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The Bride Wore Size 12 explained The Bride Wore Size 12, review The Bride Wore Size 12, trailer The Bride Wore Size 12, box office The Bride Wore Size 12, analysis The Bride Wore Size 12, The Bride Wore Size 12 427c Heather Wells Is Used To Having Her Cake And Eating It Too, But This Time Her Cake Just Might Be Cooked Her Wedding Cake, That IsWith Her Upcoming Nuptials To PI Cooper Cartwright Only Weeks Away, Heather S Already Stressed And When A Pretty Junior Turns Up Dead, Heather S Sure Things Can T Get Worse Until Every Student In The Dorm Where She Works Is A Possible Suspect, And Heather S Long Lost Mother Shows UpHeather Has No Time For A Tearful Mother And Bride Reunion She Has A Wedding To Pull Off And A Murder To Solve Instead Of Wedding Bells, She Might Be Hearing Wedding Bullets, But She S Determined To Bring The Bad Guys To Justice If It S The Last Thing She Does And This Time, It Just Might Be

  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • The Bride Wore Size 12
  • Meg Cabot
  • English
  • 28 April 2018
  • 9780061734793

About the Author: Meg Cabot

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    It s always sad when series end not just the ones with the absolute set number of books, but even the ones that could go on for a while The flipside being that of course, you don t want the series to limp on forever until you want it to end out of mercy, but still cough Sookie Stackhouse cough But it s still sad because you don t want these characters to go away and even if it s the proper send off, it s still I want .Moreso here because this is my second time that I ve said goodbye to Heather and company Big Boned does actually serve as a nice little wrap up to the first three books, and the constant pushing back of Ready to Rock did lead me to think that this was going to be a trilogy and I was fine with it And then we got the fourth book last year, and then this is the grand finale with a big wedding and everything I have to say that I really love the title The Bride Wore Size 12 over the original title, Size 12 is the New Black The finalized title is so much film noir esque This is, in my opinion, the best of all Meg Cabot s series The Heather books are so very much Meg s style, but there s this underlying maturity with a slight edge of cynicism which really works It also falls away from the atypical chick lit tropes, and that is a major plus in my book Aside from the first book, there s no handwringing over misconstrued encounters with other women and even then, there s an in character reason for it at that point In regards to this book, with a lot of other chick lit series that involves the main couple getting married, the plot is mainly all about the jitters and the bridal breakdowns and the best friend pep talks and omg can we really do this And which Cabot herself did in Queen of Babble Gets Hitched to some point Here, the wedding stuff is not only almost done, but Heather is just not dealing with that shit on top of everything else that s going on in her life I really like that there s barely any focus on the wedding, aside as a running gag involving Heather missing her appointments The only thing that s important to the wedding that does play a major role is the reappearance of Heather s mother and Heather dealing with her.And the great thing about this all is Heather and Cooper s relationship In the last two books, you ve really seen how much they love each other and how comfortable they are in this relationship, and it s a fairly mature relationship in that there is no handwringing and misconstrued encounters to throw issues in their way I love their relationship I love their banter together When I get home, I ll give you another injection If I recall correctly, I gave you the injection , I really love the fact that they have sex all the damn time and enjoy it They are fantastic together, and just ugh I love them.Also with the last two books, I ve really enjoyed the mysteries in both They re not mind blowingly brilliant, but they re cleverly set up that you can see the through line on the reread In here, we know that something s up with Prince Rashid, and that it s not that big of a conclusion to think that even if he s not directly involved with the main murder, his people have something to do with it I did kinda partially call the reveal with Ameera my guess wasn t as thorough as what it ended up being, but I was on the right track with it I really liked how much the plot hinges on dormitory code of conduct rules that pays off the reveal of suspect and the reason behind the murder really well A little over the top, much like the other murderers in this series, but again, it s standard in this for overreacting murderers I m really trying not to make comparisons with the other chick lit murder mystery that I just read but this THIS IS HOW YOU DO THE TWIST It s set up to make you think that Rashid is the driving force behind the murder of RA Jasmine, and then the reveal of the actual murder does make sense and you can see how things fit together It not only makes sense, but it s set up fairly subtly within the plot I should also be said that there is a lot of the character growth since the first book You see how Heather does grow throughout the books and accepts what her life s become and finds happiness For example, Jordan it took me the entire book to realize that Jordan, who s one of my favorite characters, wasn t in the book And this book doesn t need Jordan, because Heather s found her closure with him and Tania and he doesn t need to be in it beyond the off hand mention at the end during the wedding That, and Jordan s been largely replaced by his sisters, Jessica and Nicole Who I like, but they re not as hilarious as Jordan I really like that Heather s personal plot is her having to confront the last thread from her pop star life with her mother s return, and even then, Heather s still not comfortable with having her mom in her life and that you can see that it ll be a while before they truly reconcile And Heather really is a fantastic character You see that she really loves her job and cares about the kids in her dorm, but she manages to balance her cynicism with her optimism, and despite having people mention that Heather s gotten so used to all the deaths in the past year has hardened her But Heather acting nonchalant is shown as an act she puts on and inside, she s torn up about Jasmine s death.Other things I love about this book I love that the plot focuses on intra college politics, and that this is the second book in the series wherein the murder does play a role in regards to that Even with Fischer Hall s rivalry with Wasser Hall and Simon Hague Which I can t read Simon Hague now without mentally thinking of STEVE CARLSBURG. Because that s who Simon Hague is for Heather Wells Oh, Welcome to Night Vale has eaten my brain A major part with the Rashid angle is that his father s donation is such a big part of what s going on with the college And again, from the last book can I have a redo of college and have Heather and Lisa Wu as my dorm directors Because they re awesome.I also love that Cabot is on the mark about a lot of the arbitrary points she makes Her characters do tend to slip into statistical recitation of something I read on the Internet, but that s how her characters generally are This opens with Heather very politely calling a well meaning mother out on slut shaming I really love that Heather is forced to get a gun, and while she does ultimately use it in the end, she very clearly states that she doesn t like it and it might be okay for other women but not for her, thanks Oh please tell me the pink clad woman Heather relates about seeing at the firing range is a take that to Sarah Palin It s an obvious cheap shot, but it s so good And okay, the one all of us long time Meg Cabot fans are probably the most happy about LIZZIE Lizzie Nichols is Heather s dressmaker and I sealclapped when she popped up As I said in the beginning, this is Meg Cabot s best series so far The first four books did have issues but they re fairly solid fun reads, and The Bride Wore Size 12 definitely ends on an absolute high note It s also one of her mature series, not just because of the massive amounts of sex that Heather has remember, first book has Heather and Jordan going at it on Cooper s hallway runner, plus the best callback in the third book , but also in how it deals with harder topics like sexual harassment, domestic abuse, and personal responsibility it s not perfect, but in comparison to popular series, it s handled very admirable In fact, for Cabot s younger fans moving on to her adult series, this is the one I d recommend them to start with for those exact reasons And they re fun As happy as I am to see Heather and Cooper go off into the sunset, I am sad that this is the end for them I really loved this series, and I really love this book This is the series that I do recommend all the time to people, and with very good reasons apart from the fact that I m a huge fan of Meg Cabot s If you haven t read the others before, definitely do, and if you re unsure about this volume, it s a definite read.

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    This was definitely my favorite of the entire series and I am SO bummed that it s over now Heather and Cooper are adorable and I am going to miss them terribly Here s hoping Meg decides to delve back into this world again soon bc I need eee

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    3.5 5I was a little underwhelmed by this conclusion I still love these books, but I kind of wanted I really love Heather and I wish there were books in the series I would definitely say books 12 are the strongest, but I still enjoyed all the books.

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    The Bride Wore Size 12 is one of the reasons I love Meg Cabot so much Her witty writing had me involved with the story from the very beginning, Meg has a great knack of making characters appear so realistic and real and she weaves the best romance and mystery in a story that you could ever ask for When I first started the Heather Wells series I remember not being the biggest fan Don t get me wrong I adored the book, but I didn t have a calendar made up and counting down the days until the next release This didn t happen until the third book I was really actually feeling really gutted when it was announced that the third book would be the final book What would I do without fun loving Heather around But I didn t have to despair for too long as two books were announced and let me just say these were the best books in the series They were actually that good that they had me rethinking my favourite series by Meg Cabot Queen of Babble was at the top I honestly don t know how Meg does it, it s like each time I come back to this fantastic series I fall in love even with these fantastic characters all over again.If you were expecting The Bride Wore Size 12 to be devoid from any drama with Heather s wedding just around the corner then you couldn t be wrong Heather s entire wedding was put to the side once again for another murder investigation at Fischer Hall Things were a lot different this time though as His Highness crown Prince Rashid Ashraf bin Zayed Faisal who preferred to be called Shiraz was also a resident of these halls There was top level security lurking around where ever he went And instead they had the bureau of Diplomatic security controlling the murder investigation because of threats being made to the prince It was great seeing the mystery behind the murder unravel slowly as the story progressed One of the best things about this series is that not once have I ever been able to guess the true identity of the killer or his her motive behind the killings So it s always a great surprise when Heather makes this discovery Once again Heather had been warned by Cooper to not get involved in the case, but maybe it s her mothering nature for these students despite not having her own great role model that Heather has always felt the need to take care of these students And actually this time around, she actually found herself getting involved through no fault of her own.Heather has come a long way since the Heather we were introduced to in 2005, she still finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation every single time but she has as many of her colleagues pointed out become a hardened character, which I truly appreciate Ever since her success and fame people took too much advantage of her, but with unexpected visitors turning up in this book, Heather excelled in finally standing her ground Heather is definitely one of the best MC s that you could ever ask for, she s witty, fun, always has the back of those closest to her covered and is renown to bring you a darn good time I was actually very close to tears at having to say goodbye to such a fantastic character.Of course The Bride wore Size 12 couldn t be complete without the wonderful secondary characters These characters have played such an integral role to this entire series that I don t actually consider them to be secondary characters They have participated in illegal activities when Heather needed them to, saved her in moments of need and have gone on to demonstrate what friends should exactly be like Cooper as always stole a piece of my heart, if you all think you ve met the best fictional crush then sorry ladies you haven t met Cooper yet Again he showed his love for Heather had no bounds, his scary threats to anyone who harmed Heather in anyway made me love him even Honestly his every appearance brought a huge smile to my face And I couldn t go without mentioning Gavin, Magda, Lisa, Julio, Detective Canavan, Hal, Pete and so many others who truly made this book a gem of a read.The Heather Wells series has been a huge part of my life since 2005, with this series finally coming to an end it feels like the end of an era Meg Cabot has truly created an unforgettable series which I m sure will hold a special place in my heart and on my book shelf for a very long time.On a side note, I don t want to winge, but a special part of this book was actually ruined for me because somebody on Goodreads didn t use the spoiler tags when discussing it and so it came up on my feed when I was scrolling through I love Goodreads, but I love reading and specially reading without being anything spoiled for me So please in future please use spoiler tags.

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    OMG NEED BOOK NOW I m so glad we all don t have to wait another 5 years at least One yearone yearI can do this

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    I have enjoyed this series since the first moment we met Heather in Fischer Hall I looked forward to see how she and Cooper were going to ride of into the sunset at the end of the series And while I enjoyed this story because really, you can t have a final book without a death at Death Dorm , I missed some of the characters that we have grown to love No Jordan, her dad was missing, very little Magda and not enough Gavin These are characters who have always been a core to each book, so I was a bit bummed that was saw little to none of them.I wished for from Cooper When he was in a scene, he stole it For a man who was of few words for the better part of 4 books, his mouth was spew ing all sorts of things at Heather..especially his love for her.It was a fun read, like the other books, but I wanted a bit for the end More of Heather and Cooper planning the rest of their lives and maybe a bit of just what family life is going to be like at the Cartwright s come the holidays.

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    Read of my reviews at Nick s Book Blog.Ah Heather Wells I had such a fun time with you, Cooper and the gang at Fischer Hall I can t even tell you guys how much I just adore this cozy mystery series I ve been following it for years now and to finally have it end was quite the happy sad experience.Heather has grown so much throughout this series She started off as a ditzy, naive girl in the first book, but she was so much mature in The Bride Wore Size 12 She has lost her impulsive nature and has grown into a sensible woman who thought before making a decision I ve always loved Heather, but I think I might have loved her even in this book Of course, no matter how sensible Heather was, there was always murders occuring around her She wouldn t be Heather Wells without them The secondary characters in The Bride Wore Size 12 were also a blast I was so excited to be reunited with the gang at Fischer Hall, who have become characters that I cherish throughout the series Gavin and Magda have always been my favorite and I was glad that they hadn t lost their charm in this book Gavin was still his flirtatious old self, trying to get Heather to break her engagement to be with him and Magda was still the crazy old lady who told ridiculous stories that made me laugh out loud Cooper, Heather s fiancee, was so much swoon worthy in The Bride Wore Size 12 The P.I stole my heart in the first book and he continued to do so in this one His protective and supportive nature of Heather made him so endearing Yes, I loved him with every fiber of my being There was also new character additions who added entertainment to the story who made me really enjoy the book even .The mystery in The Bride Wore Size 12 started when Jasmine, an RA, dies under mysterious conditions Usually when it comes to this series, I m quick to correctly guess who the murderer was, but not in this final installment I had my guess on who it was, but eventually, it turned out I was wrong and that pleased me very much because there s nothing that I enjoy than being wrong about a murder mystery Despite the Heather Wells series being a cozy mystery series, it s not the mystery itself that appealed to me the most it has always been Heather s interactions with the other characters As always, Meg Cabot nailed it with the relationships that existed between the different characters The dialogues were not only realistic, but also very funny My favorite relationship has always been the romantic one between Heather and Cooper I will admit that that I would have hoped to have a bit scenes between the two of them in this one since it is the final book, but the end scene pretty much made up for everything because I loved it so much What I ve always loved about their relationship was how supportive and understanding they were of each other In this one especially, Cooper really showed how deep his love for her was when an unexpected person from Heather s past arrived and nearly emotionally destroyed her As always, Meg Cabot s writing was fun and effortless to read I m really going to miss these characters because Meg somehow made me emotionally attached to them.All in all, The Bride Wore Size 12 was a fantastic conclusion to one of my favorite series ever If you re looking for something light, funny and with a dash of mystery and romance, I won t hesitate to recommend the Heather Wells series at all.

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    Heather Wells is always on the ball, isn t she Ah well, as usual in this series this book is no exception Light, funny, entertaining There s no deep thinking, but it s not an empty head s read either There s a bit of balance.You do catch yourself thinking about real things like, what do extremely successful people do when success does a big nose dive how do you carry about your daily business if you used to be on top of the world once but had to come down yep, it all depend on the person.And Heather Wells is down to earth, your average girl, which makes it easy to relate to her and her adventurous life.The only downside to this book is that I honestly expected much action, big surprises and one or shocking twists, which didn t really happen.But it was a fun read, nevertheless.

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    2.5 stars for the most part, I enjoyed this light entertaining mystery, but I almost gave up in disgust at two points at the very beginning, due to Heather s derisive attitude toward the very reasonable belief that it s inappropriate for a teenager to have a different sex partner every night and in the middle, when two characters deliver pro choice sermons to a woman who has just discovered she s pregnant It wasn t so much the fact that the characters held these views that bothered me it was the presumption that every reasonable person would share them.

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    Heather Wells finally gets her happily ever after, but not before going through another ordeal at work.With her wedding coming up and the new semester approaching, Heather has no time for anything to go wrong The Very Important Resident, aka a very wealthy prince that has moved into Heather s dorm is not making things any easier, either, but everything becomes infinitely worse when a girl is found dead in her dorm room.Heather can t help but conduct her own investigation into the girl s death that view spoiler turns out to be murder by asphyxiation, that may or may not be linked to the prince and the secret parties he had been throwing at his suite or the information leaks to the university s newspaper hide spoiler

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