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The Art of the Shim chapter 1 The Art of the Shim , meaning The Art of the Shim , genre The Art of the Shim , book cover The Art of the Shim , flies The Art of the Shim , The Art of the Shim c05a281803b4c More Drink Less DrunkYou Deserve A Great Cocktail And You Don T Have To Over Indulge To Get It Shims Serious, Low Alcohol Cocktails Are Where Everyone Can Come Together, Whether It S For The One Drink Of The Evening Or When This Is But The First Of ManyThis Book Is Your Invitation To A World Of Delicious, Sophisticated Drinks Which Provide All Their Pleasures Without Walloping You Over The Head With Booze Celebrate Two Centuries Of The Cocktail WithRecipes For Every Taste, From The Sunny Cheerfulness Of A Ben S Good Humor To Slow Sippers Like The Bitter Giuseppe Cheers Lavishly Illustrated WithVibrant Photos By Kelly Puleio

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    Low alcohol cocktails have found a persuasive champion in Ms Sanders, and this book, which seems to be the 2013 culmination of five years of blogging on the subject, is an imperfect but nevertheless worthy addition to a bar library Her focus on vermouth and sherry based cocktails with occasional nods towards shandies, flips, and bittered juices is on point for our present culinary milieu, and the handful of recipes I ve tried have been flavorful and balanced With that said, its hard to ignore that a lot of the recipes only sneak under Ms Sanders s ounce limit on hard spirits by reducing the overall volume to a few sips Stirred cocktails usually include about 3 oz of liquid before dilution, and many of Ms Sanders s land between 1 and 2 Tiny cocktails are lovely things being consumable while still at the perfect temperature , but a recipe that needs to be halved to count as low ABV is of questionable relevance in this collection.The structure and design of the book is also a mixed bag The volume ends with a reasonably thoughtful taxonomy of drinks, but the main recipe section is merely alphabetized an organization scheme which is hardly useful when so few of the drinks are classics of known name A separate index of drinks by ingredients is a little iffy in its design, but that it exists at all is something that should be celebrated Amateur typography too large type and too small leading gives text heavy pages a composed in Word 97 flavor Stranger yet the decimal mark before quantities less than 1 e.g75 is made extra bold As weird as this is, it s made even distracting by the lack of similar treatment of decimal marks in quantities greater than 1 e.g 1.5 Fortunately, the bad page design is partially mitigated by unusually informative full page photographs of each drink The lack of over the top glassware and depth of field camera trickery suggests confidence on the part of the photographer and drink stylist Lift a glass to them

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    I love the concept behind this book I loved the drink options, though I have to admit that I haven t actually tried to make my own yet.I have never been a big drinker, but I do enjoy a good cocktail and this book delivers I feel confident about attending some networking functions now that I can sip and enjoy lightly.I did win this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway, and it will be staying on my bookshelf for a long time to come.

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    Great book for learning cocktails Makes me respect and really want to start making and sampling them Gives great detail on how and why shims are a better drink choice then hard alcohol I myself don t very much enjoy hard alcohol but love a nice relaxing evening with a nice cocktail will be trying these out very soon thank you Dinah Won this book on good reads.

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    My friends are all booze hounds they shuffle up the stairs to my apartment asking for drink after drink after drink Not all of them can utilize old fashions all night, for them I studied this book s shims.

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    I ve enjoyed this book both in reading it and in trying out the drinks It was a hit at a recent get together I won this as a Goodreads First Read Thank you

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    Fantastic Gorgeous photos, easy to do recipes, and feels hand crafted with lots of quotes and commentary.

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    my mother stole this from me, she is enjoying it immensely though

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    A unique cocktail book, straight forward recipes, gorgeous pictures, and very usefully, multiple indexes by mood, kind, ingredients, and era Has a number of tasty recipes, although somewhat vermouth and bitters heavy I do find many of the flavours a bit flat without the extra alcohol.

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