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The Big Questions txt The Big Questions , text ebook The Big Questions , adobe reader The Big Questions , chapter 2 The Big Questions , The Big Questions 003fe1 The Big Questions Series Is Designed To Let Renowned Experts Confront The Most Fundamental And Frequently Asked Questions Of A Major Branch Of Science Or Philosophy Each Word Essay Simply And Concisely Examines A Question That Has Eternally Perplexed Enquiring Minds, And Provides Answers From History S Great Thinkers This Ambitious Project Is A Unique Distillation Of Humanity S Best Ideas In Big Questions Philosophy, Bestselling Author Simon Blackburn Addresses Essential Questions

About the Author: Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn FBA is an English academic philosopher known for his work in metaethics, where he defends quasi realism, and in the philosophy of language recently, he has gained a large general audience from his efforts to popularise philosophy.He retired as the professor of philosophy at the University of Cambridge in 2011, but remains a distinguished research professor of philosophy at th

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    For me, philosophy is one of the great pleasures for the inquiring mind Take any subject, and there is bound to be a thinker somewhere who has expostulated upon it This book is one of a series put out by Quercus under the general title The Big Questions It s intent, apparently, is to make some of the major issues of various subjects Physics, Mathematics, and the Universe, for example, are separate books in the series accessible to the general public From this perspective Blackburn does a generally good job in at least broaching some often thorny subjects in Philosophy He is limited, however, in that he must do so within a framework that will not frighten ordinary mortals away There is a risk in this kind of venture that the reader may simply find it all too confusing, and too clever by half, making them think that perhaps all philosophers are simply wankers determined to confound with subtleties There is a real sense wherein the big questions in philosophy are simply those questions for which either there is no clear answer since philosophers can provide three or four interpretations or which persistently end up in paradoxes, implying that no definitive answer is possible If so, one risks the response that philosophy ultimately does not help at all Or perhaps the answer is that the questions are the wrong kind of questionsMy main concern, however, is in something not directly linked with philosophy the design of the book Quercus has gone for a type of moleskine note book presentation the ones with the rounded corners and the elastic band perhaps to create a stylistic impression for the possessor And each of the articles appears to be designed as if it were meant for some kind of magazine, with blocked off inserts and headings These headings seem to be arbitrarily inserted without due regard for the content, often splitting an argument in the middle Sloppy Overall, then, I personally found this book slightly disappointing.

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    Compared to Blackburn s other work, this one feels a bit pieced together, but I guess that s to be expected when you consider that he s trying to cover a lot of ground in a very slim volume Regardless, it s a pretty solid introduction to the central questions of philosophy, presented in such a way that even a relatively dim lay person like myself can follow the thread If its central purpose is to leave the reader with much to think about after finishing, it succeeds.

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    A little too intro level for my tastes The topics are a little short handed as would be for a book styled this way which left me wanting to delve into some of the minutia in a careful way than presented here Good for an introduction for those without a sophisticated philosophy background Not good for the already philosophically well read.

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    I think Mr.Blackburn is not the best author in the business There was a couple of chapters that I really enjoyed time related discussions , but overall it had nothing really new to offer Every chapter feels like a loop The author asks the question and writes anything that comes to his mind at that moment and then leaves it there and jumps to the other question It was an OK book, but it was not satisfying at all.

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    I can review the text but not interpretation To review the interpretation you have to move little higher than the book experience.Author analysed and interpreted imdepth common element which we discuss philosophically and psychologically at peripheral Fantastic book Should give few reads to understand the understanding

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    Good introduction to relevant questions I must admit my views align rather well with those of mr blackburn Sadly does not go crazy in dept, however, it does not need to as it rather launches you into thinking yourself about those questions.

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    I can tell that he does have very interesting perspectives on certain issues However, this book is written in a way that only he can understand it I find it very hard to focus when he starts to ramble on into his own internal monologues.

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    But boring

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    I got headaches reading this book Some chapters are very hard to understand and to follow all his arguments I ve read a few philosophy books before they are not this hard I have to admit that I don t understand it all.

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    This is the first book I have read on the subject of philosophy And I loved it The questions we all face The problems we all want solved and the condition of the human mind and nature All within philosophy s realm Brief view on the subjects covered in this book.Is there life after death In short No there isn t Same as there wasn t life before life Do you remember what it was like 4 years before you were born Life simply stops and there is nothing No consciousness, no feelings there isn t anything because you simply no longer exist The concept that we have a ghost or spirit, has never been proven And falls within the realm that death brings fear of the unknown We need comfort.What is the purpose of life In short whatever you want it to be As there is no meaning as to why we are here We simply are, and must make the best of it.Is there Deities or a God In short most likely no Just a creation of human imagination propelled forward by fear of death, promises of an afterlife, and needing explanations to questions we cannot answer on our own The new age fear of hell A place non believers go to eternally burn and suffer because they never believed in a God that doesn t reveal himself to any of the five senses we possess It is after all the only way the brain can experience the world around it or possess any knowledge of the world in which it exists, leads to the thought that God makes you question his her existence on a daily basis because of the lack of any or all evidence And the only answer we have is you simply have to believe Because that s all there is to it So I thought good point The book covers subject like Why be good Am I free Can machines think What is human nature T is beauty What is time Etc What I liked as that as well as pointing out religions flaws it also points to Science s flaws a well Stating that science is not an answer to everything either It about asking questions and thinking about a given subject without coming to a firm and assertive mind Saying This is the truth because philosophy is based on there is no truth as truth is from your mind Not reality I want to read on philosophy I liked this book very much.

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