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My Last Duchess summary My Last Duchess, series My Last Duchess, book My Last Duchess, pdf My Last Duchess, My Last Duchess b0e84314ca Witty, Moving, And Brilliantly Entertaining, The American Heiress Marks The Debut Of A Glorious Storyteller Who Brings A Fresh New Spirit To The World Of Edith Wharton And Henry JamesBe Careful What You Wish For Traveling Abroad With Her Mother At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century To Seek A Titled Husband, Beautiful, Vivacious Cora Cash, Whose Family Mansion In Newport Dwarfs The Vanderbilts , Suddenly Finds Herself Duchess Of Wareham, Married To Ivo, The Most Eligible Bachelor In England Nothing Is Quite As It Seems, However Ivo Is Withdrawn And Secretive, And The English Social Scene Is Full Of Traps And Betrayals Money, Cora Soon Learns, Cannot Buy Everything, As She Must Decide What Is Truly Worth The Price In Her Life And Her Marriage Witty, Moving, And Brilliantly Entertaining, Cora S Story Marks The Debut Of A Glorious Storyteller Who Brings A Fresh New Spirit To The World Of Edith Wharton And Henry James

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    There are 3 things that happened in this book that made it an impossibility to take it remotely seriously, even if the rest of the book had been the pinnacle of sophisticated literature it wasn t

    Yes, within 15 pages, we have girls kissing, less than halfway through the book, an artist references what will become known in the 21st century as the progenitor of all uncomfortable anime based bestiality fantasies God, the things I learned as an art history minor , andok, well Constable Odo from Deep Space 9 isn t actually in this book, but there IS a character named Odo and this was all I could imagine.Beyond all that, this book just wasn t what it was supposed to be I got the sense that it was trying to be some sort of mix of Dangerous Liaisons and Upstairs Downstairs, but it got caught in this middle ground between romance and historical fiction, which makes it not romancy enough enough for the romancers and waaaaaaaaaay too fluffy and shallow for anyone interested in actual historical fiction And never mind the fact that nothing, not one single thing, happens during the course of this entire book NOTHING.Oh, and I know this is snobby of me to say, but nothing makes me annoyed than when I read little pieces of meaningless fluff like this and then there s discussion questions in the back of the book, like it s freaking Kurt Vonnegut s Slaughterhouse Five or something There is nothing in this book that requires thought or interpretation Stop pretending like there is ARRGH.

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    I haven t really fully made my mind up about this book.It wasn t a Mills and Boon type of book, it was filled out than that and was over 400 pages However if you were to ask me how it was filled out , I am at a slight loss how to answer To be honest, a lot of stuff probably could have been cut out of this and if wanted, could have easily have been made into a M Bwithout the sex and loving hero that is.The Duke Ivo well he was pretty much a useless male lead Usually the lead man in books has his faults but comes through in the end, and I suppose in his way he did But I didn t like him and he had no redeeming features in my opinion.Cora Cash fab name was actually a fairly likeable character in the end, she wasnt as spoiled and vain as expected, she really did marry him for love but couldnt understand why Ivo was the way he was with her I felt sorry for her being lumped with him But there were times that I was really annoyed with her and was silently yelling at her to grow a backbone and stick up for herself against everyone.Really there were no characters that was relatable or even that likeable as a whole Yet I found I couldn t put the book down, I had to know what was going to happen next So in that sense it was a very good book because it had my curiousity aroused The ending could have been better Confrontations were building up throughout the whole book yet they kinda fizzled out at the end, which was disappointing.I did like the author s style of writing, I just felt that the book was a bit too long, and it could have had some stuff taken out.I suppose has a whole I did like it, but its not something I would read again Once was enough I am not sure I would anythng else from this author either.7 10

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    Honestly, I didn t enjoy this book I hated Cora and what was with Ivo and his menopausal mood swings And all this calling people just Duke or Duchess when addressing them is absolutely horrid I cannot believe that I actually read this through Spoilers follow sort of I can t ruin the plot, there isn t one.I can t ruin the ending, it just stops.There was one character that I liked in that entire book and that was Bertha to be honest, we get next to nothing to show if she will ever enjoy a single moments happiness The author in my view spent far too long dressing people in Mouselline from Paris very repetitively, I might add not enough time making things happen When anything did happen in the book, she just sort of glossed over it including a woman having her head set on fire the set up ws far too obvious fisticuffs in the long gallery well, sort of ish Things which I think were supposed to be really important didn t get the build up that they needed and other things were built up so much and then came to nothing Besides all of which, what, after all of that, she just takes his word for it I d have enjoyed it if she d just married the van leyder hosen I know that s not his actual name, but that s how it stuck in my head from the get go not flopped around the South Coast naming men Odo and Ivo other strange unusual epithets.I don t often do reviews of books, but this is the second time I ve persevered with a book of this ilk waiting for the plot to begin, only to find that there isn t one Luckily, this was a library book, which will be going back shortly

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    what a waste of time I would like to go back and read Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton to see why a book like that sticks with me and a book like this only makes a plane ride tolerable The writing is perfectly adequate but there is no depth, no real feeling.

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    Slightly tepid period yarn that falls between the two stools of Romantic and Literary fiction Clearly inspired by the likes of Wharton, Waugh and Austen indeed, in thrall to them , the novel simply warms over themes and story lines that were looking decidedly over used two generations ago People like Wharton were writing about their own time, of course, so the social critique had some point to it Here there is none at all, unless we are being asked to believe that nothing has changed The writing is sound, but far from sparkling, sadly.

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    Possibly the soapiest dish of a book I ve ever read If you re feeling Downton Abbey withdrawls this is the book for you

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    I just loved this book It was so up my alley Two of my favorite books are Gone With the Wind and Forever Amber and this was sort of a mash up of those Okay, this was not as a sweeping saga as those two books but it borrowed elements from them There may have been nothing really new offered here but I don t care It was the exact kind of story that keeps me turning the pages and removes me from the drudgery of housework.The story centers around Cora Cash love the name who is rich beyond belief as we are reminded every other page Her mother lacks only one thing that money can t buy, a royal title, so she dispatches Cora off across the pond to land a duke Cora is rich and pretty, Duke is handsome and poor, bingo The Duke and Cora come to the marriage with their baggage from the past in the form of Charlotte and Teddy respectively Of course the path to happily ever after cannot be smooth or there wouldn t be a story Cue the misunderstandings and lost opportunities and you have the bulk of this book with a dollop of happy ending like a cherry on top The supporting members of the cast such as Cora s maid and mother and the Duke s best friend round out the story I thoroughly enjoyed this book like a hunk Godiva chocolate.

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    I really really hate Ivo and Jim How dare Ivo be so angry when he caused his wife to run into social problems by witholding information that would have made her cautious He keeps claiming to love her but then not only doesn t help her when she becomes hurt by his effort to hide his own indiscretions, but becomes angry with her He never actually does anything for her when she gets hurt, and only admits what he s done when it becomes possible that he might lose something he wants In other words, he s only willing to sacrifice for himself and not for her That s selfish and NOT loving as he claimed I possibly hate Jim than Ivo He s only interested in getting laid by Bertha, never interested in her as a person Even in the end, he breaks his promise of secrecy to her for his own selfish purposes namely he s worried he won t get to sleep with her any If he was even minutely worried about her, he should have at least known that her mother had died or that her mother was ill Also, I never understood how tricking cleverly manipulating a guy into marrying you would seem like a good idea Why would you want to be with a guy who didn t want to be with you without you needing to use guile And why would you want to be with Jim even if you didn t need to use guile The best part of this book was the comparison between the relationships between servants and masters in England and the U.S and how the cultures differed in both good treatment and maltreatment of their servants 2.5

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    This book is a complete train wreck Cora goes from a witty character to a complete bore and a fool.She is completely oblivious to the Dukes rendezvous with Charlotte even after she is told that the Duke has cheated from three people Also the Duke escorts Charlotte in front of Cora and everyone else making it obvious that they are lovers Once Jim tells about Cora s plans to leave him, then he explains himself giving no sound explanation by just repeating that he has not cheated with Charlotte which is a complete lie if the novel were true.He is a poor excuse for a husband he leaves her alone during her pregnancy even though he knows that it is not her fault that the whole scene with the eccentric painter was devised by Charlotte Even though I found Teddy to be despicable although I would have liked him ending up with Cora, just so to make the Duke suffer for once In the beginning and the middle of the novel I liked Cora s character then by the end of the novel she became completely spineless she could not even control the servants.In fact my favorite character by far was Odo he exposed everything that needed to be exposed about Charlotte s and Dukes romance and made Charlotte s life unhappy I did not like how the characters were separated so much and by far their was not enough romance, if however Duke was not in such a despicable situation with Charlotte then the whole lack of intimacy could ve been ignored, however by the last few chapters I was disgusted by the way the novel was going and decided to give a one star And believe me up until up to the eccentric painter I affair I was willing to give it five stars.Overall if you have nothing other to do and you like super spineless heroines this is for you, but if you have better books and better things to do stay away from this garbage.

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    Touted as the perfect book for someone missing the upstairs downstairs genius of Downton Abbey, this story fulfills not only the historical aspect of wealthy American women marrying into financially suffering English aristocratic families, but also the mannerisms, style, and attitudes of the day What it didn t do, however, was deliver the intrigue and scandals of this fastidiously elite section of society Sure there is scandal, but the reader if paying attention can see it coming from the first third of the story which begins a tedious waiting game while the reader turns the pages to see if the main character, Cora, will finally find something out When she finally does, the villain is suddenly abhorrent There is very little to preclude the attitude that arises from this character, who, has been rather flat for the entirety of the story When all is finally revealed, the rest of the story wraps up in roughly ten pages, making The American Heiress a steep incline of a setup with a very small step of a conclusion If you want to read about early 20th century fashion, overbearing mothers who will stop at nothing for a title, and the assimilation of an American into English society, then by all means, read this book If you re looking for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and then tie up all of the loose ends in a satisfying, but thorough, manner, you may want to read something else.

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