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The Angel and the Sorcerer explained The Angel and the Sorcerer , review The Angel and the Sorcerer , trailer The Angel and the Sorcerer , box office The Angel and the Sorcerer , analysis The Angel and the Sorcerer , The Angel and the Sorcerer 853e Based On Levenda S Research Into Mormonism, Freemasonry, And Esoteric Societies Over The Past Thirty Years, This Book Is Intended For An Audience That Is Curious About Mormonism In Light Of The Fact That At The Beginning Of There Were Two Mormons Running For The GOP Presidential Nomination Against Two Roman CatholicsThere Has Been Much Confusion In The Media Over Various Mormon Phenomena, Such As The Magic Underwear, Polygamy Big Love Style, And Much Else This Book Examines The Beliefs And Reveals The Facts Of Mormon Ideas And Practice, Starting With Its Founder Joseph Smith Jr Who Began His Religious Career With Rituals Of Ceremonial Magic And Divination, And Ended It With Freemasonry, The Largest Militia In The State Of Illinois, A Candidacy For US President, And Assassination Levenda Also Discussed The Mormons Connection To Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon And Watergate As Well As The Role Of Mormons In Contemporary Presidential ElectionsThis Is The Fascinating Story Of A Purely American Religion, Its Occult Origins, And The Rise Of Mormons In American Politics

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Angel and the Sorcerer
  • Peter Levenda
  • English
  • 15 January 2017
  • 9780892542000

About the Author: Peter Levenda

Author who focuses primarily on occult history He is best known for his book Unholy Alliance, which is about Esoteric Hitlerism and Nazi occultism, and is believed to be the author of the Simon Necronomicon, albeit without much evidence.He was the president of the international division of Ortronics, Inc., a telecommunications company based in Asia.He appeared in the TNT documentary Faces of Evil

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    Over the last few weeks I ve been spending a lot of time doing research on the life of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church I ve been especially interested in the occult influences that shaped his life, and was hopeful that The Angel and the Sorcerer might shed some light on those influences TAatS lives up to its billing, though only barely It feels much like a beginning than an end, lacking a lot of detail that would have made for a much better book For instance, author Peter Levenda mentions the influence of Freemasonry on the LDS Church, but doesn t bother to really spell out those influences Secret Mormon Temple Ritual is hardly a secret, and seeing a bit of it in this book would have been helpful I was expecting of a point by point look at the borrowings made by Joseph Smith, and instead I got some vague generalities Still, this is not a bad book, and there were a few bits and pieces that were new to me, I just wish it would have had depth At a paltry 180 pages it s a quick read crying out for detail, but for anyone looking for an introduction to the subject it s worth picking up.

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    The author does a good job of exposing the occult influences on Joseph Smith and the religion he created He makes a convincing case that Smith was exposed to certain popular books about magic and the occult, which informed the themes of his religion finding and creating wealth through ritual, using magic symbols and ceremonies to manipulate supernatural beings, and divinizing oneself He makes a good point about all religions being rather fantastic, not just Mormonism, but he makes it clear that Mormonism was a lot self serving for Joseph Smith.

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    This is not a slanderous history of the LDS Church but a typical Levenda style suggestive study on the occult roots of a particular ism , as there are of his out there.Mormonism in the public mind is known to be either bland or strange, but still not strange enough to evoke intrigue In that sense the author does Mormons a favor by unearthing the most strangest of beginnings if Mormonism isn t strange enough to begin with to one of the most American religions out there, namely the occult career of Joseph Smith A treasure hunter already a somewhat occult pursuit that borders the alchemical journey to turn lead into gold gone Prophet, he reformed Christianity to a system of beliefs and practises that did not resemble anything we see in other denominations The masonic structure and ceremonies, apotheosis elevation as its promise, the necromantic ritual of baptizing the deceased, the celestial weddings which have a strong Rosicrucian ring to it All of this does not only sound occult but is occult Smith having done classical evocations of angels and in so doing meeting and communicating with them as Mormons do believe , possessing magickal grimoires, wearing a talisman to influence the judicial process at his death, his life long obsession for the quest of alchemical wealth, it still makes up the identity of the LDS Church up until this day Salt Lake City isn t only the capital Mecca of Mormonism, but also of scams.Non Mormons are quick to stress the fraudulent origins of this religion, and often times with good reason so But for Levenda that means little as any religion is the product of deception, powerhungry men of God and outright lies to soothe the flock to sleep That still does not imply that a self proclaimed Prophet isn t a succesful magician and has experienced an authentic revelation which started it all.Through the book Levenda reveals the hermetic, qabalistic and even gnostic aspects of Mormonism and how thin the veil is between magical lodges, cults and mainstream religions The book was written in election year 2012 and meant to shed a light on the religion of one of the presidential candidates Even knowing the Mormon Romney didn t get into the White House, it provides a fascinating, albeit too short a look into the entanglement of Mormonism with the occult, power, finance and the secrecy that comes with it.

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    While it was not necessarily the author s intent to reflect badly on Mormonism, I think it would be difficult for any reader of this book to become an immediate and enthusiastic convert to the faith It is quite different that the previous book I read about Mormonism The Mormon People The Making of an American Faith by Matthew Bowman.This book does provide an insight into the early origins of Mormonism in the US and places them within the political and religious context of the times While the author points out many questionable or difficult to explain aspects about the Mormon faith, he also, to his credit, points out some of the questionable tenets or foundations of other mainstream religions.It is difficult to summarize a book such as this My only suggestion is that if you are interested in the subject, to read it for yourself and form your own opinions It is not what I would consider a page turner by any means but it does contain many interesting things.

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    If you are interested in History of the Morman church, this is the book for you Again I believe Peter Levenda is the best investigating reports of our times.

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    Well written, easy read that places complicated history into well understood data and comparisons Does not place judgements, but instead, gathers information and asks the questions

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    Needs cephalopods.

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    Nowhere near as good as the seminal Mormonism and the occult text Early Mormonism and the Magic World View by scholar and historian D Michael Quinn Angel and the Sorcerer is a nice introduction to Mormonism s occult beginnings, but for those wanting a seriously deep dive into the various folk magic practices of the Smith family, and their influences on the ever evolving theology of Mormonism, one should really just skip this introduction and head straight for D Michael Quinn s massive Early Mormonism and the Magic World View

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    This was a strange book that tried to tie Mitt Romney back to Joseph Smith Mormonism s founder based on the premise that both of these Mormon men sought the office of the U.S Presidency one in 1844 and the other in 2008, 2012 and that both men sought to amass wealth It is a curious project in that it seems to rely on scholarship concerning the nineteenth century that has already been presented in order to suggest that Romney holds similar beliefs in the way he views the world I suppose what I am getting at is there are better books about Mormonism s relationship to Freemasonry and magic folklore D Michael Quinn and R Frosberg as this one has a particularly strange aim at trying to understand how Romney s religious identity would inform his performance as a U.S President.I will say, I enjoyed his historical contextualization of how religion and the office of the U.S Presidency has played out in the past the controversy of JFK s Catholicism and the irony of Nixon, as the only Quaker president, prolonged the Vietnam War Levenda does use qualifying language and a smart observation connecting the Apotheosis of Washington in the U.S Capitol Building painted on the interior s central rotunda in connection with the Mormon belief in eventual godhood that doesn t make this project wholly without merit, but overall, I think it fails to deliver on the stated objective of offering a useful connection between nineteenth century Mormon history in relation to the twenty first century religion Romney and Huntsman.

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    I have studied the LDS religion for several years now and this book educated me on a lot of things I never knew about This was a new look and shed some light on the darker, occult, and even demonic origins of Mormonism Was Joseph Smith visited by angel Moroni in his room Did Jesus and God appear to him in the wooded grove as he kneel praying Or was he visited by demonic forces appearing to deceive Joseph Smith Why was 23 September also the autumn equinox and important pagan ritual date chosen for Joseph Smith to be taught by angel Moroni There are so many things I learned in this book and I feel stronger in voicing my thoughts on the LDS religion and can have educated conversation about this religion shrouded in secrecy This book raised even further questions and speculations as I continue my own research and study into the claimed one true church as all other church creeds were an abominations and that their leaders had become corrupt Read this book and gather information to help form your own opinions.

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