Jane, have concrete ideas about right and wrong and are not as easily influenced or corrupted Yet Lewis doesn t condemn Mark while wholly commending Jane Instead, Mark s inferiority complex seems heartbreaking, and Lewis makes Jane, an educated feminist, deal with her hatred of masculinity Other good characters are forced to examine their own self righteousness.Another thing that is beautifully done in That Hideous Strength is Lewis melding of the ancient and new, especially in England s history the dark ages with its ancient forest magic, mythical creatures, and irrational superstition, and the new age of rationalism, science and technology Lewis also speaks eloquently about the difference between organized religion and real spiritual experience There are also some lovely literary allusions in That Hideous Strength no fantasy literature lover is likely to miss Lewis reference to the work of his friend J.R.R Tolkien.That Hideous Strength is a deeply philosophical novel which, except for the mention of corsets, doesn t feel dated though it was published in 1945 Some readers may not appreciate all the philosophizing, but I am always fascinated by C.S Lewis ideas, finding them logical, enlightening, and superbly said Some of these ideas can be found in his non fiction works The Abolition of Man, Mere Christianity, God in the Dock, and probably others that I haven t read That Hideous Strength in fact the entire SPACE TRILOGY is a profoundly thoughtful and beautiful work of science fiction I recommend Blackstone Audio s version narrated by Geoffrey Howard.

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