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The Boy on Cinnamon Street pdf The Boy on Cinnamon Street, ebook The Boy on Cinnamon Street, epub The Boy on Cinnamon Street, doc The Boy on Cinnamon Street, e-pub The Boy on Cinnamon Street, The Boy on Cinnamon Street a1ec1e076bb A Story About A Wounded Girl And The Boy Who Won T Give Up On Herth Grader Louise Should Be The Captain Of Her School S Gymnastics Team But She Isn T She S Fun And Cute And Should Have Lots Of Friends But She Doesn T And There S A Dreamy Boy Who Has A Crush On Her But Somehow They Never Connect Louise Has Everything Going For Her So What Is It That S Holding Her Back Phoebe Stone Tells The Winning Story Of The Spring When Th Grader Louise Terrace Wakes Up, Finds The Courage To Confront The Painful Family Secret She S Hiding From And Finally Get The Boy

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    Tooth achingly sweet and incredibly sad.It s a story about a thirteen year old girl who has gone through a traumatic event that her mind blocked most of her treasured memories and with it, most of her former identity Cartwheels used to be as natural as walking for Louise, but ever since that day, she quit gymnastics altogether She used to write poetry, but now she s just bitter most of the time This is a story about a girl who had become but a shadow of her former self and a boy who would do anything to bring the old Louise back.For me, it s Louise s relationships with everyone that made the story At times, it seems like the entire universe was conspiring for her memory to come back little triggers and subtle push constructed within the sequence of plot events There was nothing complex or even original about the plot, it s something I ve read before But I couldn t take anything away from the intricate way with which the author peeled the layers, bit by bit, to reveal what Louise s mind was shielding from her This was a story of a girl who had to come to terms with her mother s death, her father s abandonment, her over all lack of self esteem All heavy subjects, yes But I love that the author used facile humour frequently to lure us into Louise s world They weren t the ones that induced bouts of rip roaring laughter but just enough to for us to see the lighter side of her life Henderson, the boy who had harboured a crush for Louise was the icing on the cake of this heart tugging story He s so quirky, dorky, funny, and just plain lovable I kept thinking, where was a boy like this when I was in seventh grade, huh How come they don t make them like him any He s the sweetest The Boy on Cinnamon Street is an uplifting story about a grieving family and of incomparabe friendships I laughed, I teared, I rooted for the underdog and cheered for the innocence of romance between Thumb and Hen It s a touching story of a girl who learned that sometimes, letting go is easier than holding on.

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    3.5 starsSometimes to get the best reading experience you just need to go into a book with no expectations what so ever That way when you fall for the book so hard and fast it leaves you with an unforgettable reading experience Show me a pretty cover and I go weak at the knees I want the book straight away without even reading the blurb That s what I did with The Boy on Cinnamon Street, I saw the gorgeous cover and decided spur of the moment to buy a copy So when picking it up I was surprised to find the mc was quite young, my fault really for not reading the blurb, I prefer my mc s a little older, so I did at first find it hard to get with the mindset of Louise or Thumbelina as she preferred to be called, but I m glad I stuck it out, as Louise bloomed into this lovely character with such a mature head on her shoulders Reading the first third I assumed the book would be about a young girl with a school boy crush, and it did seem that the book was going in that direction Some Random person leaves Louise a note declaring his interest, the note seems to appear at the same time the pizza delivery boy Benni McCartney does, so Louise puts two and two together and assumes it s him With encouragement from her best friend Reni she decides to pursue Benni anonymously.It was cute seeing Louise s infatuation with Benni develop, she was unsure what these weird feelings she started experienced recently were all about, as the only person she d liked before was Frosty the Snowman Despite liking this aspect of the story, I enjoyed the direction the book took about a third way through Were given all these little clues and hints about Louise s life she s living with her grandparents, but why Why did she move in with them, she mentioned a mum and dad but where are they And it was interesting delving into the mystery surrounding Louise s life I wanted to know why she d given up gymnastics, a sport she d been so passionate about but also really talented at Stone in my opinion did a fantastic job at exploring this, with her own personal touch, she was able to bring about such a bittersweet and realistic story of Louise tinged with humour and hope.The Boy on Cinnamon Street was definitely a book which took me by surprise If you re in the mood for trying something different a story with the voice of a younger mc but still manages to leave a heartfelt impression, then you should definitely give this book a try There s also a fantastic bunch of secondary characters who will keep you entertained This review can be found on The Readers Den

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    I DO NOT get the love for this book Louise is a seventh grader who looks like a fourth grader but also talks, thinks and acts like a fourth grader She s not very interesting or bright or insightful Because the book is narrated in first person through her perspective, this was problematic for me I don t want to read a story written by an immature, dim witted fourth seventh grader Overall the writing was uninspired and, at times, annoying I found all of the dialogue to be really awkward, so much so that a few times I wondered if it was translated from another language It was pretty clear what trauma Louise suffered early on in the book so it wasn t much of a surprise I actually was expecting something a little gruesome or horrifying due to earliest flashback when she s struggling to make it to the front yard of her home I thought that one of her parents tried to kill the family the him herself When her memory finally returns, I admit I got teary but I also couldn t help feeling emotionally manipulated as well The romance element was also disappointing I guess it was hard to get on board with the idea of Louise being seriously in love when I kept thinking of her as a young child Also, they re in seventh grade but they re going to prom What Why do people like this book

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    My sister told me about this book but I really didn t really know what I was getting into when I started this book I m glad she put it on my radar because I loved it It such a cute, fun and touching story that every person will enjoy.Louise is a very cute character She s short but hated that she s short , bitter and sad you can say she s a little depressed I could not blame her she went through a lot for a seventh grader She lost her mother and her father doesn t live with her She lives with her grandparents who love Louise and are worried about her, her memory loss or her denial I adored Louise s grandparents They are caring and loving grandparents everyone would love to have.Louise used to love gymnastic, but the painful family problem she s trying not to remember is keeping her from doing things that she loved, among other reasons As much as we like to think that we are a lone now and then, there is at least one person who cares for us, about us In this book, it s Henderson, Louise s best friend I loved this little guy He s so geeky, funny, sweet and just an adorable kid I also like his sister, Reni, and also Louise other best friend The Boy on Cinnamon Street is a well written book I was able to figure out the book after reading the first 50 pages and the ending was predictable, but I really enjoyed knowing the how and the what.A cute, easy, quick read that is good for summer or between dark books Even though I cried in some part of the books, I admit Overall, I very much enjoyed it.

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    It has been a while since a book brought tears to my eyes, but this beautiful book struck a chord with me and down my cheeks they fell Louise begins her story by telling the reader that she has changed her name to Thumbelina Both characters are known for being small and this is how she chooses to identify herself A note delivered with her pizza sends Louise on a quest to figure out the identity of her secret admirer On the surface this story is light and fun as Louise Thumbelina and her friend Reni gush over the boy they think wrote the note and plot and scheme to get Louise a date to the Spring Fling Below the surface though Louise struggles with family trauma Throughout the book there are hints regarding her secret pain tied to her parents and it is not until late in the book that Louise s memory finally kicks in and she confronts a painful secret The love story and the identity of the secret admirer is second to none In life the most anyone can hope for is to be loved as completely as Louise is by her secret admirer I loved the characterization of Louise and all of the secondary characters Many of the characters underwent important changes and the voice with which Louise told her story was authentic and unique The author s writing is top notch and her subject is one of high interest to preteen girls.Great read for girls grades 5 8.

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    Okay, to be fair, this book started off putting a bad taste in my mouth when Louise s best friend, a fat girl, is described as wearing this Her T Shirt is a Gap XL and across the front are the printed words LOVE ME ANYWAY page 24 This is a powerful story of a girl dealing with trauma that s caused memory loss and the boy who starts her path to recovering her memories and dealing with them But I got bogged down in details like being confused about whether she used to live in South Pottsville and now lives in North Pottsville or vice versa Besides the trauma, Louise is also dealing with boys she may or may not have crushes on and the fact that she s quite gymnastics because the girls on the team bullied her It s just a lot for one book and I wish I felt like I had gotten to know Louise instead of just watching drama unfold in her life Albeit, Louise can t really remember a lot of the stuff from her past, so maybe that s realistic Also, multiple references to Justin Bieber fandom are sure to date the book quickly if it s not dated already I know some of our library tweens have been over JB for awhile already.

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    Oh mannnn this was so good D I loved that Henderson kid, but I loved Thumb so much too and I loved Grandpa and Grandma and Reni too I m full of love right now lol I even loved her mom only I did not at all like her dad or that bullying kid or even the rest of the Elliots that much either So I guess I m not that full of love Still Mmmhhhh happy sigh Also kissing with eyes Too cute Even though Islamically and therefore according to my principles I don t agree with a lot of stuff, but as a story, twas awesome.

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    Although the book is sad, it wasn t presented very well I half forced myself to finish this book because I hate not finishing books I start and only when I reached Chapter 21 did I get into it I think it has a lot of potential, but ultimately, it s downfall was that the main character Louise Thumbelina was very uninteresting, until it came to her background of course I couldn t connect with her In fact, I felt like I connected with one of the other characters, Henderson At the end, I didn t really care for this book as much as I wanted to.

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    I love how poetic this author is She has a way of ending every chapter that makes you need to keep going She makes the ordinary things into a poem There were a couple mentions of things like Evolution, and such which I didn t love, but it to be expected in a secular book I didn t take anything off my rating for that.The reason I only rated this book three and a half stars was because most of the book is spent with the main character trying to decide weather she had a crush on someone Now I can stand someone having a crush, its not to bad, but when they can t even decide if they have it or not, that s a bit much for me I also found it annoying that no one really liked their siblings view spoiler Also, when we discover that her mom committed suicide, she says she can t be mad, because her mom wasn t meant for this world I found that slightly disturbing I was mad at her mom reading the book There just really isn t any excuse for suicide, and I wish this author hadn t tried to make one hide spoiler

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    My rating 3 5 stars Read the review in my blog May contain some spoilers Louise is a seventh grader, living with her grandparents She wants to be called Thumbelina, because she s just as tiny She has a best friend, Reni, who has huge crush on Justin Bieber Yeah, I don t get it either.Reni has a brother, Henderson, who is smart and also a friend of Louise.One day, boy called Benny brings a pizza to Louise and she can t shake this feeling that there s something special about this boy.Her friend Reni is convinced that Louise has a crush on Benny, and since Louise is receiving notes from a secret admirer, they re convinced that Benny likes her back.This book did have a lot of potential, but I just didn t really connect with it Through out the story you ll get little glimpses where you suspect that everything isn t what it looks like, but it s just too little information.And it s really, really weird to constantly mention Justin Bieber and that Louise is convinced she has a crush on someone just because her friend tells her so I mean, come on, wouldn t you know if you had crush on someone Especially since the feelings Louise has towards Benny aren t really that positive It s just weird.I actually thought this would be about romance and young love than anything else And I was nearly finished with the book when I realized that Oh, this is about some sort of trauma It was pretty hard to figure this out, since nothing huge wasn t revealed until I was nearly finished with the book.And I really did like the ending, since there was some real emotions I actually did cry little, which is the main reason I didn t completely hate this book I did consider few times that I would stop reading without finishing this book, but since the best part was in the end, I m glad I finished this.Though I still feel that you shouldn t just write a good ending, since some people might stop reading before that since the ride isn t just that nice.Overall, a nice read An okay read And that s only because the ending was great, which somewhat balances the not so great parts Maybe I m just too old for this, and the Justin Bieber references really didn t help And it won t take long time before nobody remembers who the hell is Justin Bieber, so it probably would have been smarter to leave his name out altogether Love, Monaliz Mind Reading

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