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The Anodyne Necklace pdf The Anodyne Necklace, ebook The Anodyne Necklace, epub The Anodyne Necklace, doc The Anodyne Necklace, e-pub The Anodyne Necklace, The Anodyne Necklace b57860977e5 A Severed Finger Found At The Scene Of A Baffling Murder In The Village Of Littlebourne Leads Local Constables On What Seems Like A Wild Goose Chase But Richard Jury Prefers To Take The Less Traveled Route To A Slightly Disreputable Pub, Where Drinks All Around Loosen Tongues And Provide Clues Galore

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    The Anodyne Necklace came out in 1983 and won awards which must have been gratifying as Martha Grimes s third novel Richard Jury instantly befriended earldom relinquishing Melrose Plant and I became a fan in the second volume Richard s hypochondriac lieutenant, Henry Wiggins, is hilarious particularly in the squalor of poor but energetic children they step around this time I liked the last mystery better, amid secrecy and environmental ambiance There is no danger for any principal characters, nor urgency and much of the tone is jocular However, it is a standard adult mystery that pulls no punches killing three characters and implicating an unexpected person as the villain.Suspicion is cast around an array of people so exceptionally well, Martha clearly found her stride by her second book I will not wait as long as I usually do between authors, to rejoin her This premise is less appealing to me but I admire so much nevertheless For one, I can t believe how distinctly she sketches a cascade of tertiary personages, memorably For another, I admire that each novel is different England provides numerous terrains and tableaux like my own Canada but ideas for mysteries and motives are new each time, too Martha shows a fondness for kids and their welfare and now, for music The titular necklace is far at the back of this story a superficial filler I wanted a secretive quest or history but enjoyed the growth of Richard and Melrose.A talented teenaged violinist, busking and meeting an exemplary tutor in London, is injured in the subway An unknown woman was dead in Littlebourne woods shortly before The connection is stretched and there were decoy threads than needed However, the widespread legwork of Martha s trio keeps us tuned in The violinist s equestrian friend is another special girl.

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    Another enjoyable Jury Plant outing I m reading these totally out of order, but that doesn t seem to be a problem The story starts off with an assault on a young busker street musician , who is innocently playing her violin when someone hits her on the back of the head and then flees The scene then shifts to a woman trying to shoo a dog, which promptly drops a human finger at her feet The connection between the two crimes is not immediately apparent Richard Jury is called out to investigate with his friend and ex peer Melrose Plant It eventually becomes apparent that everything is tied to the theft of priceless emeralds from Lord Kennington a year earlier The suspected thief was his secretary, who was killed in an accident Apparently, he hid the emeralds, which have never been found It is believed that he had an accomplice, but the person was never identified Jury and Plant s investigation lead to a Wizards and Warriors group somewhat similar to D D that the secretary belonged to Does the game have anything to do with the hiding place of the emeralds This is one of the humorous Jury Plant mysteries and is full of amusing characters For example, Polly Praed A moderately successful mystery story writer, she often, when her plots came unglued, would divert herself by practicing various modes and styles of murder on the Bodenheims, singly or together She favored the denouement which had the entire village coming together to murder the titled family The Bodenheims are the odious lords of the manor in Littlebourne and never let anyone forget it In most mysteries, they would be the ones to be bumped off However, this isn t most mysteries, so they are kept around for amusement Then there is Emily Louise Perk The next person to enter the Magic Muffin was Emily Louise Perk, ten years old with no sign she had grown since she was eight Her small boned frame and triangular face, mournful brown eyes, strings of yellow hair hanging about her pointed chin, shabby little hacking jacket and jeans, all proclaimed her to be quite a pitiful child Like the book says, Emily Louise Perk was anything but pitiful In fact, she is formidable and able to hold her own even with the nasty Bodenheims Resourceful, smart, and downright scary, she is my favorite character in the book after Polly Praed My only caveat is that she seems older than her eight years.This mystery is good fun with humor, but also suspense Things take a serious turn later in the book I was very surprised by who the accomplice killer was Ms Grimes does an excellent job combining an amusing English village reminiscent of D.E Stevenson and an intriguing mystery I have read several of her books and have never been disappointed Very recommended.

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    This third in the Grimes Richard Jury series has all the hallmarks of her storytelling Stereotypical characters of village life, an oddly named pub where suspects and witnesses alike hang out, a couple of murders that seem unconnected, a precocious child who helps out with the solve, Scotland Yard detective Jury, his aristocrat pal Melrose Plant, some shuttling back and forth between the village and London, lots of red herrings and a heap of humor It also reminded me that when I listen I need to have a hard copy of the book to keep track of all the oddball people and place names Speaking of listening, Steve West is the perfect voice of Richard Jury Loved it

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    I did enjoy reading this, but not as much as some of the other Richard Jury mysteries The Old Fox Deceiv d and Man with a Load of Mischief both had much interesting mysteries Also, the murderer reveal made sense in those books In the Anodyne Necklace, no reader would be able to figure out the murderer and their motive One of my favorite characters in the series, Melrose Plant, was portrayed as kind of an insecure loser, which isn t his personality at all in the other books I did enjoy the interactions between Melrose Plant and his nemesis in this particular book, ten year old Emily Louise Perk Those chapters were quite entertaining I also enjoyed Richard Jury s ventures into the dungeons and dragons bar and Jury s interactions with the Cripps family The Cripps father, mother, and dirty children were very funny.

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    I debated how many stars to give this Martha Grimes I loved so many of the supporting characters in this book, but I thought the solution to the mystery too unbelievable The chemistry between Jury and Plant is great, also love the comic scenes with Racer, his boss The characters in the village where the mystery is set was funny and fully formed There was also secondary character s in London that were hilarious I don t want to go too much into detail, because you should discover these wonderful characters for yourselves The ending was sad, I hated the outcome to one of the characters All in all a great book, just not the solution to the murder.

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    Pleasant, easy, comfy reading.

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    I m really liking this series and Ms Grimes must have had so much fun creating these characters they were quite unique and she always seems to have precocious children as a foil to help solve the mystery I was blindsided by the culprit of the murders very well done

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    Ok So this is not serious literature Although there it is certainly serious about killing people off It s engaging, amusing and entertaining There are some great character studies and cariactures Definitely my new fun series.

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    This story is driven by character than by plot Make no mistake there is a plot, a very complicated one involving a theft, a mugging, a series of poison pen letters, an accidental death and a deliberate death All of these events take place within one year s time, are seemingly unrelated, but are all perpetrated upon or by residents of a small village close to London called Littlebourne.It is the deliberate death, evidenced only by a dog chewing on a severed finger bone that gives Chief Superintendent Racer the gleeful opportunity to cancel Superintendent Richard Jury s weekend plans with Melrose Plant at Ardry End And that gives Plant the opportunity to ditch Aunt Agatha and get involved in a murder investigation It will only take Jury, Wiggins and Plant three days to solve the murder But in those three days, they and the reader will encounter some of the oddest and saddest specimens of the human race possible.One of these characters is Emily Louise Perk, a ten year old girl with an affinity for horses, a need to ply crayons to coloring books, the ability to sell sand in a desert, and an intelligence for self survival that is off the charts Whether Martha Grimes intended it or not, Emily Louise steals the story away from Jury and Plant She turns out to be integral to the solution of the murder but her very existence and manner also brings out aspects of both Jury s and Plant s characters heretofore unseen.Emily Louise may be central but she is just one of a large complement of characters, in both Littlebourne and London, who play a role in this complicated mystery At first, I was aggravated that there were so many to keep straight However, my aggravation dropped away when I remembered that, in real life, the police have to sort them all out also So I relaxed and let Jury do all the heavy lifting.In the end, I still picked the wrong person as the murderer But, then, Jury had accused the wrong person late in the story also And when the villain s identity was finally revealed, I realized that Grimes had already told us, in a backhanded way, near the beginning of the novel, exactly whom the murderer would turn out to be Missing that really made me hang my amateur sleuth s head in shame and disgust.Even though the author managed to keep her secrets to the end, she did so in a magnificent and entertaining way The internal monologues of Jury and Plant are consistently written with tongue in cheek humor, satire, sarcasm, eye rolling snark, and a 180 degree separation in what is thought versus what is said This approach for Jury is quite different from the style in the first two books of the series But this technique in no way lessened the psychological import of the scenes involved.Grimes also uses, in this novel, what would be termed in visual media as sight gags I do not know the appropriate term for printed media, but the equivalent in this novel is the repeated use of the baby in a carriage image It turns out to be quite important to our perception of Jury.And, in the vein of perceiving character traits, Grimes gives us new insight into Wiggins He actually appears far less in this work than in the previous novels, but when he does speak, we find that there is a totally new layer to him beneath the hypochondria and the compulsive attention to detail Our first clue is his reference to a famous quote from The Wizard of Oz that follows a jaw sucking, skin crawling scene in a London slum And then Grimes expands Wiggins from there, just a bit, but a very noticeable bit.In the end, we have a third novel in a series that is neither formulaic nor does it follow any pattern from the previous entries The crimes are complex, woven through a loom of time and lies So the story is convoluted to match the crimes We don t get all the answers by the last page either, but that is neither poor workmanship nor oversight on the part of the author It is simply that dead people can tell no tales.

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    Why, oh why, did I wait so long to start reading Martha Grimes The only advantage is knowing I have 20 books of hers to look forward to This is my favorite so far of the first four I ve read Amusing characters, quaint village setting, and an intriguing puzzle all add up to a great read I particularly liked the mystery writer Polly Praed who spends her time planning the individual murders of a particularly annoying family of village gentry, the Bodenheims, and then decides they should just kill each other off in her book Ms Grimes writes children particularly well and this mystery is no exception Little Emily Louise Perk and her pony Shandy are delightful characters Martha Grimes has become one of my favorite mystery writers I recommend her novels highly particularly the Richard Jury series.

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